Game Studs

After Channel 70 News, I felt I needed a new challenge for a sitcom.  Since Channel 70 was incredibly simple to shoot, (most shots were only from one angle in a studio), I felt it was time to try something set up much more like a real sitcom.  After Michael Waymire and myself brainstormed for a while, we figured that if we could get the local game store to agree to it, a sitcom revolving around video game store employees would be a good show to produce.  Once we talked with Justin from Big City Gaming, (in Eugene, Oregon), and got the green light, the series went into production the very next term.

Game Studs begins with Topher, the new guy, starting work at Big City Gaming, a video game store.  Once again, the world is ambiguous, though Game Studs will make a cameo in Eclipse Star later down the line, (as most things do), therefore the city it takes place in is either Trillium City or neighboring Brooksboro.  The episodes follow a rough plotline, though after difficulties with filming at the actual store, the plot had to shifted.  Episodes 1-4 are on Youtube, but episodes 5-7 are not, instead being buried deep within episodes of Duck U at  Links will be provided for everything following the posts.

Original Concept
Episode 1
Bonus Material
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Episode 1 on YouTube
Episode 2 on YouTube
Episode 3 on YouTube
Episode 4 on YouTube

Our editor, Saed, was uploading episodes very slowly onto YouTube, and then one day his computer crashed and he lost everything. Thus, we lost the last three episodes before he uploaded them properly. However, Duck U was uploaded onto another site called Veoh, though it was entire episodes of Duck U. Therefore, to see Game Studs, I recommend downloading the episodes for optimal viewing. Game Studs is the second-to-last segment on the program.

Episode 5 on Veoh
Episode 6 on Veoh
Episode 7 on Veoh

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