R.E.M. Cycle

Everyone dreams of living an exciting life at some point in their life.  Well, Doug lives that life, except it’s not really him that’s doing it.  It’s his body.  David’s the one who has the exciting life.  During an incident years ago, the two inexplicably swapped bodies, though the change only happens when Doug is awake.  While he’s sleeping the bodies revert back to their rightful owner.

While David is frantically trying to track down his athletic body and set things right, the US government catches up to him and re-enlists his help in finding Lady Liberty.  Without a choice, he’s forced to find his body on a much more rapid timeframe, beginning the adventure that links the two together again.

R.E.M. Cycle takes place on our Earth during current time, though it does have some connections to Eclipse Star.  A character appears later on who also appears in Eclipse Star, though that doesn’t happen in either for some time.  Currently, R.E.M. Cycle is a much more rough work-in-progress than most, but here is all that I have for it thus far.

Chapter 1

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