Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Seventy-Four

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 74

“Saving Throw”

Recap: Last time, as the group fought to suppress Syrus’ loyal soldiers, Chris, Jack, Austin, and Glitch made their way to the chamber housing the Eclipse Star, a chamber that was empty save for a single pedestal. Syrus arrived to challenge Chris to a fight but during the scuffle, Chris hacked the pedestal in half, revealing the Eclipse Star inside. Syrus immediately grasped the all-important item and brought the temple down on Chris’ group. Everyone on the outside watched helplessly as the structure fully collapsed while Syrus flew off for Trillium City. Is this really the end?

-Lindsey and the others frantically grab rubble and throw rocks to the side, desperate to clear as much out as possible.

Lindsey: C’mon, we’ve got to get them out!


Leena: Hon, I don’t know what to say. I don’t think it’s happening.


Scott: She’s right. Structurally speaking, that much debris falling all at once is enough to crush anything, even Jack’s barrier thing.


Lindsey: Shut up! (She continues to dig as tears well up in her eyes. She gradually begins to take on a more liquid form as she loses control of her emotions).

-The others continue throwing debris aside, partly to placate Lindsey, and partly because there is always that strange hope.

-Meanwhile, deep underground…

Glitch: You guys okay?


-Glitch clicks on his chest, illuminating the now very small space.

-The other three, all huddled close together, are surprised to see a barrier field surrounding them, easily sustaining itself and keeping the structure from crushing the four.

Jack: I’m not doing that. Who’s doing that?


Chris: I have no idea.


Glitch: Oh? The energy field? I saw you do your technique enough, plus I have some of your memories and DNA on file in my data. It wasn’t until just now that I had a viable reason to implement my findings.


Austin: Nerd!


Glitch: I suppose I could turn it off and crush you guys. How ‘bout that?


Austin: Haha! No, that’s perfectly fine!


Jack: You have no problem holding that shield up?


Glitch: Nope. My energy recycles itself, so I could keep this field up for as long as I need to.


Chris: Well great, I guess we can set up a nice life at the bottom of a caved-in pit. That sounds like a great plan.


Austin: Ah c’mon. There’s always a way out.


Chris: Do you see one?


Austin: Nope, but I’m not the guy who just sees stuff and pieces everything together. That’d be one of my roommates from this caved-in pit I live in.


Chris: Okay, it’s worth a shot.


-Chris begins scanning all around the protective bubble, looking for anything that could help them.

Chris: Glitch, you said your energy recycles itself?


Glitch: Yes. I recently gave myself a few modifications.


Chris: What happens if we fire energy blasts from in here?


Glitch: They’d bounce around inside the shield, most likely striking us and compacting into a denser, more powerful explosion.


Chris: Can you generate more than one field at a time?


Glitch: I suppose it wouldn’t be impossible.


Chris: Which way is north?


Glitch: Er…that way. (Points).

Chris: Okay. (Chris cups his hands together and starts charging an energy blast).

Austin: Uh, what are you doing?


Chris: You mind adding to this?


Austin: I’m not great with science, but I heard something about explosions inside our little bubble getting bigger.


Chris: Jack, you too, please.


Austin: (Shakes his head and starts charging something as well). You’d better know what you’re doing.


Chris: I never know what I’m doing.


Austin: Which is where all the fun happens.


-Jack also charges an energy blast. The three meet their hands together as they charge.

Chris: Glitch, I’m gonna need you to shield this stuff in about three seconds.


Glitch: Ready.


-Right as the three are about to discharge their blasts, Glitch creates a field around the explosion. The energy begins surging within the little bubble, growing brighter and brighter.

-Chris grabs the energy ball and forces it into the ground near their feet.

Chris: Jack, you might want to throw up an energy shield of your own.


-The four huddle closer together as the ground begins glowing. While Glitch shrinks the energy field around the four, Jack throws up his own. At this point they are barely separated from the glowing explosion waiting to happen.

-Back outside…

Derek: We need to call it. Syrus is only getting further and further away at this point.


Lindsey: And you’re just going to let your friends die?!


Derek: In those words: Yes. If I get to stop Syrus, then yes.


-The ground once again begins quaking violently.

Leena: Great, what now?



-The backside of the Forest Temple blows wide open as a spinning ball of death hurls from the explosion, landing just a few feet from everyone.

-Everyone hits the deck as more debris begins raining on them.

-The spinning ball of death stops spinning and comes to a stop nearby. Chris, Austin, Jack, and Glitch are inside, reeling but okay.

Chris: Glitch, could you drop your shield so I can throw up properly?


Glitch: Yeah. (Click).


Chris: Thank you. (Sick).

-The others run up to see what the commotion is.

Kyle: Well holy shit. You guys aren’t dead. Pay me. (Scott pulls some cash from his pocket and reluctantly hands it to Kyle).

Lindsey: (Grabs Jack). Are you guys crazy?! I thought you were dead! You can’t just DO that to me!


Jack: Calm down, we’re okay.


Chris: Syrus didn’t harm any of you, did he?


Derek: No, he left straight for the city.


Chris: Damnit! Even at full speed we can’t catch him!


Jack: I think I can do it.


Derek: Yeah, I’d like to see this.


Jack: I’ve been playing with the electricity abilities and I’m sure I can transform into a bolt of lightning, similar to how Lindsey and Kevin can change into water.


Chris: How much energy would that take?


Jack: I haven’t had a chance to really use this yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll get me to Syrus with enough Pulse left for one good smash. After that, I’m completely worthless.


Lindsey: Then it’s not an option.


Jack: Don’t.


Lindsey: (Smacks him). No, you don’t. How badly do you want to get killed?


Derek: We don’t have time to argue. You either go now or the city’s a crater.


-Jack quickly kisses Lindsey and waves to the others.

Lindsey: Jack wait!


Jack: (Points at the group). You better be right on my ass for cover.



-Jack converts himself to an electrical form, zapping across the sky toward Trillium.

-The others instantly take to the air as well, following the trail left by the energy bolt. In mere seconds, Jack is no longer visible.

-Meanwhile, Syrus continues flying by himself, looking over the Eclipse Star as it glows in his hand.

Syrus: I find it rather odd that so many have failed to use this properly. I hardly feel any different at all. (Looks over his arms). I feel a power surge, yes, but I’m still in control of my actions. Were the others just too moronic to perform simple tasks?


-As Chris’ group flies, once again, no one is speaking.

Leena: (Quietly nudging Kyle as they fly near the back). What, no Eye Spy?


Kyle: I’m not really good at that game, truth be told. Kind of runs in the family. Also diabetes, so we’ll have to get our kids checked for that.


Leena: I don’t mean to sound all weird or anything, but, uh, if I were buried under a whole structure, let’s say an ancient temple or something, would you be freaking out like Lindsey did?


Kyle: Hypothetically?


Leena: (Annoyed). No, I’m really buried right now. You’re just suffering from a diabetic coma.


Kyle: That would explain a lot…but if you were trapped, yes, I’d be freaked. I mean, our kids need a mother and all.


Leena: Okay, those kid jokes? Don’t make those.


Kyle: Can’t you just turn into air or something?


Leena: I’m not following.


Kyle: Lindsey’s got that water thing going, Jack’s a spark of thunder right now-


Leena: Thunder is the noise, lightning is the thing.


Kyle: Whatever, you’re really good with those wind abilities; can’t you change into wind?


Leena: Haven’t tried, so I have no clue.


Kyle: Well, if you get buried alive, give it a shot. It might just work out.


Leena: That’s…actually that’s pretty smart.


Kyle: Our kids will definitely be smart.


Leena: Shh.


Kyle: Sorry.


-This is the last anyone speaks until they get to the city. Inner monologues, however, those are still just as talkative as ever.


Chris’ Monologue: I can see everything happening in my head before we even arrive. I see Syrus standing before so many of my broken friends, and I…I don’t know what I’m expected to do. We’re walking into something horrible, and if we manage to get out of this, we’re not going to be the same people that went in.


-The images of Syrus breaking his friends plays over and over in his mind, speeding up faster and faster until Chris finally shuts his eyes tight before reopening them, a look of intense anger on his face.

Chris’ Monologue: I’m not letting that happen, no matter what.


-Syrus views Trillium as he approaches.

Syrus: It is time.


-He flies to the center of the city, tucking the Eclipse Star into a fold in his clothing. He hovers above the buildings, staring.

Syrus: With Trillium gone, the war ends. And then everything else becomes so simple.


-He throws a hand out, pointing his palm down at the city as energy begins to accumulate around his hand.


-The sky starts to cloud as a rainstorm becomes inevitable.


-Syrus’ hand shakes every so slightly as he reaches maximum strength.


Syrus: All so simple…



-Right as Syrus unleashes his blast, Jack pounds him with his body’s full force, bowing Syrus backwards and hurling his energy blast into the air.


-It sails up, up up…



-Syrus centers himself as he turns around, seeing nothing.


Syrus: Now where did he run off to…?



-Jack brings both feet down onto Syrus’ head, throwing him sailing down to the pavement below.


-He lands with a smash before standing completely upright.


-Jack is once more gone.


-As the group continues flying a ways off, Lindsey becomes flush with goosebumps.


Lindsey: Jack’s in trouble already.


Derek: That soon?


Lindsey: We’ve got to hurry.


-She takes off at a speed that has her screaming across the sky, distancing herself by a wide margin with the others.


Chris: Lindz!


-Back in the center of the city…


Syrus: Alright Jack, is that it? Are you out of lightning tricks? Couldn’t have been so easy to follow me at that speed, could it?


-People on the street are looking around, extremely confused as to why a man in black clothing is yelling to a person they can’t see.


-Around a corner, Jack peers around silently, panting deep in his chest.


Syrus: You’ve done quite well delaying me, haven’t you? So are you ready to keep fighting?


-Jack starts running around the building to strike again.



Syrus: I don’t think so!


-Syrus leaps straight through the building, looming overhead Jack in an instant.


-As the building starts swaying, the crowds of people on the street suddenly realize everything is very wrong.


-Jack grounds himself and throws a strong punch straight up at Syrus.


Syrus: Oh Jack, poor Jack.


-Jack looks up to see Syrus holding his fist without any effort.



-Syrus sweeps a kick underneath him and boots Jack in his entire body, knocking Jack down the block.



-Following this, Syrus imbeds his fist into Jack’s stomach up to the wrist, pinning Jack to the ground.


Syrus: Would you like to call out for help maybe? I’m somewhat curious.


-Jack grabs Syrus’ head with both hands and discharges a jolt of electricity.


-Syrus recoils as Jack slips away, kicking Syrus in the head as he moves.


-With eyes closed, Syrus catches Jack’s foot.


Syrus: Foolish boy.


-Syrus throws Jack into the air and points straight upwards.


Syrus: I hope you’ve made your peace with God.



-An energy blast soars up at Jack. He has barely enough time to throw up his barrier technique, and even that provides minimal relief.


-He plummets back to the ground, hitting it hard and trying to roll to his feet.


-Syrus’ boot comes down on his back, keeping him held firmly in place.


Syrus: It feels good to be the hero again, doesn’t it?


Jack: (Weakly). More than you know…


-Syrus points his palm down at Jack, energy forming around it again.


Syrus: And who am I do deny you a hero’s exit?



-Lindsey tackles Syrus from behind with a solid punch.


-As she lands next to Jack, she points her index and middle finger at Syrus and fires three quick energy blasts, all three hitting their mark in the distance.


Lindsey: Don’t do something that stupid again, you understand?


Jack: (Smiles). And just how loudly did Chris yell when you sped off alone?


Lindsey: Pretty loudly.


Jack: Good.



-Syrus returns with a haymaker to Lindsey’s face, tossing her aside as Jack leaps back up with another punch.



-Jack’s punch connects as well, this one hitting Syrus in the ribs.



-Lindsey snaps right back, hitting Syrus in the head with a roundhouse kick.


-As Syrus rolls to a stop, Jack and Lindsey each start charging elemental attacks.


-Lindsey begins spraying Syrus with a jet of water as Jack plunges his hands into the stream, discharging a current of electricity.


-Syrus is hit with the full effect of this, bringing him to his knees as the attack ceases.


Lindsey: Good teamwork, no?


Syrus: (Laughing in his throat). And that’s it, isn’t it?


Lindsey: What?


Syrus: (Looking up at her, smiling). That’s supposed to be enough to cripple me, right? And now I’m helpless? (He stands up, unharmed. Lindsey and Jack take a step back). Both of your Pulse energies are hard to read right now. Could that be because you’ve gotten so very good at hiding them? Or is it perhaps because you’re already so tired?


Lindsey: We’re not afraid of you!


Syrus: Hm, I’d assume not, what with the reinforcements arriving just in time.


-Syrus turns back to see the rest of the group landing in battle stances.


Chris: You guys hurt badly?


Jack: We’re tired, but we’ll be fine.


Syrus: Oh joy of joys. Will I be treated to a series one-on-one battles, or just a chaotic free-for-all?


Chris: We don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is put the Eclipse Star down and walk away.


Syrus: It’s too late for that; I’m too far gone.


Chris: No one’s ever too far gone.


Syrus: I am.



-The entire city block is shook to pieces beneath everyone’s feet as Syrus powers up, screaming as he does.


-Innocent bystanders too stupid to leave are caught in this chaos with few being saved as the teenagers quickly move to pick them into the air.


Derek: (Not holding anyone). You guys deal with the morons rubbernecking; I’m taking him on headfirst.


-Derek speeds into Syrus with his arms out, slamming into him and starting a volley of punches and kicks back and forth as the two wrestle through the air at high speeds.


Jack: Glitch, go start protecting the crowds. They’re your only priority.


Glitch: Right.


-The others drop off their passengers a good ten blocks down.


Kevin: Everyone, please, you need to get as far away from here as possible!


Austin: Seriously, this whole area is about to keep shaking apart.


-Derek fights on even ground with Syrus, straining hard with every move to keep up. Syrus just smiles and plays along before grabbing Derek’s next two punches and headbutting him while still gripping his fists.


-Derek recoils but can’t break away. Syrus repeats this a few times.


-As Chris and Austin fly in behind them, Syrus turns and tosses Derek to Chris.


-As Chris catches Derek, Syrus punches him in the face, then kicks Austin.


-Danny and Willy come up behind Syrus, one attacking from high and the other attacking from low. Syrus simply spins sideways between them before firing two small energy blasts into their backs.


-This repeats multiple times as people attack from obvious angles, each getting countered and thrown to the side.


Chris’ Narration: We’re not hitting hard enough. We need to hit harder.


-He and Derek look at each other and nod before taking off in completely opposite directions.


-As Syrus blocks punches thrown by Scott, Chris comes up at his face.


-Syrus knocks Scott aside and throws up a block to Chris.


-Instantly, Chris moves to the side and darts in another direction.


-Syrus turns and sees Derek coming from his other side, once more throwing up a block and once more seeing his attacker change course and run in another direction.


-This continues happening over and over again.


-Eventually, as Derek is rushing towards Syrus, Lindsey comes from behind and clobbers Syrus with a double kick.


-Syrus turns to attack her but as he turns, he spies Chris running up again.


-Covering this new attack, Syrus leaves himself open for Kevin to elbow him in the side.


-Soon Syrus discovers that Chris and Derek aren’t actually attacking, meaning when Danny runs up to strike for the side, Syrus attacks his blind spot instead, tossing Danny aside, then Willy from the other side, and Leena from behind.


Syrus: Clever trick, but it still isn’t working!


Chris’ Narration: Harder then.



-Chris and Derek strike Syrus at the same time, one from either side.


-Syrus lets slip a painful growl as the two disappear just as quickly.



-Syrus is caught off guard yet again, this time getting struck in the back of the legs by Chris and in the head by Derek.


-He stands up, shaking this off, right before-



-He receives a slam in the hip by Derek and a punch to the head by Chris, spinning completely in the air.



-The tactic doesn’t work a fourth time as Syrus strikes both kids at once, knocking them back.


Syrus: Is that the best you can throw at me?!


-Syrus throws a haphazard energy blast in no particular direction.



-The attack levels a few buildings and rips up the street all around.


-All of the teenagers land, unharmed.


Chris: HARDER!


-Everyone converges on Syrus at once, slashing and firing energy blasts as fast as they can charge them.


-Syrus dodges and blocks as many as he can, knocking attackers aside when he can, but he’s still taking a lot of heavy shots in between.





-Syrus powers up, creating a shockwave around him that throws everyone away.


-The shockwave stays up as he starts charging energy in his hands.


Syrus: Can none of you deliver a true challenge?!


-Austin slams against the energy barrier, ricocheting off.


Austin: Can’t get through!


-Lindsey comes speeding down the block at full power, hitting the barrier with everything she’s got.


-Syrus looks up just as she punches through, her eyes ablaze, as she hits him full-force, carrying him with her down the strip.


Lindsey: How’s this for a challenge?


-Syrus smiles and taps acknowledgement to her.


Syrus: Well done indeed.



-He strikes her back, sending her head-over-heels into a painful faceplant.


-Syrus looks over his shoulder and tosses a quick energy ball as Derek sneaks up to attack.



-Derek brings out his sai just in time to create a sonic boom that bounces Syrus’ energy right back.


-As Syrus comes out of a hasty block, he looks to rush up at Derek, though doesn’t counter the kicks from both sides, one from Chris and one from Austin.


-Syrus reaches out and grab the two, but still gets hammered in the face by Jack.


-Syrus claps Chris and Austin against Jack before force pushing them away, right as he turns around to uppercut Kyle.


-Leena catches Kyle in the air and throws her other hand out, kicking up massive wind gusts.


-Syrus is forced to shield his face as the debris attempts to sting his face.


-With this as cover, Lindsey zips in with an energy blast charged.


-Syrus drops to his back and kicks her into the air.


-Lindsey spins like a top as she soars higher and higher.


-She finally comes to a stop, screams, and fires every ounce of power she has straight down in one explosive discharge.



-Syrus brings himself in tightly as the energy beam hammers down from above.


-Lindsey remains airborne and maintains her beam’s strength, trying to force Syrus down.


-Chris recovers from his last injury and quickly charges his Pulse before firing his own blast.



-His beam collides with Syrus, now struggling heavily under the force of two full-powered beams.


Chris: HELP HER!



-Derek joins with an energy beam at another angle.





-Everyone else fires their biggest and strongest energy blasts at Syrus, combining their powers together.




-Syrus finally shows the slightest bit of fear as the dozen energy beams shred the area around him and push him lower and lower, breaking through any defenses he may still have.


Chris: HARDER!




-The massive combined energy attack detonates, blinding everyone in an instant.


-As the noise dissipates, the teenagers land, coughing from the smoke.


Derek: We get ‘im?!


-Everyone waits for the dust to clear, revealing a crater the size of a city block where Syrus once stood.


-They hardly have the strength to stand anymore, but they all begin laughing and celebrating.


Jack: (Kissing Lindsey). Not bad out there.


Lindsey: Oh shut up, that was awesome and you know it.


Chris: Glitch, what’s the status of the bystanders?


Glitch: I managed to clear the area. There were very few casualties.


Kevin: Still…


Glitch: Yeah…


Austin: Hey, we’re okay though! We did it guys! Mission accomplished!


Chris: Yeah…


Derek: Hey.


Chris: Hey.


Derek: (Claps Chris’ hand in a tight handshake). We weren’t too bad working together there.


Chris: No kidding.


Derek: (Motions to the crater). You a little disappointed you didn’t get to go one-on-one with him?


Chris: No. Not even a little.


Derek: To each his own I guess.


-The group goes about limping around, checking on each other’s statuses. All the while, Chris keeps staring at the crater.


Kyle: Yo Chris, you’re kind of freaking me out here.


Chris: (Keeping his eyes fixated). Yeah.


Kyle: Uh, that wasn’t the reassurance I was looking for there.


-Chris continues watching the crater, starting to twitch a little.


-Everything becomes really quiet all of a sudden.


-The others take notice and also become silent.


Chris: (Breaking the eerie quiet as the camera zooms in on his face). It’s not over.


To Be Concluded!

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