Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Fifty-Six

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 56

“Keep the Sabbath Holy”


Recap:  Last time, Chris, Derek, Lindsey, Scott, and Glitch answered Octavious’ challenge at the Trillium Center Arena and began facing off with the Octa-Rangers.  Meanwhile, the rest of the group was preparing to go protect their parents in Brooksboro, responding to a threat made by Octavious at the time of the challenge.  While Chris’ group fights on at the Arena, Jack’s team is about to be in for a fight of their own, but can they hold off the Demon Regime unaided by The Legion?  Things are going to get tricky, today, in Eclipse Star!


-Jack and the rest of his group are flying through the skies of Trillium City, making their way to Brooksboro, a smaller suburb to the West of the massive city.  Jack still lacks the use of his legs, strapped instead to Kyle’s back.


Jack:  One final check: Are we all aware of our roles once we get to the church?


Austin:  Protect our parents.


Clinton:  Control the Regime.


Kyle:  Don’t piss off the Legion.


Kevin:  And end this day without any losses.


Leena:  Are you sure we all needed to be present for this?


Willy:  What?  Keeping your parents alive isn’t enough to make you want to go?


Leena:  Ug, don’t make this a guilt thing, William.  I’m just saying, we’re so totally going to get in each others’ ways today, and if that causes one of our parents to catch a stray blast or something-


Jack:  No stray blasts.  No one makes a move unless I okay it, understood?


Danny:  Uh, Jack?  What if something unexpected happens?


Jack:  Especially confirm any further actions with either myself or in my absence, with Clinton.  Use the two-way ear bud I gave you.  Final check for ear buds.  Check 1.


Clinton:  Clear.


Jack:  Check 2.


Austin:  Roger.


Jack:  Check 3, 4, 5, and 6.


Kevin:  Check.


Willy:  Check.


Danny:  Uh-huh.


Leena:  Yup.


Kyle:  Hey Jack, I’ve still got nothing here.


Jack:  I didn’t give you one.  You’re strapped to me, so your main job is keeping me from getting killed.  Should I die, I hold you responsible, and you hold my lifeless body until you realize the error of your follies.


Kyle:  That’s harsh, but then again, you’re the dude with the crazy barrier technique, so roger, check, and let’s fly into the danger zone, oh captain my captain.


Jack:  Good.  We’re approaching the church.  Clinton, any word from the Arena yet?


Clinton:  The news broadcasts haven’t made more mention than that the Octa-Rangers will be appearing today in hopes of fighting the “terrorists,” which I assume is their pet name for us.


Jack:  Let me know when the fighting starts over there.


Danny:  (Looking at his wrist, then the sun).  Wasn’t it supposed to start at noon or something?


Leena:  Yeah, it was.  So we’ve got another hour or so before anything happens.


Jack:  I want us in place to protect the church before anything happens at the Arena.  My hunch is that the Regime’s strike on our families will coincide with the Octa-Rangers fighting with the others.


Kyle:  How accurate you think that hunch is there El Capitan?


Jack:  Very.


Austin:  And if it isn’t?


Jack:  High casualties, to say the least.


Kyle:  Bummer times.


-Near Brooksboro, various Regime soldiers are stationed, kicking down doors, entering the houses of the group’s families.


Captain:  Strike force, go, go, go!


-A dozen soldiers bum-rush into a house with their guns drawn.


-They meet in the living room, finding no one in the house.


Solider 1:  Captain, the Sonnen house is clear.


Captain:  (Putting his hand to his ear, speaking into a headset).  We’ve got another no-show here.


Radio Operator:  Regime Strike Team 3, we’ve been receiving the same status from every other strike team currently operating.  Reports are that they’ve been tipped off to our intent, so the families have gathered together in a neutral zone.


Captain:  Any idea where that’d be?


Radio Operator:  Our intel tells us that they’re gathering at the Church of Faith on Zealot and 12th.  Octavious wants all units to advance to the new target immediately.


Captain:  Have the terrorists shown at the Arena yet?


Radio Operator:  Not at present, but they’re expected to.  However, we are still unsure how many will respond and how many will instead be at the church.  We anticipate at least half a dozen soldiers trained in advanced combat, so extreme caution.


Captain:  Hence all units reporting at once.  Roger, we’ll move to the new target location.  Strike Force 3, out.


Solider 1:  Sir, what are our orders.


Captain:  Burn the house to the ground, then move out to Zealot Street and 12th, immediately.


Soldier 1:  Yes sir.


-The soldiers pull up their rifles and click a button on the bottom, then blow flames from the barrels, incinerating the living room and setting the house on fire.


-The task done, the soldiers depart.


-Elsewhere in town, Barbara, Chris’ grandma, has refused to leave her house, instead sitting in the living room in her recliner, watching TV.


TV Reporter:  We’re live here at Trillium City Grand Central Arena waiting for the Octa-Ranger’s big performance today against the terrorists threatening our city.  It’s expected to be a big day, with the arena packed to exploding point.


Barbara:  No pun there…


TV Reporter:  I haven’t gotten a chance to speak much with either Octavious or Maximilian, but as they passed by on their way to make some final arrangements, they assured us that everything is expected to go smoothly today.


Barbara:  What exactly does “smoothly” mean anyway?


TV Reporter:  I’m told that after the show we’ll be granted a chance to interview the Octa-Rangers, so make sure to stay tuned after the regular broadcast for our exclusive.


Barbara:  Typical TV crap.  Ug.


-The sound of a shotgun being cocked comes from outside.


Barbara:  (Unphased).  It took them long enough.


-The front door is kicked open as Regime soldiers rush into the area, more coming from windows and down the stairs, guns drawn on Barbara.


Strike Team Captain:  Don’t make any sudden movements.  We have the house surrounded.


Barbara:  (Still sitting in her recliner, watching the TV).  What do you think an old woman is really going to do to you?


Strike Team Captain:  Enough lip.  Get up and come with us.


Barbara:  No.  My grandson is supposed to be on TV today and I don’t want to miss it.


Strike Team Captain:  I think your grandson is the least of your worries at the moment.


Barbara:  He’s the least of mine, but definitely the most of yours.


Strike Team Captain:  I’ve heard enough of-


Barbara:  Noon.  This program starts at noon.  If my grandson doesn’t show up by noon, then I’ll go with you.


Strike Team Captain:  We’re not making deals here lady, we’re-


Barbara:  Wait ten minutes.  I’m an old woman.  Wait ten minutes for me or you’ll have to drag an old woman out against her will.  Can your conscience handle that?


Strike Team Captain:  …Ten minutes.


Barbara:  Thank you.  And don’t point those guns at me in the meantime; I’m trying to relax here.


-The Church of Faith on Zealot and 12th


Jack:  There it is guys.  Let’s hurry.  We’ve only got a few minutes.


Clinton:  It doesn’t look like anyone’s forced their way in yet.


Jack:  Kevin, this is your parents’ church.  Does everything look regular to you?


Kevin:  Yes, though there are a lot more cars in the parking lot than usual.  Today seems to be quite a turnout.


Danny:  Well that’s good!  Uh, right?


Jack:  We’re landing.  Danny, Willy, stay out here and let us know if anyone shows up.


Willy:  Right.


-Kyle, Jack, Leena, Clinton, Austin, and Kevin land in front of the main doors.  Kevin rushes forward and opens the double doors.


-As they walk in, the church is in silence for a moment before erupting with cheers as hundreds of people see the group enter.


Jack:  This is the right place, right?


Kevin:  (Smiling).  Yes.


Father Jerome:  Kevin!  My son!


Kevin:  Dad!


Jack:  Don’t get caught up in this.  We’re still here to defend everyone, not visit with our families.


Kyle:  Don’t be a party-pooper, Jack.  We haven’t seen our parents in half a year.


Kevin:  Dad, is everyone here all right?


Father Jerome:  Absolutely.  Why wouldn’t they be?  God is looking over us on this blessed day.


Jack:  Well, it won’t be so blessed when a few squads of Regime soldiers bust through the doors and try and kidnap everyone here.


Kevin:  Dad, is it alright if I address everyone?


Father Jerome:  I couldn’t be prouder to hear my son ask such a thing.


Kevin:  Thank you.  (Kevin runs up to the front of the congregation to cheers from everyone).  Please, please, as great as it is to see everyone overjoyed here today, there is something very serious about to happen!


Mrs. Sonnen:  (Jumps up and points behind Kevin).  Hey!  Look at that!  It’s the kids!


Kevin:  Huh?


-As Kevin turns around, he sees that there is a large screen pulled down with the news being projected on it.  Sure enough, the Arena is lit up as Chris, Derek, Lindsey, Scott, and Glitch appear center stage.


Mrs. Sonnen:  That’s my daughter there!  Go get ‘em Lindz!


Jack:  Kyle, take me to the front.


Kyle:  You da boss.


-They walk up to the front.


Jack:  Excuse me, my name is Jack Voss.  I’ve been training a small group of kids, some of whose parents are here today.  As we speak, Regime soldiers are on their way to attack this church in hopes of gaining more information about us, as well as finding a way to force us to surrender.  Everyone, get away from the windows immediately.


Mrs. Sonnen:  Look how strong they’ve all gotten!  Oh, I hope they’ll be alright…


Jack:  Can you please listen?!


-The crowd is having a hard time paying attention as the chaos on the screen behind Jack, Kyle, and Kevin is far too interesting.


Kyle:  Wow, our boys are kickin’ ass out there.  Oop.  (Grabs his mouth).  Can I say “ass” in here?


Father Jerome:  We sort of frown on it.


Kyle:  Sorry.


Father Jerome:  All is forgiven.


Willy:  (Coming in via the ear-bud to Jack).  Hey Jack, we’ve got an awful lot of soldiers marching this way.


Jack:  How many?


-Outside, Danny and Willy are on the roof of the church counting swarms of soldiers as they walk up.


Willy:  Uh…Danny, how many?


Danny:  I lost count.


Willy:  Tons.


Jack:  Great…  (Gets agitated).  Everyone!  The soldiers are here!  Please, pay attention!


Kevin:  Jack, you’re not going to get them to listen if you’re just yelling.


Leena:  This is getting ridiculous…


-Leena runs to the front and grabs the screen, ripping it down.


-The crowd gasps in shock.


Leena:  Alright, we can watch as my cool friends show why they’re better than me, or we can keep ourselves from dying.  All in favor of not getting killed?


Mr. Tracey:  My daughter’s right!  We should listen to her!


Father Jerome:  Everyone calm down now.  (Throws his hands up).  Can I HAAAAAVE CALM!


-Everyone grows silent.


Father Jerome:  Jack, please help me protect my church.


Jack:  You got it, Father.  (His hand goes to his ear).  Danny, Willy, can you hold off the attackers from out there?


Danny:  Uh, you think we can do it Willy?


Willy:  Not as well as your barrier technique could, Jack.


Jack:  Alright then.  Kyle, we’re going to the roof.


Kyle:  Oh great.

-Barbara’s house.  She’s still sitting in her recliner as Regime soldiers grow impatient.


Strike Team Captain:  Are you satisfied?  Your grandson showed up, now get up and GO.


Barbara:  Look at him.  He just…he doesn’t seem like the same kid he was when he left.  He looks so sad.


Strike Team Captain:  I’m not here to listen to you reminisce about your grandson; I’m here to take advantage of a way to kill him.


Barbara:  Don’t lay one hand on me then.  I’ll have no part of this.


Strike Team Captain:  Don’t make this difficult.


Barbara:  Then just shoot me.  If you’re just here to use me as bait, I’d rather you shot me.


Strike Team Captain:  Men, guns at the ready.


-Rifles are raised.


Barbara:  Well?


Strike Team Captain: 
Three seconds.  One…two…


Barbara:  Three.


-Safeties are taken off guns, fingers on triggers.


Strike Team Captain:  You asked for this, old woman.  Open fire.


-The Strike Team Captain pulls the trigger on his gun.




Strike Team Captain:  Oh hell…


-The Strike Team Captain looks up and sees that standing between him and Barbara is Syrus, a rifle shell in his hand.


Syrus:  Shameful.


-Syrus grabs the Strike Team Captain’s faceguard and rips the helmet off before chopping the Captain in the throat.


-Strike Team Captain clutches his throat and drops to his knees.


Syrus:  All of you, stand down.


Strike Team Captain:  (Choking, struggling to speak).  K-kill him…




-Syrus knees the Strike Team Captain in the head, sending him through the side of the house.


-Syrus just stands looking at the other soldiers as they decide whether to fight him or lay down their arms.


Syrus:  Seeing as how I am a guest in this home, I will leave it to the host to decide how she would prefer these intruders be dealt with.


Barbara:  They ain’t friends of mine, so as long as I don’t have a mess to clean up I don’t really care what you do with them.


Syrus:  Understood.


-Syrus raises his hand, clenching it into a fist.  It begins to vibrate and shake as it glows silver.


-Suddenly, all the guns zooming to it, magnetized to do so.


-The soldiers now stripped of their rifles, Syrus throws the guns down before pointing at the front door.


Syrus:  I assume Octavious will be displeased to learn of my involvement?


Regime Soldier 1:  I doubt he’ll leave you alive at this point.


Syrus:  Pity that in order to keep myself alive I must insure that you all…are not.


Regime Soldier 1:  W-What?


-Syrus begins vibrating his entire body, powering up before striking.


-The Regime’s soldiers instantly figure out what’s about to happen, fleeing as best they can.


-As they rush out the various exits, each is met with swift death as delivered by Syrus’ hands, cutting them down one by one no matter where they exit.


-Back at the church…


Jack:  (Strapped to Kyle’s back, the two stand atop the church with Danny, Willy, and Kevin).  We definitely have a situation on our hands here.


Kevin:  All exits are completely blocked from the church.  I don’t see any way for us to get everyone to safety.


Jack:  (Tapping his ear bud).  Clinton, is everyone away from the windows and doors?


Clinton:  (In the church).  Yes.  Austin and Leena have gone around and locked all the doors save for the front two.


Jack:  Make sure all the exits are sealed.  I’d rather we don’t give the Regime any options for attack here.


Willy:  Jack, if the church is set on fire…


Jack:  In the event of the church being set on fire, then we focus on creating an opening, but for now, we funnel every bit of aggression to a single manageable point.  Understood?


Willy:  Yes.


Kyle:  So, do we start taking pot shots at our fans in the SWAT gear?


Jack:  We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.  No one makes a move until they show definite signs of aggression.


Danny:  Those cannons on their arms sure look pretty aggressive to me.


-The group on the roof looks down to notice that a large number of the Regime soldiers have arm cannons.


Willy:  That size of cannon…I don’t think they’ll have much problem punching through the doors.


Jack:  Don’t worry.  We’re at a level where those can’t hurt us.


Kyle:  Sure, I know that by now a bullet probably won’t kill us.  But exactly how many bullets can we take before we start to feel the pain?


Jack:  …To be honest, I haven’t run tests like that.


Kyle:  Well good news: I think we’re about to get a chance.


-The Regime’s soldiers stop marching and point their rifles and cannons to the roof.


Regime Captain:  (Speaking into a loudspeaker).  Attention terrorists.  Be advised that we will not hesitate to open fire should you choose not to comply with our demands.


Danny:  We don’t comply with anything!  (To Jack).  Hey, what does ‘comply’ mean?


Regime Captain:  Surrender and come peacefully, otherwise we’ll pick you apart and take the remains to Octavious.


Jack:  We do not accept your demands.  Now leave before we have to fight back.


Regime Captain:  Alright men, open fire.


-Jack throws up his barrier around the church as hundreds of soldiers open fire at once.


Clinton:  (On the radio receiver).  Jack, integrity is holding up on the structure.  How long can you keep that up?  Jack?


Kyle:  Um, Jack can’t exactly talk at the moment.  He’s sort of struggling.


-Jack is indeed holding the barrier up over the church, but is under an extreme amount of strain, his eyes closed and teeth clenched.


Kevin:  Hold on Jack.  Just hold on.


-Syrus finishes dispatching all of the soldiers besieging Barbara.  He lands and walks back through the front door.


Barbara:  I thought you were the bad guy.


Syrus:  Loved ones are not useful bargaining tools.  Contrary to popular belief, seeing a family member in trouble does not make an enemy weaker.


Barbara:  Now I’m worried.


Syrus:  Why?


Barbara:  Because you’re not an idiot.  Will my grandson have to fight you?


Syrus:  Eventually, yes.  I actually look forward to it.


Barbara:  Do you plan to kill him?


Syrus:  If I have to, yes.


Barbara:  Please don’t.


Syrus:  I’m sorry.


-Silence for a few moments.


Barbara:  Sit.  My grandson is on TV.


-Syrus watches in silence as Chris and the others fight the Octa-Rangers.


-Back at the church, Jack’s barrier is beginning to blink rapidly.


Kevin:  Jack’s not going to hold out much longer.


Austin:  (From in the church, addressing the crowd).  Alright everyone, we’ve got a problem.  Our main plan is somewhat failing, so be prepared for things to get really loud and really explosive…really quick.


Regime Captain:  Hold fire!  (Soldiers cease firing).  Cannons charging!


-The soldiers with cannons on their arms lift them up and point at the barrier, drawing energy for an attack.


Kyle:  We’re gonna feel this one…


Regime Captain:  Cannons fire!




-Jack’s barrier holds up momentarily, but flashes as he opens his eyes.


Jack:  That’s it!




-The barrier shatters and fades away.


Regime Captain:  Hit it again!


-Cannons charge and fire at the main doors.




-The cannon fire connects near the front and explodes.


Regime Captain:  Hold fire!


-The smoke clears.  Kevin, Danny, Willy, and Austin are standing in front of the church, arms up after recently firing a counter blast.


Kevin:  Leave this place as enemies or be welcomed as friends!


Kyle:  (On the roof, slapping Jack’s face, trying to get him to wake up).  C’mon Jack, you’re needed here.  We’re starting to move past what was planned and you told us not to do that unless you said so.


Regime Captain:  Okay, so four kids are about to take on a small army?


Austin:  Hey guys, I don’t think they really know who we are.


Willy:  They seem to think we’re terrorists or something.


Danny:  Is it regular to bring an entire army against a couple of kids?


Austin:  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were afraid of us.


Kevin:  And yet we stand here unafraid of our fate.


Regime Captain:  Enough stalling.  You’re severely outnumbered and out-powered.  Give up now and your families will be spared.


Kevin:  And the meek shall inherit the earth.  (Fighter stance).


Austin:  I’m sure they will eventually, but in the mean time, let’s put meekness aside and demonstrate why Octavious is so scared of us in the first place.


-The four in front of the church charge themselves up and prepare for battle.


-Meanwhile, Syrus and Barbara have managed to get to a point of peace for the night.


Barbara:  Why exactly does your nation want these kids dead?


Syrus:  They have caused us numerous problems and destroyed millions of dollars worth of equipment.


Barbara:  You call those robots “millions of dollars worth of equipment?”


Syrus:  What would you call them?


Barbara:  A waste of effort, clearly.


Syrus:  Actually, I can’t disagree with you.


Barbara:  Charles made ‘em, didn’t he?


Syrus:  Mm-hmm.




Barbara:  When will I get my husband back anyway?


Syrus:  It’s not my decision; otherwise I would have let him come home years ago.


Barbara:  Octavious sees the problem with making his scientist prisoner build tools to kill his own grandson, right?


Syrus:  Octavious doesn’t see much unless he wants to.


Barbara:  Charles isn’t going to make something that’ll actually kill Chris, no matter how much Octavious wants him to.


Syrus:  Once again, I can’t disagree.


Barbara:  How long did it take before Chris ruined your toys?


Syrus:  In total, three days, but more specifically I’d say under an hour.


Barbara:  And that’s a coincidence?  Millions of dollars worth of equipment…hmph.


-The church is about to become the site of a massive fight.  The four in front have charged themselves up while the Regime’s soldiers have readied themselves for an attack and charged cannons to fire.  Jack is still unconscious on the roof with Kyle as Clinton and Leena keep everyone calm from inside the church.


Leena:  So if they break through our outer defenses, we’re the backup?


Clinton:  Pretty much.


Leena:  That’s reassuring.  How strong are you, really?


Clinton:  I’d rather not go into details…


Mr. Tracey:  Hey Leenie!  Exactly how much danger are we actually in here?


Leena:  Dad, don’t call me that.


Clinton:  Sir, to be frank, there’s a high chance this entire structure will be coming down within the hour.


Mrs. Sonnen:  Well if someone didn’t tear down the screen, we’d still be able to see how my daughter’s doing in the Arena!


Father Jerome:  Everyone, I need you to trust me and gather your belongings immediately.  Our children will fight strong, but we must be ready for our part to play.


Austin:  (Outside the church, directing his speech towards the Regime Captain).  Okay then, so you guys want me to hit first, or you feel like wasting your efforts?


Regime Captain:  Group A, fire!


-Dozens of Regime soldiers unload at the same time, aiming at Austin and his group.


-Austin clenches his fists and throws his hands forward, creating a wall of flames that shoots forward in an arc.


-Regime soldiers stop and take notice of this, some turning to flee.


Regime Captain:  Group A, fall back!  Groups B and C, torch the church!


-Austin slams the ground at the end of his attack, blowing soldiers back.  He turns around to see soldiers rushing around the sides of the church, rifles up and being clicked over to the flamethrower option.


Austin:  Dang it!


-Danny, Willy, and Kevin have each unloaded with their own blasts in separate directions, blowing the advancing soldiers off their feet and into nearby buildings.


Regime Captain:  Groups B and C, push forward!  Groups D, E, and F, provide cover fire!


-Bullets begin firing all around everyone while Danny, Willy, and Kevin attempt to maneuver out of harm’s way while still providing return fire to keep everything in a state of chaos.


Kyle:  This is just great…  (Kyle leaves Jack alone and rushes to the edge of the roof).  Hey Captain!  Let’s make some sort of peaceful resolution to all of this!


Regime Captain:  Group A, regroup and fire on the roof!


Kyle:  They’re just asking for trouble then…


-Kyle dives towards Jack, covering his head and Jack in the process as bullets ricochet all around them.


-Regime soldiers continue pushing through the line of fire and manage to aim at the church, blowing flames up the walls.


Danny:  Uh-oh!  Jack, they’ve hit the church!  Jack?


Austin:  Danny, Jack’s out, remember?  You need to put that fire out!


Danny:  Okay, I’ll try!


Regime Captain:  Cannon troopers, hit the flaming wall!


-As Danny frantically tries to blow the fire out with mild wind-based projectiles, he turns around to get plowed by a bunch of intense charged cannon fire, knocking him off his feet and into the church’s wall.


Willy:  Danny’s hit hard!


Regime Captain:  Hit ‘em again!


-Cannons fire and nail the side of the church, denting it pretty badly.


Leena:  It doesn’t sound like things are going too well out there…


-Father Jerome is holding his hands up towards the wall that’s been dented.  His eyes are closed and he is humming slightly.


Father Jerome:  Things always seem bad to those who do not have faith.


-Barbara has brought Syrus a glass of water at this point as the two continue to watch the events on TV.


Barbara:  So why aren’t you at the Arena fighting right now?


Syrus:  Because Octavious believes too heavily in his Octa-Rangers.


Barbara:  And let me guess, you don’t, right?


Syrus:  Of course not.  The concept is foolish at best.


Barbara:  And at worse it’s just hilarious.


Syrus:  A handful of children begin to cause problems, so Octavious’ solution is to train his own batch of children.  They have no motivation for fighting other than Octavious wants them to.  That’s not good enough.


Barbara:  So what do you fight for?


Syrus:  Currently, I’m having a hard time knowing exactly what.


Barbara:  Good thing you’re not fighting right now then, huh?


Syrus:  I suppose so.


Barbara:  Well, what happens next?  Do you kill me for knowing too much?


Syrus:  No.  I repair your door and leave before one of us asks a truly awkward question.


Barbara:  How do you think you’re going to kill my grandson?


Syrus:  I clearly didn’t leave soon enough.


Barbara:  I mean, how do you really think you’re going to do it?


Syrus:  He’s strong, but he’s still a child.  Everything I’ve seen him do is impressive, but I’ve done much the same at various stages in my life.


Barbara:  You saved Octavious once from an assassination attempt, didn’t you?


Syrus:  Yes.  It was a man named Donovan.  Why do you ask?


Barbara:  Did you kill him?


Syrus:  No.  I sent him to Hell, but I couldn’t kill him.


Barbara:  What were you fighting for back then?


Syrus:  It was my duty.


Barbara:  You’re not that loyal to Octavious, and I don’t believe for a second that you care much about Balobyn.  So what duty are you talking about?


Syrus:  I answer to a higher authority than Octavious.


Barbara:  You’re telling me you work for God?


Syrus:  No.  In Donovan’s case, it was my duty to send him home.  In the case of your grandson, it will be my duty to keep him from interfering any further.  If he can stay away from me, then I see no reason why I’d need to kill him.  As of this second, it’s my duty to keep potential threats from gaining motivation towards further complications.


-Syrus begins to walk out of the living room.


Barbara:  So then you’re going to the church?


Syrus:  No.  I see no reason.


Barbara:  You have that much confidence in the kids?


-Syrus stops and turns around again, stoic.


Syrus:  I came here to prevent your grandson from becoming a greater threat.  Strategically, it was a better option than wasting my time saving inconsequential lives.


Barbara:  Just get out.


Syrus:  Immediately.


-Syrus leaves.


-Back at the church, things have started to take a very drastic turn for the worst as the entire right side of the church is engulfed in flames.


Kyle:  (Still covering his head).  Well, at least we go out doing something of worth.


Jack:  (Finally coming to).  Ungh, Kyle, how long have I been out?


Kyle:  At least ten minutes.  You and I are pinned on the roof while one of the church walls is on fire.


Jack:  That doesn’t exactly sound like what I had in mind.


Kyle:  What did you have in mind, exactly?


Jack:  Take out the captain, Kyle.


Kyle:  Knock him out of the fight?


Jack:  No, kill him.  We’re not taking chances.  Kill the captain and they won’t have anyone to listen to.  Then we can pick them off one by one.


Kyle:  Uh, Jack, I don’t do murder.


Jack:  I’m not arguing here.  (Taps his ear).  This is Jack.  I’m fine, but we need to take down the Regime’s captain.  Kill him immediately, repeat, kill, not stun.


Kevin:  Jack, that’s too excessive-


Jack:  We don’t have the option at the moment.  It’s either he goes down or your parents get a fiery grave.  Which would you prefer?


Kevin:  I refuse to kill anyone.


Jack:  Then find me someone who will.


Willy:  I won’t.


Austin:  Jack, not doing it.


Leena:  I don’t mean to butt in, what with sitting in the church away from the fight and all, but doesn’t it seem kinda funny that the only three guys who would have done exactly what you said are currently fighting miles away?


Jack:  Yeah, you shouldn’t have butted in.


Kyle:  Well Jack?


Jack:  We need that fire put out.  Is Danny okay?


Willy:  I’ve got him on my back.  He’s alright, but he’s not gonna be much use until he gets his head clear.


Jack:  Clinton, get everyone in the church to start evacuating.


Clinton:  The exits are sealed, remember?  You want me to parade all these people right out the front door?


Jack:  We’re out of options.  (To Kyle).  Kyle, get me to the front door.


Kyle:  There’s no way you’ve got enough in ya to hold a shield for longer than a clear shot or two; how to you expect to protect all those people?


Jack:  I’ll find a-


Kyle:  No Jack, that’s horseshit.  My parents are in there, and so are Lindsey’s and Kevin’s and just about everyone else’s.  Your plan’s gonna get every one of them killed, including us, so tell me, you have something better than just hoping for it all to work out, right?


Jack:  (Finally breaking a little).  I don’t…I’m not sure if I…


Kyle:  Oh Jesus…  (Gabs Jack’s ear bud and starts tapping it).  Testing, testing, this on?  This is Kyle.  Jack’s out of commission for a moment while I take over command.  Any objections?  None, good, Austin, cook the other three sides of the church.


Austin:  What?!  Are you crazy?!


Kyle:  The Regime ain’t getting’ through those flames.  Bake the church to stall for some time.  Willy, get Danny inside right now.


Willy:  Alright.


Kevin:  Kyle, what are you planning?


Kyle:  (Charging something in his hand).  I’m not entirely sure, but it’ll make for one hell of a bang.


Austin:  (He takes a look at the church and then at his hands before shaking his head).  Kyle, you better know what you’re talking about…


-Austin charges a fire-based attack in his hands and hits the side of the church with it.


-He runs around back and hits the rear of the church.


-Willy rushes in through the front door with Danny on his back.


Kyle:  Kevin, come get Jack from me and take him inside.


Kevin:  Okay.


-Kevin rushes up to the roof of the church and hoists Jack onto his shoulders.


Jack:  (Finally snapping back into it).  Wait, Kyle, what’re you doing?


Kyle:  Get Jack inside and shut him up.


Kevin:  Alright.


Kyle:  Austin, you there?


Austin:  Yeah.


Kyle:  Don’t hit the front of the church quite yet.  Wait for Kevin to get inside, then seal off the front.


Austin:  Kyle, this is crazy.


Kyle:  Yes.


Austin:  Crazier than Jack’s plans.


Kyle:  Yes.  Now get in the church with the others.


-Kevin runs towards the front door with Austin and dives inside as Austin leaps inside as well, shooting flames out the front of the church.


-The Regime soldiers can’t seem to get close enough to do any more damage.


Regime Soldier:  Captain, we’re unable to make a direct assault on the church.  They’ve got it completely engulfed in flames.


Regime Captain:  Its structural integrity is ridiculous.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was being held up by God’s will.


Kyle:  (Raises his hand, a glowing ball of energy).  Alright then.  This should hopefully work.


-Kyle stands in the middle of the church’s roof at the peak and points his hand skyward.






Kyle:  Ooh…that’s not what I wanted.


-He puts his hand down and shakes it a few times, looking at it like he’s looking down the barrel of a gun.


Kyle:  I’m never gonna understand these things.  Feh.


-Kyle flicks his hand sideways.




-Kyle’s huge blast fires from his hand and travels towards the Regime Captain.


Kyle:  AH!  Pull up, pull up!


-Kyle lifts his hand up at the last second, sending the blast into the air and past the cloud covering.




-The sky is lit up as all the Regime soldiers cower on the ground, covering their heads.


-Everything clears and Kyle regains his composure.


Kyle:  Ahem, yes, that’s what I meant to do.  (To the Regime Captain).  That’s just a demonstration of what we’re capable of doing!  Can you do that?  I didn’t think so.  Now take your group and-


Regime Captain: All groups, fire on the church!


Kyle:  Damnit!


-Kyle covers his head and runs from bullet and cannon fire.


-Inside the church, everyone has gathered their things and prepared for something.


Father Jerome:  Everyone, things look dire, but have no fear.  There is always a way out of situations such as these.


Jack:  Father Jerome, do you have any basement exits in your church?  If so, I need you to listen very carefully to me.


-Jack pulls Father Jerome in close and whispers to him.


-Father Jerome nods sadly.


Father Jerome:  Kevin, come here to me son.


Kevin:  Yes father?


Father Jerome:  Kevin, you’ve made me proud, and I will miss you.


Kevin:  What do you mean?


Father Jerome:  Congregation, we have precious little time.  Please say your goodbyes to your children.


Kevin:  What?


-The group of teenagers is clearly heartbroken as their parents come by, hug them, and then tearfully leave.


-Kevin’s father hugs him tighter than most as he openly weeps.


Father Jerome:  Alright.  May God lead us to safety!


Kevin:  I don’t-


Father Jerome:  Sometimes our purposes are confusing and sometimes they don’t seem fair.  Even worse is when you think someone’s purpose is over.  Right now, that’s what we’re all experiencing.  Except for you and your friends.  Whatever purpose God has planned for you is far greater than we can comprehend.


Kevin:  I know what you’re leading to dad and please don’t.


Father Jerome:  I’m sorry son.  I love you.  We all love you.  May God protect you all.


-Father Jerome stands up and quickly takes the entire church congregation with him down a series of hallways until they are out of sight.


Leena:  (In tears, clearly just having said goodbye to her parents).  Jack, what just happened?


Jack:  Father Jerome told me there is a series of tunnels under the church that lead all around the city.  He’s taking the church and leaving.


Danny:  So we’ll see them later?


Jack:  No.  I asked him to do just like my parents.


Leena:  Then where are they going?


Jack:  I don’t know.  It’s the only way to keep both them and us safe.


-Leena dives at Jack, pummeling him as she bursts into tears.




-The group stands in mostly silence as the events fully hit them.  The sounds from outside are beginning to become deafening from gunfire and explosions on the church.


-Finally, Kevin’s head perks up.


Kevin:  I have had enough of this.


Austin:  What?  Kevin?


-Kevin walks towards the front door of the church, his fists shaking.


-Austin and Willy run towards Kevin to stop him but both get blown back as Kevin turns, knocking them to their feet.


Kevin:  Stay here.


-Kevin leaps at the door in a run and hurls himself through it, erupting out through the flames.


-The Regime’s troops take one look at him and begin firing.


-Kevin quickly leaps onto the roof of the church.


Kevin:  Kyle, are you okay here?


Kyle:  (Huddled with his hands over his head).  Me?  Oh sure, never better.


Kevin:  Good.  Hold onto something.


-Kevin closes his eyes and points his hands downward.


-Kyle sees cannon fire about to tear Kevin apart, so he leaps in the way and blocks everything, taking some heavy hits.


Kyle:  What’re you doing?!


-Water begins pouring from Kevin’s hands in copious amounts, running down the sides of the church, rapidly putting out the fire.


-The Regime’s troops stop and begin to stand in awe as the water spills over the church’s walls but doesn’t continue past that, instead building and collecting.


-The water gathers in such a great amount that soon tidal waves are leaping up over the church, towering over it and shielding it completely.


Kyle:  Jesus, Mary, and Goku…


Kevin:  “And on that day, all the springs of the great deep burst forth and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.”


Regime Captain:  All units fall back!  I repeat, fall back!


-The Regime’s small army begins fleeing as frantically as they can while the water builds to incredibly scary levels.


Kyle:  “I am worn out from groaning; all night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears.”


-Kevin opens his eyes at this and looks at Kyle, surprised.


Kyle:  What?  It’s in Psalms.  Look it up some time.


Kevin:  (Smiles).  I’m glad we could share this moment, Kyle.


-Kevin releases his hold on the water as it instantly drops down and floods the streets, carrying the Regime’s soldiers with it.


Kyle:  They’re going to be okay, aren’t they?


Kevin:  Yes.  Not all of God’s wrath is lethal.  Some of it is just darned impressive.


Kyle:  Doubly noted.


-Kevin and Kyle leap off the roof of the church as the others come out the front door.  Clinton is carrying Jack.


Jack:  Kevin, I don’t know what you just did, but that was one hell of a spectacle.


Kevin:  It was a non-violent means to an end.  And no one was forced to kill.


-At this point, the Regime Captain crawls out from under a nearby semi and points his handgun at Kevin.


Regime Captain:  Moses isn’t saving you this time…


-The Regime Captain takes a shot and hits Kevin above the left ear.


-Kevin falls forward, but suddenly turns around with a furious look in his eyes.


-He yells out and leaps at the Regime Captain, stopping inches from punching his head off, though the energy being put out cracks the street around them and blows out all nearby windows.


Kevin:  (Shaking, worried).  Dear Lord…this is what Chris felt…


Regime Captain:  (Terrified).  But I shot you…I shot you right in the head…how are you still alive?


-Kevin stops shaking and embraces the Regime Captain in a hug, not saying a word for a few moments.


Kevin:  I forgive you.  I could easily end your life, yet I have done nothing but turn a blind eye to your actions.  You cannot harm me, but I fear for you.


Regime Captain:  I don’t…why are you doing this?


Kevin:  It isn’t my place to have this much power, not is it your place to be afraid of me.  I forgive you.  Tell everyone what has happened here and how you have been spared.  Do not forget this.


-The Regime Captain gets to his feet and confusedly turns away in a dead sprint, leaving his gun behind.


-Kevin walks back to the group as they just stare, stunned.


Austin:  Kevin, you’ve had that much power this whole time?


Kevin:  Don’t you see?  It’s just like Chris said.  We all have this sort of power.  It just requires a real motivation to be used, and once it’s out it’s difficult to put back in.


Jack:  We need to get moving.  If the Regime regroups then they’ll come right down on this spot with twice the firepower and half the sympathy, especially if that guy really does tell everyone what happened here.


Kyle:  Hey by the way, where’d our parents go?


-Silence answers Kyle’s question.


Kyle:  Oh.  So then…they’re gone huh?


Jack:  Yes.  I’m sorry Kyle, but it’s the only way to keep them safe.


Kyle:  You couldn’t have asked them to wait for me?


Jack:  You chose to stay outside.  I didn’t want to interfere with whatever you had planned.


Kyle:  Damnit Jack, a few minutes!  Jesus, does everything have to be such a control thing with you?


Clinton:  We weren’t sure exactly what was about to happen, so Jack made a call and Kevin’s father had the final say.


Leena:  You parents…they actually asked me to talk to you a bit.


Kyle:  My parents spoke to you?


Leena:  Um, well, I spoke to them actually.  The resemblance is uncanny.  They said the usual parent stuff.  “Tell Kyle we love him and that we’ll miss him.”  That sort of stuff.  I didn’t get the feeling they wanted to make a big thing out of it.


Kyle:  (Sighs).  Yeah, any wonder why I act this way?  Sorry to get all agro on you there Jack.  I’m just a bit on edge.


Clinton:  Where to now?


Jack:  (Checks his watch).  Well, we need to meet back up with the rest of the group.  They’ll probably still be fighting at the arena about now.


Leena:  Alright then, so let’s go meet up with the champions and take ‘em out for a victory shake or something.


Danny:  Uh, but didn’t we win, too?  Shouldn’t they treat us to something?


Jack:  We’ll figure that out when we get to them.  Come on, we’ve got a bit of ground to cover and not much time in which to cover it.


Austin:  We flying?


Jack:  Might as well go out in style.


Austin:  Good choice.


-The eight take one last look at the church before taking to the air and off to the Arena.


To Be Continued…


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