Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Sixty-Six

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 66

“No One Expects The Metallic Inquisition”

Recap: Last time, Hex-Duo robots poured out into the streets of Trillium City, firing on any and everything. But where were the good guys? Hundreds of miles north. That all changes today as the battle to reclaim Trillium City starts right…NOW!

-Everyone at the Northern Lodge is gearing up for the fight.

Lindsey: I knew you’d eventually come to your senses.

Chris: Don’t I always? (Slinging his new sword over his back).

Lindsey: Whoa, where’d you get that?

Chris: Cavern of Aloneness.

Kyle: Stronghold of Isolation!

Chris: Right, the Ice Temple.

Lindsey: (Walking away). You boys and your awesome adventures that you don’t invite me to…

Chris: Hey Jack.

Jack: What’s up?

Chris: (Pulling out the elbow blades he grabbed for Lindsey). Before we head out, could you give these to Lindz? I’ve got to go talk to Josh.

Jack: (Taking the elbow blades). Yeah, I’ll do that.

Chris: Thanks. (Runs out of the room, tapping Austin on the shoulder and nodding before he heads out).

Austin: Everyone set? We leave in three, alright?

-General agreements.

-Lindsey walks up to Jack.

Lindsey: Jack, I know things haven’t been so great lately, and I just wanted to apologize.

Jack: It’s okay. I spent the past year trying to hold you back but, well, the legs.

Lindsey: Yeah.

Jack: So I won’t be there to hold you back from getting a fist to your face.

Lindsey: Heh, it’s inevitable in our line of work.

Jack: Hey, take these with you.

-Jack hands her the elbow blades.

Lindsey: Oh cool, what are they?

Jack: Elbow blades. They’re mainly a defensive weapon, but you can still do some major damage.

Lindsey: Thanks Jack!

-She kisses him for a moment.

Jack: Hey don’t thank me.

Lindsey: (Coy). Oh yeah? Who should I thank then?

Jack: On second thought, yeah, sure, thank me again.

Lindsey: You got it.  (They continue kissing as the others finish preparing).

Chris: (Running up to Joshua). Josh? We’re about to head out.

Joshua: I know.

Chris: I’m sorry about this. I screwed up, didn’t I?

Joshua: You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t now and then, eh?

Chris: Yeah, I guess so.

Joshua: I can’t go with you.

Chris: I figured as much.

Joshua: But Grid and her group will be backing you up, so use them.

Chris: I’ll do that.

Joshua: And Chris? Be careful, okay?

Chris: Absolutely.

Austin: Hey Chris! Time’s up, let’s go!

Chris: We’ll be back when this is over.

Joshua: I’ll see you then.

-Chris rejoins the others as they’re heading outside.

-A few of them wave to Joshua before taking off and flying south toward the city.

Chris: (Flying at the head of the pack). Okay, can everyone hear me?

Kyle: (Flying near the back). Speak up!

Chris: (Yelling). How ‘bout now?!

Kyle: What?!

Leena: I’ll tell you later, just shut up right now.

Chris: I encountered this new model of robots not too long ago. Charles Robotics has a new annex in Brooksboro, built on top of my old house. We were there three months ago and more or less the rest of the landscape is the same. The building is huge with lower levels going way underground. I have no clue what the inner workings look like, but this building is one possible point where they’re originating. Glitch?

Glitch: Yes?

Chris: We need to know where you were created. That’ll be another point of access.

Glitch: The Charles Robotics facility I was manufactured at is located in the northeastern part of the city near the Lincoln Memorial Playhouse.

Chris: Half of us will need to go there. Are there any more factories?

Glitch: Several, down by the docks next to Jamestown.

Chris: Okay, so we send a group down to make a clean sweep. Give me an exact number of factories.

Glitch: At last count there were six, each roughly the size of a city block.

Grid: My team can take care of those.

Chris: Are you sure of that?

Grid: We’re stronger than you guys, so don’t worry about us. You guys focus on the main two headquarters.

Chris: Team one comes with me to Brooksboro, team two heads to the northeastern facility. Does it have a name, Glitch?

Glitch: Nope, just says ‘Charles Robotics’ on the facility’s building.

Chris: Is there a service network that connects all the robots?

Glitch: There should be a master shutdown code that we can send to all units. I know for sure it can be sent from the original building, but I know nothing about the Brooksboro plant.

Chris: Will that effect your systems as well?

Glitch: No, I’m hardwired completely differently.

Chris: Good, then I want you to hack into their systems with team two. Team two, who wants to lead it?

Derek: Dibs.

Lindsey: What? Just because he’s Derek he gets to lead the team? No way, I want in.

Chris: Derek, I want you in Brooksboro with me. It’s gonna take a lot of firepower to crack the basement levels and I don’t think I can do it alone.

Derek: Fine.

Chris: Lindz, you’ve got that cool water ability, so you can slip around, right?

Lindsey: I suppose.

Chris: Good, anyone else know how to do that?

Kevin: I’m familiar with some water techniques, so I should be able to copy Lindsey’s move.

Chris: Good, Kevin, you’re with me, too. Also Willy, you know some tech stuff, right?

Willy: A little, but nothing like you’re gonna need.

Chris: (Pulls Jack’s ear bud from his pocket and tosses it to Willy). Here. Glitch, sync with that frequency. You two are going to be the only two in direct contact. If we get to a mainframe before your team, instruct Willy how to do it. Can you do that?

Glitch: Yeah, I think I can manage.

Chris: Good. Has anyone figured out Jack’s barrier technique yet?

Austin: Nah, he still refuses to teach us.

Chris: Fine. I’m talking Derek, Kevin, and Willy into the Brooksboro base while Glitch, Lindsey, and everyone else hits the main facility. If Lindsey is unreachable, Austin, you’re next in command.

Lindsey: So I’m team leader?

Chris: Team Two leader.

Lindsey: Team One. You can be Team Two.

Danny: Can we be the Stingrays?

Lindsey: No, we’re Team Number One!

Chris: Fine, Team One, get to the mainframe at all costs. My team will-

Kevin: Team Stingrays.

Chris: Sure, Team Stingrays.

Danny: We wanted to be the Stingrays!

Chris: Wait, what?

-Kevin’s laughing.

Chris: I don’t care, we’ll be trying the same thing. That way at least one of us should be successful.

Austin: And your grandma?

Chris: We don’t have time to look into that right now. Stay focused.

Derek: You stay focused. I’m not gonna be shaken up by your grandma.

Chris: Derek, shut up until I tell you to talk, alright?

Lindsey: Be careful, okay?

Chris: Same to you.

-The groups split as they fly to their various attack points.

-Meanwhile, the city is in heavy chaos with Hex-Duo robots marching the streets, causing massive amounts of damage. Civilians are freaking out everywhere.

-Near the Lincoln Memorial Playhouse a rather large concentration of Hex-Duo robots is herding humans into a central area.

-An energy blast flies down from the skies and blows a few robots apart.

-More energy blasts from Lindsey’s group begin raining down.

-The civilians begin cheering once they see the kids fly overhead.

Lindsey: Alright guys, you know the plan. Glitch? Where’s the facility?

Glitch: Up ahead.

Lindsey: Okay. Someone start clearing a path for us..

Kyle: Whoa whoa, we’re the clean-up crew?

Lindsey: We’re gonna need space to work!

Clinton: I’ve got this.

-Clinton lands in the middle of a robot crowd and starts aiming at various sections, systematically causing Hex-Duo robots to fire at him, miss, and hit each other.

Kyle: See, that’s a good strategy. Make the robots do all the work.

Lindsey: Let’s get through that front door!

-Meanwhile, Chris’ team makes it to Brooksboro.

Kevin: It doesn’t look as bad over here.

Willy: The city was the main goal though. No reason to hit the suburbs.

Chris: They know I know where this location is, so don’t be surprised when hundreds of robots swarm from seemingly nowhere.

Derek: That the building? (Motions to the large building in front of them).

Chris: Yup. Conspicuous, isn’t it?

Derek: Not even a little.

Chris: Derek, shall we knock?

Derek: With pleasure.

-Before they even land, Hex-Duo robots pour out from the front entrance and begin firing immediately.

-Derek charges a blast and swipes an opening in the front entrance.

Chris: Let’s do this fast guys.

-Lindsey’s group is still standing on the front of the Charles Robotics building with no way through. The group continues blasting at robots as they get closer.

Lindsey: Hey Glitch, any luck with that front door?

Glitch: (Futzing with the circuitry on the door panel). You won’t be able to blast this open, and the security has been vastly upgraded since I was last here.

Leena: So find a way already!

Glitch: Patience. Just gotta find the right opening in alternating current patterns…

Leena: What?

Glitch: Got it. (A bzzt of electricity sharks from the panel and the doors begin opening).

Austin: Alright then, shall we enter?

Lindsey: Yes, please. Glitch, shut the door once we’re in.

Glitch: Can’t do that, the door’s broke.

Scott: Go, I’ll play bouncer.

Lindsey: You sure?

Scott: Well I’m sure as shit not gonna run around in a science facility listening to you give orders.

Lindsey: Fine. No one gets in.

Scott: Not until I’m dead anyway.

-Lindsey’s group rushes into the facility.

Scott: (Stretching his arms). Alright, who wants to make the first cheap shot?

-Chris’ group, on the other hand, has made it into the main lobby of the annex but find themselves huddled for cover behind a fountain.

Derek: (In between shooting blasts at the robots). How do we get down to the lower levels?

Chris: There’s an elevator over there, but I have a sneaking feeling it’s not working right now.

Willy: They’ve got to have a stairwell somewhere.

Chris: I don’t think so. They don’t seem to care much about city regulations.

Willy: True, but where are all the robots coming from?

Chris: Good question…

Derek: They’re coming from back rooms is what it looks like.

Kevin: Maybe chutes pushing the robots up from the lower levels?

Chris: I bet that’s it.

Derek: So let’s find one ‘a these chutes and jam an explosive down it.

Chris: Destroying the building isn’t enough for this.

Derek: So then we destroy the elevator and fly down the shaft.

Chris: That might just work.

Derek: Then cover me while I do this!

-Derek runs out from behind cover, leaping into a robot and booting it into a few others.

-The elevator doors open and four more Hex-Duo come out blasting.

-Derek pulls out his sai and creates a sonic boom, throwing everyone and everything away from him.

-He runs into the elevator, hurling the broken robots out the door.

Derek: Going down.

-Derek tries punching through the bottom of the elevator but nothing happens.

Derek: Damnit! They reinforced the elevator, too!

Chris: Willy, can you hardwire an elevator?

Willy: No, but I’m gonna have to learn, aren’t I?

Chris: If it’s not too much trouble, could you?

-Back with Lindsey’s group, getting through the front few hallways has turned out to be the easy part as dozens of Hex-Duo are spilling out from deeper in the facility.

Lindsey: This isn’t good. We aren’t even making a dent in their numbers just shooting like this.

Clinton: The problem is they’ve got hundreds more being manufactured at this very moment. It does no good to destroy them since another will just pop up.

Kyle: At least they’re pretty easy to break. (Kyle smashes a robot apart with a simple punch).

Glitch: This isn’t right. Something feels off about this…

Lindsey: What?

Glitch: Why would the robots be so simple to break?

Lindsey: If they had to make a ton, wouldn’t they have to cut costs and resources?

Glitch: Yes, but these are hardly stronger than the worker drones Charles had built way before my time. That doesn’t make sense.

Austin: I’d rather not question a blessing if I can help it.

Glitch: That’s just the thing. There’s bound to be stronger robots in here somewhere.

Kyle: Oh don’t say that. Whenever someone says something like that-

-A much larger Hex-Duo robot steps out and fires a beam at the group, dislodging them from their current position.

Kyle: See? That sort of thing happens.

-Lindsey runs forward and collides with the robot head-on. It doesn’t seem to be damaged from this attack.

-The robot grabs Lindsey and headbutts her.

-Lindsey kicks at the robot, but this still does nothing to damage it.

Leena: Lindz! I don’t think that’s working!

Kyle: Like she’s gonna listen to you.

Leena: Come on, we need to clear this room.

Kyle: You have a plan?

Leena: Pff, yeah, come over here.

-Kyle runs over to Leena. She stretches her hands out and creates an energy ball in each. She motions for Kyle to do the same.

-Kyle seems to catch on and also creates energy balls in his hands. Leena presses their energy together, then grabs it and pulls, running in the opposite direction.

-The energy is pulled into a long beam between the two as Leena runs towards Lindsey. Kyle gets the picture and starts running as well, keeping his distance.

-Robots are being ripped in half as they get clotheslined by the beam.

Leena: Lindz! Jump!

-Lindsey looks back and jumps, right as Leena and Kyle run past the stronger robot, hitting it with the energy rope. They struggle with it for a moment but tear it clean in two.

Austin: Well, looks like this won’t be so tough afterall.

Kyle: Nope, see, you’re not getting the rule of saying things like that.

-The strong robot’s upper half twitches and springs up. It grabs its lower half and reconnects it as some of the other weaker robots hobble over to it, still broken, but add their mass to it.

-The robot continues to rebuild itself, larger and stronger.

Austin: Okay, that might just complicate things.

-Chris’ group continues to stay huddled in the elevator as Willy attempts to hack the motherboard. Derek, Chris, and Kevin are blasting Hex-Duo robots when they can.

Willy: This is way more advanced than anything I’ve messed with at home.

Chris: Well, there’s bound to be a way to hack it.

Willy: (Tapping his earpiece). Glitch, I need some help here.

Glitch: Willy! There’s something you guys need to know!

-Derek blasts a robot but does a double take, squinting as the broken robots begin rebuilding into larger, better models.

Derek: Hey fearless leader, I’m seeing a potential problem here.

Chris: What?

-Chris looks out to see the robots regrouping bigger and stronger.

Willy: Chris, Glitch says these new models are capable of-

Chris: Yeah, I think we’ve just seen the proof of concept.

-The robots in the lobby have formed into larger models that look similar to Hex-Duo 1, 4, and 8, though with more wires ands gears exposed.

-Lindsey’s group sees the same thing on a larger scale with dozens more Hex-Duo robots looking ready to attack.

Chris: Whose idea was it to help the city again?

To Be Continued…


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  1. FrabjousFlamingo said,

    Hooray for a new chapter!

    I was wondering if the beginning doesn’t go a little too fast, though? I don’t know… it feels a little rushed.

    Also- what does Lindsey’s first line mean? I don’t get it.

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