Eclipse Star: Second Genesis

Picking up 20 years after the end of the first trilogy, Second Genesis reintroduces the war that started it all and forces Chris and his group to reenter the global conflict, except this time Heaven and Hell aren’t sitting it out.  Initially resisting fighting again, when Chris’ son joins the Zanrethan army, Chris sees no choice and everything begins again.

Second Genesis intends to introduce the next generation of warriors to the world of Eclipse Star, pitting them against some old enemies and some newer, more powerful enemies under direct command of Lucifer.  The tone becomes tense as Chris’ group of seasoned fighters is split from the new generation, forcing Chris’ son to grow up faster than he ever thought he’d have to.  It all leads up to one of the most heartstopping moments of the entire series and a cliff-hanger that should leave longtime fans’ jaws left hanging open for months.

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