Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Forty-Eight

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 48

“Unstoppable Forces”


Recap:  Jack’s down, Leena’s down, Kyle’s down, Hex-Duo 7 refuses to fight, Lindsey’s hurt, Derek’s wounded, Scott’s wrists are shattered, and everyone’s becoming exhausted.  On the Hex-Duo’s side, Hex-Duo 1 has a scuff across its eye.  Things aren’t looking good now that Hex-Duo 6 has damaged the mall to a point that no one can safely go back in.  How much more punishment can the group take before they’ve had enough?


-Hex-Duo 6 smiles to itself as it sees the fine job Hex-Duo 4 has done of knocking Kyle and Leena out of the fight.


Hex-Duo 6:  Excellent work Four!  Just don’t forget that there are 8 more to go!


-Lindsey runs over to Leena’s unconscious body, tears running down her face.


Lindsey:  Leena, Leena please get up!


Jack:  (Crawling towards Lindsey, his back legs not working).  Lindz, come here, I can’t get over there fast enough.


-Lindsey slowly turns around and hurries over to Jack.


Jack:  Lindsey, they’re okay.  Trust me on this, they’re just unconscious.  (Points to his watch).  See, I’m still getting a blip from them.


-Jack pulls the PEZ dispenser back out of his pocket and hands it to her.


Jack:  Now here, go give them one each.  Like I said, it won’t put them back into the fight, but it should keep them out of danger.


-The rest of the capable fighters are huddled together, trying to formulate a plan.


Austin:  Okay, so has anyone managed to do any harm to these guys?


-Derek wraps his knee with some cloth.


Derek:  Yeah, I hit the mohawked one in the face with its own arm-blade.  It didn’t do much but it pissed it right the hell off.


Scott:  Was this before or after he put that pretty wound in your knee?


Derek:  (Annoyed at Scott’s question).  After.  (Notices that Scott’s wringing his wrists).  Those broken?


Scott:  Probably.  I hit one of ‘em with full power.  Sent it crashing through the mall but as you can see, it wasn’t worth it.


Kevin:  Has anyone suffered any serious wounds?


Austin:  I was grazed from a handful of bullets but I’ll be fine.  Nothing actually hit me straight-on.  (Sighs).  We’ve lost our number advantage; we need a better strategy for survival.


Scott:  I say we cut our loses and try to escape.


Clinton:  How are we supposed to do that?  They’ve got a solid lock on us, we’re exhausted, and four of our teammates are injured to the point that we’d need to carry them.


Derek:  (Corrects him).  Three teammates.  (Clinton looks over confused).  We don’t have to save the robot, doesn’t matter how helpful he was, he isn’t helpful now.


Clinton:  Regardless, there’s still no way we can escape.  At least…well there’s no way for everyone to get away safely.


-They all look up with the same sad expression in their eyes.


Clinton:  Guys…I think it’s time to consider the last resort option…


Kevin:  Never; there’s always a way.


Derek:  (Without skipping a beat).  I’ll do it.  I guarantee I can hold them all off long enough for everyone to get away.


Austin:  (Shaking his head).  No, there’s just no way.  And I wouldn’t feel right condemning someone to getting torn apart, even if it is you, Derek.


Derek:  If it’s got to be someone it’s got to be me, no way around that.  (None of the group protests this).  You should all go straight to my dad’s house if anything happens here.


-This last statement gets a reaction from the group, who all moan and starts bickering with Derek, sick of him suggesting his dad’s house as a safe place to stay.


Hex-Duo 6:  Enough!  Get back in there and eliminate those kids.


-The Hex-Duo robots each launch themselves at the remaining fighters, each taking one for their own.


-Lindsey watches as the two groups dart around the area, fighting back and forth with each other at amazing speeds.


Lindsey:  Jack?


Jack:  (Struggling with his legs).  Ungh, yeah?


Lindsey:  Jack…I want you to know…I really like you.  (Jack looks up, confused).  I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you sooner, but I don’t think I’ll get the chance later.


Jack:  Lindsey, I…


-Lindsey looks away, taking off into the fray.


Jack:  Lindz wait!


Hex-Duo 7:  (Slouched close by Jack).  Congrats…  (Looks away).


-Lindsey hurls herself into the first robot she finds.


Lindsey:  Hold on!  I’m coming to help!  Hya!


-She slams into Hex-Duo 9 from behind, following up with a serious blast.


Lindsey:  Leave us alone!


-The smoke clears and Hex-Duo 9 is undamaged.  Lindsey looks heartbroken.


Lindsey:  I don’t understand…how can you…?


Hex-Duo 9:  Sweetheart, you don’t really think you’re much use to them now, do you?  We’ve come to the conclusion to spare you; you should take that chance before you do something…STUPID!


-Hex-Duo 9 fires its spout blast at her.


-She blocks and is only spun around in the air.


-Willy zooms out of the sky behind her and kicks Hex-Duo 9.


Willy:  Lindz, seriously, go sit this out.  We’ve got enough to worry about right now.


-Hex-Duo 9 comes right back and clobbers Willy in the stomach, then the face.


-The two grapple around in the air.


-Lindsey looks all around the fight, unsure what to do.


Lindsey:  No, I’m not just going to sit this one out.


-As she turns around, Hex-Duo 5 fires its chest cannon at her, hitting her clean out of the air.


-She hits the ground, dazed but okay.


-The fighting begins to take a turn for the worst; the robots are starting to overpower the group with their superior stamina and defensive capabilities.


-Austin and Kevin are knocked into each other, and then both punched in the gut against one another.


-They dodge the following punches to the face, allowing the robots to punch each other’s fist, creating a resounding BOOM.


-Austin and Kevin both give a swift kick to the robots, continuing the fruitless exchange of blows.


Hex-Duo 7:  (Calling Jack over to it).  Jack, come ‘ere.


Jack:  Hold on.


-Jack finishes crawling over to it.


Hex-Duo 7:  Jack, I can get you all out if you need.


Jack:  (Slightly excited).  What?  How?


Hex-Duo 7:  If I detonate myself it should buy you all enough time to get away.  It’ll jam their scanning devices and allow you a clean break as long as you can all get away fast enough.


Jack:  Won’t the detonation blow us up with you?


Hex-Duo 7:  It might, but it’s the only option you’ve got at the moment.  I’m watching the fight closely and our side, er, your side, eh, the good guys, aren’t winning.  If you want me to do it though you’ll have to give me a little forewarning since it’ll take a minute or so to charge.


Jack:  (Sigh).  If it comes to it then I’ll ask.  Right now though I don’t think it would help.  If we escape then we’ll just have to fight another day.  We’re as good as we’re gonna get.  Another day, another week, it won’t make a difference.  If we can’t finish this today then it’s never going to happen.  (He sadly looks over at Hex-Duo 7).  We just aren’t strong enough.


Hex-Duo 6:  What’s the status Two?


Hex-Duo 2:  (Scanning as usual).  The humans are getting beat down at this point.  They aren’t getting stronger anymore, they’re getting weaker.  Except for that one, (points at Derek, who’s in the middle of clashing with Hex-Duo 1 once again), and that one, (points at Lindsey, who’s finally getting up from the ground while brushing herself off).  Everyone else is slowly diminishing in power.


Hex-Duo 6:  How much better are those two getting?


Hex-Duo 2:  Honestly, I can’t tell.  Both of their powers have more than doubled in the past 5 minutes while the others have almost halved theirs.  Oh, and Seven’s trying to convince Jack that if he blows himself apart it’ll give them a chance to get away.


Hex-Duo 6:  I heard.  It wouldn’t work, but whatever gives them hope I suppose.  (Shakes its head).  What does Seven see in them?  They haven’t treated him all too kindly, they don’t seem to care if he’s destroyed or not, so why does he continue to want to help them?  It’s because he’s in love, isn’t it?


Hex-Duo 2:  (Two looks over, unsure what to say.  It shrugs).  Could be.  Although I’m no expert on love.


Hex-Duo 6:  Just keep an eye on the two outliers to the norm.


-Lindsey flies back into the fray, punching Kevin’s opponent, Hex-Duo 10, in the side as Kevin’s fighting it from the front.


-The robot grows angry and smacks Kevin in the side of the head with one of its bulky arms, then points a turret in Lindsey’s face, about to unload.


-Kevin quickly recovers and kicks the arm up, the turret misfiring into the air.


-Lindsey punches again into the robot’s side, trying to make a dent, but to no avail.


-She kicks the robot in the side and flips away, going to try her luck on any of the other robots.


-Kevin proceeds to grasp a hold of the arm, causing Ten to fire around and around in circles and hit nothing.


-Lindsey zips over to Scott’s position, seeing that he’s having a hard time dealing with Hex-Duo 3.


-She enters the fight with a bang, shooting a bunch of energy blasts into the robot’s face.


-It does little more than annoy the hell out of it.


Hex-Duo 3:  Little girl, I believe I told you to run away.


-Hex-Duo 3 shakes its head and turns upside down, causing all of Lindsey’s attacks to miss.


-Scott’s confused from all of this and doesn’t see Hex-Duo 3’s leg come down with a bicycle kick, catching Scott on the top of the head, knocking him senseless.


-As Lindsey gets closer, Hex-Duo 3 rights itself, spinning upwards and connecting a serious backhand to Lindsey’s face.


-As Lindsey falls backward, the robot grabs her head and throws her to the ground, where she hits hard, stunned and holding her face.


Hex-Duo 3:  If she’s not going to learn, then it’s not worth trying.


-Hex-Duo 3 clenches its fists and the spikes on its back shoot out to double their original length.


-Hex-Duo 3 turns its back to the ground and launches itself straight down on a collision course with Lindsey, ready to impale her.


-Kevin looks down to see this, which distracts him from fighting with Hex-Duo 10.


-Ten grows curious and looks down, smiling and fires a single shot at Lindsey, catching her above the eye.


-She yelps from the hit and cringes, unable to move.


Kevin:  LINDSEY!


-Lindsey looks up to see Hex-Duo 3 coming down on top of her.


Lindsey:  Oh noes…


Hex-Duo 3:  G’night Barbie!




-Hex-Duo 3 slams right into her, skewering her right through upon contact.


-The ground has been cratered.


-The entire battlefield has stopped momentarily to witness this, since any large hit could potentially be a turning point in the battle.


-Hex-Duo 3 laughs maliciously and tweaks its back, turning slightly to rip up more concrete.


-The ground is torn to bits, with nothing but a puddle leaking around where Hex-Duo 3’s hit.


-Everyone is silent as it gets to its feet, proud of itself.


Hex-Duo 3:  Hah, add another point to our scorecard mates!


-Hex-Duo 3 looks back and sees that Lindsey isn’t there.


Hex-Duo 3:  What?  Where’s the mangled body?  That’s the best part!


-The puddle of water near its feet starts to flow speedily away, pooling a few yards away.


-The water reforms into the shape of a person, with Lindsey standing up, holding the blue stone in her hand and shaking, soaking wet.


Hex-Duo 3:  You cheated me.


-Hex-Duo 3 starts to take a step towards her, but as it’s doing this a flaming hailstone hits head-on, compliments of Austin.


Hex-Duo 3:  GAH!  I’m tired of those f*cking stones!


-Jack reaches into his pocket and pulls out the red stone, baffled.


Jack:  But…I’ve still got the red one…


-Austin pants heavily, creating another fireball in his hand.


Austin:  Lindsey!  Take cover!


-Austin unleashes a firestorm of an attack.


-As it’s about to hit Hex-Duo 3, the robot puts on a panicked face and dives backwards, spinning at a crazy speed, burrowing itself into the ground.


-Austin lets up, exhausted.


Austin:  Dammit, I didn’t think it could do that…


-Both Six and Two are floating with their mouths hanging slightly open.


Hex-Duo 6:  Two, how did he do that?


Hex-Duo 2:  (Scanning like mad, frantic).  I…I have no idea.  His data files don’t show him being able to do that.  None of them are shown to be capable of that!  The only time any of them did it before was when we were fighting the one kid back at the fallen base, and he was using a stone!  This isn’t possible!


Hex-Duo 6:  Damnit, this means they’re breaking through to something new.  Apparently they don’t need the stones to use the abilities, they just need to have come in contact with them, which they all have.  Damnit!  Any one of them could use something unexpected now!


Austin:  Lindsey!  You okay?!


-Lindsey nods, still in awe at the display of unknown skill that Austin just demonstrated.


Lindsey:  I’m fine!


-The ground around her starts to quake.


-She instinctively leaps into the air to avoid being hit by Hex-Duo 3 as it resurfaces.


-Hex-Duo 3’s eyes are bulging from rage as it points at Austin.


Hex-Duo 3:  You little shitstain!  I’ll kill you for your sneaky little trick!


-Hex-Duo 3 reaches onto it back and pulls a spike from it, pointing towards Austin and hurling the spike directly at him.


-As the spike flies through the air, about to hit Austin, Derek throws himself in between and creates a sonic boom, shattering the spike as it hits the sound barrier.


-Chaos ensues from here on out, with everyone fighting back and forth, half panicked, half on an adrenaline high.


-Even the Hex-Duo robots seem to have taken notice to everything occurring and are a little off their edge, allowing bigger shots to break through their guard and finding themselves easily distracted with energy blasts flying every which way.


Austin:  (Yells to Danny and Willy).  Alright, Mighty Ducks!  Go!


-The two instantly know what he’s saying and they follow behind him as he speeds towards Hex-Duo 5.


-The three fly in a V formation, with Austin in the front, slamming the hulking robot to the ground.


-As it gets up, Austin is coming in from the front.


-Hex-Duo 5 puts up its defenses, ready to take anything Austin can throw at it.


-Danny and Willy come out from opposite angles and slam into the robot from either side, holding it in place.


-Austin’s hand glows fiery red, like magma, as he throws a strong punch into the robot’s chest.


Austin:  Take this!


-Austin’s fist makes contact with Hex-Duo 5, smoke instantly shooting off of the spot where Austin punched.


-He attempts to follow-through with his attack but he’s stopped dead in his tracks.


-As he pulls his fist back, he sees that he’s managed to melt a divot into Five’s chest, but he failed to punch through into the inside.


Austin:  Dammit!


-Hex-Duo 5 comes to its senses and pulls its arms with Danny and Willy still attached together, slamming the two against one another.


-Hex-Duo 5 throws them to the side and uppercuts Austin, who takes the attack without seeming to try and stop it, crushed at the failure of his attack.


Hex-Duo 3:  (Laughing and strutting).  Heh, you think a little attack like that is gonna make a difference?!  Five’s far stronger than that!  When are you kids gonna learn that none of you are strong enough to harm us?!  None of you!  Isn’t that right guys?!


-The rest of the robots all sneer and laugh at the humans as they’re all about to engage the kids again.


Lindsey:  Hey Goliath!


-Hex-Duo 5 turns to face the origin of the voice he heard, seeing Lindsey coming at it.


Lindsey:  RrrrrHAAA!


-Lindsey slams her fist into the divot, breaking through his hull.


-She looks up at the emotionless robotic face as a flash of terror crosses it.


Hex-Duo 5:  (Uncharacteristically quiet and sad).  Illogical…


Lindsey:  (She speaks quietly and deliberately).  This is for Chris…


-Lindsey starts glowing.


Lindsey:  SHHHYAAAAAA!!!




-Lindsey puts every ounce of power into a blast, ripping Hex-Duo 5 apart from the inside out, cracking it in half and utterly destroying it, making it look as if popcorn is exploding against its insides, bubbling its armor on the outside, until it completely explodes, leaving Lindsey standing all alone on the ground, breathing heavily.


-Everyone else has shielded their faces from the intensity of the light.


Hex-Duo 3:  (Shocked at what just happened, almost sounding as if it could cry).  Five…?


-Hex-Duo 6 looks down to see a smoking crater where Hex-Duo 5 once stood.


-Six becomes livid.


Hex-Duo 6:  Shit!  Two?!  Where was the reading for that?!


Hex-Duo 2:  (Tapping its head like crazy, worried that Six may destroy it out of annoyance).  I don’t know, I don’t know!  It happened too quickly to judge!  One minute she was still building and then she hit critical and I didn’t have enough time to warn anyone!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Gritting its teeth).  What’s she reading right now?


Hex-Duo 2:  I’m checking…  Sad, she’s dropped below anything remotely dangerous.  That last attack took everything out of her.  I mean, you could tell, she put her heart into it.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Barking orders to its group).  Hex-Duos!  The humans have become dangerous!  Any one of them could potentially do the same thing!  Destroy them now!


-Everyone has landed on the ground, too startled to stay airborne.


-The Hex-Duo robots are half enraged by their fallen comrade and half worried that they could be next.


-Derek takes note of this and uses it to his advantage, picking Hex-Duo 9 to be the next to fall if caught off guard.


Derek:  Hey!  Tin woodsman!  I’m sending you back to Oz, in pieces!


-Derek rushes at Nine, sai out at his sides, ready to attempt to pierce the armor.


-As he thrusts at the robot, it dodges faintly out of the way, leaving him slashing at thin air.


-Hex-Duo 4 comes diving at him, although Derek catches the robot’s horns with his sai and stands his ground, throwing it to the side.


Derek:  You think you can fight me?!  I’ll pull you all apart bit by bit!


Hex-Duo 2:  That one keeps getting stronger.  I guarantee that we’re gonna see him go off next.


-Everyone has begun fighting in a fury now.


-The robots are pissed and the group can do little more than try and keep from getting caught in between some serious hits.


-Before long, everyone is dealt some heavy blows.


-Austin is grabbed by the throat and thrown to the dirt.


-Scott is clocked in the side of the head with a metallic fist that leaves him none the better and his whole world starts spinning as he stumbled backwards onto his hands and knees, unable to keep his thoughts straight.


-Danny and Willy are still staying relatively close to each other, doing their best to look out for one another, although this is increasingly difficult as the robots are hardly showing restraint anymore.


-Derek is rushing around, making some large hits for his side, helping to keep the group from being downright killed.


-Lindsey has taken to protecting Jack, Kyle, and Leena.


-Kyle slowly opens his eyes, although the most he can do is weakly look up from the ground.


Kyle:  Lindz…?  What happened?


Lindsey:  You suffered a serious blow to the neck Kyle.  You’ll be okay though, you’ll be okay.


Kyle:  (He can sense the unease in her voice).  I don’t like the sound of that.  Where’s Leena?


Lindsey:  She’s right next to you.  She’s okay.  (She’s trying not to cry).


Jack:  (Looks over at Hex-Duo 7).  This may be as good a time as any to do it.


-Hex-Duo 7 looks over with sad eyes.


Jack:  Do it!


Lindsey:  (Lindsey hears Jack yell this and looks over, curious).  Do what?


-Lindsey sees Hex-Duo 7 starting to shimmer.


Lindsey:  What are you doing?!


Hex-Duo 7:  Lindsey, get everyone as far away from here as fast as you can.  This isn’t going to destroy them, but it should give you guys a chance to get away.


Lindsey:  (Heartbroken).  What?!  No!  I won’t do it!  It doesn’t have to end like this, it doesn’t!


Jack:  Lindsey, just do it dammit!  We’re out of options unless you can destroy the rest of them by yourself!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Sees Hex-Duo 7 glowing).  He’s trying to do it, isn’t he?


Hex-Duo 2:  (Checking its scanner).  Yeah, I’m getting a pretty sizable reading from him.  He’s going for the gusto.


Hex-Duo 6:  Right.  Four!  (Hex-Duo 4 turns to Six).  Get the girl!


-Hex-Duo 4 nods and zips behind Lindsey, grabbing her.


-She does her best to get away but fails.


Hex-Duo 6:  There, now if Seven wants to try playing this game he’ll have to blow her up, too.


Hex-Duo 4:  (Choking Lindsey).  Alright Seven, you’ve had your fun, now stop.


-Hex-Duo 7 slowly stops glowing, drooping its head in shame, regretful and disappointed in its own shortcomings.


Hex-Duo 4:  There’s a good boy.


-Chucking a robot off him, Derek makes eye contact with Hex-Duo 6.


Derek:  I want you!  Come and fight me you coward!  If we’re dying I want it to be from your hands!


-Hex-Duo 6 gets up from its sitting position with its arms crossed.


Hex-Duo 6:  Hmh, you silly child, you really don’t want me involved in this.


-Derek pulls his arms back, his entire body spasming randomly, his muscles pulsating and enlarging.


Derek:  Let’s see if you can catch this!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Smiles and puts its arms into a defensive stance).  I can hardly wait.


Hex-Duo 2:  (Scanning everything around it, Derek in particular).  He’s reaching max, although it shouldn’t be a problem.


-Hex-Duo 6 laughs at this statement.


-Danny and Willy are running from Hex-Duo 8 and Hex-Duo 1, both trying their best to mutilate the two in any way possible.


Danny:  This is nuts Willy!  Watch out behind you!


-Willy is pounded from a body slam by Hex-Duo 8 that sends him sprawling forward.


Danny:  Willy!


-Danny starts charging his hands up to recreate his energy boxing gloves.


Danny:  I’ll get y-


-Danny stops dead as something flashes across his brain.


-His eyes widen and his mouth hangs open.


-Instantly he looks off to the North.


Danny:  No way…


-Danny looks over at Hex-Duo 2, who suddenly stops as well and looks off towards the North, also in shock.


-Danny does a quick roundhouse kick to Hex-Duo 1 right before he’s sliced, sending the robot onto the ground.


-Danny’s eyes dart around rapidly, spying Derek.


-He takes off in a sprint at Derek.


-The ground around Derek has sparked and cracked, Derek’s arms bulging to a point that it looks like they’re about to burst.


-He looked directly at Hex-Duo 6.


Derek:  I’ll see you in HELL!!!


-Derek throws his arms forward, about to fire his finishing move at Hex-Duo 6, who just prepares for the blast, sneering.


-Danny hurls himself at Derek, slamming into him.




-The blast screeches towards Hex-Duo 6, although begins to veer off course.


-Hex-Duo 2 shakes from head to toe, still looking off to the North.


-It begins to turn towards Hex-Duo 6.


Hex-Duo 2:  S-s-s-s-…Six!


-Two turns wide-eyed, only to be looking directly at one hell of an energy blast.


Hex-Duo 2:  SHIIIIIT!!!




-The battlefield once more stops due to the intensity of the explosion, throwing everyone off their feet and onto either their backs or their sides, covering their heads and eyes from the intense brightness and the amount of dust that’s kicked up.


-Hex-Duo 6 hardly manages to look over to see what’s happening.


-As the light fades, nothing is left of Hex-Duo 2.  The robot’s quite dead.


-Hex-Duo 6’s mouth is hangs open, looking about if it’s going to cry.


Hex-Duo 6:  Number Two…  (Turns to Derek, infuriated).  How dare you?!


-Derek gets up, pushing Danny off him.  He’s furious.


Derek:  You stupid bastard!  I could have destroyed the lead robot!


-Hex-Duo 6 instantly charges itself, blowing a crater around it.


Hex-Duo 6:  Hex-Duo robots!  They have gone too far!  Kill them at once!


-Hex-Duo 6 starts charging up for a finisher blast.


-Soon, all the Hex-Duo robots have joined alongside Six, each charging their own blasts.


Hex-Duo 6:  You will all pay for this!


Lindsey:  (Turns to Hex-Duo 7, crying).  Fine!  We’re out of options!  Do it!


Hex-Duo 7:  (Sorrowfully looks back at her).  I can’t…I don’t heave enough time…I’m sorry!


Kyle:  (Clenches his teeth and shuts his eyes tight).  It’s all over!  We’re gonna die!


Hex-Duo 6:  Prepare for death!


-Hex-Duo 6 continues to power up.


-Everyone is struggling to keep on their feet.  They’re exhausted and beaten and they know it.


-Danny, however, is still looking off to the North, a huge smile on his face, tears rolling down his cheeks.


-Derek notices this and looks over as well.


-Suddenly the ground begins to hum, like a slight vibration is just now hitting them.


-Bits of debris are rumbling around and dust is rising from the wreckage.


-Everyone is starting to take notice of this, looking off towards the North.


-Jack’s watch suddenly flips out.


-Even the Hex-Duo robots stop momentarily, wondering what new surprise is about to happen.


Hex-Duo 6:  What’s this…?




-Everyone is hit with a powerful gust of wind as something explodes onto the scene.


-Debris is carried along by the gust, ripping through the area as whatever the force is that caused the wind comes skidding to a stop, tearing up the street in the process.


-The force appears to be crouched sideways with one foot outstretched to the side and the other bent down to stop itself.


-The figure slowly looks up as the camera pans up from its boots, over its jacket and up to its face.


-Everyone is in amazement at what they’re seeing, mouths hanging open.


Chris:  You didn’t think I’d miss this, did you?


To Be Continued…


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