My Buddy Jesus

Way back during senior year of high school, the one-act festival popped up and with it the chance to write something worth people watching.  At the time, my writing was just starting to pick up and for a while I’d been writing what were known as my “Jesus Conversations,” which were quite literally conversations between myself and Jesus Christ on various topics of interest at the time.  Originally, the first began as a singular joke in a Myspace blog, but after I got a good response from it by a few people, (specifically a female), I kept writing them, dedicating full blogs to the furthering of the plotline.

But back to the one-act festival.  I first wrote a script called My Buddy Jesus about a character based off of myself and a fictitious girlfriend named Lois who was pressuring him for sex, prompting Jesus to appear and prevent such an act from occurring.  The Theater teacher liked it but said we could never perform it at a high school for obvious reasons.  Being undeterred, I wrote another script the next night called God’s Playing Poker.  It was arguably far better than My Buddy Jesus and became one of the one-acts performed that year and the only to be written by a student, (a trend that picked up in later years).

Overall, My Buddy Jesus can be seen as a pilot of sorts.  The main conventions are there, but the characters of Ron and Jesse are gone and Lois is no more since I do away with characters I created and stick completely to people I know, making it roughly a “True Story” insomuch as the names of the characters are real and they’d roughly act like this when given the chance.  The biggest change, obviously, is that since there is no Lois, Chris is single and everything past My Buddy Jesus implies that he’s always been single and probably always will be single.  It just worked better, (and I knew how to write for it better).

Here are all the Jesus Conversations, including the two one-acts and other Biblical Adventures starring the Chris character.  Take them with a grain of salt for two reasons:  The first is that I was younger when they were written, so some references are dated and my writing is still budding.  Secondly, everything is meant to be in good fun, so don’t take anything overly serious and just relax, though if you do have any complaints, feel free to send ’em my way via e-mail.  Regardless, as with everything else, enjoy!

My Buddy Jesus
The Early Jesus Conversations
The Lead-up to the Jesus Conversations
The Heavenly Quiz Show
Jesus and Me at the DMV
Jesus and I Go to the doctor
Jesus Takes Me to Prom
Grand Theft Jesus
Oh Jesus, Where Art Thou?
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jesus
All’s Fair in Love, War, and Catholicism
Pranger’s Inferno
Jesus Conversations Enter College
Jesus on Eclipse Star
Jesus and the Mustard Seeds
A Very Merry Jesus Conversation
Jesus and I Discuss Sex
Adam and Eve and Chris
Chris and the Story of the Nativity
Gods Playing Poker
The Story of Cain and Abel and Chris
Chris’ Ark
Chris’ Stay in Sodom and Gomorrah

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