Game Studs: Episode 6

July 17, 2009 at 12:10 am (Game Studs) ()

*Author’s note:  Yet another episode that was shelved, which is unfortunate since this was the episode Mike and I both wanted to do the most since it was one of the first concepts we’d come up with, brining JT’s character full circl,e setting up Steve’s romance with the Micosoft Rep, and possibly putting Danny and Alexa together in a twist, plus forming the alliance between Topher and Ben.  However, we were forced to have a fill-in episode since we couldn’t film at the store again.  Thus, the actual Episode 5 is the Mario-Dream episode, though the script has been lost to me.


Game Studs: Episode 6

“The Delivery”


Setting:  Big City Gamin’.  Steve’s at the counter, Topher and Ben are walking by arguing about something.


Topher:  No, Superman cannot beat Jesus in a royal rumble!  That’s ridiculous!


Ben:  Whatever newb.  Superman’s got the skills for a beatdown.


Topher:  But Jesus’ is the Son of God!


Ben:  So?  Superman’s the last son of Krypton.


Steve:  Hey!  Come over here my niggas.  (Naturally we’re bleeping the word.  Both Ben and Topher are stunned).  No wait, I meant to say you’s guys.  Whatever, just come here.


Topher:  What’s up Steve?


Steve:  I need you guys to go on a delivery run for me.


Ben:  Since when do we deliver?


Steve:  Since we got a high profile customer.  The guy’s loaded.  Looooooooadeeeeeeeeed.


Ben:  So why do we have to deliver a game to him?  Can’t he just get someone to drive him here?


Steve:  If we go this extra mile then he’ll be more likely to buy stuff from us.  He has deep pockets.  DEEP!  (Begins to daydream about the money he could make).


Topher:  (Picks the game up off the counter).  Steve, this is a player’s choice game.  It’s only $20.  This guy may have money but he’s cheap.


Steve:  (Snaps out of his money daydream).  What?  Come on guys, I’m the boss and you listen to me.  ME.  Now go make this sale.  Now.  Go go go!  (Ben and Topher leave the store.  Waits until they’re gone, looks around to make sure no one else is around, then takes off his jacket, revealing himself to be wearing a nice shirt and tie).  Good, they’re gone.  I can’t have anyone screwing this up.


Ben:  (Both he and Topher are outside walking down the street).  So newb, where’s this delivery at?


Topher:  (Looking at the note attached to the game).  Somewhere in the north hills.  Sounds like we’ll be hoofin’ it pretty far.


Ben:  So let’s drive then.  Get your car.


Topher:  I don’t drive.


Ben:  And you think I do?  (Looks around).  Okay, go steal that car.


Topher:  What?  No, I’m not gonna steal a car.  Besides, I don’t know how.


Ben:  Pff, watch and learn rookie.  (Walks up to the car, grabs the handle and starts reefing on it.  Suddenly a flashing star appears in the upper right corner of the screen, ala “Grand theft Auto”.  Ben looks up and panics).  Damn!  My wanted meter’s going up!  Flee!  (He and Topher book it).


Steve:  (Back in the store.  He’s walking around, dusting a bit, dancing about and singing to himself as he does).  Caaaaan’t you feel the looove tonight~


Ben:  (He and Topher are once more walking, this time in a secluded street on their way up a steep hill).  How far have we been walking?


Topher:  Not long.  Maybe a mile or two?


Ben:  Race you there!  (Takes off running).


Topher:  I’m not racing you!


Ben:  That’s because you know you’ll lose!


Topher:  (Takes off racing).  Hey hey hey, that’s a lie!  (They run neck-and-neck for a bit).


Ben:  Hey, this is stupid, you realize that?


Topher:  Yeah, I know what you mean.


Ben:  Yep, so see ya!  (Trips Topher and runs off laughing).


Steve:  (Standing in front of the door waiting).  Any second now…


Lenore:  (Walks into the store with her notebook looking annoyed).  Okay, we’ll give this another try.  You’re the manager, right?


Steve:  (Unusually smooth).  Yeah.  How you doin’?  (Gives her a seductive look.  She just looks confused).


Ben:  (He and Topher are trudging up the hill now exhausted).  What time is it?


Topher:  (Checks his watch).  6:50.


Ben:  What time’d we leave?


Topher:  6:37.


Ben:  Dammit.  Okay, I say we set up base camp here and make for the summit tomorrow.


Topher:  Nah, we gotta press on.


Danny:  (He and Alexa drive by, with Alexa driving).  Hi guys!  How’re you doing?


Ben:  Damn, my mind’s playing tricks on me.  It’s an illusion.


Topher:  Nah I think it’s real.


Ben:  You’re real.


Alexa:  Go Ben go!  I believe in you!


Topher:  Nope, you’re right, it’s an illusion.


Ben:  (Waves his hand at the car and tries to take a swing at it, missing horribly).  Be gone cruel visions.  (Danny and Alexa look confusedly at each other, then drive off).  Yeah, you better run.  (He pulls a half pendant out of his shirt).  Okay, we need power.


Topher:  (Pulls the other half out of his shirt).  Yeah.


Both:  Double Dragon powers…ho.  (Pause).


Topher:  Nothing happened.


Ben:  You did it wrong.  (Tired smack).


Steve:  (Back at the store).  My dear sweet Lenore, how can I help you today?


Lenore:  For starters I need you to put up more Microsoft product on your counters.  (Pulls a flyer out from her notebook).  Also, here’s a flyer for why the 360 Elite is the “best” system ever.  (Walks over to a Mario hanging on the wall).  No.  (Takes it off).  Do you have any questions for me while I’m here?


Steve:  How ‘bout you and I make like a banana and have intercourse?


Lenore:  What?


Steve:  Dinner?


Lenore:  (Rolls her eyes).  Fine.


Steve:  (Dances around excitedly, I’ll show him how).  Yeeeeeeah!


Topher:  (He and Ben finally walk up to a door, both still extremely tired).  I think we made it.


Ben:  You sure?


Topher:  (Checks his note).  Yeah, this’ the place.  (Knock knock knock).


JT:  (Opens the door, acting quite dignified with a pipe and a robe).  Hello?  Who is calling?  (Sees the game and grabs it.  His dignified attitude crumbles back to his usual self).  My darling!  (Caresses the game).


Ben:  (He and Topher look at each other, stunned and pissed).  We’ve been had!


Topher:  Steve must pay.


Ben:  It is settled.  Let the unholy alliance be made!  (They both pull out their pendants halves again and connect them, making a “kah-ching” sound effect and lighting up the screen.  Camera fades out on this happening).


End of Episode


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