Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Sixty-Eight

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 68

“Hard Restart”

Recap: Last time, both groups ran into hardships shutting off the army of Hex-Duo robots when their respective control consoles were utterly destroyed. Now, Lindsey’s group must deal with a huge robot in a robot factory while Chris’ group gets to deal with the same problem in a massive underground warehouse. There’s got to be a way to shut these robots down, today, on Eclipse Star!

Chris: Alright Derek, you ready to pull out the flavor?

Derek: You know it.

Chris: Awesome.

-Chris and Derek both power up to their maximum power as the monster Hex-Duo robot lunges toward them.

-They both hit max at the same time and lay the robot out with two full-powered haymakers to the head.

-The huge robot flips back and smashes into a row of crates, spilling the contents everywhere.

Willy: Great, the crates down here are filled with more robots.

Chris: Well what else are they gonna be filled with?

-Derek shoots past Chris, leaping over the Hex-Duo before it can get to its feet, and fires a blast straight down.

-A giant robotic hand rockets up from the beam and grabs Derek, smashing him into the thick ceiling.

Kevin: Come on, we’ve got to find another active console around here.

Willy: Right.

-As those two run off, Chris throws a blast at the downed robot as Derek breaks open the robot’s grip and flies straight down again, smashing the robot with everything he’s got.

-The robot manages to hit both attackers at once with a chest beam, sending them flying.

Chris: Great. That’s just great. (Gets up). It’s like this thing doesn’t want to be destroyed.

Derek: Fine, that makes it more fun.

-Meanwhile, at the Charles Robotics factory where the other group is standing their ground…

Lindsey: Glitch, where’s the next nearest console?

Glitch: Charles’ office. That’s the only other one I can think of.

Lindsey: Where is that?

Glitch: It’d take too long to explain.

Lindsey: Then show me.

Glitch: Fine. Come on!

-Kyle keeps jumping right out of the way as the one big Hex-Duo robot tries to destroy him.

Leena: Kyle! Keep doing that! I think it’s helping!

Kyle: How?!

Leena: Because I’m not having to do anything!

-Another batch of Hex-Duo robots exits the assembly line and begins attacking.

-Leena throws a gust of wind near her feet and shoots out of the way as the new robots start firing at her.

-Austin and Danny run next to each other, smashing robots as they go. Danny bursts into flames as Austin throws him at the biggest Hex-Duo.

-Danny hits his target and explodes in its face, knocking it backward.

Danny: Hey Kyle.

Kyle: Hey Danny.

Danny: You think I got it?

Kyle: Oh probably not.

The robot turns itself over and gets up, pointing its canon at Danny and Kyle.

Danny: Well darn, I really thought I had him.

-The robot prepares to charge its canon, sucking up energy.

-Kyle looks at this and smacks Danny in the back of the head.

Danny: BLAH!

-Danny accidentally fires a mouth blast at the robot’s canon, colliding with the part still charging.


-The canon backfires and blows the arm clean off the robot.

Danny: Why’d you hit me!

Kyle: Hey, can’t argue with results.

-Lindsey and Glitch rush down a narrow hallway toward the end. Glitch leads as Lindsey follows, firing blasts to clear their advance since Hex-Duo robots keep popping up.

Lindsey: How much further?

Glitch: Luckily, just the end of this hall.

Lindsey: Well good, because I don’t know how much more I can do about these stupid robots. Uh, present company excluded.

Glitch: Right.

-On the factory level, the large Hex-Duo is working to reform its arm, slowly rebuilding from discarded pieces of other Hex-Duo.

Austin: We’ve got to take that thing out for good.

Leena: You got a plan?

Kyle: Well let’s see, you can fire bend, and Leena here seems pretty good at airbending.

Leena: What the heck are you going on about?

Kyle: Oh right, forgot, we’re based off Dragonball Z, not Avatar. Uh, I mean, totally original.

Danny: Why don’t we just hit it at the same time with some big explosion?

Kyle: This is a good idea. I like this idea. This is my favorite idea ever. Imma start chargin’ mah Dammit Blast.

Austin: Clinton, what was that crazy finger cannon thing you did before.

Clinton: The what now?

Leena: OH YEAH! That was like, what, back when we were running from the Demon Regime? Heck yeah! That was awesome!

Austin: Yeah why don’t you do that anymore?

Clinton: I don’t get much reason to.

Danny: Hey! I just thought of a good reason!

-The Hex-Duo Master Bot finishes repairs and stands up straight.

Danny: Yeah that thing!

-The Master Bot lets out an ear-piercing screech.

Austin: FIRE!

-Clinton fires his rapid-burst cannon, an attack that he fires from his index fingers like a gun, while Danny fires another mouth blast.

-The attacks hit the Master Bot, taking it off balance, allowing Austin to blast a stream of lava which Leena cools via her air gust.

-The Master Bot is ripped to bits from the flying shrapnel, still screeching as it’s destroyed.

Kyle: Dammit Blast fire!

-The world famous Dammit Blast makes contact with its foe and explodes the remaining parts, sending the twisted chunk spinning across the floor and into the far wall next to the hallway.

Austin: Not bad work guys. That almost looked like we knew what we were doing.

-The Master Bot explodes, taking down the wall next to the hallway, sealing it up.

Lindsey: What the heck?!

Glitch: No time, this might work better anyway.

Austin: Ah. We just trapped our team leader and tech guy in a one-way hallway, didn’t we?

Leena: (Sigh). Yes we did.

Clinton: And we still have more robots.

-The five get back-to-back as they’re circled by a mob of Hex-Duo robots.

Danny: How is Team Stingrays gonna make it out of this one?

-Leena facepalms.

-Back in Brooksboro, Chris and Derek continue exchanging blows with their own Master Bot.

Chris: We’ve got to work together on this or we’re not going to do enough damage!

Derek: Maybe you won’t, but I’m not done pushing harder!

-Derek fires a gnarly blast that connects with the Master Bot, though it holds its ground somehow.

Chris: We’ve got to get it off balance!

-Derek continues firing blasts at it head-on, doing nothing.

-Chris runs around behind the Master Bot and starts charging something.

Chris: It’s all about weight ratios really.

-Chris creates two balls of energy connected with an energy tether and throws it at the robot’s legs. The energy bola wraps around, connecting behind at the leg joints and exploding.


-Derek fires his blast once more at full power, hitting the robot as it falls backward.

-The Master Bot is thrown onto its back.

-Chris and Derek leap onto its chest and both fire straight downward, putting everything they can into a huge explosion.


-In one big explosion, their problem is eliminated. They finally take a moment to rest and breath again, panting heavily.

Chris: Heh, heh, that was, ha, that was pretty good, Derek.

Derek: Heh, phew, yeah. (Inhales deep). You think we’ll see any more?

Chris: Definitely. (Looks around). This whole warehouse down here needs to go.

Derek: Yeah.

-Derek and Chris stand back-to-back and take a deep breath. They charge up again and both fire straight ahead, turning clockwise to blow up everything in sight as far as they can see.

-Glitch and Lindsey make it to the end of the hallway where Glitch changes his arm into a railgun and starts firing, tearing open a hole in the door.

Glitch: Good, the console in here is still fine.

Lindsey: So now what?

Glitch: I’ve got to hack into their collective mind.

-Glitch starts ticking keys as fast as possible.

Glitch: Willy? You there?

Willy: Yeah, we’re alright. Chris and Derek just blew up a hell of a lot on our end.

Kevin: Duck!

-Kevin and Willy hit the deck as another sweep of energy beams rips by them.

Willy: We’re in some sort of sub-sub-basement level that looks like a warehouse. Any clue where we could find another console?

Glitch: Hold on. (He ticks some more keys and brings up the blueprints for Willy’s location). I’ve got good news. That new building is littered with access terminals.

Willy: Awesome! Where are they?

Glitch: According to this the upper levels are essentially mainframe storage.

Willy: This whole building is one big ROM?

Glitch: If I’m reading this correct, yup.

Willy: Kev, Glitch says we gotta go up.

Kevin: That, uh, could be a problem.

-Chris and Derek stop blasting.

Derek: That looks like everything.

Chris: If any robot pieces come back to life, I owe you five bucks.

Kevin: (Runs up to Chris with Willy). We have to get back to the upper levels.

Derek: Why?

Willy: This whole building is a backup unit for the Hex-Duo system and the upper levels contain the important data.

Derek: You’re kidding me! Why the hell did we come all the way down here then?!

Chris: Hey, this works out alright. We just totaled more equipment and material than I know what to do with, and I don’t think we were cracking this from street-level.

Derek: So let’s fly up and destroy this building, eh?

Willy: Uh, one problem.

Kevin: We could do without problems right now.

Willy: While you guys were fighting, those chutes we used to get down here closed up completely.

Derek: How do we open them?

Willy: My guess? Some basic terminal. (Deadpan). See if you can spot it.

Derek: Fine.

-Derek looks around and sees everything completely destroyed and scared.

-He turns and sees Willy just staring him in the face.

Derek: Alright, you’ve made your point smart guy.

Chris: Something’s got to be out of place…

-Chris looks around for anything that will get them out. His eyes come across a pipe sticking out of the wall, leaking.

-He stops for a moment on it before looking up at Kevin. Kevin smiles. Chris sighs.

-Austin’s group of five continues fending for themselves in the main factory room, smashing robots as they advance on them.

Leena: What’s taking them so long? (Smash).

Austin: They couldn’t get the shutdown code to work the first time, so it’s probably going to- (Smash) –probably going to take a few more minutes.

Danny: You think Chris and the others are okay? (Smash).

Austin: Oh definitely. (Smash. Smash-smash).

Kyle: They’re probably fine.

Austin: Ahem.

Kyle: Oh right. (Smashy-smash). There.

Leena: You know what I really wish we knew right now? Jack’s barrier move. (Smash).

Kyle: Pff, that thing’s overrated. It’s not like it has an awesome name or anything, like my Dammit Blast. (Smash).

Leena: You’re the only one with names for your moves.

Danny: Chris has got a move name! (Smash, spin, smaaaash).

Austin: He does?

Danny: Yeah! The Gigadoom Beam! (Block, smash).

Leena: The what?

Danny: That’s the sound his big attack makes. Giga-doom!

Austin: Catchy.

Clinton: We’re still outnumbered here. They’re getting pumped out faster than we can deal.

Austin: So you wish we had a barrier technique? I think we can manage that.

-Austin’s arms begin glowing bright orange before they turn to magma. He sprays it in a ring around the five before lifting his arms to create a lava dome.

-He looks to Leena and nods. She acts stunned for a moment before blowing a wind gust inside the dome, causing it to harden.

-Clinton flicks on his fingers with a little energy ball.

Danny: Whoa, Austin, that was pretty cool.

Clinton: It’s not going to hold for too long.

Austin: It just needs to hold for long enough.

-Back in the Brooksboro annex, on the upper levels of the building, a wall starts to bubble and crack before bursting open and shooting water everywhere.

-The water reforms into the four teenagers.

Chris: (Coughing). Alright, Willy, tell me you see a mainframe somewhere.

Willy: (Coughing). Kah! Yeah, hold on.

-They get a chance to look around and see nothing but mainframes.

Willy: Oh that’s just sweet.

-He runs to the nearest mainframe and begins punching buttons.

Willy: Glitch, I’m at a mainframe, guide me through this.

Glitch: Right.

-Hex-Duo robots begin pouring into the upper levels of the building.

Chris: Any time you’re ready there, Will. (Smash).

-In the little office where glitch is working, Lindsey is doing her best to stop Hex-Duo robots from entering.

Lindsey: I’m not holding out forever!

Glitch: Then your wish is my command.

Willy: Alright! Anyone got a shutdown code?! (Smash next to him).

Chris: Shut down code?

-Chris rushes over to the console and yells into the mic.

Glitch/Chris: Emergency Shutdown Code One-Nine-Eight-Six!

-A ripple effect seems to go out from both buildings as every Hex-Duo robot suddenly shuts off and falls over.

-Austin peaks his head out of his makeshift barrier once they stop hearing noise.

Austin: Uh, I think they did something.

Derek: (Socks Chris’ arm). Hah, so you just happened to know a “special” shutdown code?

Chris: I just now remembered what Charles used to stop the Hex-Duo last time.

Kevin: Well the important thing is, they stopped.

Chris: Yeah, but we’re not done.

-Derek blows a hole in the side of the building, allowing the four to fly out over the top.

-They share a nod and all fire energy beams down at once.


-The building a smoking crater, they exhale and fly off toward the city.

Lindsey: (Opening the office door). Yeah, whatever you did worked this time. They’re down.

Glitch: I don’t know for how long, though.

-Glitch runs up to the caved-in entrance of the hallway and slams his hands against it. A section comes off of each forearm and pounds the concrete like a piston, blowing a hole wide open.

Leena: Hey, nice of you two to join us again.

Lindsey: We need to take this place out.

Glitch: Shouldn’t be a problem.

Lindsey: Why?

Glitch: I set the self-destruct to go off in a few minutes.

Lindsey: Okay, that’s info we really need to know ahead of time.

-Everyone hurriedly gets back into the elevator and hit the button for ground floor.

-The elevator reaches the main floor, spilling the seven out into the original hallway. They book it as fast as they can to the main entrance, getting welcomed by a Master Bot-size Hex-Duo shut down in the space between the main doors.

-They get outside just in time for the whole building to detonate.


Austin: Hah. Hahahaha! That was AWESOME! We won!

Lindsey: (Looking around and yelling). Scott! Are you okay?!

-Scott walks out from an alleyway smoking a cigarette, carrying a young woman.

Scott: You kidding? I haven’t had a smoke since we went up north. I’ve never been better.

Leena: Uh, who’s that?

Scott: Who? (Looks down). Oh yeah, I saved her from that big-ass Hex-Duo in the front entrance there. Everyone meet, uh, what’s your name hon?

Girl: It’s-

Scott: Second thought, it’d just be weird if I knew your name now. Run along and tell your sisters to meet me when this is all over. Triplets. Gotta love ‘em.

-Scott sets the girl down and she runs off.

Danny: You didn’t, you know…relations…?

Scott: That chick? Hell no. I hardly had time to get her clothes off, what with the shit going on around here.

Leena: Well great. Glad I didn’t waste any time worrying about you or anything.

Scott: Hey, you want to get naked, you’ve got all the time in the world now.


-A distant explosion can still be seen over the buildings.

Lindsey: There’s no way. We stopped this!

Austin: I don’t think this is Hex-Duo work.

Jack: (Coming in over Glitch and Willy’s earbuds). Whatever you guys did brought the news back online.

Willy: Jack?

Derek: Jack’s calling?

Willy: How’d you-?

Jack: Yeah, I knew you swiped some earbuds; I’m Jack. You’ve got bigger problems.

Willy: Bigger problems?

Glitch: What are you seeing Jack?

Jack: The TV stations just came back on. Glitch, you can patch into the feeds.

Glitch: Yeah, so what’s-oh.

Lindsey: I don’t like the sound of that “oh.”

Willy: Help me out Jack; I don’t know what’s happening.

Chris: I think I have a good idea.

-Chris’ group finally gets a look at the city, seeing a ninety-story Hex-Duo robot smashing everything it steps on.

Derek: Okay fearless leader, how do we combat that thing?

Chris: Uh.

Jack: You’re really not going to be happy when you see who’s piloting that thing.

-Jack watches on TV in the Northern Lodge as the monstrosity of a Hex-Duo marches through the city, right as a camera pans up to the head, revealing the pilots.

Octa-Rangers: OMEGA BUSTER FIRE!!!

-Next: The Mega Zord!

-To Be Continued!

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Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Sixty-Seven

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 67

“System Error”

Recap: Chris split the group in two, taking Derek, Willy, and Kevin to the Brooksboro Annex of Charles Robotics while Lindsey lead the others to the Trillium City main headquarters. Both teams ran into some trouble with the new model of Hex-Duo robots, but things got worse when they discovered that the destroyed robots were rebuilding themselves bigger and stronger. Things can only get worse, today, on Eclipse Star!

-Chris, Derek, and Kevin watch from the elevator as the robots collect themselves and prepare to fight.

Chris: Hey Willy, how’s the elevator coming? You know, no pressure or anything…

Willy: Can’t talk right now. (Tapping the earbud). Glitch, repeat that last part, a whole lot slower.

-With the other group…

Glitch: Find the alternating current and relay it back to the primary output.

Willy: Yeah, but what the hell does that mean?

Kevin: I think they’re ready to attack again.

Derek: Yup, just about.

Glitch: Willy, just reconnect the three green wires to the purple wires that connect to the V-clips inside the main circuitry.

Willy: Hold on a second. (He looks at the circuitry). Yeah, none of that made any sense. All the wires on my end are gray.

Glitch: Okay, try-

-The two converse on the matter as the first robot lunges at Derek.

-Derek socks it back down but instantly holds his fist.

Derek: Damn, they’re hardening themselves somehow.

Chris: Your hand alright?

Derek: Yeah, but jeez, another upgrade and things are really gonna suck.

-Back with Lindsey’s group.

Kyle: Okay, so if they’re going through all the trouble to rebuild, I say we don’t break them anymore. I think we should just give them a neighborhood to live in peace and we head back the way we came. What do we all say?

Leena: We all say you’re an idiot.

Lindsey: Glitch, how’s our elevator situation?

Glitch: Sixteen more seconds.

Austin: I think we can manage sixteen seconds.

-As the rebuilt robots rush forward, Austin’s arm begins glowing bright red. He aims his arm as lava shoots out, arcing wherever Austin throws it, creating a small moat between them and the attacking robots.

Austin: There. That should hold ‘em.

-The robots look at the lava and float over it, being able to fly.

Austin: Why do I always forget stuff can fly now?

Glitch: Ding! Elevator’s heading down! Everyone coming?

-Everyone rushes to the elevator and tries to squeeze in, but they seem to be having some difficulty fitting.

Lindsey: We’ve still got robots advancing!

-She makes a V with her fingers and points them at the lava, firing a few quick blasts as the robots float above. This slashes lava on the robots.

Lindsey: Now leave us alone for a bit.

-She claps her hands before a stream of water flows from them, spraying the robots and the lava, hardening the bits that have splashed onto the robots and dunking them into the remaining lava before it hardens as well, creating a makeshift trap.

Lindsey: Okay, everyone in.

Leena: Lindz, where the heck did you think of that one?

Lindsey: Science class, freshman year.

Leena: Science class sucked.

Lindsey: But…

Leena: Oh right, the teacher was way hot.

Kyle: Ladies, I don’t mean to pry, but, you know, time is of the essence.

-Everyone crams into the elevator as Glitch takes them down.

-Meanwhile, Chris’ group continues fighting the robots in the lobby as Willy tries just about everything with the elevator’s circuit board.

Willy: How you guys holding up?

Chris: (Struggling to push against one of the robots). Never better, but hurry if you could.

Kevin: (While also fighting a robot). Have you tried zapping the board?

Willy: It’s got a protective coating. I can’t do that.

-More robots flood into the room.

Chris: Gonna have to think of something quicker here!

-Chris grabs the robot’s arm and swings it around and around, smashing smaller robots to pieces.

Willy: Okay, what if I just- (Tries something; the elevator’s lights go out). Okay, that didn’t work.

-As Derek fights with one robot, another comes up behind him, hitting him with a shoulder tackle that carries he and the robot into the elevator, smashing into the far end.

-Derek pulls out his sai and stabs both into the robot, ripping it in two with a loud grunt.

-Willy catches notice of Derek’s sai.

Willy: Hey, those aren’t made of normal stuff, are they?

Derek: What?

Willy: Stab the circuit box with those things.

Derek: Alright, if you say so.

-Derek takes one sai and thrusts it into the call button panel, going clean into it.

Derek: Now what smart guy?

Willy: Here, let me do it.

-Willy grabs Derek’s other sai, shields his face, and slams the sai together.


-A huge sonic boom is generated which ricochets throughout the elevator cart, vibrating the walls.

-Willy pulls the sai out from the button panel and pounds on the lowest possible number.

-The elevator dings and the doors start to close.

Willy: Got it! Let’s go!

-Chris and Kevin are pinned down by robots.

Chris: You kidding me?!

Derek: We ain’t holding this!

-The elevator doors nearly close.

-Kevin grabs Chris as he turns to water, turning Chris into water as well.

-They splash at the door and seep through before they fully close.

-Kevin and Chris reform as the sound of robot fists is heard on the metal doors.

Chris: Okay, whoa, don’t do that to me again.

Derek: Hey look, you made it. Nice of you to join us in the elevator.

Chris: Shaddap.

Derek: Okay, Willy, give me the sciency explanation for why that worked.

Willy: Sciency? Can’t do it. I just figured the vibration would screw up the security current for a few seconds.

Kevin: Good guess.

-They ride the elevator as it makes its descent into the inner workings of the annex.

-Jack, however, is as far from this as he can be, remaining behind at the Northern Lodge, unable to help due to his legs.

Joshua: Jack, you’re just sitting here?

Jack: This is the sitting room, correct?

Joshua: Did the numerous comfy chairs and sofas give it away?

Jack: My team’s out there fighting right now. I trained them and now I can’t be there when they could really use a strategist.

Joshua: And you’re a master strategist?

Jack: In the loosest terms, yes, I have to be.

Joshua: Or rather, you want to be.

Jack: I consider them one and the same.

Joshua: Well, consider your predicament and whose fault it is.

Jack: Yeah, a robot that’s been thoroughly smashed.

Joshua: No, I mean your problem walking. Your legs are fine, Jack.

Jack: That’s what you say.

Joshua: Jack! I’m not trying to trick you! I don’t have some ulterior motive for anything I’ve done, but I have been completely open with anything you’re willing to ask. Why can’t you trust me?

Jack: I have trust issues.

Joshua: Understatement.

Jack: Hey, I didn’t ask for your help here! I didn’t make you do anything for us! I made one simple request and that was to heal me like you did the others! I asked you to make me walk!

Joshua: So walk!

Jack: Fine!

-Jack stands up to show that he can’t walk without trouble. Naturally, he stands up just fine.

Jack: Why aren’t these hurting?

Joshua: Maybe you’re finally tired of sitting around?

Jack: Don’t go telling me this is a miracle.

Joshua: You’re still walking in a year, then I’ll call it a miracle.

-Joshua leaves the room.

Jack: What’s that supposed to mean?

-Chris’ group’s elevator continues heading down.

Derek: How deep did you say this thing was?

Chris: I didn’t. And “very deep” would be the answer you’re looking for.

Willy: Be ready to rip these doors open. I don’t know if the security’s gonna let up when we hit the bottom floor.

Derek: That’s assuming we’re hitting the bottom floor.

Chris: If you could punch through the panel with your sai, they might work on the doors, too.

Kevin: Wouldn’t that cause the elevator to be inoperable?

Chris: True.

-The elevator stops and the doors open.

Willy: Huh, guess the security’s off then.

Derek: Convenient.

-They step out to the long hallway that Chris first walked with Charles not long ago.

Chris: The room at the end of this hall should be where we’re going. I can almost guarantee there’s a kill-switch in there somewhere.

Kevin: How big is the room?

Chris: Size of a small office.

Derek: So basically, this won’t take a lot of time, right?

Chris: Presumably.

-Robots spill out from the side chutes, almost on cue.

Derek: (Pulling his sai out again). Goodie, I thought they’d forgot we were here.

-Chris nods at Derek. Derek clashes the sai together and sonic booms the hallway in front of them. The concrete refuses to divot next to them, though.

Willy: Hey, anyone else noticing the surprising structural integrity in here?

Chris: Why?

Willy: I’m just saying, these walls are built pretty damn solid.

Derek: Who cares? That just means we aren’t getting blindsided by someone smashing through at us.

Kevin: That also means we’re not smashing our way out.

Derek: Duly noted.

-More robots continue flooding the hall as Derek presses forward, throwing them aside with his shockwaves.

-Lindsey’s group is having a bigger problem. As they reached the bottom floor, the elevator has spilled out to a massive factory room of machines and conveyor belts.

Lindsey: Which way, Glitch?

Glitch: We need to get down to the main controls.

Kyle: Other side of the room?

Glitch: Yup.

Kyle: Figures.

Leena: Oh right, like they’re gonna install a vital control panel right next to the entrance?

Kyle: I would, yes!

Leena: Well then you’re an idiot!

Kyle: You know, that doesn’t help with my self-esteem.

Austin: Guys, quit it. You’re getting left behind.

-They look up and see Lindsey, Glitch, Clinton, and Danny running through the factory.

Leena: Great, that’s your fault.

-As Lindsey and Glitch take the lead, they get a good look at where the immediate robots are being built.

Lindsey: How do we shut off this production line?

Glitch: This is definitely new…

Lindsey: So you don’t know?

Glitch: Should still be controlled by the central station.

Clinton: Hey, I don’t like the sound of “should.” If it isn’t, what’s our next option?

Glitch: Another panel somewhere. Or manual shutdown.

Danny: That means we smash it, right?

Glitch: Yup.

Danny: Excellent!

-Danny barrels forward over everything in his path, acting as if the whole factory is an obstacle course. As he leaps over a bin, a robot hand shoots up and slams him in the face, throwing him back.

Lindsey: Watch for attacks!

-At this, robots begin marching into the factory, spilling out from various other areas in the vastness of the factory.

-Lindsey takes a look at Glitch and nods for him to guide them. He responds by nodding and rushing toward the conveyor belt.

Glitch: We’ll have the best coverage here!

-Everyone follows his lead as he begins running the gauntlet while robots begin firing at the group as a whole.

-The conveyor belt is filled with half-built robots on their way down the assembly line.

Austin: I don’t get it; I thought the robots were being built somewhere else.

Glitch: They are. These are just supplementary reinforcements.

Clinton: Clearly they figured we’d try attacking the main hub.

Austin: The others dealing with these problems?

Glitch: Yup. They’re down the elevator in Brooksboro, but the annex seems to have a factory as well.

-Glitch leaps over a fixture onto another conveyor belt, only this time the robots are beginning to activate in whatever state they’re in.

Glitch: Watch out! They’re waking up!

-Lindsey leads the charge behind Glitch, blasting as she runs.

-Everyone behind her continues leaping over the wreckages she’s causing.

-A robot from a little ways off picks up a discarded arm and hurls it, smacking Kyle in the head.

-Kyle topples over the edge and down to another conveyor belt.

Leena: You okay down there?!

Kyle: (Rubbing his head). Man, yeah, what the heck?

-Kyle looks down and sees that his new conveyor belt is packing much larger robots, all waking up.

Kyle: Ah c’mon, that’s not fair.

-As the first robot moves toward Kyle, he rolls and destroys its legs, getting to his feet to watch behind him.

-The next robot steps forward, so Kyle rolls through it as well.

Leena: Hey just keep that up, eh?

Kyle: Gettin’ dizzy.

-Kyle keeps rolling his way on the conveyor belt, advancing along with the main belt everyone else is on.

-Clinton and Austin are returning fire to the robots as they’re being shot.

Glitch: There’s the controls!

-Glitch and Lindsey leap off the assembly line onto the floor next to a controller unit.

Glitch: Okay, this may take a few moments to get going. Think you can give me some cover fire?

Lindsey: Naturally.

-Lindsey takes off toward the nearest group of robots and begins attacking.

-Clinton lands next to Glitch and holds his ground, keeping them protected from there.

Kyle: (At the end of his conveyor belt). Ah man, thank God.

Leena: Not bad!

Kyle: Thanks. (Kyle doesn’t notice the ground run out, spilling him down a chute). Dang it!

-Glitch works furiously on the controls.

Glitch: Anything yet?

Clinton: Doesn’t look like it.

Glitch: How about now?

-Glitch clicks a switch and the factory shuts down.

Clinton: I think that’ll at least stop the new flow, but we’ve still got robots rebuilding.

Glitch: Okay then, let’s figure this out.

-Chris’ group presses down the annex’s hallway, reaching the far doorway. Naturally, the door doesn’t open.

Derek: This has got to be a joke.

Chris: Well, the robots seem to finally be at a disadvantage.

-Chris motions to the robots rebuilding themselves. They’ve fashioned themselves into one huge model. Sadly, it can hardly move in the hallway.

Kevin: Hahaha! It can’t even move! That’s fantastic!

Chris: Derek, crack that door, would ya?

Derek: You got it.

-Derek stabs a sai into the door and strikes it with the other.


The door is utterly destroyed, spraying shrapnel into the hallway.

-The four rush into the room as the amorphous robot brings a cannon hand up at last.

Chris: Alright Willy, get on that computer and ask Glitch how to shut things down.

Willy: Right.

-Willy starts to move, but Kevin notices the huge cannon now aimed at the group.

Kevin: Lookout!

-Kevin grabs Willy back as the robot fires.


-The little room is destroyed, the computer console included. Once the dust settles the four take a long, sad look.

Chris: No way.

Willy: That was the computer console, wasn’t it?

Chris: Definitely.

Derek: Well now what?

Chris: We destroy that stupid freaking robot!

-Chris launches himself out from the room and into the amorphous robot, shredding it to pieces just by colliding.

Derek: Feel better?

Chris: Ha, ha, a little. (Sigh). Willy, let Glitch know what happened.

Willy: Right. (Willy taps his earbud). Hey Glitch, we got a new problem. Computer mainframe just got blown up.

Glitch: What? That’s not good.

Willy: Yeah, we’ve figured that much out.

Glitch: Is there another computer console anywhere?

Willy: We can’t see one.

Glitch: Then I don’t know what to tell ya.

Chris: What’d he say?

Willy: He says we’re S.O.L.

Chris: Great. That’s great news. Stupid freaking robot!

-Just for good measure Chris fires another blast at the robot’s remains, scattering them more.

Kevin: There has to be another option. Maybe we could head down the chutes?

Chris: You know, that’s not a bad idea. You guys ready?

Derek: Aren’t we always?

Chris: Good. I’ll meet you at the bottom.

-Chris rips the opening off one of the side-hall chutes and leaps in. The other three do the same.

-Meanwhile, Lindsey’s team seems to be handling themselves well enough, keeping the robots distracted momentarily while Glitch continues working at the mainframe.

Glitch: Okay, I think I’ve figured something that might work, but this might also shut me down, too.

Clinton: If that’s the only way, then we’ll have to take the risk.

Glitch: Alright then. Also, thanks for the support. Jerk.

-Glitch punches some buttons and nothing happens.

Glitch: Heh, kind of glad that didn’t work.

Clinton: You don’t say?

-The ground starts rumbling.

Lindsey: Hey Glitch! What’d you do?!

Glitch: As far as I could tell, nothing!

-Kyle begins yelling from the chute he fell down before scrambling up.

Leena: We’ve you been?

Kyle: I found a thing!

Leena: What?

-The chute explodes as a massive robot climbs out, tearing up the floor.

Leena: What did you do?!

Kyle: I didn’t do anything!

-The giant robot pulls itself out of the floor to a point it can stand up. It raises a large cannon arm and points it at Glitch and Clinton at the mainframe.


-As the blast flies towards Glitch and Clinton, Lindsey leaps in the way and throws up a half-barrier, stopping the blast but throwing her across the factory.

Leena: Lindz!

Lindsey: (She slams into a wall but seems okay). No worries, I’ll be fine.

Leena: (Running up to her). When d’you learn Jack’s barrier technique? Oh God, you slept with him, didn’t you?

Lindsey: No! I figured out how to do half the barrier, just not the whole thing.

Leena: Better than nothing.

Glitch: Okay, this shutdown code should work!

-Glitch presses another button combination, causing all the robots in the immediate area to stop for a moment.

Glitch: Yes! Alright, we’re good.

Lindsey: Phew. That’s a relief.

Austin: Kind of an anticlimactic resolution, don’t you think?

Kyle: Up, there you go, you said a thing.

-The massive robot comes back on, shooting the computer mainframe again.


-Glitch and Clinton leap out of the way, but the mainframe is obliterated. At this, the other robots begin moving as well.

Glitch: Well that can’t be good. Willy, you copy?

-Chris and his group each fall out of a chute into a massive underground room of crates. They land and look around.

Chris: This…wasn’t what I was expecting.

Glitch: Willy, you there?

Willy: (Tapping his earbud). Yeah. What’s up?

Glitch: Something’s wrong at our location. My kill code didn’t work.

Willy: Glitch says his kill code didn’t work.

Chris: Crap. That’s not good.

Derek: Understatement.

Willy: What do we do then? How do we shut these things off?

Glitch: Not sure, I’ve got to find another mainframe before I can even attempt.

Willy: Yeah, we’ve got to do the same thing.

Kevin: Uh-oh.

Chris: What?

-They all look where Kevin was looking, seeing a twenty-foot robot rise up above them to full height.

Chris: Oh. Freaking robots.

Willy: Hey Glitch, we’ll call you back.

Chris: Alright Derek, you feeling like full power?

Derek: (Wicked grin). Absolutely.

Chris: Good, because now would be the perfect time. Willy, Kevin, do me a favor and find us another mainframe.

Kevin: Right. Watch for the cannon.

-Chris and Derek nod to each other and begin raising their Pulse Energies to max.

Derek: It’s show time!

To Be Continued…

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