Furious Angels

Furious Angels is a project that I first began working on when I was an Executive Producer for the University of Oregon’s student-run variety show called Duck U.  I had produced a few others segments in the past, but I’d yet to do either drama or action, so when a friend of mine mentioned he could edit one hell of a segment I began thinking of everything I could do with his skills.  The culmination was when he woke me up one morning to show me that he’d perfected a special effect of someone firing an energy blast.  I was stoked.

The script started roughly, originally being called “The Closer.”  However, I shortly realized that there was already a show by that name, so after some time I came upon the name “Furious Angels” as an homage to Rob Dougan’s song and album of the same name.  In fact, the opening lines are the same as the opening verse of the actual song.

This is the second version of the script, updated and reworked for story’s sake as opposed to what we could actually do with our limited resources.  Language is stronger, (be warned), action is more violent, (be extremely warned), and the whole story has gotten larger.  Currently, only part 1 of 2 is written in full, though as with most of my scripts, I know where it goes from here.

Furious Angels follows a college student named Charles Diggory as he’s harassed by a local frat.  During this time, a man named Donovan, (not the same Donovan from Eclipse Star), makes him an offer for power beyond his imagination.  This results in the beginning of a war between Heaven and Hell.

Furious Angels does not take place in the same world as Eclipse Star, but it does take place in the same universe. What does this mean? All secrets for now. To place it in the grand timeline, Furious Angels takes place before Eclipse Star: Beyond Heaven, but after Eclipse Star: End Days.

The story is meant to explore the darker side of what a nice guy will do when pushed to his breaking point.  “No one understands hate like a nice guy.”  As I’ve stated, be aware that the language and violence are much more adult than Eclipse Star.  Otherwise, enjoy the ride.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Full Part 1 Version 3

If you’re really curious to see what the original looked like, here is the link to my editor’s video profile. Be aware, the quality is low budget, and so is the acting. Otherwise, don’t watch these episodes, (there are only 7), if you’d rather not ruin the characters’ attitudes and appearances.

Furious Angels on Duck U

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  1. Sharayah said,

    I resent the remark that the acting is low budget. You should say MOST of the acting was low budget….cause you and me were AWESOME.

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