Channel 70 News: Episode 4

June 13, 2009 at 11:16 pm (Channel 70 news) (, )

*Author’s Note:  When filming the actual fight sequence from the episode, we didn’t think twice about the desk we were so readily hurling ourselves over.  In actuality, the desk had gone through tons of costly repairs and as such, our monkey business would not be tolerated.  We were able to get away with airing most of the sequence, save for the completely improvised ending when JT runs into the scene andthrows himself onto teh desk, tipping it over.  We thought this was probably as good as the show would ever get, but we were forced to cut the end with JT flying over the desk when we aired it for braodcast.  However, the Youtube version is still in tact with the original footage, desk flipping and everything.


Channel 70 News Episode 4


Voice Over:  And now it’s time for the Northwest’s…um…news team.  It’s Channel 70 News.  With Diana Miranda and Dave Trenton.


Diana:  Good evening everyone.  I’m Diana Miranda and the one passed out to my left is Dave Trenton.


Dave:  (Facedown on the news desk.  He holds up a bottle).  And this is tonight’s news~!


Diana:  Tonight, frequent power outages have been ravaging the city due to an unknown power serge, possibly caused by global warming.


Dave:  That’s a lie…


Diana:  Boy Dave, it sure is dark out there.  Will you be a gentleman and walk me home tonight?


Dave:  Will you still love me in the morning?


Diana:  Wh-what?


Dave:  No!


Diana:  Ah…in other news-


Trent:  (Voice from off camera).  I’ll be taking it from here.


Diana:  Who…?


Dave:  (His head comes slowly up from his desk).  No…


Trent:  (Walks into the shot).  Long time, no see Dave.


Dave:  Trent Davison.  We used to be rivals all the way back at Chester A. Arthur Public School.  What do you want?


Trent:  You’re old news Dave.  I’m replacing you as the new head anchor.


Dave:  You sure you wanna try that?  (Stands up from his anchor desk, ready for a fight).


Diana:  Um…Johnny, how’s the weather looking?


Johnny:  Diana, I’ve figured out the source of all the blackouts.  It’s coming from time portals opening up all over the place!  That’s right, rips in space and time have begun forming and there’s nothing we can do to stop them.  So because of this, we’ll be re-experiencing the weather of 1964.  Partly cloudy. Back to you guys.


Trent:  (Back in the studio, Trent has taken the seat to the right of Diana).  Thank you Johnny.


Dave:  Don’t you thank him!  He’s my weatherman, not your weatherman!  Now get outta here!


Trent:  No I don’t think I’ll be doing that, Dave.


Diana:  (Is handed a piece of paper).  Oh my, Dave, uh, Trent, uh…we have some breaking news!  Our very own Sam the Go-To Guy has somehow fallen into one of these time holes that have opened up around the city.  Sam, can you hear us?


Sam:  (Sam looks very terrified as he’s standing near some woods).  Hi Dave, hi Diana.  I don’t know quite how this happened…but I’ve fallen into one of these time holes and now…well now I’ve been transported back through time.


Trent:  Sam, can you tell us the time period that you’ve landed in?  (Dave glares at him).


Sam:  Um…it seems like I’m in the prehistoric ages here, what with the dinosaurs everywhere and scary birds and OH GOD, (ducks), that was a close one.  (Looks back and sees a caveman that looks identical to Johnny, who comes into view from the distance and runs up to Sam)…uh…it looks like one of the natives has taken an interest in me…


Dave:  (Squints off camera).  Hey that looks kinda like…that guy looks like Johnny.


Diana:  Yeah, he kinda does.


Johnny:  (From off camera).  OH MY GOD!  (Runs into the camera shot).  SAM!  Can you hear me?!


Sam:  Johnny?  Is that you?


Johnny:  Sam!  You must be very, very careful not to touch anything while you’re there, or else you could destroy the future!


Sam:  Touch nothing?  (The caveman is looking Sam up and down, coming rather close to touching him).


Johnny:  Especially not him!


Sam:  (Sam randomly sneezes on the caveman’s face, to which it responds by freaking out and beating him with his club).  Ah!  I’m sorry!  Back to you guys in the studio!


Trent:  Thank you Sam.


Diana:  (Johnny’s red tie is now blue).  Hey Johnny…weren’t you just wearing a red tie?


Johnny:  (Looks down).  OH MY GOD!  History has changed itself!  We’re all gonna die!  (Flips out and runs away).


Trent:  You know Diana, I’d be more than willing to take you home after this. 


Dave:  (This is too much).  You son of a bitch!  (Punches Trent.  Trent punches back.  They both roll out onto the studio floor where the camera pans to them on the ground wrestling around).


Trent:  (The camera has shifted to an angle that shows only Dave and Trent.  At this point, Trent has successfully pinned Dave to the ground and is proceeding to choke him to death).  At last!  I shall succeed in destroying my arch nemesis!  David Trenton, you are no more!  (Gunshot noise, Trent gets hit from behind and slumps over, dead).


Diana:  (Camera back to the anchor desk.  Diana is holding a handgun.  She quickly puts the gun away and smiles again for the camera).  Well that’s all the news for today.  I’m Diana Miranda.


Dave:  (From off-screen).  And I’m eternally grateful!


Diana:  Goodnight and have a wonderful evening.  (Fade out).


End of Episode 4


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