Eclipse Star: Memories Past

Eclipse Star: Memories Past, (working title), is the second part of the middle trilogy.  Dealing once more with Chris and Lindsey’s relationship, it seeks to push them further and further apart before allowing them to ever give in and truly be happy.

An enemy freed by Donovan finds his way to Chris, hoping to get vengeance for Donovan’s defeat.  Though the enemy isn’t particularly strong, he has the ability to enter a person’s memories and alter them as he sees fit.  Nearly immediately after finding Chris, the enemy goes about wiping Lindsey from Chris’ memories one at a time, forcing him to relive every battle again without the driving force behind his strength and turning every victory into crippling defeat.  When Lindsey discovers what’s happened, she, too, is forced through losing memories of Chris, but things don’t go exactly as planned.

Memories Past delves deeper into the minds of the two main characters, showing exactly how important they are to one another and ultimately demonstrating how their lives would have been different had they never met.

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