Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Forty-Six

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 46

“Play It Again Sam”


Recap:  After being ambushed by the Hex-Duo robots at the Trillium City Center Mall, (or whatever it’s being referred to at the moment), the group split into two groups; one stalling the robots and one getting the civilians out of the mall.  Jack showed up soon into the fight, lending an extra pair of fists to the battle.  Now, Hex-Duo 6 seems to have decided that the Hex-Duo are done playing.  What’s gonna happen next?!  Find out, on Eclipse Star!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Hovering above the mall, charging itself up).  Number Two, what sort of civilian casualty numbers are we facing?


Hex-Duo 2:  (Tapping hits head while floating nearby Hex-Duo 6).  Let’s see…roughly estimating…you fire off something big enough to wipe out the entire structure, I’d say easily 2000 civilians go down with the building.


Hex-Duo 6:  Only 2000 eh?  (Shakes its head).  I suppose it’ll have to do.


Hex-Duo 7:  (Rushing through the mall with Lindsey).  Why aren’t these people clearing out faster?


Lindsey:  They’re scared; there isn’t much more we can do than move them smoothly towards exits.


Hex-Duo 7:  It’s just that-(As they run past the center area with the glass ceiling, Seven catches sight of Hex-Duo 6 charging a finisher blast).  Oh my…(Grabs Lindsey).  Lindz, get out of here, right now.  Go, and get everyone else with you.


Lindsey:  Why, what’s…?  (Instantly becomes angry).  No!  You just think I can’t take care of myself, isn’t it?!  I don’t need protection, not from these robots and not from Jack, alright?!


Hex-Duo 7:  This isn’t the time to argue, please, just go!


Lindsey:  I’ll be fine.  You do what you want.  (Runs off).


Hex-Duo 7:  Close enough…


-Seven looks upward and shoots off from the ground and straight through the glass skylight.


Hex-Duo 7:  Six!  Don’t do this!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Uncaring).  Seven, you gave up your powers of persuasion when you chose the side opposing us.


Hex-Duo 7:  This isn’t how you should be going about it!  Think of all the innocent lives that will be lost!


Hex-Duo 6:  I know; it’s a shame that there isn’t more of them, but oh well.  (About fully charged).


Hex-Duo 7:  I can’t let you do this Six!


Hex-Duo 6:  Actually, you can’t stop me either.


Hex-Duo 7:  Six I-


Hex-Duo 6:  (Cuts Seven off).  Seven, I’m warning you now; if you stand between us any longer I will destroy you along with the humans.


Hex-Duo 7:  It doesn’t have to be like this!


Hex-Duo 6:  No it doesn’t, but you’re not capable of doing anything about it.


Hex-Duo 6 points its hand downwards.


-It stops for a second and lets its eyes wander.


Hex-Duo 6:  Now where’s whoever’s supposed to interrupt me before I fire this…?


Hex-Duo 7:  (Charges itself up).  Please, just leave the girl alone!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Instantly loses its charge as it’s caught off guard with this remark).  What?  The girl?  (Briefly thinks, confused at its conclusion).  You’re in love with her…aren’t you?


Hex-Duo 7:  (Loses its charge too, now someone embarrassed).  Wh-what?  No, that’s not it.


Hex-Duo 6:  (A smile starts to cross its face as a slight laugh begins).  Hah…ahaha…HAHAHA!  I just thought you were slightly defective; I had no idea you were completely flawed!  (Stops its laughing, although retaining the smile).  Well that’s too bad.


-Six vwings in front of Seven, a look of fear hitting Seven’s face just split seconds before Hex-Duo 6’s foot.


-Seven goes flying back through the roof opening, slamming into the ground and skipping all the way across the flooring, through a shop and ultimately blasting through a storefront window.


-Upon landing, Seven just begins randomly twitching occasionally.


Hex-Duo 6:  So I’ll give them some more time, just because that was entertaining enough to hold me over.


Hex-Duo 2:  (Completely stunned by the force of the attack and swiftness that it was implemented).  Ye-yeah, I’ll sure say…


Lindsey:  (Hears the attack from the other end of the mall, so turns around and runs towards the noise).  What was that(Finally sees Seven lying on the ground a good distance away).  Oh my God…  (Runs over to Seven, kneeling down next to it and grabbing its hand).  Seven?!  Seven?!  Are you alright?!


Hex-Duo 7:  (Slowly turning its still twitching head towards Lindsey).  Lindz…I told you…to get out of here…


Lindsey:  (Her eyes are welling up with tears again).  I’m not just going to run from this!  But I didn’t want anything to happen to anyone else either!  This isn’t fair!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Hovering a bit overhead).  What’s fair is not for us to decide.


Lindsey:  (Looks up at Hex-Duo 6, furious).  You did this, didn’t you!


Hex-Duo 6:  Well of course I did.  Who else do you think could have?


Hex-Duo 7:  (Pulling Lindsey’s shoulder).  Don’t…fight him…he’s too much for you to handle on your own…he’s too much for anyone to handle on their own…


Lindsey:  (Fighting back tears, as she’s shaking her head).  No.  No, no one’s invincible.  Not even him.


Hex-Duo 6:  A painfully charming observation.  (Begins to break into a fighter stance, ready to kill her at the slightest move).  Be my guest and challenge better judgment.


Lindsey:  (Clenching her fists and teeth, about to strike).  I’m not a defenseless child!


Hex-Duo 6:  Hah.  (Moves the minutest bit closer, a few split seconds later and Lindsey will be dead).


Hex-Duo 7:  GET AWAY FROM HER!!!


One of Seven’s arms shoots up, the ground thumps from the energy field instantly created right before Seven fires a sky-ripping blue beam straight up at Hex-Duo 6, rocking the foundation of the mall from the force of the noise alone.


-The beam dissipates, the attack finished.


-Seven’s hand shakes as it lowers it.


-Two stands safely on the ground a few feet away from Seven, shaking while resting one hand on the side of its head.


Hex-Duo 2:  No way…


-Hex-Duo 6 still hovers in the air, inches away from where the blast was.


-It’s still staring in the direction the beam traveled, surprised at both its power and occurrence at all.


Hex-Duo 6:  Incredible…  (Turns back towards Seven).  Sadly you missed.  (Regains its composure).


Lindsey:  (Wide-eyed in shock, her hands over her mouth).  Seven…?


Hex-Duo 2:  (Its head starts beeping).  Whoa, hey Six, the others are starting to kick it up a notch.


Hex-Duo 6:  Leave these two for now; I’d much rather see this fight for myself.


Six flies back into its watching position high above the battle, scanning the area for any changes coming from any angle.


-Derek is having a difficult time keeping up with Hex-Duo 4 as they trade blows back and forth.


-Hex-Duo 4 will get a shot in at Derek’s face, forcing him to recoil but instantly shooting back with an equally powerful punch.


-However, flesh gives more than metal, and Derek discovers that he just isn’t making any headway.


Derek:  Damned robots.  If you were human then we wouldn’t be having this fight at all.  You’d already be dead.


Hex-Duo 4:  Well unfortunately for you we aren’t human and we aren’t restricted by your limitations.


Throws a heavy punch, but before connecting, Four is slammed in the back by Hex-Duo 1, thrown by Scott.


-Scott floats towards Derek still somewhat in his position from throwing his opponent.


Scott:  Hey Derek, you still keeping up?


Derek:  (Shoots Scott a dirty look).  I wouldn’t be Derek if I wasn’t.


-Derek instantly gathers energy and fires a two-handed blast at Hex-Duo 1 and 4, hurling them towards the ground where they skid along.


-Scott and Derek take off in pursuit.


-Danny and Willy are both being chased once more by Hex-Duo 8 in its ball form.


-It keeps picking up speed to plow through objects as Danny and Willy dive out of the way, leaping over and around whatever.


-When they come to a wall, Willy runs off the side while Danny flips backwards, landing on Hex-Duo 8.


-Danny orients himself as the robot revs up again, peeling out after Willy.


-As Danny struggles to maintain balance, Hex-Duo 3 shows up and flies in front of Danny, firing punches and kicks.


-Danny somehow manages to keep blocking everything but it’s not easy.


Kyle:  (Inside the mall, running past the windows).  Come on everyone, let’s go!  (Shuffling civilians away from the windows).  Stay away from windows and glass!  Move towards the back exits where it’s safest!


-Kyle looks over and sees Danny riding the metal ball while fending off Hex-Duo 3, Willy running in front.


Kyle:  At least we’re not all dead yet…


-Willy keeps leaping out of the way, hopping off walls and doing anything to keep Hex-Duo 8 from being able to mash him.


-Danny’s somehow keeping himself on the spinning wonder, standing in a full block position to keep from getting destroyed by Hex-Duo 3.


-He reaches an arm out and grabs Hex-Duo 3’s arm, Hex-Duo 3 grabs his, and the two are clenched as Danny’s feet just skid atop the ball.


-Willy jumps forward, both arms outstretched, and grabs a curb, pulling himself inward and then releasing with his whole body right as Hex-Duo 8 reaches him.


-The spherical robot is booted into the air, with Danny spinning off the top and around with Hex-Duo 3.


Willy:  Danny!  Heads up!


-Willy plants his feet and puts himself in a full stance, taking a deep breathe, then firing a decent-sized blast from his mouth at Hex-Duo 3.


-Danny lets go of the robot and shields himself right as Hex-Duo 3 is hit, which merely stuns it.


-Danny takes this opportunity to hit his adversary with a flurry of punches, followed by a fierce double-punch that sends the robot off.


-Danny flies off after it.


Leena:  (Sees Lindsey sitting next to Hex-Duo 7 outside).  Lindz…  (Runs up to them).  What happened?


Lindsey:  (Crying).  The leader…he just…he…


Leena:  Don’t, I understand.  (Looks off a few yards and sees Hex-Duo 2 still watching them, too stunned to leave).  Hey!  Why aren’t you cowering behind your leader?!


Hex-Duo 2:  Huh…?  (Shakes its head, refocused).  Don’t give me that!  You wouldn’t even stand a chance against me if I chose to fight!


Leena:  (Walking gradually faster towards Hex-Duo 2).  Oh yeah?!  Then show me!


Hex-Duo 7:  No, don’t…


Lindsey:  Leena, stop!


Hex-Duo 2:  (Slowly walking towards Leena, one hand on its ear.  It’s talking quietly to itself).  Hey Nine, are you reading me?  I need some back-up here ASAP.


-Leena takes off into a run at Hex-Duo 2.


Leena:  That’s it!


Hex-Duo 2 rushes back, ready to strike.


Kyle:  (Running past, slightly glancing over to see this.  He does a double-take).  Oh shhhh…


-Kyle shakes his head and books it directly at Hex-Duo 2, throwing himself at the little robot before it knows what’s happening.


-It looks over too late to react with anything but a confused and slightly terrified look.


-Kyle tackles Hex-Duo 2, rolling around the ground and bouncing up, throwing it down and bouncing it back up to him, soccer-kicking it into the sky.


Kyle:  Leena, don’t do that!


-Kyle starts charging a powerful blast, ready to hit the little robot in mid-air.


Leena:  WHAT?!  You can’t tell me what to do!  I would have been fine!


Kyle:  I don’t care!  I’ve got enough on my mind right now, I don’t need-


Hex-Duo 9 comes in and nails Kyle with a headbutt.


-Kyle scrapes along the ground, thoked pretty good, his blast misfiring and blowing up in the street.


-Hex-Duo 9 flies after him, ready to mount a final strike.


Jack:  (Coming up fast behind).  Hey Tinman!  You forget you were fighting me?!


-Jack dives over Kyle and throws up his barrier, launching Hex-Duo 9 into the air.


-Jack looks at Lindsey for a few seconds as he hovers over the ground before taking off after Hex-Duo 9.


Kyle:  (Rubbing his head).  Ah…we need a better plan to keep these guys occupied…


Leena:  (Running up to Kyle, genuinely worried for someone other than herself for once).  Kyle!  Are you alright?!


Kyle:  (Runs back into the mall).  Keep getting everyone out!  I’ve got an idea!


Leena:  (Nods and runs back in to help everyone).  Right!


Hex-Duo 2:  (Recovers from Kyle’s strike and steadies itself in the air).  Damn it.  This is why I’m not fighting.


-Two catches sight of Hex-Duo 6 still keeping watch over the fight and flies towards it.


-Lindsey pulls Seven up and helps it walk by putting its arm over her shoulder.


Lindsey:  Come on, we still need to get everyone out.


Hex-Duo 7:  (Not looking well).  Lindz, everyone’s going to be okay, somehow.  I don’t know how, but somehow…


-Outside, Kevin is fighting with Hex-Duo 10 who’s chasing after him, firing rounds from its minigun from time to time.


Kevin:  Why are you robots fighting with us?!  What makes us so important?!


Hex-Duo 10:  You messed with the wrong organization pal, and now you’ve gotta DIE!


-Ten fires with both hands, shredding a flowerbed right as Kevin leaps over it.


Hex-Duo 10:  Hahaha, good, keep running!  It just makes it that much more fun!


Zips off after Kevin, pointing an arm off towards the storefront and unloading.


-Glass begins showering down from all over as mass carnage takes place.


-Inside the stores, civilians duck down and plead to God to save them.


Hex-Duo 10:  Yeah, that’s right, I bet God really gives a damn about you bastards.


-Kevin sees this and turns around, stopping as a row of bullet holes appear next to his feet.


Kevin:  If we’re the one’s you’ve condemned, leave the innocent lives alone!


-Kevin grabs the amber stone from inside his pocket and clenches it tightly as he runs at Hex-Duo 10.


Hex-Duo 10:  Hah, what’re you gonna do, shrink yourself to death?


As Kevin pulls his fist back for a punch, his hand grows to ten times its size.


Hex-Duo 10:  What the hell?!


Super uppercut lands, Kevin’s hand shrinks back to normal size.


Austin:  (Lands near Kevin).  Hey, where’d you learn that one?


Kevin:  I’m improvising at the moment.  It seems to be working pretty well.


Austin:  Hey, stick with it ‘til it stops working.  (Takes off again).


-Derek is still fighting back and forth with Hex-Duo 4.  He’s been chased into the parking garage.


Derek:  Hey mechanical bull!  You want a taste of classic muscle?!


-Derek picks up a muscle car and hurls it at Hex-Duo 4.


-Hex-Duo 4 looks up in time to catch the car, grunting as it catches the automobile and placing it softly to the ground.


Hex-Duo 4:  Leave the cars out of this fight!


Derek:  Oh ho, does the big-bad robot have a sweet spot for his fellow servants of society?!


-Derek smashes a window of a fancy car, setting off the alarm.


Derek:  Oh my, I’m sorry, was that your sister?


Hex-Duo 4:  (Grits its teeth and shakes with hate, charging at Derek in a blind rage).  I’ll teach you to disrespect fine craftsmanship!


Derek:  Come on, bring it!


-Derek prepares himself, setting his feet firmly.


-Right as Hex-Duo 4 hits him, Derek grabs its horns, getting pushed back but maintaining some sense of control.


-Finally they come to a stop, both struggling to overpower the other.


Derek:  Here, feel free to get intimate with the Chevy!


-Derek reefs on Hex-Duo 4, throwing it sideways into the Chevy parked next to them.


-Hex-Duo 4 smashes it to pieces once it hits it.




-Hex-Duo 4 rushes Derek again, though Derek sweeps to the side and knees Four in the stomach, disorienting the robot for a moment.


-This is just enough time for Derek to leap up and smash Four in the side of the head, sending it skidding into an entire row of cars, blowing through each.


Derek:  Hahaha…


Pleased with himself, Derek isn’t watching close enough and Hex-Duo 5 walks up from behind him, grabbing him from the back, and just throwing him as hard as he can through the ceiling of the parking garage.


-As Derek breaks through to the top level, Hex-Duo 4 comes up from above and kicks him square in the chest and off towards the front of the mall where Derek lands, holding his chest and grasping for air.


Derek:  Ah…hah…this is ridiculous…


Danny:  (He and Willy land near Derek, Scott and Kevin soon following).  Derek, how’re you doing?


Derek:  Just…just fine Danny.


Jack:  (He and Austin land and start looking around for the rest of the robots).  We don’t have much time before they regroup.  We need to think of a strategy.


Derek:  Shut up Jack.  (Up onto his feet, still holding his chest).  I’m not taking orders from you right now.


Jack:  My orders might just keep you alive a little longer.


Derek:  You rely on luck and Chris, and we don’t have either right now.


Kevin:  We’re still alive; that has to count for something, so be thankful.


Derek:  I’ll be thankful when we’ve won.


Austin:  Look alive guys, we’ve got company again.


-Hex-Duo 4 lands in front of the group with Hex-Duo 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, and 10 landing directly after it.


-Hex-Duo 6 and 2 fly over and hover just behind the other Hex-Duo robots.


Hex-Duo 4:  Okay kiddos, end of the line.


Danny:  (Standing in an uneasy battle stance, looking off towards Jack).  Well Jack, what do we do?


Jack:  We…um…we…


Hex-Duo 1:  I say we end this here and now.


The robots start advancing on them all.


Scott:  Out of all the ways I thought I’d die, this was not at the top of my list.


Derek:  (Pissed, finally recovering from his chest-shot).  Fine, Jack, if you can’t think of a better strategy, then everyone, follow my attack.


Everyone on both sides looks ready to fight, anything about ready to set them off.


Kyle:  Yippie kai-yay!


-Kyle bursts through the front entrance right behind the good guys.


-He’s riding on the back of an old-timey piano which comes rolling to a stop between the two groups, both of which are dumbstruck and can’t do anything.


Kyle:  Heh.  (Whispers to his group).  Follow my lead…


-All the robots have stopped and are just staring, squinting and shrugging their shoulders to try and understand what’s going on.


-Even Hex-Duo 6 is speechless with its mouth hanging open.


Hex-Duo 3:  What in the hell?


Kyle:  (Runs his finger across all the piano keys).  Gents, I’d like to welcome you to a nice little town I like to call, Trillium City.


-Kyle starts playing the piano, about to sing as well.  Duh duh, da da da dun…


Kyle:  Now let me tell you ‘bout a place where I like to call home; a place that’s really friendly and no antelope roam; a place that smells like warm summer days even when there’s none; a place I like to call, Trillium City.


Still playing, Kyle looks off at his group, who are all equally stunned.


Kyle:  Dammit, sing along…


-Danny catches on surprisingly quick, shuffling slightly forward and starts in with the next verse.


Danny:  Um, well most the time people like to sing; because this place is sure a great, great thing; and I’ll tell you why these people love us in the…SPRING!  It’s a town we like to call, (Danny and Kyle together), Trillium City!


At this point, the group has caught on and is beginning to dance in a line, shuffling in the most peculiar way.


-A musical interlude begins with an elaborate dance number including synchronized kicks and a few members doing back flips here and there.


-Eventually, Kyle stands up and starts swaying back and forth as he gets into playing while Danny and Willy hop onto the top of the piano, playing patty-cake.


-The Hex-Duo robots seem to be too confused to do anything but watch as the group starts to dance their little jigs while Kyle plays.


Hex-Duo 4:  Hey Six…should we, um, should we kill them?


Hex-Duo 6:  (Watching with utmost curiosity).  I don’t actually know…


Jack:  (Dances his way to the front of the group as they all line dance into the back).  Ooooooh, I tell ya all that there exists a little town; a stupendous city where not a soul is down; a place I’ve lived my entire natural life; and may someday God-willing find myself a wife; (To the audience), you know the one, (Winks), and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll even get real lucky and have myself a son and when that’s happened and all is said and done, well there’s only one place this can happen and that’s, (Everyone sings this now), Trillium City!


-Derek’s the only one who really can’t summon the enthusiasm for this as he half-assed dances his way to the front.


Derek:  This is pretty stupid…


Kyle:  (Nervous that any second the robots will decide to kill them).  Haha, just go with it…


Derek:  Alright then…  (Clears this throat).  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel…(Begins to nearly beat-box and rap as he goes off).  A’ight bitches, this is how we roll; you suckas think we’re playing but you’re the one’s who’s droll; throwin’ punches like you’re kings and queens of the shit; that’s why every punch you throw just cannot find a hit; actin’ like you’re badass killing machines; hah, nothing like the real thing, only like a dream; you wanna take me down but I’m too busy fightin’ fifty; that’s just the way we do things down in my town called Trillium City.


-Now everyone’s dumbstruck again.


Derek:  Yeah, if I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it right.  Bitches.


His group nods and keeps dancing.


Hex-Duo 2:  (Its sensors start beeping again, so it begins tapping its head).  What’s this?  Hey Six, we’ve got an update.


Hex-Duo 6:  Huh?  (Snaps out of its stupor).  What is it Two?


Hex-Duo 2:  I hate to be the one to let everyone know, but all the civilians have cleared out of the area.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Furious).  WHAT?!


-Clinton runs out the front entrance with Leena, Lindsey and Seven.


Clinton:  We’ve got good news guys, we managed to-


The four see the group dancing and singing the next verse and instantly stop, unable to form a proper reaction.


Clinton:  I suppose that’s one way to stall for time…


Leena:  (Sees Kyle playing the piano).  Kyle?  You can play the piano?


Kyle:  (Sees Leena and instantly stops smiling and playing the piano, awkward again).  Leena?  Oh hey!  You’re alright.  Hah, hey, lookit that…


Hex-Duo 6:  Enough playing around.  I’m sick of seeing these children constantly find a lucky break.  I want them dead and I want them dead NOW.


-The Hex-Duo all shout their agreement of “Hooah” and get in battle stances.


-The group of kids is only slightly ready to fight while Kyle is still standing at the Piano, tinking on a few keys.


Kyle:  Sooooo…no encore?


To Be Continued…


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