Thus Is Life

I’ve always wanted to write a sitcom.  After being a huge fan of Seinfeld in high school, I began work writing my own version best described as “Seinfeld in high school.”  After some debate, I settled on the name “Thus Is Life,” a philosophy I had recently adopted at the time for how to deal with the ridiculousness of the world.

Thus Is Life originally followed myself and a few of my closest friends in situations that were completely made up but true to what we’d basically do in the given situations.  It was meant to run on Jag TV, Century High School’s morning news program, then turned into my final project.  However, after filming the first two acts, scheduling became a nightmare for the actors involved, thus production was scrapped, hence why only an episode and a half exist for the original concept.

However, during the opening of my junior year of college, I was tasked with coming up with a new sitcom for Duck U’s Fall ’07 term.  I had a few concepts, but ultimately I decided to revive Thus Is Life, though the original and the new series are completely indistinguishable.  Personally, I prefer the original concept, as scheduling was the worst it’s ever been for this series, gladly being finished after the end of the term and 6 episodes.  The episodes are posted once more on, with links being uploaded along with the episode scripts.

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