About This Site

Eclipse Star LogoEclipse Star is a story I’ve been working on for nearly 10 years now.  At it’s core it’s a love story, and on a greater scale it’s a war epic between Heaven and Hell.  This site is where I’ll be posting chapters as they develop, as well as separate writing projects of mine.  Why would I post those here?  Because everything relates back to Eclipse Star in some way.  It’s complicated, but I’ll do my best to have it make sense.

My hope is to turn these scripts into graphic novels, but I am still searching for an artist, and I’m very picky.  I’m looking for someone who’s talented and has the drive needed to make a high quality product on a demanding schedule.  If anyone is interested in this, please contact me at eclipsestar@msn.com.

The whole point of this site is to get critiques from whoever I can, as well as having one central location for a writing portfolio, so please do feel free to comment as harshly as possible.  I can’t improve the story unless I know what needs to be improved.

More to come as I get things organized.  Until then, I’m open to any questions at eclipsestar@msn.com.



  1. avatarleo said,

    Way to get started Chris. I’ll stay tuned, and good luck.

  2. Kyle Martinak said,

    This looks cool. Maybe I should do up one of these for my novel, or my series that I want to write.

    A question: is this site really yours, or does wordpress.com reserve the right to give out your work? And we may want to think about getting copyrights.

  3. eclipsestar said,

    As far as the legal agreements go, I own all rights to whatever’s submitted here. It’s the same sort of agreement that Myspace and Facebook have as well that you own all rights to original works posted here to the point that if someone plagiarizes you the website can be used as evidence in court. If I want a site free from the wordpress.com name in the title I’d have to pay a little extra, but I’m a cheapskate.

    I’d recommend setting up a site of your own. I’m using this as a good place to use as an electronic portfolio free from the wankiness of Myspace.

  4. Kyle Martinak said,

    I’m a little pissed that no one comes to our sites and reads our stuff. I mean, lately, my motivation has gone out the damn window, and the only person who really posts any comments is Rosely.

    I guess people are only happy to read our stuff if we’re pissed off and rage-blogging on the ‘Space. I hate that. No one reads just to read anymore.

  5. Dad said,

    This site is awesome, but let’s see something new. I’m anxious to see what happens next.

    • eclipsestar said,

      I’m working on getting new stuff up as best I can. I’m currently working on updating chapter 20 at this very moment, followed by a sub-chapter and an alternate Chapter 1. There should be some cool things within the next month, assuming school allows it.

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