Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Fifty-Eight

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 58

“Little Did They Know…”


Recap:  Last time, the Octa-Rangers were taken out one by one via Chris and Lindsey’s teamwork. Glitch and Scott managed to patch into the Arena’s TV screens and deliver the incriminating evidence against Octavious that completely simultaneously cleared the group as terrorists. Having left in shame with his son Max and the Octa-Rangers, Octavious is too far gone to chase after. Instead, the group plans to check on Chris’ grandma since she was the only family member besides Derek’s father not to be present at the church. Strange things are brewing today, on Eclipse Star!


-The intro for Channel 70 begins, then fades in to Diana and Dave at the desk.


Diana:  Good evening. I’m Diana Miranda.


Dave:  And I’m Dave Trenton. (Takes a swig of whisky from a bottle).


Diana:  Dave…put the alcohol away, please…


Dave: You know what your problem is? You don’t get laid. That’s your problem. That’s my problem, too. That’s everyone’s problem. That and kids with damned laser hands!  I’ll get you kids!


Diana:  In news relating to things other than Dave’s alcoholism, today was the day Octavious had hoped the supposed terrorists would show up at Trillium City’s Grand Central Arena to do battle with his team of fighters known as the Octa-Rangers.


Dave:  Boy that was sure a good idea, wasn’t it?


Diana:  Dave, please.


Dave:  Octavious meant for the challenge to take place at noon and since it’s a little past 1 as of the broadcast, there’s a good chance all of that is over by now. So instead of prattling on about idiotic things like that, Johnny, what does the weather look like outside?


-Shift to Johnny Jenson at the weather station.


Johnny:  Well Dave, it looks like we’re experiencing heavy showers of green light originating from the center of the city here. Let’s go the map, shall we? (He points at the screen, showing a map of Trillium City with the middle being scribbled green). See here? This is what I like to call the “Uh-Oh Effect.” Now, it’s hard to tell, but usually this is caused by aliens intent on harvesting our organs. Hear me out here on this one, ‘cause it’s about to get complex. First, they plant their species in our stomachs. Then, at some undetermined time, they beam down green fertilizer rays from their spaceship which is actually located underground. Eventually, (Pulls out a marker and draws a dollar sign on the map), profit. How? I am still unclear of that, but expect these mutated super aliens to appear shortly. Also, highs of mid-70’s, partly cloudy. Back to you guys.


Diana:  (Sigh). Johnny, there are no such things as aliens. Thank you though for the weather.


Dave:  Diana, you shouldn’t shrug off the possibility so nonchalantly. You have no idea if aliens really exist or not.


Diana:  Oh right, but you know for sure that kids can fire “hand cannons” or something.


Dave:  No, no, “hand beams.” And yes, they can.  Johnny, give us the sports report.


Johnny:  (Back to Johnny).  Thanks Dave. Today’s been wild all around with the Octa-Rangers duking it out with what appears to be those mutant aliens I mentioned earlier. Now may be the perfect time to panic and watch some clips from today’s event. (Clips begin to play as Johnny watches). Ooh. Yeah. That was cool. Oh wait, check this out. Ka-BOOM! Haha! All in all, I’d say a pretty exciting day.


Diana:  Johnny, who won?


Johnny:  Diana, sports aren’t all about winning and losing. That’s why today’s event ended with a score of fun-to-fun. Also, I got a hotdog and it was pretty darn good. Back to you guys.


Diana:  Thank you once again, Johnny.


Dave:  I’m sure news happened elsewhere today, and guess what? It did. In nearby Hillsboro-


Diana:  Dave, you read that wrong. It’s Brooksboro.


Dave:  Whatever. In Brooksboro, reported arsons ripped through neighborhoods and damaged thousands of dollars worth of property. At the risk of editorializing, AHAHAHAHA!


Diana:  Also attacked was a local church. The Church of Faith on Zealot and 12th street suffered fire damage, though more surprising were firsthand reports of massive floodwaters. Johnny, did the weather station predict any record rainfall?


Johnny:  Weather what-now?


Dave:  Johnny, she wants to know what’s the deal with the flood.


Johnny:  Oh! Yes, the flood! You see Diana, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much-


Diana:  Johnny, I don’t need to hear this.


Dave:  Yes you do. Johnny, continue.


Johnny:  Well, long story short, the seeds were planted and fertilized with the green light, so all that was left was to water it using ancient arrogation secrets.


Dave:  Ancient?


Johnny:  Yes. Did I mention that the aliens are also an ancient race?


Dave:  No.


Johnny:  Oh, well that’s pretty important actually.


Diana:  (Sigh). Anyway, eyewitnesses report the water originating from the church itself. Most experts are baffled-


Johnny:  I just told you; Aliens!


Diana:  Most experts are baffled as to the cause, but more people are wondering what happened to the people inside the church. As of now there are no leads to explain their disappearance.


Dave:  (A piece of paper is handed to him). Ah, so Sam the Go-To Guy is on the scene at the Grand Central Arena, or whatever the hell it’s called. Sam, you coming in Sam?


Sam:  (Standing on the arena floor with the group in the background recovering from the fight). Hi Dave, hi Diana. It’s me, Sam, and I’m at Trillium City’s… Grand… Fighting… Plaza… Central… Uh, the Arena. Things have just wrapped up with the Octa-Rangers and the “terrorists,” who were kids that proved they weren’t actually terrorists. It was quite a sight to see, assuming you could see it. There were a lot of explosions and some crazy lights and everyone was moving really fast. A stray blast hit my in the face at one point and burned my eyebrows off. I just now regained consciousness after a piece of the ceiling fell onto my head. My leg was trapped under a steel girder until a nice robot came and lifted it off me, though he accidentally crushed my foot when he walked away.


Diana:  Sam, are those the kids in the background there?


Sam:  Over there? Yes, those are them. Well, them and some other kids that I don’t know about. They just flew in through the open roof.


Dave:  Flew? Sam, did you just say those kids flew here?


Sam:  That’s right Dave. Actually, all of them have been flying around. Frank, did you see what happened out there?


Frank the Cameraman:  (From behind the camera, muffled). It was awesome. While you were out, that one kid jumped up and fired a crazy beam from his hands.


Dave:  Hand beams?!


Sam:  I’ll go over and see if I can get an interview with them.  Excuse me!


-Sam walks over to the group as the camera follows him.


Sam:  Excuse me fellas. My name is Sam Spitz. I’m with Channel 70 News.


Kyle:  (Heard from the back). I love those guys.


Sam:  Can you tell us what happened out there just now?


Chris:  Uh, well, the Octa-Rangers were better trained as a group force than individually and then Max showed up and nearly killed everyone.


Sam:  Were you afraid out there?


Chris:  I w-


Lindsey:  (Jumping into the frame, grabbing the mic). Afraid?  Are you kidding me?! That bunch of losers didn’t stand a chance against us! We had this fight from the very beginning. Which fight were you watching? It was almost too boring beating the snot out of Octavious’ goons. I would have done it myself if I didn’t think Chris needed the exercise.


Chris:  That’s not entirely-


Sam:  So your names have been cleared, is that correct?


Jack:  We’ve given our case, but I’d hardly say this clears us completely. Within the week there will be all sort of military hearings and police action taken to figure out the truth, but for now, yes, we’re cleared.


Sam:  Do you now where Octavious went?


Chris:  Uh, no, I’m not-


Dave:  Sam! You see that kid there? The one that’s talking? Him! That’s the kid! And the one behind him!


Sam:  Who? Him? (Points to Derek).


Derek:  What’d I do?


Dave:  Those are the bastards that destroyed my apartment! Can you hear me kids?! Huh?!


Diana:  Dave, they can’t hear you.


Dave:  Sam! Give your earpiece to the jerk in the front!


Sam:  (He and Chris are whispering to each other). It appears that they need to get going. They have family that may still be in trouble.


Dave:  No!  No no! Don’t let them leave.


The group walks off and flies away, a few of them waving. Sam waves back.


Sam:  Bye now. (Turns back to the camera). That’s all from me. Back to you guys in the studio.


-Cuts back to Dave and Diana.


Dave:  NOOOOO!!!


Diana:  Dave, please, calm down. Have a drink or something.


Dave:  (Defeated). That was them. They were right there. So close… (Fired up again). I’m practicing for you kids! When I find you I’ll shoot you with my own hand beams!  HAND BEAMS!  GAH!


Diana:  For Channel 70 News, I’m Diana Miranda.




Diana:  Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.


*          *            *            *            *


-The group flies at a steady pace back towards Brooksboro and Chris’ grandmother. Chris is riding on Austin’s back, Derek is on Clinton’s, Scott is on Glitch, and Jack is on Kyle.


Chris:  So the soldiers at the church nearly killed you guys?


Jack:  Yes and no. The situation never left our control. However, there were some moments that pushed the boundaries of manageable.


Kyle:  Jack, if I remember correctly, you broke down for a while and couldn’t keep yourself together.


Jack:  Kyle, you do not remember correctly. What you saw was merely a front towards a greater goal. I’ve noticed that you all respond better when there is a clear need to act, and so I placed myself in a position where you would feel the need to respond accordingly. It was a gamble, but it paid off.


Kyle:  Gamble, right…


Lindsey:  Chris, I really do hope your grandma is okay. She’s such a nice woman.


Chris:  When I spoke to her on the phone yesterday she seemed out of sorts. I don’t think she’s happy with me leaving the way I did.


Austin:  I think very few of our parents were really happy with us leaving.


Derek:  My dad gave me nothing but support.


Austin:  Yeah, but then again you were raised to be a fighter, weren’t you?


Derek:  I was raised never to accept weakness. There’s a slight difference, but the distinction is probably lost on someone like you.


Chris:  Look, all I know is that I’m glad everyone else’s families are safe. No, having to say good-bye is not ideal, but at least we know they can’t be used like this again.


Lindsey:  Even saying good-bye is a little too much to ask, isn’t it…?


-She shoots Jack a dirty look.


Jack:  (Unphased). I don’t apologize for my decision. I stand by everything I’ve done up until this point and I intend on standing by my choices in the future, too.


Leena:  We almost there? I want this to be done so that we can get some rest again.


Scott:  Um, so I hate to bring up what we’re all thinking, but Jack, we don’t get to rest after this, do we?




Jack:  …No, we probably don’t.


Danny:  Why not, Jack? We beat the bad guys, so why can’t we take a break?


Jack:  It’s not that simple. We need to find the Legion again and regroup. I know the person who’d be next in line behind Max and I can trust him.


Kyle:  It’s not you, is it?


Jack:  No. I haven’t checked where I rank in the hierarchy for a while, but I’d say at least another dozen people would have to die or be discredited before I get promoted.


Derek:  Please tell me you aren’t orchestrating something involving twelve soldiers getting blown away.


Jack:  No. I don’t even know where specifically they are at the moment.


Clinton:  You mentioned that the Legion has another base in Brooksboro. Wouldn’t headquarters be set up there, at least temporarily?


Jack:  Yes. We should go there as soon as we’re done with our business at Chris’ house. I’d like to get this all done with as quickly as possible.


Chris:  Sorry to be such an inconvenience, Jack. We’re almost there anyway. Go ahead and land over there.


-The group sets down a few houses away from Chris’ grandmother’s house.


Chris:  Well, it doesn’t look like anyone’s been here. Except for the front door. Why isn’t there a front door?


-Chris takes off at a run towards the front door.


Chris:  Grandma!  Are you alright?!


-He reaches the front door.


Chris:  Grand-




-Chris is hurled off of his feet after being struck in the head. He flies into the house across the street, exploding it completely.


-The group gets into battle formation, unsure exactly what they’re about to see.


Jack:  Damnit. Lindsey, go check on Chris.


Lindsey:  Right.


-She runs over to Chris’ current location in the rubble.


Jack:  It might be Octavious but be ready for anything…


-Chris gets up, wobbling and shaking.


Lindsey:  Chris, are you okay? What the heck just hit you?


-Chris grabs his head, blood running down his arm from a head wound. He looks up and continues shaking, terrified.




-The group reacts slightly too slow as the entire front of the house explodes, spraying splinters and wreckage onto everyone.


-While everyone tries to get up from the street, Chris starts to walk forward ready to fight.


-Finally, a figure steps forth from the dust and out of the house. It is a man with pitch-black armor dented and scratched all over. His right arm hangs loosely to his side, clearly broken. Blood is pulsating from various gashes he has all over his body as he stumbles out. He’s breathing erratically and looking as if he’ll fall over at any second.


Chris:  Syrus…?


-The man does indeed look somewhat like Syrus, though not exactly. His attitude is completely different from anything Syrus has thus displayed, as are his mannerisms.


“Syrus”:  Why can’t you just die already…?


-Jack sits himself up, looking around at the area and what they’re up against.


Jack:  Evasive action! Don’t make a move unless I say so!


“Syrus”:  (Clearly only focusing on Chris). Come. God DAMN you! Come!


Lindsey:  That’s not really Syrus, is it?


Chris:  I don’t know. He looks like he just took a massive beating and doesn’t feel anything like Syrus. Something isn’t right about him, but I know he’s way out of my league.


Lindsey:  If I can hold him off until you recover? Then can you take him?


Chris:  No, and Lindsey, I really mean it when I tell you this time to grab the others and get out of here.


Lindsey:  Chris, I’m not leaving, no matter what. You know that.


-Chris looks over, his eyes welling up.


Chris:  I can’t save you from this one. Please, go!


“Syrus”:  Enough of your sentimental whining! I’m taking you to Hell with me!


-Chris prepares himself for a monumental beat down as Lindsey also readies herself.


“Syrus”:  Now die already!




-The Syrus-looking figure is slammed over the head with a double-handed smash from someone new.


-The new figure lands in front of Chris and Lindsey. He is wearing a mostly black outfit with a red bandana mask pulled over his eyes and then wrapped over most his face.


Red Mask:  (He speaks with a very raspy voice).  You two okay?


Lindsey:  Who are you?


Red Mask:  I’ll explain later. Just stay low and go find cover.


Lindsey:  (Whispering to Chris). Should we trust this guy?


Chris:  Something doesn’t feel right with him, either.


Red Mask:  (Clearly talking to the Syrus-imposter). You think I’m gonna just let you come here and kill them like this?


“Syrus”:  (Slowly getting up, far too battered at this point). Why am I not surprised to see you here, too?


Red Mask:  Doesn’t matter where you go. I’ll hunt you, and I will kill you.


“Syrus”:  I’m not done yet.


Red Mask:  You couldn’t beat me at full strength. You think you can beat me like you are now? Someone did a real number on you, and I regret that they didn’t just finish you when they had the chance.


Jack:  (Trying to decide what to do here). Okay, we need to get out of here before something even worse happens.


-Three more individuals show up from different spots. One wears full Legion gear, another chooses to dress mostly in robes and a turban, and the final is a shorthaired blonde woman dressed in a jacket with black gloves. All of them have their faces covered.


Masked Woman:  You all okay?


Jack:  Who are you?


Masked Woman:  I didn’t ask that. I asked if you’re okay, which you seem to be. Good, we got here in time.


Kyle:  Your friend up there looks like he’s about to go nuclear.


Masked Woman:  He does that from time to time. The others should take care of it.


-The man dressed in the robe rushes up to the man in the red mask.


Robed Man:  Okay, that’s enough. He’s down. He can’t do anything more.


Red Mask:  He can always do something more.


Legion Gear:  Kill him! We can end it here!


Red Mask:  Heh, finally he agrees with me.


-Red Mask starts charging a blast in his hands far larger than anything the others can comprehend. The entire area rumbles dangerously more than expected.


Red Mask:  This time, DON’T COME BACK!


-The Syrus Imposter throws a blast at Red Mask, hitting him in the face.


-Red Mask launches his blast into the air. It travels up and up, leaving the atmosphere altogether.


-Everyone sees it explode with a flash that blinds everyone.


“Syrus”:  I’ll always come back.


-No one can clearly see what happens as they’re still blind from the other explosion. However, a new one rips apart the city block.




-The dust settles again. The first up are the four strangers.


-The woman runs over to Red Mask and smacks him.


Masked Woman:  You crazy?


Red Mask:  I should have expected him to do that.


Masked Woman:  Well duh.


Legion Gear:  Is everyone alright?


Jack:  (Cough). Yeah, I think we’re fine. Figuratively speaking of course.


Chris:  Who are you guys? And who was the guy who looked like Syrus?


Red Mask:  He was nobody. You don’t worry about him.


Lindsey:  (Tugging on the Masked Woman’s jacket). Seriously, who are you guys?


Masked Woman:  Heh. Don’t worry about that for a while. We need to get you all away from here.


Chris:  What about my grandma? Is she okay?


Masked Woman:  Trust me; she’s fine. She’s nowhere near here. Don’t worry about her right now.


Jack:  You, in the Legion uniform. Are you a ranking officer?


Legion Gear:  At the current time, no.


Jack:  What’s your name?


Legion Gear:  You can refer to me as Commander Fox if you have to.


Danny:  Can we just call you Fox?


Fox:  For simplicity, yes.


Jack:  I’ve never heard of you. Why is that?


Fox:  I stay hidden. There are levels of the Legion even you don’t know about, Jack Voss.


Red Mask:  We’ve messed around enough here. We’ve got to go.


Lindsey:  Come on, what’s your name?


Red Mask:  Call me Iess.


Chris:  “EE-ES?”


Iess:  Yeah.


Masked Woman:  And I’m Grid. The guy in the robe is…Job!


Job:  Job? Oh yes! Sorry, I didn’t quite hear you over there! My ears are still ringing from the explosion!


Iess:  Alright, so you know our names. Now let’s get out of here.


Chris:  Where are we going?


Iess:  There’s a lodge way up north into the mountains. It’s large enough to house all of us and the owner won’t mind.


Lindsey:  You sure about that?


Grid:  Trust us on this. The guy loves guests.


Fox:  There’ll be time to talk later. We need to move.


Jack:  Agreed.


-The group takes to the skies and starts to fly north.


Kyle:  Why do I get the feeling everything is about to get a whole lot weirder?


Leena:  Because it probably is.


To Be Continued…


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