Game Studs: Episode 2

July 16, 2009 at 11:36 pm (Game Studs) ()

*Author’s note:  A few interesting things to mention about the transition from script to film here:  First, Danny’s pop-in line regarding homosexuality will look odd on film, but is correct here.  There was some confusion during filming and either myself or the actor playing Danny, (Dennis Pak), botched a line, making it seem even more out of place.  Less terrible, (interesting really), is that the actor playing Ben, (Michael Waymire), decided to drink a Slurpee for the shoot.  Somehow, we kept continuity consistant for the shoot, though it does look like Ben is draining the cup extremely fast.


Game Studs: Episode 2

“The Commandments”


Setting:  Typical day at the store.  Ben and Topher are walking around the store as Ben begins to explain the details of the store.  Danny is also there, going about what looks like price changes.


Ben:  Okay, so here’s the deal Newb; today I’m going to impart to you every bit of knowledge that you’ll need to know to get by around here.


Topher:  Good, it’s about time someone around here told me anything about my job.


Ben:  Yes, I’m going to teach you everything, and I do mean everything.


Danny:  (Turns around to listen to what’s going on).  You want any help teaching him Ben?


Ben:  The first, and possibly most important commandment.  (Thwips Danny’s ear).  Danny should not be.


Danny:  Arg?!  Why do you do such things?!


Ben:  Sorry, you’re in violation of the first commandment.  Oh, and second commandment.  (Whispers to Topher).  Don’t say this is madness.


Topher:  Why can’t I say this is madness?


Danny:  (As if in a trance Danny spins around and screams at Topher).  Madness?!  THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!  (Boots Topher in the chest).


Ben:  He liked 300 just a bit too much.


Topher:  Good to know.


Ben:  (Takes Topher and moves him along).  Third commandment.  (Points at Topher’s shirt).  Zelda’s gay.


Topher:  What?  That’s just stupid.


Ben:  Well then you’re gay.


Topher:  Says the man with his arm around me.  (Quick pause, they look at each other.  Ben thwips his ear).


Ben:  Moving on.


Alexa:  (Walks into the store).  Hello everyone.


Ben:  (Instantly throws Topher aside and appears cool, as if he didn’t even see Alexa walking in).  Huh?  Oh my!  Alexa!  I didn’t see you come in.


Alexa:  Sure you didn’t.


Ben:  Topher’s gay you know.


Alexa:  (Sincere, as if congratulating him).  Well good for him then.


Topher:  I’m not by the way, not that it matters of course.


Danny:  (Almost appears out of nowhere).  Nor should it!


Alexa:  Alright, well I’ll be in the backroom texting if any of you close-minded idiots need me.  (Passes Ben and demonstrates her power over him by pretending to come on to him).


Topher:  What’s all this then?  Is the mighty Ben smitten by an attractive female?


Ben:  (Snaps out of it and thwips Topher’s ear).  Commandment number 4: Thou shalt not look upon Ben’s woman with feelings of lust.


Topher:  Fair enough.  (Looks over and sees a customer fawning over a single game).  What’s his story?


Ben:  (Grabs Topher and pulls him away).  Careful you fool!  Next rule-


Topher:  Commandment.


Ben:  Whatever.  Leave that customer alone.  He comes in every day and never buys anything; he just looks over that game day in and day out.  (Dead serious).  Do not risk anything with that man.


Steve:  (Walks in, looking tired and uninterested).  Hey all y’all.  What’s crack-a-lackin’?


Topher:  Not a whole lot really.  I thought it was your day off.


Steve:  It is.  I’m just stoppin’ in to grab some chow-chow.  (Grabs some candy and a soda).  A’ight.  I wanna see you guys make some sales today.  Up those numbers and such.  Git er done.  (Walks out again).


Topher:  Oh my dear sweet God.


Ben:  This rule should be obvious, but Steve is an idiot.


Steve:  (Pops his head back in and yells).  Hey!  Sales!  (Leaves again).


Topher:  (Waves).  Goooot it.


Ben:  Okay, rule numero…um…seven:  Customers are also idiots.


Customer:  (Saed playing the customer again turns around and looks annoyed).  Excuse me, I don’t appreciate that one bit!


Ben:  Aw, isn’t that cute?  He thinks he’s people.


Customer:  I’d like to speak to your manager!


Ben:  (Points to Topher).  This guy right here.


Customer:  You’re the manager?  And you just let this happen?  I am outraged!  (Flips out and rabbles all the way out the store).


Steve:  (Pops out from under the main counters like magic).  What have we here?!  More unhappy customers?!


Topher:  How does he do that?


Ben:  (Very quickly).  Rule 8: Steve is magic.


Steve:  You guys are both instigating customers now?!


Ben:  Mainly Topher.


Steve:  Oh, OH!  And now I’m outraged!  If this wasn’t my day off I’d fire you Top Gun!  (Walks out again after grabbing more product from the store).


Ben:  (Is very pleased with himself).  Heh heh hah.


Topher:  (Relatively calm).  Really now?  I’m frustrated, but I just can’t think of the right word choice for what this is.  Confusing?  Insanity?


Ben:  This is madness?


Danny:  (Turns again from far away).  Madness?!


Ben:  (Topher smiles to himself).  Oh I hate you.


(Fade to black as we hear a boot-kicking noise).


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