Eclipse Star: Exodus

The second part of the Eclipse Star series.  The events pick up roughly three months after the end of Eclipse Star: Genesis and follow Chris as he begins to change from a soft-spoken love-sick nice guy to a depressed, cynical, and overall hateful person.  Part 2 takes a far more serious approach than part 1, forcing the heroes against one another and the main character against himself.

Just like the subtitle would imply, Exodus has the plot leaving Trillium City and moving out into the world abroad, specifically the nation of Balobyn.  Everything gets upped in part 2, leading to an intense final confrontation between Chris’ group and Octavious’ army.

Everything is pushed to a new level and the plot revolves around the darker emotions that begin manifesting themselves around all the characters, forcing some characters to change slightly and other to change entirely.

Picked up from Part 1: Genesis

Parting Ways:

Chapter Seventy-Six

Chapter Seventy-Seven

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  1. avatarleo said,

    It seems to me that Exodus takes the typical “Darker, Moody” rout that many 2’s in a trilogy take. Kind of like Jak 2 or the Second Prince of Pershia.

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