Channel 70 News

Within the first week of college I randomly joined up with the university’s student-run variety program called Duck U, a show that ran once a week during each term, generally producing 6-7 episodes.  While I had written for them for a few terms, it wasn’t until Winter of sophomore year that I got a chance to produce a segment of my own.  Deciding that I needed something manageable for my first attempt, I looked at the news segment they already had and decided, “No one can take this seriously.”  Instead, I figured we needed a spoof newscast starring a different sort of newscaster.  Thus, Channel 70 News was born.

The Channel 70 News team is arguably the worst news team in the area with their ratings consistently being last place.  Over the course of the 6 episodes produced, hardly any storyline takes place, rather just one newscast after another.  Initially, the city Channel 70 takes place in was a mystery, though more recently, it has become Trillium City, the same main city from Eclipse Star, (Channel 70 News has a cameo in Chapter 53, among others), though everything is meant to be taken as just comedy.

While these are the original scripts, the episodes are all posted online on Youtube.  The Youtube links will be included after the chapter postings for easy access.  There has been some debate as to whether Channel 70 will be either remade or continued, though it seems this is all there will be as of now.

Episode 1
Episode 1 on Youtube

Episode 2
Episode 2 on Youtube

Episode 3
Episode 3 on Youtube

Episode 4
Episode 4 on Youtube

Episode 5
Episode 5 on Youtube

Episode 6
Episode 6 on Youtube

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