Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Sixty-One

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 61

“Hushed Conversations”

Recap: Last time on Eclipse Star, a story was had, Glitch revealed some motivation to Lindsey, and Jack approached Derek about becoming a Super X in exchange for helping with a new plan. What could this all mean? We’ll find out in the very next scene!

-Jack is in Derek’s room balancing on his crutches. He’s just offered to help Derek transform like Chris had into a Super X, a term Jack had dubbed the glowing form seen during the explosion at the Hidden Plateau and the fight between Derek and Chris. Derek has just said he’d do whatever Jack wants.

Jack: This won’t be easy.

Derek: I don’t suspect it will be.

Jack: And everything I have so far is purely speculation.

Derek: I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

Jack: This requires you to put aside any personal feelings you may have.

Derek: I did that a long time ago.

Jack: Good.

Derek: When do we begin?

Jack: Noon tomorrow. I’ll gather the others and we’ll meet a mile or so into the trees.

Derek: Anyone I should keep this from, specifically?

Jack: Chris can’t know.

*          *            *            *            *

-The next day, the group has assembled in the woods, minus Chris and Glitch.

Leena: I don’t get why we’ve got to come all the way out here.

Danny: It’s kind of secretive, like spy stuff! Are we gonna do spy stuff?

Jack: No.

Lindsey: Chris isn’t here yet.

Jack: He won’t be.

Kyle: He looked pretty tired. I don’t think he’s slept much since, well, you know, the whole robot thing.

Kevin: I don’t see Glitch, either.

Austin: Yeah, or those four guys from yesterday.

Leena: Actually, one of them is a girl, so don’t forget.

Scott: (Still smoking). Oh trust me, a figure like that, I won’t.

Leena: You know, not everything has to be about your base instincts.

Scott: Oh I know. I just makes things a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

Jack: I purposefully didn’t include the new group. I just don’t trust them.

Leena: What exactly does someone have to do to become trustworthy in your book?

Jack: I’ll let you know when someone does something to mention.

Kevin: We’ve been over this though, Jack. They brought us to Joshua. How can they not be trusted?

Jack: Because I don’t know them, and this Joshua guys isn’t as wonderful as you’ve mentioned. Do I look healed to you?

Kevin: Well, yes.


Jack: I assure you, I’m not.

Danny: That’s because Josh said that if you didn’t let yourself be healed then you wouldn’t be.

Jack: (Snaps at Danny). Thank you, I don’t care what Josh said, I still don’t trust him.

Kyle: You know, technically, it sounds like you don’t trust yourself.

Jack: Don’t push me right now Kyle.

Kyle: I’m just saying-

Derek: Shut up, all of you. Jack, I’m sick of waiting for you to build suspense. We have a deal, now out with it.

Jack: (Gets in close to Derek). Derek, what you know is for you to know. Don’t share it with the others.

Lindsey: Jack, I’m tired of secrets. Just get on with it already.

Scott: (Hushed to Kyle). That’s what she said…

Kyle: Hehehe… (High fives. Leena glares at him). What?

Jack: Chris isn’t stable anymore. It was a miracle he survived the incident with the Hex-Duo robots but I don’t think it left him in a mental condition where he’s in control anymore.

Austin: To be fair, we’ve been acting like dicks to him ever since he came back. He seemed totally fine last night.

Jack: I’ve witnessed him lose control on a number of occasions. The amount of Pulse energy he can generate is beyond anything I’ve seen before.

Austin: So? All he’s done is focus it towards people trying to kill us. Why is that such a bad thing?

Jack: How long will it be before his aim misses the enemy and hits one of us?

Lindsey: I don’t think I’m quite understanding you Jack. Are you suggesting that Chris would purposefully attack us?

Jack: I’d rather leave it as an unfortunate accident, but yes, given the motivation, I have no doubt he’d kill one of us if he lost control.

Kevin: I know how it feels.

Jack: (Surprised). What?

Kevin: I know what it feels like to suddenly lose control of Pulse energy for a moment or two. When the church was attacked and I pushed myself to the upper limits of what I could accomplish, I let myself slip into a state of complete dependency on my abilities. In that moment it became easier to reach higher levels of power, but not without a sacrifice of control. I regained my composure before I made the mistake of taking a life, but I can understand what happens when that much power hits all at once. If Chris is serious when he says he’s learned to fight at maximum strength for long bursts of time, and I have no reason to doubt him, then the amount of strain he’s under is incredible.

Jack: This is what worries me. If he gets too strong too quickly then we’re just increasing the chances of him injuring one of us.

Lindsey: I still say, he hasn’t done anything to suggest he’d hurt one of us.

Jack: Because he hasn’t been pushed to, yet. His emotions are starting to get bi-polar and I worry that he’s going to swing too far in one direction and that’ll be it.

Scott: Well if you’re so worried about this, why the hell are you still doing the girl he’s in love with?

-This causes general outbursts from everyone including groans, accusations, and general arguments.

Jack: (Ticked). Scott, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Lindsey: Also, it’s not true.

Scott: Which? The part about you two bumping uglies or the part about Chris getting heartbroken as a result?

Willy: I don’t mean to pry, but I don’t think they’ve had sex.

Lindsey: We haven’t, nor have we been trying.

Kyle: Also, when would they have gotten the chance? I mean, we’ve been on the run for the past, oh I don’t know, too long, and before that we were at the Legion base and they…oh, they could have done it then.

-More outbursts.

Jack: Enough! My relationship with Lindsey is not open for discussion. We’ve kept it very family-friendly and that’s all you need to know.

Clinton: The fact of the matter does still exist that if you’re worried that Chris will become emotionally unstable as a result of something in the near future, and your relationship causes said risk, then why are you two still together?

Jack: Because we like each other. Is that so complicated? Jesus, not everything I do has to be a calculated move.

-Lindsey somewhat blushes at this.

Jack: Now, I don’t care what the reason is, but Chris is a danger. Let me finish my thought here, because I’m not suggesting we kill him or anything.

Kyle: Oh thank god, because he’d probably kill us. Hah, am I right? (Looks around for a high-five).

Derek: We’re just going to be ready for the inevitable moment where he does need to be killed, or at least knocked unconscious.

Kyle: (Hand drops). Well shit.

Jack: Thanks, Derek. That’s the general plan. I’ve watched Chris fight and I’ve seen his weaknesses, even when he’s at his strongest. We need to have clear offensive and defensive strategies in place for any eventuality. Can we at least agree that that?

Lindsey: I don’t like the idea of doing this behind his back.

Scott: Would you suggest we include him in these training sessions aimed at fighting him?

Lindsey: (Defeated). Point taken.

Jack: We’ll still be training with Chris during most of the day. He has yet to show us exactly how he’s been fighting at max Pulse output for as long as he has, and other than Kevin, Lindsey, and possibly Derek, none of us have gotten close to matching it.

Austin: So how do you expect us to take the thought of backstabbing one of our best friends?

Jack: I don’t expect it to be a happy thought, but when things get bad you’ll thank me for having a plan in motion.

Clinton: So what comes first?

Jack: First I need to see exactly who among you is the strongest. If we’re decidedly counteracting an omega power, then we need someone that can match it. Now line up and push yourselves past your upper limits.

*          *            *            *            *

-Back at the lodge, Chris stumbles downstairs to the kitchen.

Chris: Ah man…haven’t slept that good since…well I have haven’t slept that good. I think things are finally lookin’ up a bit.

-Joshua is standing at the stove with a chef hat and an apron on.

Joshua: Oh! Good morning! Or rather, afternoon I guess. Well good day to you!

Chris: Hey Josh! How’re you today?

Joshua: Oh very well thank you.

Chris: What cha doin’?

Joshua: Being a good host. Care for some waffles?

Chris: I do declare that this is the best day ever!

*          *            *            *            *

-Jack watches very carefully as everyone pushes themselves. However, the ground isn’t shaking very much, despite better judgment.

Jack: Good. Everyone’s looking good, but something’s not right.

Lindsey: (Powering down for a moment). Jack, it’s just not the same doing it on command. It helps to have motivation.

Jack: The goal is to learn to break through to your higher states of fighting at any given moment. That’s what Chris had been doing, or so he tells us.

Danny: Then shouldn’t he be here to explain it?

Jack: He will, but later. This is just to figure out the best of the best.

Derek: We’re still holding back, and not because we’d prefer to. We crank our powers up and anyone still at the lodge not invited to our little pow-wow is gonna figure things our real quick.

Jack: I thought only Danny had that technique figured out.

Derek: Yeah, and he learned it from Josh, who is still up at the lodge and pretty tuned-in to these kinds of things.

Jack: Okay, Danny, remind me to have you explain the Pulse-sensing ability later.

Danny: Okay.

Leena: Why not just have Josh teach us?

Danny: Yeah, why not?

Lindsey: Because Jack doesn’t trust him. Has no one been paying attention?

Jack: Thank you, I think. Okay, power down guys. I can already see who tops the list.

Kyle: (Sarcastic). Ooh, I bet it’s not my name!

Jack: Derek, you’re at the top, followed closely by Kevin. Austin, you’re probably third in line behind those two. Lindsey, you’re next. And after you the closest is me, assuming I get my legs to work again.

Kyle: Sweet, didn’t even rank above the cripple.

Jack: If Chris becomes irrational, Derek, you’re the first in line to attack, followed by Kevin. You two are leading the assault. Everyone else, attack in bursts of twos and threes. Chris can handle someone one-on-one, but he isn’t amazing at multi-tasking, so people coming at him from every angle will be tough for him to deal with.

Lindsey: And Austin and I are in the group of “cheap-hitters?”

Jack: No, Austin, you’re third in line behind Kevin and Derek. Lindsey, you have a very…different job. You don’t fight.

Lindsey: (Instantly concerned, very close to furious rage). Jack, don’t finish that thought.

Jack: Lindz, he won’t touch you, so you get to be our best defense. Distract him long enough for someone to get behind him and deliver a finishing blow.

Lindsey: Jack! I’m not going to be used like that!

Clinton: Honestly though Lindsey, it’s the one part of all this that makes the most sense. He won’t hurt you, and the same could probably be said about Austin if he doesn’t start fighting.

Austin: This is the point where this whole plan officially stopped sounding okay with me.

Lindsey: Me, too.

Jack: Okay, alright then, we’ll rest on it. We’re not going to make any headway today anyway. Just please think about it.

Derek: We done here then?

Jack: For now, yes. Everyone can head back to the lodge, but obviously, don’t say anything to you-know-who.

-Everyone disperses, mumbling things about Jack as they go. Derek, however, stays behind with Jack.

Derek: So the only way you keep me as your hired muscle is if I get what I want.

Jack: We might want to go further into the mountains then.

-Derek grabs Jack and the two fly further north.

*          *            *            *            *

-Chris is sitting at the table, feasting on waffles.

Joshua: I assume the waffles are good then?

Chris: Oh man, these are the best I’ve ever had. They’re heavenly.

Joshua: I get that a lot.

Chris: Hey Josh, I’ve got a question.

Joshua: Hmm, maybe my waffles aren’t as good as I remember. Usually no one can think straight for hours after they consume a few.

Chris: It’s about my father.

Joshua: (Sigh). I was hoping I wouldn’t have to say this.

Chris: There’s no way I can get another few days with him then, is there.

Joshua: Nope. It was a one-time deal. I’m so very sorry; you have no idea.

Chris: It’s okay.

Joshua: Hey, on the bright side, you sure made it count. I heard those Hex-Duo robots got scrapped pretty good. All you?

Chris: Yes and no.

Joshua: Who punched?

Chris: That was me.

Joshua: Who made you punch?

Chris: Combination of people, but I’m gonna just go ahead and say it was Lindsey.

Joshua: So you fought to save her from the threat of annihilation?

Chris: Yeah. In so many words.

Joshua: (Elated). Oh how wonderful! I love to hear about people using these skills for meaningful reasons and not just some selfish gains. Eh, coincidentally, Derek hasn’t been a bother again, has he?

Chris: Nope, he saved my life from the Locust Virus and since then he’s been the poster child for reform.

Joshua: Wonderful!

Chris: He’s been extremely worried about his dad, though.

Joshua: (Suddenly morose). Oh, terrible business, that.

Chris: What?

Joshua: Nothing to concern yourself with.

Chris: Well now that things have cooled down I’m just happy we don’t have to fight anymore. Not for a while anyway.

Joshua: Hate to burst the happy thoughts in your head, but you’re a long way from being done.

Chris: (Drops his fork). Wha?

Joshua: You need to teach everyone what your dad taught you. They need someone better than Jack to lead them.

Chris: Jack isn’t that bad of a teacher though. He knows how to set up training regiments and such. I don’t know how to plan that stuff.

Joshua: Then teach through him. But make sure to get people fighting like you did. Get them to fight for someone. Otherwise they won’t make it past this next part.

Chris: What next part?

Joshua: (Laughing to himself). I’m sorry, I keep getting ahead of myself. It’s all so exciting.

Chris: Look, all I know is I don’t want to ever have to fight again, so if that means teaching the others to take over, that’s totally fine with me.

Joshua: Well then good. You want more waffles?

Chris: Absolutely! I’ll be done when I can’t walk straight no more!

Joshua: Wonderful!

-The group comes in from the cold outside.

Scott: (Trying to warm himself). I swear it dropped at least another 50 degrees in the past hour.

Lindsey: (Startled). Oh, Chris, you’re up.

Chris: (Smiles). Yup. (Holds up his fork with a waffle dripping with syrup). Waffles anybody?

Kyle: Heck yeah.

-Kyle, Danny, Willy, Austin, and Kevin sit down next to Chris while the others sort of stand in limbo between leaving and sitting.

Chris: So where were you guys at all morning?

Austin: Out and about. Jack wanted us to get back to training.

Chris: Why didn’t anyone wake me up?

Lindsey: You needed sleep. We’ve hardly had a chance to rest this past week and of everyone that could have used an extended nap, it was you.

Chris: So where is Jack now that the hike’s done?

Lindsey: He’s…actually, where is he?

Leena: I saw him with Derek. They looked like they had more to talk about.

Danny: Probably since he’s the first line of defense.

Chris: What?

Danny: (Covers his mouth). Oops…

Lindsey: It’s nothing.

Chris: No, what defense are you talking about? Josh, did you tell them what you told me?

Joshua: I say a lot of things.

Chris: You know, that thing about more trouble popping up soon?

Lindsey: Yes! That’s exactly what he said.

-Joshua looks at Lindsey with a curious expression. Lindsey silently asks him to play along.

Chris: Well if Jack thinks Derek should be the first one to fight, that is fine by me. The good news keeps comin’! Syrup, please. (Austin passes Chris the syrup as he slops more on).

*          *            *            *            *

-Meanwhile, higher up in the mountains. The weather has started to get harsher than earlier in the day.

Derek: Okay Jack, I’m finally starting to find it too cold to tolerate now. This is as far as we go.

Jack: Fine.

-Derek lands and sets Jack down.

Derek: So how does Chris do it?

Jack: He pushes himself to his absolute peak, then pushes past that.

Derek: Jack, I could have figured that much out.

Jack: There’s more. Both times he’s freaked out and transformed it was because something put the fear of Lindsey being harmed in his brain. At the Regime’s base it was physically seeing her injured. Apparently it goes beyond that since he transformed again when he fought you, presumably because you brought up Lindsey. Do you remember exactly what you said?

Derek: I said a lot of things, most of which were just elaborate chest puffing. (Thinks). But yeah, I mentioned something along the lines of Lindsey never loving him back, which seems pretty accurate and obvious.

Jack: I’m nearly positive she’s the trigger, though.

Derek: All this does is confirm Clinton’s theory that you shouldn’t be with Lindsey if you’re afraid Chris is going to have a breakdown.

Jack: We’re not having that discussion.

Derek: No, we are. Jack, you know as well as I do that if anyone deserves Lindsey, and frankly I hold her in extremely high regards myself, it should be Chris. I’ve had to watch for year after fucking year as he’s destroyed himself with this whole thing, but now we’re dealing with a whole new set of extraneous stressors to add to the problem.

Jack: I told you that in order for this deal to work you’d have to set aside anything you feel about Chris.

Derek: But this just plain isn’t right. You have any idea how close he came to killing himself? Huh?

Jack: (Genuinely surprised). What?

Derek: Back in middle school he messed with some pills thinking it’d be real simple but he managed to fuck it up, thank God, so the worst he did was puke his guts out for an hour straight.

Jack: Why don’t I know this?

Derek: Because no one else does. I’m the one that found him near death. I nursed him back to consciousness for a very, VERY scary few hours.

Jack: Why didn’t you take him to the hospital?

Derek: Because I didn’t want him on a suicide watch list! He had enough problems before that; he didn’t need the shame of people knowing what happened. I kept this between me and him to protect him from himself. He promised me he’d never try anything as stupid again.

Jack: So why did you try to kill him a few months ago?

Derek: Jack, you’re never going to understand what goes on between Chris and I, and frankly, I don’t feel like telling you.

Jack: Fine. All I can say is that we need to figure out what triggers you the same way Chris gets triggered.

Derek: That I don’t know. I’m a fan of Lindsey, but I never invested much in the thought of mourning.

Jack: Anyone you’d be afraid to lose?

Derek: (Turns away and gets restless). We’re wasting our time, Jack. I’m not afraid of anything that I’m aware of. This is all just a big waste of time.

Jack: What about your father?

Derek: (Snaps at Jack). Don’t even think that you can bring up my father. Understand?

Jack: Crystal. (Sigh). Then we might be at a stalemate. Can I at least count on you to fight against Chris when he tries to kill me?

Derek: You’re that sure of it, huh?

Jack: I make it my business to know these things, and if he doesn’t try to kill me within the next year, I owe you a Coke.

*          *            *            *            *

-Once more at the Lodge, now past nightfall. Snow has been falling in layers for hours.

Austin: (Talking with the group). So I sitting there and she just sort of looks around at me, like she’s trying not to let me notice that she’s looking at me, right? And she suddenly realizes that she’s been hanging out of her shirt the entire time.

Group: No way! Unreal! That’s hot!

Leena: That’s sick.

Scott: So we talking B’s, C’s?

Austin: They looked like C’s, but they felt like D’s.

Kyle: Whoa wait, felt? As in you felt them?

Austin: Well we did go on a few dates after that.

Chris: Only you, Austin.

Lindsey: (Walks into the room). What’re you guys talking about?

Leena: Don’t even ask Lindz. You’re too pure for this sort of talk.

Lindsey: Whose boobs are we talking about then?

Danny: Uh, Tracy Reemers. She was hot. I liked her.

Austin: She liked you, you know.

Danny: She did?!

Austin: Yeah, you should have asked her out.

Danny: Dang.

Willy: Oh well, too late now. We’ll find you someone nice when we get home, though.

Lindsey: Hey has anyone seen Glitch? I haven’t seen him all day.

Clinton: He’s up on the roof. He said he wanted to check for any possible radio communications Balobyn might be sending around.

Lindsey: Thanks. I think I’ll go check on him.

Chris: (Getting up). Nah, you stay here. I haven’t got a chance to talk to him. It’s getting cold out there, so stay warm while you can.

Kevin: It’s been getting substantially colder in the past few hours. It’s very strange.

Kyle: Come on guys, we’re probably a thousand miles north of anything else, of course it’s freaking freezing out there.

Leena: We’re not that far north.

Kyle: Whatever, still a perpetual blizzard out there.

Chris: All the more reason for you guys to stay inside. I’m the one with all that crazy power, so if it gets too cold I’ll just light up and stay warm.

Austin: Sure sure, be my guest. Let us know if you see Jack and Derek, though. They’re still out doing whatever.

Chris: Alright then.

-Lindsey gets up and follows Chris out the room and to the door as they walk outside.

Lindsey: Chris, you don’t have to do that all the time.

Chris: What do you mean?

Lindsey: Just because I enter a room doesn’t imply you have to leave. I mean, I know things are strained between us-

Chris: They’re not strained. Give it a few months and things will be fine.

Lindsey: Chris, I don’t want it to be a few months, I want us to be back to normal right now.

Chris: (Kind of laughs). It doesn’t work that way.

Lindsey: We’ve been friends for too long now to let something this stupid ruin it.

Chris: It’s not something stupid. Lindz, I told you last week that I love you and you rejected me. Now unless you’ve changed your mind, I don’t know how things can really go back to normal.

Lindsey: I’m telling you, you don’t-

-Chris grabs her by the shoulders.

Chris: You DON’T know that. You DON’T. Understand me? I know what I feel, alright? It’s not something “stupid” and it’s not me jumping to conclusions.

Lindsey: Do I need to remind you that we’re only 16?

Chris: (Annoyed). Don’t talk down to me like I’m fucking stupid.

Lindsey: (Bothered by the sudden cursing). Don’t get angry with me.

Chris: I don’t get angry with you! I can’t.

Lindsey: Also, what were you thinking with that little flower stunt last night?

Chris: What are you-

Lindsey: Chris, you just, (sigh), do you know how much you hurt me, all the time? Huh? Just by you doing this? Huh?

Chris: (Defending himself). You hurt me just as much.

Lindsey: (Getting frantic). I have tried really hard to be nice to you whenever you get like this. We’re not in some fantasy romance! I’m not some princess that needs saving and you’re not some unlucky hero that just hasn’t said the right thing yet! We’re not going to be anything, okay? There is no “us” now and there will be no “us” later, do you understand?

-She pauses for a second as these words attempt to sink in.

-Chris looks at her as she looks back. He takes a step forward and puts his hand on her face, kissing her in the same motion.

-Lindsey instantly recoils from this.

Lindsey: The hell are you doing?

Chris: I’m just-

Lindsey: (Placing her hand on his shoulder, both to comfort him and keep him at arm’s length). What did I just finish telling you? I’m with Jack, alright? You had your chance a looooong time ago and never did anything. I’m not the same silly girl I was when you first met me. (Holding herself back). Don’t you ever, EVER kiss me again. Do I make myself clear?

Chris: (Quietly). Yeah. I’m sorry.

Lindsey: (Suddenly remorseful). Chris, I don’t mean to hurt you like this, I just-

Chris: No, you were clear. I’ll leave you alone. (He starts walking away).

Lindsey: (Tearing up). Don’t go; I don’t want to leave it like this. (Chris keeps walking into the woods until he eventually disappears from sight). Damn it…

-Lindsey fights back tears as she turns and climbs up to the roof. Glitch is standing on the far end just staring into space.

Glitch: (Still staring upward, not turning around). I’m sorry you had to go through that.

Lindsey: (Wiping tears from her eyes). You heard that?

Glitch: No, but I could tell something was up when your guys’ emotions started swinging all over the place.

Lindsey: Right, you can sense emotions.

Glitch: So you really don’t love him?

Lindsey: I can’t.

Glitch: Then why do you?

Lindsey: I don’t care what your readings say, I don’t.

Glitch: (Finally looking back at her). All I can tell is that whatever Chris thinks, you think the same thing.

Lindsey: Your readings can tell that?

Glitch: I’m also not stupid.

Lindsey: I don’t need everyone ganging up on me all of a sudden!

Glitch: Honestly, this is just me interpreting things as I want. My scans aren’t always perfect, and whatever emotions you two are matching on aren’t as clear as “love” or “hate” or whatever. It’s not a perfect science, it’s just me seeing things and jumping to conclusions.

Lindsey: Fine, but please stay out of my head for a while.

Glitch: I’ll try.

Lindsey: How mad is Chris right now?

Glitch: He’s not. Don’t worry, he’s not about to flip out and kill everyone. Jack has plenty more time to train you guys.

Lindsey: How did you…?

Glitch: (Taps his ear). Tell Jack his little tricks can go both ways if he’s not careful.

Lindsey: (Smiles at this). Heh, I know this sounds bad, but I kind of like knowing someone’s getting the best of Jack. (Sigh). So then, anything from Balobyn?

Glitch: No, nothing. We’re either too far north or they just haven’t been saying anything that I can hear.

Lindsey: Any chance of them giving up?

Glitch: Not very likely. Incidentally, you might want to go back inside. The weather’s about to get a lot worse.

Lindsey: Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. (Begins to climb down). And Glitch?

Glitch: Of course, I won’t tell anyone what happened.

Lindsey: (Smiles). Thanks.

*          *            *            *            *

-North, always north…

-The weather has become so bad at this point that each footstep in the snow is almost immediately covered up.

-Chris wanders further into the woods, keeping himself quiet and mostly emotionless.

-He sees a figure up ahead in a clearing.

Chris: Iess?

-Iess turns around at hearing his name.

Iess: What are you doing up here?

Chris: Same question to you.

Iess: Turn around and walk away; you don’t get a second warning.

Chris: (Starts walking towards Iess, his attitude starting to crack as he talks). Me? Leave you alone? I’m the all-powerful Chris. Heh, you think, heh, you think you can threaten me? Me?! You can go fuck yourself for all I care!

-Fade to white.

*          *            *            *            *

-The Lodge’s main room once more where everyone is sitting around the fireplace hanging out and telling stories.

Austin: So Scott, you haven’t told us much about what you did in school while you were there. I think it’s your turn to tell a story or two.

Scott: Yeah? Alright, that sounds fair.

-Lindsey walks into the room looking extremely solemn.

Leena: Oh whoa, Lindz, you don’t look so good. Were you up there for too long or something?

Lindsey: No, it was nothing.

Austin: Well pull up a chair. Scott’s just about to tell us something about himself.

-The doors burst open and chaos ensues from here as Job rushes in, holding a bloodied mangled mess.

Job: We need Joshua! There’s been an accident and we need help!

-Everyone gets up and looks over at the spectacle as Joshua runs into the room.

Joshua: What happened?

Job: He’s just- it all happened so fast.

Joshua: Not here. Upstairs. Follow me.

-The group is growing uneasy as Joshua and Job rush past. Everyone finally gets a glimpse of what Job is holding.

Lindsey: (She covers her mouth and instantly starts tearing up). Oh God…

-Job disappears upstairs carrying Chris’ limp body before anyone has time to properly react.

To Be Continued…

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