Eclipse Star: Donovan’s Homecoming

Two years after the events of the first trilogy, a man named Donovan appears on Earth demanding a fight with Syrus, whom he believes to be the most powerful individual the world has to offer.  Finding that Syrus was killed at the end of the previous plot-arc Donovan seeks those responsible for eliminating Syrus, insisting that it’s his duty to keep any society from getting too powerful.  This wouldn’t seem like much until the group discovers that Donovan is Lucifer’s only son.

Donovan’s Homecoming is the first part of the middle trilogy, a series of shorter, more compact stories dealing closely with the romance between Chris and Lindsey and whether they’ll actually work as a couple or not.  When Donovan kidnaps Lindsey to force Chris into a fight with him, things become more complicated for both sides.  Though heavy in action, Donovan’s Homecoming deals with some of the larger questions in terms of a real romance and whether it was meant to be or purely a case of convenience.

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