Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Fifty-Seven

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 57

“It’s Morphin’ Time!”


Recap:  While the group at the church managed to overcome the Regime’s attack, the group of Chris, Derek, Scott, Glitch, and Lindsey are still fighting on at the Arena against the Octa-Rangers.  Scott is down for the count and Glitch refuses to fight, but he has an idea to patch in some incriminating evidence to the mega screens that’ll shed light on what the Hex-Duo robots were all about and Octavious’ true colors.  The fight is now three against five.  Can the group hold out long enough for the plan to work?  Things get more intense today, on Eclipse Star!


-Stigma, (the red ranger), San, (the yellow ranger), Sampi, (the blue ranger), Sho, (the black ranger), and Qoppa, (the pink ranger), are all in formation, ready to attack the group.


-Chris, Lindsey, and Derek power themselves up and charge forward.


-Glitch takes Scott and shoots up into the rafters and out of sight.


Stigma:  Rangers!  Focus attacks on the remaining three!  Lethal force!


Octa-Rangers:  Hooah!


Stigma:  Ready Alpha Strike…


Chris:  Renegade Crusher GO!


-Lindsey and Derek nod and blast ahead of Chris.


Sho:  “Renegade Crusher…?”


-The Octa-Rangers seem slightly stunned for a moment as Derek and Lindsey shoot straight up instead of hitting the group.


-Chris quickly flicks his hands out, firing rapid flick shots at the five opponents.


-Each ranger takes a flick shot in the face, being knocked off balance.


-As they turn their attention to Chris, Derek comes down in the middle of the rangers and pulls out his sai, causing a sonic boom by drawing them against themselves.


-The rangers are thrown in various directions.


-Stigma and Sampi get up first, only to have Chris and Lindsey slam them from behind with a double-kick.


-They then both pull back and hurl energy blasts at Stigma and Sampi at the same time, hitting their targets and blowing them into the air.


-Sho gets up on his hands and knees, but receives a boot directly in the face from Derek, popping him up as Derek connects with a palm strike, hurling Sho into the wall.


-Qoppa gets up and looks around, confused.  San gets up next to him and looks up.


San:  We gotta help Stigma and Sampi!


Qoppa:  Uh…which ones were they again?


San:  The two in the air!  Go help them!


Qoppa:  Right!


-Right as Qoppa looks upwards, Lindsey comes by and grabs his helmet from behind, turning it sideways.


Qoppa:  Oh no!  I’m blind!  Fellow rangers, I am blind!


Lindsey:  Silly rangers.  (She grabs Qoppa and pushes him into San).  You two have fun!


San:  Hey, stop messing around!


-Qoppa makes contact with San and immediately starts flailing, throwing punches and kicks.


Qoppa:  AHA!  I’ll smash you good!


San:  Dang it Qoppa!  It’s me!  San!


Qoppa:  (Even more confused).  Uh…which one was San again?  Must be a trick!


-Qoppa takes a big swing at San and begins wrestling with him.


-Stigma rights himself in the air and pulls Sampi out of the way of a blast being fired by Derek.


Derek:  So you’re not such an idiot, huh?


Stigma:  Neither are you three, apparently.


-Stigma lands along with Sampi.


Stigma:  Renegade Crusher huh?  Not a bad technique.


Lindsey:  Chris, you just made up some words and yelled them at us, right?


Chris:  Yup.


Lindsey:  That’s what I thought.


Stigma:  Wh-what?


Derek:  (Taps his head).  Quick thinking.  We’ve got it.


-San finally grabs Qoppa’s helmet and fixes it, causing Qoppa to stop flailing about.


Qoppa:  Oh, San, THERE you are!  I was blinded by the terrorists for a while.


San:  Shut up and regroup.


-The rangers regroup.


-Meanwhile, Glitch and Scott are up in the rafters.  Glitch is just finishing bandaging Scott’s hands.


Glitch:  There.  That should help a bit, but it’s only a temporary fix.


Scott:  Better than nothing.


Glitch:  Okay, there has to be a video feed around here somewhere.


Scott:  They changed the setup of this place since we were last here.  There used to be a hanging mega screen in the middle, but Syrus smashed that.


Glitch:  The other two screens in the arena are built into the walls on either end.  I don’t think we can tap in to those without tearing into solid concrete.


Scott:  Then we head to the control room.  They’ve got to have people monitoring the fight, you know, just to make sure no one uses any profanity or something.


Glitch:  They’d sensor a brutal fight only if it uses profanity?


Scott:  Yeah.  Also probably if anyone started having sex without warning.


Glitch:  That’s crazy.


Scott:  No shit.  Now come on, let’s go find the video feed.


-Back on the floor…


Stigma:  I think we’ve had just about enough now.  Octa-Rangers!  Full power!


Octa-Rangers:  HOOAH!


Chris:  Full power?  You mean they haven’t been fighting us at full power yet?


Lindsey:  Well neither have I, so we should be fine.


Derek:  Yeah, then again you haven’t been fighting two at once, have you?


Lindsey:  It looks like I’m about to get my chance, huh?


Chris:  You two, stay to the sides while I-


Lindsey:  Derek, you take the blue one and the yellow one, I’ll get the pink and the black one.  Chris, that leaves you the guy in red.


Chris:  This isn’t going to-


Lindsey:  Break!


-Lindsey throws herself into the fray with Derek trailing only slightly behind her.  She grabs Qoppa and hurls him upwards with all her strength before ducking under one of Sho’s punches.


Qoppa:  Yah!  How’d a girl throw like that?!


-Qoppa starts to correct himself in the air before zipping down and fighting with Lindsey as she dodges Sho’s attacks.


-As Lindsey keeps dodging, Sho’s fists start glowing with a dark aura, rippling the air more as they shoot forward.


-Qoppa tries to grab Lindsey, but as she leaps behind him, Sho fires a heavy punch into Qoppa’s chest.


-Qoppa takes the severe hit and doubles over.


-Meanwhile, Derek has begun attacking his two rangers with quick hits.


-He grabs San’s helmet and boots him in the stomach, dodging under Sampi’s punch from behind and elbowing Sampi in the back.


-Sampi returns with a swing that Derek swats away, roundhousing a kick to Sampi’s side.


-San tackles Derek and rolls him to the ground, throwing a yellow glowing punch that cracks the ground as Derek dodges.


-Derek grabs San’s arm and holds him down, pummeling him in the helmet with punches with his free hand.


-During all this, Chris and Stigma are mostly just squaring off.


Stigma:  So, you’re supposed to be the primary target?


Chris:  Yeah, though I don’t like being thought of as an objective.


Stigma:  My only interest in you concerns my mission and my obligation to Octavious and Balobyn.


Chris:  Then listen, we’re not terrorists.  We’re kids.  Do we look like terrorists to you?  Do we fight like terrorists to you?


Stigma:  No.  You’re sloppy, and yet you’re still strong.  (Looks over at the others).  Your teammates are doing remarkably well, wouldn’t you say?


Chris:  They can take care of themselves.


Stigma:  Maybe, but I don’t believe you have very solid teamwork.


-Stigma vwings from Chris’ sight.


-As Lindsey is about to throw a punch at Qoppa, Qoppa disappears as well as Sho.


-Chris and Lindsey look around, confused, finally resting eyes on Derek.


-Derek is dodging punches and kicks from Sampi and San, retaliating, then dodging again.


-The two disappear for a moment.


-Almost too quick to distinguish, Derek is being lifted up by a knee in his stomach, courtesy of Stigma.  He gasps for air before a blur of colors rip him a new one, battering him mercilessly.


Lindsey:  That was so fast…


Chris:  Damnit!


-Chris takes a run towards Derek, sparking as he’s picking up speed.


-Derek continues taking hits, unable to keep his head up anymore.


-Chris disappears with a boom.




-Things freeze for a second as Chris’ foot buries itself deep into Stigma’s back, bowing him backwards before hurling him forward into the wall with a KRACKOOM.


-Stigma crumples.


-The other Octa-Rangers all look to see Chris in the middle of their group right before he sending them flying in all directions.


-Chris grabs Derek and lies him down on the ground.


Chris:  Derek, you don’t look too good.


Derek:  (Severely damaged).  I didn’t ask for help…


Chris:  Shut up.  You’re no good to us right now, so just shut up.


-Stimga gets back up as the other Octa-Rangers regroup around him.


Stigma:  That…koff…that was a lot stronger than I figured he could deliver.


Octavious:  (From his viewpoint in the skybox).  Shit.  If that kid hits max power down there there’s no telling what’ll happen.


-The crowd is going nuts as Lindsey runs over to Chris and Derek.


Lindsey:  So we’re down to just us, huh?


Chris:  No, you’re getting out of here with Derek.


Lindsey:  I don’t think so.


Chris:  Lindsey, you’re not-


Lindsey:  Stop it!  Let me help you, okay?  I seem to remember you asking for help just a few days ago, so what, did I just miss my chance or something?


Chris:  (Getting extremely defensive).  Don’t make this about something it’s not.  I don’t want you getting hurt.  If Derek can’t even deal with them-


Lindsey:  Why do you think I’m weaker than Derek?


Derek:  (Getting up, stumbling towards the Octa-Rangers).  Because you are, Lindsey.  You just don’t have the raw…guh…drive.


Lindsey:  (Looking at Derek and then at Chris).  Oh what, so you don’t care if he goes and gets himself killed?  You think he can handle himself better than me even after getting beat to hell?


Chris:  You just don’t understand how this works.


Lindsey:  Then show me!


Stigma:  Rangers, give them another taste of the Omega Buster.


Octa-Rangers:  Hooah!


Chris:  Omega Buster…oh damnit!


Derek:  You ready for this one?  (Derek grins and puts his arms up).


Chris:  Lindsey, please, just get out of here.


-Chris begins charging a counter attack as the Octa-Rangers start waving their hands in sync.


Lindsey:  (Serious).  You really think you can block their big attack all by yourself?


Chris:  I don’t know.


Lindsey:  Why aren’t you fighting like you did a few days ago?


Chris:  Things were different back then.


Lindsey:  Yeah, what was different?


Chris:  I-  (Images flash through Chris’ head of him talking with his father).


James:  So Chris, what’re you fighting for?


Chris:  I don’t know.  I still haven’t figured that out yet.


James:  It’s got to be something incredibly meaningful to you.  Once you find something you can’t live without, you’ve found your motivation.


Chris:  I don’t have anything like that.


James:  So you don’t have anything, but do you have anyone?


Chris:  I-  (Back to the present).  I didn’t have any other options back then.


Lindsey:  This is about Jack, isn’t it?


Chris:  (Continues charging).  Lindsey, this is a really bad time to bring that up, don’t you think?


Lindsey:  (Pissed).  Well clearly it’s bothering you.  Everything has to be about you, doesn’t it?  You have to get your way or else everything’s just terrible, huh?


Chris:  (Growing increasingly angry).  Lindsey!


Stigma:  Rangers…


-The Octa-Rangers are about to fire.


Derek:  (Weakly charging a blast in his hands as well).  Alright you bastards, let’s party.


Lindsey:  Admit it!  The only reason you’re acting so pathetic is because I’m not in love with you!






Chris:  GET DOWN!


-Lindsey turns around, finally seeing the massive blast firing at her.  She hardly seems surprised.


-Derek stumbles, not having enough energy to fire a blast and stand up at the same time.






-A massive explosion takes place.  Lindsey gets up to see what’s happened, realizing that Chris jumped up, grabbed her, and threw her into Derek, knocking the two of them out of harm’s way before finally blocking the beam at the last second instead of countering.


Lindsey:  (Shocked).  Oh my God…


Sho:  Did we get them?


Sampi:  Well we definitely hit something.


Stigma:  (Annoyed).  I don’t believe this.


-Chris is still standing, though his legs are wobbling now.  His arms are raised in front of his face, smoking and charred.


Chris:  (Through gritted teeth).  Lindsey, for the love of God, get the hell out of here, please.


Stigma:  Rangers!  V formation attack!


-The Octa-Rangers speed towards Chris and Lindsey in a V formation.


Lindsey:  Chris, I’m s-


Chris:  I don’t have time for this!


-Chris takes off to meet the Octa-Rangers head on.


-As they’re about to meet, something shoots from between Stigma and Sho and slams into Chris, knocking him into the back wall, breaking it down.


Lindsey:  Dang it!  This is my fault!  I was just trying to push him a little…


Chris:  (Getting up).  What just hit me?


-The Octa-Rangers have stopped advancing.  Standing between them is a new ranger dressed in a green outfit decorated slightly better than the other five.


Stigma:  Who are you?


Green Ranger:  (Elaborate pose).  I am Digamma, the Emerald Ranger.


Stigma:  Octavious never told me about a Ranger named Digamma.


Digamma:  Octavious sees the need to keep things to himself unless absolutely needed.


Octavious:  (Positively stunned).  Who is that guy?!  And what is he doing out there?!


Chris:  (Gets up, somewhat fine).  Great, a green ranger.  Just what we need right now.


Lindsey:  (Goes over to Chris, willing to assist him to walk).  Chris, I know you’re mad at me, and I’m sorry.


Chris:  (Pushes her gently away and begins walking forward, rubbing his shoulder).  I know.  It’s okay.  I shouldn’t be telling you what to do all the time.  I love you, so I worry.


Lindsey:  Chris, we’ve been over this; you don’t love me.


Chris:  Whatever.  I’m over-protective for a lot of reasons.  (Sigh).  You know you’re stronger than Derek, right?


Lindsey:  (Smiles).  Oh yeah.


Chris:  (Smiles back).  Good, because I’m gonna need you big time here.


Lindsey:  As long as you don’t tell me to leave.


Chris:  No, this time I’m pretty sure I’ll need your help.  It’s taking Glitch a lot longer than I figured to do this, so there’s a good chance we’ll just have to play this one out to the end.


-Meanwhile, backstage in a control room…


-Glitch and Scott are at a computer console as Glitch madly flips switches and presses buttons.  A few tech workers are knocked out next to Scott as he watches the video monitor.


Scott:  They look like they’re getting the shit kicked out of them.


Glitch:  I don’t mean to take so much time, but Octavious had someone safeguard against computer hacking a lot better than I figured.


Scott:  So what, you’re a computer, too.  Just meld with the damned thing and let’s be done with this.


Glitch:  It’s not that simple.


Scott:  Well Derek’s down and a green ranger just showed up.


Glitch:  (Not looking up from his frantic typing).  I am aware of that.


Scott:  We’re gonna cut this one close…  (Pulls out a cigarette and starts smoking).


Glitch:  Yeah, well, you’re probably getting used to that by now.


-Scott goes back to watching the monitor which shows Chris and Lindsey standing back-to-back.


Chris:  I don’t know how strong the green guy is, but the rest of them can be handled unless they work in unison.


Lindsey:  Is it time to start hitting harder?


Chris:  I’d say so, yes.


Lindsey:  Alright.  Let’s do this.


Chris:  Yeah.


Lindsey:  Pink first?


Chris:  Oh yeah.


-The two both charge energy blasts in their hands and fire next to each other, combining the blast to be much larger than expected.


-The Octa-Rangers leap out of the way, but when they look down both Chris and Lindsey are gone.


Digamma:  They’re on the move!  Watch your backs!




-Before the rangers have time to react, Qoppa blurts out a whimper as Chris and Lindsey tackle him from the front and the back at the same time.  He falls to the ground, out.


-San looks over, getting hit in the face and the back of the legs at the same time.


-He spins around in the air, confused, until an axe kick comes down on his chest, throwing him to the ground as well.




-Sampi and San look at each other and zoom to the far walls, keeping their backs protected.


-Chris and Lindsey appear, flying towards them.  The two rangers put up a block, ready for a head-on attack.




-Chris and Lindsey switch rangers at the last second before punching, hitting them in the side of the head behind their guard.


-Sampi and San fall to the side, getting kneed into the walls, becoming imbedded and both out of commission.


-Both Lindsey and Chris are breathing extremely hard.


Chris:  Hah…you doing okay?


Lindsey:  Hah…hah…I’ll be fine.


-Chris and Lindsey turn around and catch Stigma in their sights, rushing towards him with Chris speeding ahead of Lindsey.


-Digamma appears in front of Lindsey from behind Chris, pounding Lindsey in the gut with an authoritative punch.




-She gasps slightly as she’s lifted into the air.  Chris turns around when he hears the sound.


-He starts to slow, not realizing that Stigma is pulling back for an attack.




-Chris notices Stigma’s attack right as it hits him in the head.


-Chris is thrown onto his back, smoking and in a lot of obvious pain.


-Lindsey is grabbed by the face.  Digamma charges a quick blast and nails Lindsey with the hand holding her.




-Lindsey is flung clear across the arena floor.


-Chris finally gets up.


Chris:  Koff…uhn…Lindsey!


Digamma:  I’ll give you credit for taking out four simple targets.  However, myself and Stigma are not so easily dispatched by silly tricks.


Chris:  Lindsey!  Are you okay?!


Lindsey:  (She gets up, wobbling).  Ye-yeah…I’ll be okay.  (She suddenly grabs her face, wincing from the pain).  Just…just give me a second…


Chris:  (To Digamma).  You’re making a big mistake here.


Digamma:  You made the first mistake by opposing Balobyn and Zanretha.


Chris:  We followed the orders we were given exactly.  And we never attacked Zanretha or Balobyn, only the Demon Regime.  Octavious is the leader of the Regime.  Your leader is the terrorist, not us.


Digamma:  Sometimes leaders have to do strange things to ensure their nation’s success.  Balobyn is about to enter a golden age thanks to Octavious.


Chris:  What are you, his biggest fan?


Digamma:  Far from it actually.  (Power stance, green energy pulsating visually off his uniform).  I am vastly more powerful than any of these other rangers.  You realize this, yes?


Chris:  Yeah.  That doesn’t mean I’m impressed, but I’m aware of the fact.


Digamma:  Aren’t you curious to see exactly how powerful?


Chris:  Not exactly.  Hey Lindz?!  You curious to see how strong this guy is?!


Lindsey:  (Shakes her head, shrugging).  Not really, no!


Chris:  Well, that’s two against one.


Digamma:  Stigma!  Take the girl!  I want the main target!


-Digamma launches himself forward, decking Chris in the face.  Chris’ cheek ripples from the attack as he’s hurled off his feet.


-Meanwhile, Stigma disappears and reappears behind Lindsey, attempting to knock her out with one punch.


-She turns around just in time to catch Stigma’s hand.


-He struggles to get free from her grip.


Stigma:  I don’t get this…how can a girl keep up with us?


Lindsey:  I’ve been training with the boys, so I’m not exactly what you’d call “prissy.”


-She disappears after letting go of Stigma’s wrist and reappears with a kick to his head.


-On the other side of the arena, Chris recovers from his attack, vwinging from his position and punching at Digamma.


-Digamma blocks the punch before the two disappear, appearing every so often around the arena to deliver simultaneous attacks that cancel each other out.


-Finally, they appear above the center as Digamma smashes Chris in the face again.


-Every time they continue reappearing, Digamma is nailing Chris with a heavy attack.  After enough of these hits, Digamma slams Chris with an elbow straight down.


-Chris falls and hits the floor, badly damaged.


Digamma:  Is this the best you can deliver?!


-Stigma is backed into a corner, getting nearly destroyed by Lindsey with every blow.


Stigma:  Gah Digamma!  I need help!


Digamma:  For goodness sake…


-Digamma looks over to Stigma and starts to move towards Lindsey.


-Suddenly the TV’s screech with static.  Everyone in the crowd covers their ears and starts mumbling as the TV’s go blank for a moment.


Digamma:  What now?


-The TV’s come back on with Glitch and Scott in the frame.


Scott:  These aren’t on, are they?


Glitch:  We’re patched in.  They’re on.


Scott:  What?  Why didn’t you-  Ha, alright then, let’s get some things straight here folks.  My name is Scott Delaney, and Octavious would like you to believe I’m one of the twelve terrorists threatening your city.


Octavious:  What’s going on-?!


Scott:  He would also like you to believe that the Hex-Duo robots were manufactured in order to hunt us down and save your city.  The robot to my right is named Glitch.


Glitch:  My official name is Hex-Duo Model Number Seven.


Scott:  He is one of the ten robots that ravaged the city.  Glitch, show the footage.


Glitch:  Here’s the truth.


-Glitch hits some more buttons.  The screen becomes static again for a moment before jumping in with a scene of Octavious speaking with Charles in his lab.


Octavious:  How is production coming along with these?


Charles:  It’s slow, but it’s going very well.  I have this one nearly completed here-


-Gestures towards Glitch/the camera.


Octavious:  I don’t want one!  I want an army of these things!  How do you expect me to occupy a city with only one damned robot?!


Charles:  The specifications only covered this one-


Octavious:  Clearly someone didn’t brief you enough.  I want ten.  No less.  Each should be loaded with more shit than a tank.  Can you do that?


Charles:  We don’t have that kind of money-


Octavious:  I own a f*cking country!  I don’t run out of money if I don’t want to!


Charles:  Fine.  Ten, just as you ask.


Octavious:  Good.  If I like the progress in another week then I may let you see a current picture of your wife.


-Static.  The crowd starts to murmur louder.


-The footage cuts back in, once more with Charles and Octavious in the lab.


Charles:  They’re nearly done.  I just have to finish programming their orders and install safety chips.


Octavious:  No safety chips.  We’ve spent enough money as it is.


Charles:  You told me a month ago that money was no option.


Octavious:  I don’t care about them needing safety chips.


Charles:  Without the chips we won’t be able to stop them from harming civilians if it comes down to it.


Octavious:  So?  We’re not loosing them in our country, are we?


Charles:  Octavious, sir-


Octavious:  Look you old shit, I don’t give a damn how many people these things end up killing as long as they kill the twelve little bastards I want dead, is that clear?


Charles:  What you’re talking about is tantamount to a war crime.


Octavious:  Well that’s why we aren’t slapping our name on them, isn’t it?


Charles:  Would you like me to remove the Demon Regime’s logo from them then?


Octavious:  I don’t care.  Only a handful of people know my connection to the Regime, so it doesn’t matter.  The public’s too stupid to know anything different.  You realize I got my son Max into The Legion?  The damned nation’s filled with idiots anyway.


-More static.  The crowd is growing extremely angry.


Octavious:  God damnit!  Someone cut the power already!


-Octavious runs out from his skybox, rushing down to the ground floor.


-The screen comes back on, this time showing the Hex-Duo robots and their group as they’re flying to the Legion’s headquarters.


Glitch:  (In the place of the camera).  Six, I still don’t think we need to kill anyone.  There has got to be another way here.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Turning to Glitch).  Listen Seven, I’m growing bored with explaining to you that I don’t care what Syrus thinks about human life.  I wasn’t programmed to care about human life.  We were given orders directly from Octavious not to care about human life other than his and his son’s.  As long as we kill the primary target and eliminate The Legion, our mission is complete.  Do you understand?


Glitch:  (Quietly).  Yes.


-More static.  The screen comes back on to show the attack on the Legion’s base.  Images of explosions and fire run rampant, showing the Hex-Duo robots specifically rushing up and slaughtering individual members of the Legion every so often.


-The camera, (Glitch), runs away, looking back on Hex-Duo 6 snapping The Commander’s neck.


-Glitch turns back to get clear shots of the remaining eleven kids, all distraught, in pain, and most of them weeping, horror-shocked.


-Static once more.  The crowd is gasping, getting louder and louder.


-Before the screen can come back on, Digamma hurls energy blasts from both hands, destroying both screens at once.


Lindsey:  What?  You weren’t enjoying the show?


Digamma:  That’s enough from you!


Lindsey:  Face it, it’s over.


-The crowd is growing extremely hostile, booing Octavious’ name as well as the Regime’s and the nation of Balobyn in general.


Digamma:  You will shut your mouth like a good girl, or you won’t have a mouth left with which to speak to me like that.


-Digamma starts to walk towards Lindsey, only to look down and see the dust vibrating slightly.


Digamma:  What?


-Digamma looks back directly as Chris connects with a punch that rawks Digamma.




-Digamma is thrown clear off his feet, a crater appearing on the ground at the point he was hit.


-Digamma’s helmet shatters and bursts off as he crashes into the retaining walls, coming to a halt.


-Digamma stands up, shaking his head, his hand on his face.  He looks around and sees the crowd booing him.  Everyone else looks down and sees Digamma’s face.


Digamma:  My helmet…?  Oh no.


-Chris looks over at Digamma.


Chris:  Maximilian is the green Octa-Ranger?


-Octavious rushes out at this moment on the ground floor, stopping and seeing Max.


Octavious:  Max-?!


Max:  Father…


Chris:  (Picking Derek up off the ground while talking to Max and Octavious).  You see this crowd here?  These are the citizens of Zanretha.  These are the citizens of my nation.  They’re on our side now.  You’ve lost.  Leave now before things get worse.


Max:  No.  I didn’t disgrace my country or my people.  And I’m not finished yet.


-Max begins glowing green again, crouching a bit to start gathering a crazy amount of energy while grunting.  Within no time, things are beginning to shake, originating from Max.


Chris:  Derek, come on, get up.  I need to know you’re okay here.


-Chris continues trying to wake Derek up as he looks up and sees Lindsey behind Max, also powering up.


Chris:  Ah no…  Lindz!


-Chris drops Derek as Lindsey leaps at Max.


-Max turns around and slams her upward with both hands in a massive punch.  She careens into the air as Max proceeds to charge himself up to maximum power.


Max:  This time you’ll know your place!


-Chris leaps into the air as best he can, already charging a counter-attack in his hands.


-Max throws his arms into the air.


Max:  See you in Hell!




-Max fires his ultimate attack, a massive upheaval of energy from all around him that seems to spring up from the entire arena floor.  The energy explodes upward, erupting through the arena’s roof.


-The crowd freaks out and finally starts fleeing out any exit possible.


-In the city, Jack, Austin, Kevin, Danny, Willy, Clinton, Leena, and Kyle are flying towards the arena with Jack on Kevin’s back.


Clinton:  (Holding his hand to his ear).  Jack, the radio transmissions are going nuts right now regarding our group at the Trillium Grand Central Arena.  The Octa-Rangers are down, and Glitch played all the needed footage, but something’s wrong.


Jack:  We’re just about there, so-


-Jack’s sentence is interrupted as they see the Arena’s top blow off and watch as green light flies into the clouds.


Kyle:  Jack, that does not look like a good thing.


Jack:  Full speed!  We need to get there NOW!


-The church-defense group speeds off to assist.


-Inside the Arena, Max is still outputting a massive amount of energy.


Derek:  (Finally coming to).  Unh…the hell?  I wake up to this?


-Glitch and Scott rush onto the Arena floor.


Glitch:  Lindsey!


-Max laughs until he hears a faint sound coming from within the blinding green light.


Chris:  Haaaaa…


Max:  What?


Chris:  HRAAAAAAA!!!




-An energy blast shoots down from the middle of everything directly down on Max, hitting the ground and exploding in a hellish detonation.


-Everything goes white as sound fades to eventual peace, the crowd being too stunned to say anything.  The only sound that can be heard is the noise of chunks of debris falling onto the Arena floor.


-Finally, the intensity of the light fades, revealing Max lying facedown on his stomach, green outfit ripped to shreds.  He is struggling to crawl forward, his hand reaching out.


Max:  F-father…help…please…


-Octavious looks on, dropping his arm having been covering his face.  He rushes out to the middle of the arena, speaking through clenched teeth.


Octavious:  God damn you, Max.  You f*cked up everything.


Max:  Father, together…we can kill him…


Octavious:  We’re getting out of here.


-Octavious throws Max over his shoulder and takes off.  The Octa-Rangers follow closely behind.


-Lindsey lands shortly after that carrying Chris on her back.


Lindsey:  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  You nearly killed yourself, but not bad.


Chris:  (Weak).  Thanks…


-Glitch and Scott run up to the two.


Glitch:  That was amazing!


Scott:  We were about to step in to help, but it looked like you had everything under control.


-Derek stumbles over.


Derek:  Octavious and that bastard son of his got away.


Scott:  Ug, profanity just sounds so crude coming from you, you know that?


Derek:  We could end this all right now if we go after them.


Lindsey:  Derek, right now, none of us look like we’re really in any shape to go chasing after him, and definitely in no condition to keep fighting.


Chris:  What’re you talking about?  I could go another…hundred miles…  (Chris passes out).


Lindsey:  (Stroking his head).  What a trooper…


Kyle:  Hoy!


-Lindsey and the others look up as Jack’s group flies down from up above.


Austin:  What the heck happened here?


Lindsey:  We hit a bit of a snag, but we handled it.


Jack:  Lindz, we just saw the light beam.  That wasn’t what I’d call a “snag.”


Lindsey:  Well, okay, the light beam was after the snag.  After the snag we had a bit of a snafu, then a fubar, but now we’re pretty okay I’d say.


Kevin:  Anyone injured?


Scott:  Check the wrists.  (Holds up his arms).  These are going to hurt for months.  Oh, and also Chris is out, Derek is beaten pretty badly, and Lindsey needs a comb.


Danny:  The Octa-Rangers got away, didn’t they?


Lindsey:  Yeah, but we’re a whole lot stronger than them.  We just need better teamwork.


Jack:  I couldn’t agree more.


Lindsey:  How’d things go at the church?


Austin:  (Thumbs-up).  Mission accomplished.  Parents saved, case closed.


Derek:  Was my father there?


Austin:  I didn’t see him, no.  I’m sorry.


Derek:  He hated church anyway.


Lindsey:  Well now that we won, let’s go see our parents!


-The group just coming from the church clamps up and grows awkward.


Leena:  Uh, Lindz…


Lindsey:  (Becoming worried).  What’s wrong?


Jack:  Lindsey, it was best for our parents to go into hiding for a while.


Lindsey:  Okay, so let’s go to where they’re hiding.


Jack:  No, you don’t understand.  I asked them to do what my parents did and cut ties with us.


-Lindsey is heartbroken.


Lindsey:  Wh-what…?


Jack:  Lindsey, I’m sorry, it had to be done to keep them and us safe.


Lindsey:  (Tears are starting to stream down her face).  I couldn’t even tell them goodbye…?  Tell them I love them…?  Jack…why?


Jack:  Lindz, there just wasn’t any time-


Lindsey:  WHY?!  (She bursts into tears, turns and runs away).


Leena:  Lindz…  (She runs after Lindsey).


-Chris groggily opens his eyes, rubbing his face.


Chris:  Jack…that you guys?


Jack:  Yes.  We were successful.


Chris:  Good.  I did my half of the deal, too.  Now can we go make sure my grandma’s alive?


Jack:  I don’t-


Austin:  (Cutting Jack off entirely).  Heck yeah let’s go!  I haven’t seen your grandma in forever!


Jack:  We need to-


Kevin:  (He shushes Jack as the others ignore him and all rush Derek, Chris, Glitch, and Scott to begin exchanging stories).  Just let him have this.  He’s done everything we asked him to do, please, he needs to make sure his family is okay.


Jack:  (Annoyed).  Fine.  We can go there next.  We might find another abandoned safe house.


Kevin:  Well, personally, I hope we don’t.


Jack:  Lindsey hates me now, doesn’t she?


Kevin:  She just needs some time.  She’ll be okay.


Jack:  (Shrugs).  Doesn’t matter.  Most of you guys hate me anyway.  It’s not like I’m useful at the moment or anything.  (Shakes his head).  Alright gang, listen up.  (The others turn their heads to pay attention).  We’re heading to Chris’ house now.  Any objections?  Good.  Shall we move out?


Group:  Hooah!


Jack:  Yeah I’m not getting sick of that yet…


To Be Continued…


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