A few years ago I watched a movie called “Superman Returns.” I’m sure many of you are familiar with the movie, but while watching it a bunch of things started to bug me. I realized I was having more fun watching the smaller moments rather than the main plotline. I liked the exchanges between characters about thinking Clark Kent looked like Superman and I wanted more of that. Thus, we get Uberman.

Uberman is my love letter to superheroes in general, taking elements from tons of superhero comics I’ve read and playing with the conventions a bit. The main story revolves around Uberman appearing on a prime time news show to announce that he has cancer and will soon die. His last wish is to tell his story as he lived it, rather than as the public viewed it. Every plot begins and ends with Uberman talking to a reporter named Debra Trenton as more of his life is revealed.

It’s obvious that Uberman spoofs Superman, Batman, and much of the DC Universe, but it’s meant to be in good fun. In terms of where Uberman falls on the Grand Timeline, it’s a comic book series that Kyle from Eclipse Star reads from time to time, making it its own separate entity within the universe.

The Prologue
The Exciting Origins of Uberman

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