Game Studs: Episode 1

July 16, 2009 at 11:22 pm (Game Studs) ()

*Author’s note:  My original concept for Game Studs definitely wouldn’t have translated directly to what I needed for Duck U, therefore some revisions were made.  First, Amy’s character changed drastically.  In fact, she’s completely different, a somewhat regretable sacrifice.  Ben’s character also became far more of a villain-type than just another worker.  It’s tough to know which version of the characters I like better, but this is what we have.  Also, a new character was needed, hence Danny showing up as the nerdlinger he was built to play.


Game Studs

Written by Chris Pranger


Episode 1: Welcome to the CrazyStop Game Store


Setting:  The CrazyStop Game Store, actually Big City Gamin’.  A few customers are going about their business in the store, looking around or playing games, whatever.  A single employee, Ben, is behind the counter staring off into nothingness.  Steve, the boss, and Topher, the new guy, walk through the front door.  Ben doesn’t react whatsoever.


Steve:  Alright then new recruit, since I spent almost an entire hour yesterday teaching you the basics, you think you’re set up for the real thing?


Topher:  Um…(Pulls up a notepad and a pen).  Steve, can you…can you tell me how to work the computers again?


Steve:  Sure I can…(Looks at his watch).  Oop, but look at that, I’m off in about a minute.  You’ll be fine.  Remember to fill out the paperwork when you get a chance.  (Puts on his shades).  And make some sales.


Topher:  How do I do that again?


Steve:  Just remember the tips I gave you.  Peace out yo.  (Walks out and leaves Topher standing with his pathetic notepad).


Topher:  (Puts his notepad away).  Okay, no worries, I can do this.  (Looks around, finally seeing Ben).  Hi there.  (Ben doesn’t respond at all).  Hello?  (Nothing).  I’m the new guy, Topher.  You think you could help me out a bit today?


Ben:  Shush.


Topher:  Huh?


Ben:  No, shush.  Don’t break my concentration.


Topher:  (Looks around confused).  What’re you doing…?


Ben:  I am in the middle of breaking the record for doing absolutely nothing for the longest time.  (Loses it).  Dammit, and now I’ve talked to you.  Thanks a lot Newb.


Topher:  Sorry about that.  Well my name’s Topher in case you didn’t get it the first time.  And you are…?


Ben:  You may give your name away like it’s candy, but I make people have to earn the right to know mine.


Topher:  (Points at Ben’s nametag).  Your nametag says your name’s Ben.


Ben:  (Stops and looks down at his nametag and back at Topher).  …No it doesn’t.


Topher:  Yes it does.


Ben:  You may just be a worthy opponent…HOWEVER!  (Points skyward).  However, I am your superior and as acting superior…(Turns around and grabs a stack of papers, then slams them down on the counter in front of Topher).  I demand that you finish your paperwork.


Topher:  (Starts looking through the stack).  This isn’t even regarding the store.  These are just your cable bills.


Ben:  Critical for the store.


Topher:  (Picks up another paper).  And this one’s a death threat to the UN.


Ben:  Yeah, could you sign that for me?  (Nods).  Critical for the store.


Topher:  How?


Ben:  Trust me.  (Nods again).  Critical.


(Time passes.  Topher is busy filling out paperwork as Ben plays with a paddle-ball game.  Danny walks in).


Danny:  Salutations fellow employee!


Ben:  Keep walkin’.


Topher:  (Looks up and sees Danny, stands up to shake his hand).  Hi, I’m Topher, the new guy.


Danny:  Aha!  A new member of our happy family!  (Shakes his hand, very excitedly).  I am Danny, although I tend to go by the moniker Ny for short.  Everyone just calls me Ny.


Ben:  No we don’t.


Danny:  Haha, no they don’t, but it’ll be a fun name when it catches on.


Ben:  No it won’t.


Danny:  Haha, probably not, but maybe.


Alexa:  (Walks in looking annoyed).  Oh my gosh, who’s scooter is parked in my spot?


Danny:  Ooh, sorry Lexie, that’s mine.  I’ll go move it right away.  (Rushes out).


Alexa:  You’d better.  (Sees Ben, somewhat bored of him at it seems).  Hello Ben.


Ben:  (Acts much smoother all of a sudden).  Alexa my dear, how are you on this…(searches for a big word)…spontaneous day?


Alexa:  Psh, I’m fine.  (Sees Topher).  Oh, who’s this cute one?


Topher:  (Giggles like an idiot).  Heh, I’m Topher, the new guy.


Alexa:  Hmm.  (Looks him up and down).  I’d have to give you an 8 for looks, but fashion sense drops you to a 6.  Sorry.  (Pats his face).  With some work I could make you great, but for now you’re just average.


Ben:  Yeah average man!  Avert your eyes!  Doooo it~!  (Alexa walks towards the back room).


Topher:  Well she’s hot.


Ben:  She’s mine!  We’re destined for marriage some day, maybe even tomorrow, so stay away from her.


Customer:  (Waves as he leaves the store).  Thanks.  See ya guys later.


Topher:  See ya.


Steve:  (Walks in).  Why was that customer leaving the store empty-handed?


Ben:  (Points at Topher).  His fault.  Topher told him to screw off.  I tried to stop the whole thing, but it was too late.


Steve:  That’s profit walking out my door!  I should fire you right now!


Ben:  Ya should.


Steve:  Do you have anything to say?


Topher:  Um…I tried everything you taught me about sales?


Steve:  (Pauses).  Oh well then there was nothing we could have done.  Sorry to bother you all, forgot my cell phone.  (Grabs it from the counter).  Keep up those sales techniques Top Gun.  (Points at Topher and walks out again).


Topher:  (Waves to Steve, then turns to Ben).  Why did you just totally blame me for that?!  The hell?


Ben:  Sorry, fair business.  You looked at my woman and as the rules say, paragraph 16, line 4, “Those who look upon Ben’s woman with lust shall payith by appearing to be a jerk at an inopportune time.”  You would have known that if you’d have finished your paperwork.  (The two pause, Topher somewhat stunned).  Back to your work Newb!  (Points again.  Topher begrudgingly goes back to his work.  Ben laughs manically as we transition to a fade out).


End of Episode 1


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