Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Forty-Seven

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 47

“Up the Ante”


Recap:  Last time, our heroes managed to fend off the Hex-Duo robots as best they could while the Trillium City mall was evacuated.  Realizing that they weren’t making much headway just punching at them, Kyle stepped up with an impromptu musical number that provided the group with enough time to safely finish evacuating everyone.  Now, the battle continues unhindered, today on Eclipse Star!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Points to its fellow robots).  All of you, attack and break them down.


-The robots nod and begin advancing on the group.


Kyle:  (Tinking on the piano).  Hey, does anyone want to hear some ragtime while we’ve got a chance?  (Looking around).  C’mon, I bet you do.  (Points at Hex-Duo 4, who rushes after Kyle).  Maybe not?


Hex-Duo 6:  Attack!


-The Hex-Duo robots instantly kick into gear and the fighting begins.


-Hex-Duo 4 smashes the piano in half with a huge punch as Kyle jumps backwards.


Kyle:  Hey!  You may not be a music lover but some of us are!


-Kyle punches Hex-Duo 4, then stops for a second, clutching his hand.


Kyle:  Ow!  What the hell are you guys made of anyway?  Metal or something?


Hex-Duo 4:  You’d think that, wouldn’t you?


-Hex-Duo 4 backhands Kyle, sending him spinning off.


-The fight starts with Hex-Duo 2 and 6 taking their usual places above the scene, watching from a safe distance.


-Hex-Duo 7 is pulled with Lindsey away from the fray as the rest of the group leap into ready positions, none of them backing down, not even Leena.


-The 7 Hex-Duo robots are outnumbered by the 10 kids, yet this doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in the long run with each robot easily able to handle more than one opponent at once, and the fact that the stronger members, such as Derek, refuse help from others, only makes this battle much more balanced.


-After a few superficial blows from either side, both Jack and Derek back down for a second to reassess the situation.


Jack:  We’re not even making a dent in these guys.  We need a new plan.


Derek:  No, what I need is for you to stay out of my way.  (Yells up at Hex-Duo 6).  Hey!  I want a piece of you, not your cronies!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Laughs slightly).  Hah, destroy one of them and I’ll consider your offer, otherwise you’re little more than a waste of time.


Derek:  (Fumes).  I’ll teach you…


Austin:  (Holds Derek back).  No.  (Derek whips around to face Austin, pissed).  Hold off on him for now.  You’ll get your chance, but right now we need all the number advantage we can get, so just chill, alright?


Derek:  (Cools off).  Fine, have it your way.  But none of you are allowed to fight him, understood?


Kyle:  (Looks off at Hex-Duo 7 who’s still twitching from the damaged suffered from Hex-Duo 6).  No worries from this angle; you can have him all to yourself.


Hex-Duo 6:  (To both groups).  I seem to remember telling you all to fight, now why aren’t you fighting?


Hex-Duo 1:  (Looks up at 6, a bit of worry in its face).  Well Six, you see, it’s not like we’re afraid or anything, but…remember how you said not to attack the weaker members for fear of angering the stronger ones?


Hex-Duo 6:  Yes, I do.  What’s your point?


Hex-Duo 3:  I think what One is trying to say is that we’re having a hard time figuring out which ones are the weak ones and which ones are the strong ones.


Hex-Duo 8:  Yeah, they’re kinda all about the same right now.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Rolls its eyes).  They haven’t pushed themselves to their limits yet, so none of them have hit their max powers.


Hex-Duo 9:  But, um…who do we kill?  (Big smile to Six).


Hex-Duo 6:  (Sighs).  Fine, that one, (points to Derek), you can kill.  That one, (points to Kyle), you shouldn’t kill yet.


Kyle:  (Jumps and fist-pumps).  Yes!  (Stops).  Hey…wait a minute…


Hex-Duo 6:  It should become apparent before long who’s stronger than whom if you’d just stop playing around.  Now go kill them already!


Hex-Duo 8:  But not that one, (points to Kyle), right?


Hex-Duo 6:  (Smacks its face and sighs).  Just kill them all.


All Hex-Duo:  Right!


Kyle and Leena:  (They look at each other and each get the same idea).   Book it!


-Both Kyle and Leena turn around and run into the mall.


-Everyone else gets the same idea and quickly follow.


Hex-Duo 6:  Go after them!


-All the Hex-Duos snap out of their confusion and head into the mall, blowing the front entrance off as they enter.


Hex-Duo 4:  (Catches up with Kyle).  Thought you could run from me?


Kyle:  Hey, don’t forget, you can’t kill me yet!


Hex-Duo 4:  Oh course.  That just means I have to be extra careful to hurt you in just the right way.


-Hex-Duo 4 breaks Kyle’s nose with a serious punch.


-Kyle skidding across the marble floor on his back, holding his nose.


Kyle:  Ahow!  That wasn’t anything close to the right way!


-Leena comes up from behind Hex-Duo 4 and kicks it in the back of the head, sending it forward and into Kyle, who kicks upwards into the bull-horned robot’s face.


-Kyle then pulls back with one hand and fires a blast that forces the robot up through the ceiling, landing on the second floor.


Leena:  How’s your nose?


Kyle:  It kinda hurts.  Ah, hurts whenever I talk, too.


Leena:  Good, then shut up.  (Runs off).


Kyle:  Now that’s just plain rude.  Women and their hurtful words.


-Elsewhere in the mall things have started to heat up.


-Danny and Willy have chosen to fight Hex-Duo 8 as a team, giving them the opportunity to pinball it back and forth between them.  One slams the robot towards the other and the partner pounds it back, with Hex-Duo 8 unable to orient itself properly to fight back.


-As Hex-Duo 10 is running after Austin, it looks over and sees Eight being double-teamed.


-Ten points one arm at Danny and fires a storm of bullets after Ten’s arm transforms into its usual turret self.


-Danny is pelted only slightly, but it stuns him just enough that Eight plows right into him, sending the two hurling through the air in a slight jumble of limbs until they land and skid into a toy store.


-They each get to their feet, one hand on their head, trying to right themselves properly.


-Once this is done, they instantly get back into a fighter stance, launching themselves at each other, grappling back and forth, slamming each other into various displays of toy cars, Barbies, hoola hoops, and pile of game systems called “9-10-dos.”


-As the two are pushing against one another, they catch a glimpse of a rack of action figures, each meeting eyes with an Optimus Prime.


Hex-Duo 8 and Danny:  Sweet!  (They look back at each other and point).  I knew it!


-Danny grabs the box and slaps Hex-Duo 8 in the face with it.


Hex-Duo 8:  Hey!  That was a collectable!


-As it’s stumbling from the minor hit, Danny clenches his fists and charges something newly seen as his hands begin glowing, making two energy-style boxing gloves appear.


-He starts wailing on Eight with heavy hits, but still nothing he does even makes a dent.


-Hex-Duo 8 finally grabs both Danny’s hands at once and stops Danny in the middle of an attack.


Hex-Duo 8:  Cut it out already!


-Eight headbutts Danny, then throws itself on top of him, causing them both to go through the floor.


-Hex-Duo 1 and Derek are fighting in the middle of the complex, with Derek playing it very safe and keeping his distance any time Hex-Duo 1 tries to come in close with its blades.


Derek:  So why’d they give you the head-mounted tomahawk?  They think you were too lacking without some stupid accessory?


Hex-Duo 1:  Shut up!


-Quick punch at Derek, who sidesteps gracefully.


Hex-Duo 1:  Hah, you’re not going to get me all flustered.


-Another quick punch, also easily dodged.


Hex-Duo 1:  Unlike you, I don’t tire out after all this fighting.


-Hex-Duo 1 fakes a jab, only to have Derek dodge as usual, getting an elbow to the head instead.


-Derek stumbles backwards near a fountain.


-Hex-Duo 1 jumps at him, ready to slice him in half.


Hex-Duo 1:  (Grins).  I think I’ve got a cure for that splitting headache you’re feeling.  Hahaha.


-Hex-Duo 1 does its spin slash at Derek, about to kill him.


-Derek throws his hands up instinctively and somehow catches Hex-Duo 1’s blade between his hands.


-Derek’s eyes are still closed as he’s still reeling from the previous hit.


Derek:  Save your pathetic fight-talk.  If you were able to kill me, you’d have done it already.


-Derek opens his eyes as he struggles to keep One from slicing him.


Derek:  (He smiles).  Right?


Hex-Duo 1:  (Gritting its teeth, pissed that Derek is managing to elude death even though it should have been an easy kill).  Fine, how’s about this for pathetic fight-talk?


-The blades on One’s shoulders move onto its forearms with a swift “click” noise.


Hex-Duo 1:  Why don’t you &#@%ing die?!


-Hex-Duo 1 cross-chops with both arms.


-Derek swiftly stops one blade with his right hand, keeping a firm grip on Hex-Duo 1’s head-blade with his left.


-He’s brought his left leg up to stop Hex-Duo 1’s other blade, although the best he could do was minimize the damage by stopping the blade with his knee.


-The blade cuts deep into the knee muscle, although Derek refuses to show that the wound hurts.


Hex-Duo 1:  Hah, your knee wouldn’t by any chance be bothering you, would it?


-Derek instantly throws all his available force into throwing Hex-Duo 1’s own bladed arm into the robot’s face, cutting its eye and sending sparks flying a bit.


-As the robot cries out in anguish, Derek grabs hold of the robot and pulls it backwards into the fountain with him, holding its face under the water.


Derek:  Hmh, let’s see how well shielded you’re against water, you mutated shaver.


-The robot begins to seizure from contact with water, but nothing too devastatingly incapacitating.


Hex-Duo 1:  I think the real question…is how well shielded are you?


-Hex-Duo 1 clenches its fists and discharges a sizable amount of electricity into the water, blasting Derek with a ton of wattage.


-Derek lets go of One, allowing it to kick Derek out of the fountain and jump out itself.


-As Derek falls backwards, Hex-Duo 1 flies after him to finish the job and slice him apart.


-As the robot’s arm-blades are about to come in contact with Derek, he pulls out his sai and blocks the robot.


Derek:  (He opens his eyes again, once more struggling to keep the robot from overpowering him).  You might want to get an eyepatch or something; maybe a mechanical parrot to go along with it.


Hex-Duo 1:  (Furious).  It’d go nicely with your peg leg!


-One pulls a cheap shot and kicks Derek in his wounded knee.


-Derek yells in pain right before reacting by sliding his sai together and creating a sonic boom that throws the robot back.


-Derek lands, using the opportunity to limp away for a breather.


-Hex-Duo 1 reorients itself in the air next to Hex-Duo 3, checking its eye a bit.


-Hex-Duo 3 looks over.


Hex-Duo 3:  Hey, what happened to your eye?


Hex-Duo 1:  Nothing.  One of the kids got a lucky shot and hit me with my own arm-blade.  The damage is hardly superficial.


Hex-Duo 3:  Hell of a close call there; you think you can still help the team much if you’re gonna take hits like that?


Hex-Duo 1:  Fine, you take the lead kid.  I’m in no mood to hear you give me that sort of guff.


Hex-Duo 3:  “Guff?”  We’re in the middle of a warzone and you’re using the term “guff?”


Hex-Duo 1:  Blow it out your exhaust port Three.


-One flies back off to deal with Derek.


-Remaining near the front of the mall close by Lindsey and Hex-Duo 7, Jack dukes it out with Hex-Duo 5.


Jack:  Alright big guy, anything worth saying before I hit you with something unexpected?




Jack:  I figured you’d say that.


-Jack runs at Five full force, jumping with both feet in a kick.


-He does little more than nudge the robot back with Jack falling at the feet of the robot.


-Five stomps downward at Jack, destroying the concrete in a shower of gravel.


-Jack rolls out of the way but is kicked in the side and stomped at again, forced to catch the large foot trying to crush him, struggling to keep from getting squashed.


Lindsey:  (Becoming frantic).  Seven, please, do something.  Blast the big robot with your beam thing, come on!


Hex-Duo 7:  I can’t.  I just…I can’t.


Lindsey:  (Angry).  Why not?!  I command you to do it!  You’ve got to listen to me, right?


Hex-Duo 7:  (Pitifully sad).  Lindz…I just can’t…these are my brothers…don’t ask me to do this…


Lindsey:  But-


Hex-Duo 7:  (Stern).  I’m not about to harm my fellow teammates!  I’ve done all I can to help you and it isn’t enough?!  You’ve got more than enough power to do something!  So does everyone!  What are all of you waiting for?!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Looks down at this scene).  Isn’t this pathetic Two?  Seeing our once mighty brother reduced to a skirt-chaser?  I’d put him out of his misery, but as long as he refuses to strike us, then I don’t see it as fair, wouldn’t you say?


Hex-Duo 2:  (Tapping its head, getting readings from all over).  He’s right though.  These kids are a lot stronger than they’re putting on, but they don’t know nearly how to use any of it.  I’m getting bursts here and there but nothing that could last long enough to be a threat.  If they’re waiting for something, then I sure don’t know what it is.


Hex-Duo 6:  They’re waiting for their savior to arrive and fix everything.  (Two looks over at Six).  Isn’t it obvious?  They’ve yet to be put in a position where they’ve been forced to finish the foe all by themselves.  Syrus was kind enough to spare them over and over again without forcing them to realize that they are inches from death.  Once one of their teammates falls in battle, then we’ll have a fight on our hands.  One of them is going to hit a new level and be a real threat.  Be ready for when that time comes.


Jack:  (Yelling for anyone as he’s still trying not to get crushed under Five’s foot).  Hey!  Anyone want to give me a little help here?!


-Lindsey stands up and fires a whimpy blast at Five that hardly phases it.


Jack:  I need more than that!


Lindsey:  That’s all I can do!


-Jack is being pressed into the ground from the magnitude of the attack.


Jack:  Then get the hell out of here!  You’re no good to us if you can’t fight!


-Kevin flies in and hurls himself at Five, pushing it off Jack and allowing Jack to roll to his feet and put a few yards between him and Five.


-Kevin launches himself back into the air.


Jack:  About time…


-Jack reaches into his pockets and grabs two of the stones.


Jack:  Alright, here goes…


-He pulls out the yellow stone and the blue stone, one in each hand.


Jack:  Let’s see if this works.


-Jack thrusts them forward, one hand crackling, one hand glistening.


Jack:  Hydro Thunder!


-Jack fires a stream of water from one hand, drenching Five completely.


-As this happens, he plunges his other hand into the stream, shooting a current of electricity through it.


-As the combination attack hits Five, the robot is instantly stunned, shaking and spasming, falling to one knee with its eyes closed and mouth open, in agony.


Jack:  Come on!  I thought you robots loved electricity!




-Hex-Duo 3 flies in behind Jack, punching him hard in the spine.


Hex-Duo 3:  Oh but we do; we just don’t need any from your filthy hands!


-As Jack’s punched, his attack stops.


-The blue stone goes flying out of his hand.


-Lindsey hops to her feet and catches it instinctively.


-Jack goes down hard from this.


Lindsey:  Jack!


Jack:  (He’s not moving, instead laying facedown on the ground).  Don’t…don’t worry, I’m fine…


Hex-Duo 3:  I can help with that.


-Severe shot to Jack’s spine, fully connecting.


-The ground around Jack is destroyed with Jack yelping from the hit.


-A faint “snap” is heard as a result.


-Hex-Duo 3 stands up, snubbing its nose at Jack.


Hex-Duo 3:  (Smug grin).  If you can still walk, then I commend you.


-Kevin turns around in the air, too late to have reacted.


Kevin:  Oh no…


-Hex-Duo 5 jumps up at Kevin, preoccupying him further, pulling him into the mall.


Lindsey:  (Near tears).  Jack…?  (She starts walking towards Hex-Duo 3, pissed).  What did you do to him?  HUH?!  What did you do?!


Jack:  Lindz…just go…


Hex-Duo 3:  (Looking over cockily, about to brush her aside).  You’d best listen to your friend and leave before you end up like him with a broken back and your pretty little face in the dirt.


Lindsey:  (Takes off after Hex-Duo 3).  You’ll pay for that!!!


-Hex-Duo 3 hardly has to move, kicking upward into Lindsey’s face, shattering her nose with a fierce blow.


-She is thrown onto her back where she lays, coughing and breathing heavily, unable to get to her feet, tears streaming down her face.


Hex-Duo 3:  Hmh.  (Looks over at Hex-Duo 7).  I left your girlfriend alive as a favor.  Keep her in line next time.


-Hex-Duo 3 takes off back into the mall.


Hex-Duo 7:  Lindz…  (Staggers over to her on the ground).  Please be okay…


Lindsey:  (Crying a bit).  Ah…  (She becomes furious).  AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!


-Her whole body quivers with rage, yet all she can do is lie on the ground and yell, Jack nearby, crawling over to her.


Jack:  Don’t worry, I’m okay.  I’ll be okay.


-Jack tosses her a PEZ dispenser.


Jack:  It won’t fix you, but it’ll help.


-Lindsey takes the PEZ, but remains yelling periodically, frustrated at the situation, Jack out of the fight, Hex-Duo 7 unwilling to harm his fellow robots.


-Lindsey finally gets up and runs into the mall.


Jack:  Dammit Lindsey!


-The scene inside the mall is hectic.


-Clinton and Austin have been working together to fight with Hex-Duo 10 after being chased into the food court.


-Ten is standing in the middle, firing rounds from its turret-arms at them, blowing away whatever gets in its way.


-The two humans are huddled behind tables and pillars, periodically jumping out from them to hurl chairs or other tables at the robot, quick to jump back behind cover.


Hex-Duo 10:  Come out, come out, wherever you’re hiding…


-Clinton jumps out from behind a table, flipping it at Ten in the process.


Hex-Duo 10:  Aha!


-Hex-Duo 10 opens fire with both arms, ripping the table to pieces.


-Clinton luckily escapes harm.


Hex-Duo 10:  Now what’s the fun in all of this?


-One of its arms transforms from a turret to have a larger barrel.


Hex-Duo 10:  If you’re just going to hide…then I’m gonna be forced to find you.


-Hex-Duo 10 fires a grenade from the newly transformed arm.


-It lands near Austin and blows his cover entirely.


Hex-Duo 10:  Got you!


-Ten fires everything it can at Austin, clipping him on the left side.


-It fires another grenade at Austin as Clinton fires a blast at Ten, pestering it enough to turn its attention away from Austin for the moment.


-Austin leaps up and grabs the grenade in midair, hurling it back at Ten.


-The grenade explodes right as Ten looks back over, although the detonation is a foot in front of its face.


-It covers its head with both arms to avoid any slight damage that it may have encountered.


-When it drops its defenses, Austin and Clinton boot it in the head at the same time.


-Kevin struggles in vain against Hex-Duo 5 as the robot tightens a hold on him as it flies them through one wall after another.


Kevin:  I’ve gotta…somehow stay conscious…




-Kevin clenches the amber stone once more, shrinking himself, slipping out of Hex-Duo 5’s grip.


-Hex-Duo 5 keeps flying, looking back with a puzzled look as it continues to smash through walls.


-Finally, Hex-Duo 5 stops in mid-air and hangs for a second.


Hex-Duo 5:  …  (Shakes its head).  ILLOGICAL.


-As Five flies back at Kevin, Kevin’s body grows to about the size of Hex-Duo 5.


-The robot connects with the now larger Kevin as Kevin digs his feet into the ground.


-Hex-Duo 5 is stopped as the two clench up.


Kevin:  Please just leave us alone.  I’m asking nicely; robot or not, we don’t have any reason to fight you.


Hex-Duo 5:  …  (Opens its mouth).


Kevin:  I know, I know, “Illogical.”


Hex-Duo 5:  NO.  “ILLOGICAL!”


-Five’s eyes open up and two smaller cannons pop out of them, firing at Kevin’s feet, ripping up the ground.


-Kevin falls through the floor suddenly.


-As his balance is off during the fall, Hex-Duo 5 smashes downward with its bulky hands, knocking Kevin across the mall, skipping about as he returns to his normal size.


-Kyle and Leena are fighting with Hex-Duo 4, running around the top level of the mall.


Kyle:  I don’t get it, why are you fighting us?!  I mean, there are way better fighters to waste time with!  What about Derek?!  Don’t you want Derek?!


-Kyle catches a glimpse of Derek fighting with Hex-Duo 1 on the first floor, the two clanging blades in a close match.


Kyle:  Seriously, he doesn’t even look all that busy!


-Kyle checks his pocket and pulls out the green stone.


Kyle:  Why did they give this to me?  Leena!  Catch!


-Kyle hurls the stone to Leena, who solidly misses the catch.


Kyle:  ACK!  You were supposed to catch that!


Leena:  Why?!  Why couldn’t you have used it?!


Kyle:  Because I’m stupid, alright?!


-Kyle starts to run down the up-escalator, getting about halfway before he’s basically running in place.


Kyle:  Stupid up-escalator, you’re not helping!


-Hex-Duo 4 comes up behind him, throwing punches.


-Kyle starts dodging out of the way of some, jumping over Hex-Duo 4 and running back up with the escalator.


Kyle:  Fine, I didn’t want to go down anyway.


-As soon as Kyle reaches the top, he sees Leena in the middle of hurling something his direction, the green stone in her hands.


Leena:  Catch!


-Kyle ducks just in time for Hex-Duo 4 to get hit with a powerful gust of wind that blows it all the way across the mall, unable to fight back.


Leena:  Dang, I missed.


Kyle:  (Points an accusing finger at her).  I’m gonna get you back for that one.


-On the other side of the mall, Hex-Duo 3 is searching around after loosing Willy somewhere in the fray.


Hex-Duo 3:  Come out now; don’t make me come find you.  I’m not a fan of hide n’ seek.  I usually cheat.


-A movement comes from behind Hex-Duo 3 in an athletic store.


Hex-Duo 3:  Gotcha!


-Willy flies out on a skateboard with a metal bat in his hands.


Hex-Duo 3:  The heck is this?


-Willy swings the bat slugger style, breaking it off on Hex-Duo 3’s face.


-Hex-Duo 3 falls backwards, landing with its spikes in the floor, getting stuck.


Hex-Duo 3:  Alright then now-  Huh?  (Tries to get free).  Hrk, ung.  Dammit!


Willy:  (Coming back around on the skateboard).  Bummer of a weakness there.


Hex-Duo 3:  Shuddap!


-Willy pulls a golf club out from a bag on his back, then drops some golf balls from his pocket and starts chipping the balls into Hex-Duo 3’s head.


Hex-Duo 3:  (Trying to shield its face).  Hey!  C’mon now!  Cut it out!


-Willy zips by on the skateboard and swings the club hard into Hex-Duo 3’s head.


-The robot starts to grow angry as the club breaks off on its face.


Hex-Duo 3:  I’m getting really mad here.  You don’t want to make me mad, kid!


-Willy tosses the bag away, quickly rolling into the athletic store.


Hex-Duo 3:  What now?


-Willy comes back carrying a bench-press dumbbell completely loaded up with weights.


Hex-Duo 3:  Ah dang.


-Willy lifts the weight above his head and swings it around before coming down full force on Hex-Duo 3, carrying it through the floor. 


-At the malls’ entrance, Scott fights with Hex-Duo 9.


Scott:  Come on, show me that crazy spout-blast thing again.


Hex-Duo 9:  No!  I don’t want to!


Scott:  Because you know that it makes you look like a pansy; isn’t that right Toto?


Hex-Duo 9:  It does not!  And I’m the Tinman, not Toto!  (Stops).  Wait…


-Scott hits it with everything he’s got, sending it rocketing through the mall, through a number of floors and stores, ripping apart an entire clothing store.


-Leena and Kyle are running by as Hex-Duo 9 destroys the store on its way through.


Leena:  NOOO!!!  All those wonderful clothes…


Kyle:  I’m pulling a Jack and taking credit for that, somehow.


Scott:  (Wringing his wrists after the attack).  Shit…if that wasn’t what just broke my wrists, then I’ve been getting too acquainted with myself lately and it’s finally catching me at a bad time.  (Shakes his hands).  Damn robots…


-Hex-Duo 9 continues all the way through the roof, to where Hex-Duo 2 and 6 can see it exit.


Hex-Duo 2:  One of the humans just hit max power.


Hex-Duo 6:  I can see that.  Nine!


-The robot rights itself in the air a few yards away from Six.


Hex-Duo 6:  You’re fine, right?


-Nine nods a bit shakily.


Hex-Duo 6:  Good.  Stay here.


-Nine stays put.


Hex-Duo 9:  Alert the others to exit the mall.


-Two nods.  A few seconds later, Six fires a blast straight down into the mall, tearing it down from the inside out.


Hex-Duo 6:  If that doesn’t end this silly mall madness then I give up.


-Soon after the blast goes off, everyone in the mall has made it out, with the Hex-Duo robots slightly nervous and the kids just barely escaping, some quite worse for the wear.


Lindsey:  (Coughing).  Leena, Kyle, you okay?


Leena:  (Also coughing).  Yeah, I’m okay.  (Points over at Kyle).  And he’s fine, too.  I think that was a warning shot; if he wanted us dead then he would have done something bigger.  (Kyle seems confused that this is coming from Leena).  Shut up, Derek’s been teaching me a few things.


Lindsey:  Why do they want us outside again though?


-Leena and Kyle both shrug.


Hex-Duo 4:  Hrm…


-Hex-Duo 4 fires out from the mall, grabbing Leena by the face, slamming her head into the ground as it flies, tearing up the sidewalk and digging a trench.


-Leena seems to want to scream but she can’t since Four’s hand is covering her mouth.


-Four finally stops and leaves Leena lying motionless on the ground.


-Lindsey is too stunned to do anything except gasp and cover her mouth.


Kyle:  No…nonononono…


-Kyle runs directly at Hex-Duo 4, his body starting to spark.




-Kyle throws his arm out, but before he can complete the attack, Hex-Duo 4 has already jumped forward to meet him, his foot connecting with Kyle’s neck.


-Kyle’s flung sideways, instantly unconscious as he hits the ground.


Hex-Duo 4:  (Brushing its hands together).  Now shut the f*ck up already.


-Hex-Duo 6 smiles thoroughly to itself as the rest of the humans finally take notice of this sudden loss of two fighters from the battle.


Hex-Duo 6:  Two, how many more do they have left?


Hex-Duo 2:  (Tapping its head).  They’re down to 8.


Hex-Duo 6:  Good, I’d say we’ve just about evened the playing field.


To Be Continued…


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