Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Fifty-Four and a Half

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 54 and a Half

“Journal Entries Vol. 3”



“I’m starting to feel that none of this was worth it.  It’s been six months or so since we started and I’m getting to the point where I don’t think there’s a reason to go on.  This last week was enough to prove that.

            A lot happened.  I met my father for the first time, which in of itself is odd enough since he’s supposed to be dead.  And as far as I’m convinced, he still is.  I really don’t know how to take that sort of information being thrown at me.  Here’s a guy who for all respectable reasons should make me content just to know that I do have a father and he’s not a scumbag.  But that’s not the case.  I still don’t feel like I have a father.  This guy, James, is in my life a total of 3 days.  I’m 17 at this point, so what the hell am I supposed to make of 3 days?  That’s hardly enough time to introduce myself, and add in that he’s supposed to be training me to fly and fight like him doesn’t make things easier.

            Can I just point out here my stance on a few things?  Humans should not fly.  PERIOD.  I’m serious here; I didn’t want to learn to fly.  I’ve never been the type to look up at birds and wish it could be me up there.  I’m fine taking the bus if I’ve gotta go some place.  Besides, flying implies heights, and we kinda already know my stance on heights…

            Also, I shouldn’t be able to do any of the ridiculous stuff that I’ve been doing recently.  Flying aside, firing energy blasts is just plain wrong and it sounds so very dorky.  Who the heck takes you seriously when you tell them you can fire beams from your hands?  No one.  Unless they can do it, too, but then they’re more interested in whether they can do it better than you and I’m just sick of having to prove myself.

            This was the week the Hex-Duo robots attacked the Legion’s base.  I didn’t expect that the next enemy we’d encounter would be robots.  That sounds like stuff you’d only hear in anime or something.  But in real life?  Who knew.  Still, that’s what happened.  We got attacked and I couldn’t do a single thing to stop them.  I failed.  Everyone got away, but I failed to end it right there and then.  After my 3 days with James I got a second chance to destroy them and that time it didn’t end with me lying dead in a hole in the ground.  This time I destroyed them.  I killed them.  Every last one that I could get my hands on, (save for Glitch of course).  And everyone looked at me like I was a monster.  I failed.  I just wanted to save them and I failed.  Now they think I’m just like the things I tore apart.

            But I’m not.  At least…I don’t think I am, am I?

            I’m not sleeping much anymore.  My body hurts too much from the strain.  I’ve been trying to keep it as unnoticeable as possible, but I still think my body’s being eaten apart from the inside out by who knows what.  There’s no physical pain, just mentally I feel like I’m not supposed to be walking about.  I look at Jack and feel terrible that he can’t walk anymore, but if he only knew how painful it was being me he’d gladly remain in his position.  Sometimes I wonder how things would have gone if I had shown up just a few minutes later.  Would everyone have gotten away?  Would Jack have thrown himself in the way of some blast so they could?  Maybe his injuries would have caused him to pass away if I didn’t show up.  I don’t know, I just wonder sometimes.  I think that keeps me up more than anything else at the moment.  The thought of Jack not being here just sounds so appealing right now that it hurts.  I wish he never would have shown up in the first place.  If I could go back to that day at the museum, I’d gladly go through fighting Syrus again, as long as at the end of it I could just look at Jack and tell him to go screw himself instead of giving him the time of day.

            I just don’t want to be against everyone anymore.  It’s enough to be fighting with the Regime on a daily basis; I don’t need to be fighting my friends as well.  That’s just too much for one guy to handle, even if he has been trained to fight all the time.  I just want some peace again.  I just want her to kiss me…just once…”

-Chris, April 16th year 992 N.C.




            “This is utterly pointless.  Pointless and infuriating.  My father is out there somewhere and I’m not allowed to go looking for him.  Why?  Because I’m no longer the dominant male, that’s why.  Chris is ruining everything just by existing, and he doesn’t even realize it.  In that stupid little brain of his he probably hasn’t even considered the ramifications that his selfish actions have caused.  By continuing to live he’s pushed me from the undisputed top of the leader board to a distant second, making it very difficult to force everyone else to listen to me and go on the offensive.

            Sure, he got the better of me three months ago.  I’ll give him that fight on account of his complete dumb luck and my foolishness in bringing up Lindsey.  Still, I learned a very valuable lesson regarding Chris that I’m not intending to make again.  Next time I fight him I’ll remember to leave our personal and professional lives separate.  It only seems to drive him harder to prove something he was never asked to prove.  Except there shouldn’t have been a next time.  Not for a while anyway.  It is perfectly fine that he’s alive, but he didn’t have to come back as Jesus F*cking Christ and rescue his damned Apostles from harm’s way.  At least not before Judas went and hung himself.

            Poor, poor Jack.  Jack the fallen.  Jack the cripple.  Serves him right for all that he’s done.  Lying to us, hiding things from us; important stuff.  And now he’s stolen Lindsey from our group.  She was ours before she was his.  I could care less if Chris ever hooked up with her, as long as it wasn’t Jack.  You hook her with Jack and Jack gains control of Chris.  He’s holding the leash to a dog that wants nothing more than to tear his throat out and I doubt he even realizes it.

            If Jack was dead, Chris would just start agreeing with me and we’d have found my father by now.  As stupid as he may be he still knows enough to listen to me when I talk to him.  If Chris was dead, I’d have no problem acting as the Chris and forcing people to listen to me, lest they be eliminated like those damned robots.  Granted, I wouldn’t have liked Chris being dead all too much since there’s so much more I’d like to do with him.  I’m not going to get all clichéd and say we have unsettled business; it’s far deeper than that.  It’s been like this for long enough that I need him to stay alive long enough for me to have a reason to gain the final undisputable victory.  It’s as simple as that.  Without him I don’t have a reason to keep pushing myself.  I’ve got nothing against everyone else and Jack isn’t worth the effort needed to kill him.  Chris is the only one who’d understand anyway.  He wants it just as much as I do.  He’s just not going to be the one to get it.”

-Derek, April 16th year 992 N.C.




            “Dear diary.  The transforming action figure I saw at the mall last week was super cool.  I really wish I didn’t have to break it over the ball robot’s head.  That fight was a lot of fun.  I hope we get a chance to have as much fun as that again.  Willy says hi.  Well, gotta go.  I’ll talk to you later.  Tell Santa I want that robot toy for Christmas”

-Danny, April 1-6, um…year 99…3?



            “I finally told Chris how I felt.  He needed to hear it I think.  He’s been acting weird around me for years, but I really wish it didn’t have to come out like it did last night.  Leena had no place forcing it.  I know that given enough time Chris would have said something eventually and on his terms.  I didn’t want to hurt him, but what else could I do?  I’m with Jack, and there’s just no way to have both.  That’s not fair to anyone involved, especially not me.  If Chris wanted me to be there for him like that he should have said something sooner.  I don’t know if that would have changed anything, but still, it would have been nice to know he had enough courage to say something…

            I’m just so happy he’s okay.  I don’t know what I’d have done if he was really dead.  I love him, I really do…I just don’t know if it’s in the same way.  I need him to get through the day, just not the same way he needs me it seems.  It’s too complex for a teenager.  No matter what he says, we’re only 16 and no one our age can really say for sure if they’re in love or not.  I know I’m not in love with Jack, but then again I didn’t say I was, either.  Jack makes me happy in a completely different way.  I can’t explain it, and frankly I don’t feel I should have to, least of all not to Chris.  He wouldn’t really listen anyway.  How could he?  I wouldn’t if I were him.  I suppose in some way he’s justified in how he’s been acting, but then so are all of us.  We’re only teenagers; we shouldn’t have to act like anything else.

            I’ve been thinking a lot about what Austin said.  I am deathly afraid that we’ll be running and hiding and fighting for the rest of our lives.  I don’t want that.  I want to be a teenager again.  I want to go to parties and shop for clothes and kiss boys and study for boring tests and learn to drive and dream about growing up into a successful woman.  I don’t want to have to fight anymore!

            But I have to.  And worse, no one’s letting me.  I’m a girl, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less capable of doing exactly what they’re all doing.  Chris said it himself when he told us we’re all capable of what he did against those robots.  I believe him.  I know he’s right.  I don’t need to be protected every step of the way.  How am I going to get any stronger if people keep telling me I need to stay where it’s safe?  If I’m going to be fighting for the rest of my life people need to let me do it!

            I get it.  I get that they’re just worried I’ll get hurt or even worse.  And I entirely expect that I will at some point.  I may even die.  I’m prepared for that if it comes down to it.  I can’t escape what’s destined to happen, no matter how hard I struggle against it.  But while everyone worries about me they fail to ask me what I feel in this whole situation.  And you know what I feel?  I don’t know.  I don’t know and I like it that way, because no one should ever know what is going to happen to them.  You just have to let it happen.  People keep trying to make my mind up for me.  If I wanted to hide then I’ll hide.  If I want to fight, then I’ll fight like my life depends on it.  If people keep jumping in front of bullets for me then they’re just going to keep getting shot, and I don’t want to see any more people get shot because of me.”

-Lindsey, April 16th year 992 N.C.




            “I may have to kill him if it comes down to it.  He’s just too dangerous to keep alive anymore.  I’m finally starting to understand what the Commander was talking about.  His usefulness compared to the risk of keeping him around has reached equilibrium.  Anything could set him off and I’m hoping not to be caught in the middle when that happens, though I’m guessing I’ll be the cause just because Lindsey picked me and not him.

            It’s somewhat sad.  I had kind of hoped she’d have come to her senses and gone to him sooner, but it turns out I was the more desirable man in the end.  It makes sense especially now that he’s nothing more than a last-ditch weapon, hardly needed save for the resolution at the end of any plot we find ourselves stuck in.  I wouldn’t want to be in that situation either.  Who’d want to be a tool?  Unfortunately that’s all he is at this point.  He doesn’t contribute much to actual strategy; he just knows how to swing a sledge hammer when he’s required to do so and never before.

            I am surprised my plan worked as well as it has.  A bit too well now that I look back on it.  I needed Chris alive and strong enough to keep us out of harm’s way, but not strong enough to have an opinion.  Opinions are dangerous.  Derek is proof enough of this fact.  Chris is just one step away from becoming Derek, except none of us have the kind of power needed to bring him down if that occurs, which I’m guessing will be the case within a year’s time at the current rate of progression.

            Nate’s death was definitely not in my plans.  Not until later.  I had guessed it would have happened a few more years down the road and in a much more peaceful manner befitting a friend as old and as loathsome as he.  Poison, maybe.  Not until I could have proved he betrayed us of course, but poison would have been the kindest way to go about it.  I suspected as much, but it wasn’t confirmed until just the other day.  I’m rather angry that Syrus took the right away from me and killed Nate himself.

            Seeing someone die right in front of me didn’t bother me as much as I’d have liked to believe.  Add to this that it was a friend and by all accounts I should be mortified and traumatized.  But I’m not losing any sleep over it.  Should I be concerned about this?  I’ll have to think more on the subject later.

            The Commander’s death did affect me.  That could be why Nate’s death didn’t bother me.  I had seen a much more brutal end only a day previous, so it only makes sense that another wouldn’t push me any further.  You can only get so wet before you’re just soaked.  Fatigue helped me to sleep easy after seeing the Commander die, and now I’m perfectly fine again.  I’m starting to get really worried that I’m not concerned about any of these crucial events.  I would have liked to ask the Commander so many questions.  There was a lot he refused to tell me, or more accurately, there was a lot I had yet to discover.  Finding out he was Octavious’ cousin was enough to prove to me that there was a whole separate life I had yet to uncover.  How he came to be in charge of the force rebelling against his cousin is all that it takes to keep me from getting adequate sleep.

            That, and severe spinal damage.  I’m not going to walk again.  I accepted that nearly right after it happened.  Doesn’t mean I’m dead.  My mind is more active than ever, and that’s in my favor.  I still know exactly how to keep control of everyone under my command.  And once we return leadership of the Legion to Zanretha, there’ll be no problem placing myself as the head.  Derek thought he could do it with shear power.  Silly little idiot, the leader of an organization doesn’t do the fighting.  He has soldiers to do that for him.  As soon as I can manage it, I’ll get Chris to finally eliminate Derek like he was supposed to do months ago.  It shouldn’t take much persuasion.  As long as I can shift his fury off of me and onto Derek there wouldn’t be any more problems in my future.  All that’s left is to figure out how exactly I get rid of Chris.  How do you kill the mongoose once it’s killed the snake?”

-Jack Voss, 16th of April, year 992 New Calendar




            “To clear the air for a second, no, I don’t hate Chris.  The guy is not horrible as a person.  But he’s not a person anymore, so he shouldn’t get all offended when I tell him he’s going to be the death of us all.  Seriously, how can he be so stupid?  He’s going to go off and I don’t want to be next to him when that happens.  Yeah, he loves Lindsey.  Yeah, she’s with Jack.  Yeah, Jack’s sleazy enough to keep using Lindsey as a reason to call the shots.  Everyone knows this; it’s hardly a secret.  Then again, everyone else here is a raging idiot.  And none of them are hot.

Why did I decide to come along with Lindsey in the first place?  Okay, so I’m her best friend in the whole world, but I could have made other friends.  I’m not cut out to be a fighter.  It does not look good on a résumé and it does not make for sexy date conversation.  “Ooh, I know how to throw a flaming energy ball.  Wanna make out?”  No, that’s stupid.  Only idiots would be turned on by that.  I bet Kyle would be turned on by that kind of stupid garbage.  He’s totally into me.  It’s obvious.  He’s got to realize it.  He’s not that stupid.  I just hope he doesn’t think I’m into him.  I could do sooooo much better.  I could, assuming I wasn’t running from ROBOTS and EXPLODING IDIOTS and CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS.  ARG!  I want a shower and I want it now.  And some shopping therapy.   Why can’t I have that?  I’ve been a good girl, haven’t I?  Where’s my reward?

So my guess for how everything turns out is this: we all die.  Boom.  Dead.  And Jack’s gonna cause it.  Oh sure, it’ll be Chris who actually does the killing, but we know it’ll be Jack’s fault.  Just leave Lindsey alone already and let her hook up with the exploding nerd.  Not Kyle, I mean Chris.  They should just be together already.  He’s not that bad of a guy.”

-Magdalene, April 16th, year 992 N.C.




            “Dear Lord, my Father in Heaven, I need your strength.  We all do in this important time of our lives.  As young as we are, we’ve endured more than our lifetime’s worth of hardships.  I do not blame you for this.  I understand that you wouldn’t ask more of us than we are capable of performing.  I have done my best to stay solid in my faith and honor your wishes.  I’ve not done anything I should be ashamed of and I have no intention of changing that.  I will not kill anyone, whether they be human or beast or something in between.  You were quite clear in commanding that.  I’ve yet to feel that anyone we’ve encountered has been a hopeless cause.  Even Syrus shows signs of good.  I hope I am granted the chance to return mercy someday when he needs it most.

            Lord, please help Chris the most.  He knows not what he’s doing anymore.  He has become lost and I’m having a hard time focusing him back towards your goals.  Forgive me, for I’ve been weak.  I’ve been afraid and I’ve forgotten that I should fear nothing while you are at my side.  Chris does not scare me; only the possibility of what he might become if he doesn’t change his actions.  He’s acting as if he’s being forced to do all of this.  This is only making him bitter, and that will lead him down a path that he’ll wish he hadn’t traveled.  The subject is difficult to approach with him seeing as how he’s under so much strain between saving us, longing for Lindsey, and meeting his father this week.  It is a lot to put on one man’s shoulders, but you wouldn’t put all that on him without a reason.

            Lord, please guide Chris’ father back to you now that he’s done his part to help us.  Deliver my thanks to him when next he sees you.  We owe him a lot, though no one else seems to have come to this conclusion.  Not even Chris.  A miracle occurred this week.  Many miracles occurred this week.  We should be dead and we are not.  Chris was dead and is now stronger than we could have hoped.  We are all alive and we are more in number than before.

            Lord, please help guide Glitch as well.  I know he is but a robot, but I feel that there is a chance he has a soul somewhere in there.  He certainly has love.  Is anything more really needed for a soul to exist?  I beg of you to give him this small pardon.  He has chosen to help others and harm no one.  He is leading through the example that you yourself have given.  Does he not deserve the same chance that all Christians are given?

            Lord, please be kind to the souls lost this week.  Forgive the sins of the soldiers lost in the wreckage of the Trillium base.  Forgive the sins of the Commander.  Forgive the sins of Jack’s friend, Nathan.  Look for the good that they’ve all done, and please judge accordingly.  Show them the mercy and the love that you have shown this week when we most needed shelter and rest.

            Lord, I ask you once more to continue looking after us.  Give us strength so that we may continue doing your work.  I shall do my best to continue leading through example.  I know my parents will be proud to see just how much I’ve grown when they see me today.  Thank you, and Amen.”

-Kevin, April 16th year 992 N.A.D.




            “I need a lot of things right now, and none of them are gonna come from writing something in a stupid journal.  But whatever, I’ve got nothing better to do with my time since there’s not enough privacy in this house to even jerk off.  Too many people for my liking.  It wouldn’t bother me to see a few of them killed off.  Sure, call that cold, but we’re in a war now, and that’s just how it goes sometimes.  Also, I’ve got money riding on the deaths of more than a few people I’m staying with.  Chris cost me 60 bucks by staying alive.  Misery loves company and money, what can I say?

            I’m pretty impressed he’s alive though.  I don’t give him nearly enough credit for that shit.  That’s some tough skin he’s got.  Miserable week for him.  First he’s dead, then he’s not, now he’s hated.  Sucks to be him.  I’d have slapped a few people across the mouth for talking back to me if I’d returned with enough power to get away with it.  Hell, I might just do that when I get the chance, just because that sounds damn funny.  I’d slap Leena first.  Then Lindsey.  They’re both cock-teases, it’s obvious.  Then Jack.  He’s sorta a cock-tease as well.  Dude’s probably gay.  130 bucks riding on that.

            Kevin…nah I wouldn’t bother him.  I can’t bring myself to hate him, especially since he’s the least likely to act like a pussy around these douchebags.  I don’t think I’ve seen him pull his beliefs back once.  Yeah, I respect that sorta shit.  Sure no one likes hearing all that God crap all the time, but at least he hasn’t changed his story since he got here.  Kinda hope he doesn’t die.  Actually, no, I really hope he doesn’t die.  I’ve got a heart, too, though just don’t tell anyone.

            Jack though, he’s got no heart.  Takes a guy’s girl right out from under him?  That’s cold.  Unforgivable.  Chris has got every right to murder him without feeling guilty.  Love’s tricky.  Jack doesn’t love her for a second.  That’s a big “duh.”  Still can’t tell who Lindsey’s in love with though.  She doesn’t make any damn sense, but then again she’s a woman.  Can’t really expect much from them I suppose.  I’m on board with Derek most of the time actually.  But seriously, he’s gotta be f*ckin’ stupid.  That dude’s dad is dead.  200 riding on that.

            I should probably say something about the greater war and such.  Well, to be honest there’s not much that seems to stick out to me.  I’m even enjoying myself a good deal part of the time.  Sucks to have to wonder around with idiots all the time, but I’m making a healthy profit, too.  The Regime pays heavily for any sort of crap I can dish out, even if it’s total shit.  I’d say that’s the case roughly 80% of the time.  Chris being the one to watch out for, that was legit.  I got ripped off with that info.  They should have paid twice as much.”

-Your Mom, Saturday




            “Currently we’re holed up at the Tolken residence en route to the Church of Faith in Brooksboro, (they said it’s a Four Square church but I looked into it and it’s not.  Used to be, but it changed long time ago, before Kevin’s family took it over.  Must be an old habit to call it a Four Square church, similar to how some people call Millennial High School “Brooksboro High” every so often).  Tomorrow we’ll be making what sounds like a final stand at the church.  Our parents are supposed to be abducted around noon and we’re intending to prevent this while five other members of our party are distracting both the Regime and the Legion, (one and the same now), by taking on five new enemies calling themselves “The Octa-Rangers.”  I don’t think our plan will work, strategically speaking.

            Look at it this way: Why would a powerful organization start making a bunch of mistakes all of a sudden, enough so that they’d give us, a handful of children, a chance at gaining the upper hand?  Someone’s working from inside their ranks.  We’ve got an ally in there somewhere.  I can’t tell exactly who just yet, but I believe it has something to do with The Commander being cousins with Octavious.  Family ties run deep; that’ll come up again at some point.  Whether or not Maximilian is that connection is yet to be seen.  I’ll have to stay alert though.

            Jack thinks he’s a great tactician.  He’s not.  Neither is Derek.  Chris is at least humble enough to know that he’s unfit to tell us what to do short of getting us to shut up and listen when actual planning needs to be done.  Why is Jack a fool?  First off, he’s dating Lindsey right now.  For what reason?  No clue.  There should be a definite idea for why they’re together, but it looks more like Jack’s just enjoying being the mysterious stranger to our group too much.  He’s grown too comfortable in his position as the leader that now that it’s being tested on a daily basis he’s no idea what to do anymore.  He’s grasping at any semblance of a reason for why we should be following him over anyone else.  He’s banking off the belief that he knows more than us.  Nah-uh, we’ve all been keeping notes of various points of interest.  I’ve got a data log that started months ago.  I know exactly what he knows now.  He doesn’t even realize that Scott’s been delivering info to the Regime.  I’d be worried about that, but Scott’s been giving extremely mixed info, and that’s smart.  It makes it difficult to know exactly what is and isn’t actually true.  The Regime is basically clueless to the truth.

            I mentioned Jack dating Lindsey a while ago.  There’s more for why that’s unwise.  Chris has become unstable in the mental sense and we don’t need to give him any reason to unleash on the nearest friendly who’s turned traitorous.  I’m sure most everyone has speculated that Chris is just a ticking time bomb, (if I may be so trite to use the phrase), and that he’ll be the death of us all.  I’m unhappy to say that I partly agree with this notion, but not necessarily because Chris will be the one to attack us.  Sure, I think he’ll attack us at some point, either intentional or otherwise, but I don’t believe that’ll be the main problem with him.  Just being associated puts us as the prime target for elimination.  Power seeks power, and since Chris is the most powerful individual we are aware of other than Syrus, that’s just asking for trouble.  Someone is going to show up who we’re unprepared for, purely because he wants to fight with Chris.  It’s just simple logic.

            If I were the one making the decisions in this group I’d be doing things a bit differently.  First of all, we wouldn’t be making any direct aggressions currently against either the Regime or the Legion.  We stand a far better chance at running and hiding.  We need to drop off the radar, literally, for a year or two.  At least enough time for someone else to pop up as the primary focus.  Then, and only then, could we hope to reappear and strike with our full force, (presumably more since we’d have been training in secret).

            Also, I’d cut our numbers down to a manageable few, say 6 or 7, and tell the others to fend for themselves.  Personally, I’d place Chris, Derek, Jack, Lindsey, Leena, and Kyle in a group by themselves.  I’d gladly let Austin take charge of my group.  Scott is useful for how backwards he acts.  Danny and Willy are totally harmless, yet they listen well and know how to fight when they have to.  Kevin is the same way.  He’s strong, both in the body and the mind.  Glitch doesn’t count.  I’d get rid of him immediately, both because he’s unstable to a certain extent and also because he’s defective.  That’s the whole point of him helping us in the first place, but I don’t trust that it’ll stay that way for long.  Everyone in the other group is too bogged down in personal affairs to have any good use anymore.  They need to clear their heads a bit and stop leading us into trouble.  The first chance I get to abandon the group will be a happy one.”

-Clinton, April 16th, 992 N.C.




            “No one even seems to realize that I’m still around.  It’s hard sometimes, being the one that everyone forgets about, just because I hardly ever talk.  I don’t talk much, but I listen.  That’s all I’ve found a use for is listening.  And I keep hearing things that no one else seems to hear.  I keep finding details that no one else bothers to realize.  Pretty simple things that anyone would be able to see if they opened their eyes.  Danny’s the same way, only he doesn’t realize what he’s hearing.  He’s too kind-hearted for it to register in his head.

            Chris doesn’t realize to what extent he actually loves Lindsey.  And adversely, she doesn’t realize what he’s going through because of it.  He’d die for her.  He knows it, she’s hinted at the fact that she knows it, but neither of them has stated it.  Just this one simple concept, this motivation above all other motivations, is more significant than anything else going on around us.  And neither of them acknowledges it.  These feelings have nowhere to go, and all they’re doing is fueling Chris’ inner turmoil and helping push him towards an undesired end filled with revenge and hate.

            Jack has yet to come to terms with anything that’s happened recently.  He’s hiding the shock from everyone, including himself.  He has witnessed more than anyone his age should and yet he’s pretending like he’s seen it all before a hundred times.  This is not healthy.  His mind has crippled him.  His inability to act like a human and show weakness to the very people who wish to help him has left him paralyzed.  Until he breaks down in the emotional sense he will not walk again, instead only functioning as a greater hindrance than before.

            Derek is struggling to come to terms with both his father’s mortality and his own.  He just can’t seem to grasp the idea that someone he holds close, (himself included), could be dead.  Oddly enough, this delusion is only strengthened by the fact that Chris survived death.  Derek and Chris have an unspoken connection that they refuse to embrace.  Even more odd is that it’s only one-way.  Derek must have Chris around in order to prove his superiority.  Chris, however, never seemed to care if he was stronger or faster or better in general.  Instead, Chris is content functioning as a stand-alone character in this elaborate plot.  If one rival is eliminated, another can easily take their place.  The same is not true for Derek.  It must be Chris.  No other rival would do.

            It’s become somewhat clear that Derek’s father is gone.  To what extent I’m not sure, but he’s gone.  The house has been deserted for some time.  No one’s lived here for what looks like a year, despite Derek having lived here no more than half a year ago.  A thin layer of dust has begun to coat most objects, including furniture that’d be used more frequently.  When I fixed the TV it wasn’t just a faulty connection; there simply wasn’t a connection at all.  I’ve learned a few things about electronics and mechanical devices while everyone else was training.  It seemed like a better usage of my time.

            My problem goes further than my usefulness.  I’d be lying if I said I felt important in some way.  I know better.  I’ve sat around, nearly silent, watching as everyone else has moments of importance thrust upon them, and not the clearly identified ones, either.  Smaller moments of importance.  Kyle’s outburst upon seeing Leena injured reminded me a great deal of how Chris responds when seeing Lindsey hurt, but neither Kyle nor Leena have spoken of it at all.  In fact, Kyle never speaks about Leena outside her range of hearing, though that’s not hard to do since he hardly ever leaves her range of hearing.  They’re not acknowledging any of this.  They just think the other is toying around out of boredom, a notion that may not be too far from the truth.

            Danny, too, has experienced his importance, and naturally he doesn’t realize it.  He kept his ability hidden from me for the past three months, insisting that it’d be a greater surprise when I finally saw it.  And he was right.  I was shocked when I discovered he sensed Chris’ emergence from the church half a city away.  And no one has pointed out this significance.  We should be begging with Danny, pleading with him so tell us how he did it.  It’d be such an advantage to be able to clearly identify where everyone was and how they were feeling, but we’re brushing this off as a simple trick.  Not even Jack’s brought it up again.  Only Chris seemed to think it’d be useful, though Danny’s too scared to give Chris anything more.  No one wants to give Chris anything more.  The feeling is that he’s strong enough as it is; why do we want to put him above us any further?  But we have to.  It’s where he’s supposed to be.  That’s his place.  He’s supposed to be up there all alone.  And no one is going to join him there until they stop fearing him, a moment of importance that seems to be a long way off.

            I’ve already decided that if the chance arrives for me to leave I will.  I just want out before something terrible happens to all of us.  We escaped disaster once.  We’re not going to escape forever.  Eventually things will catch up to us, and when that time comes I’d rather not be here to witness it, sitting in my silence as we lose everything because of an even greater silence.”

-William, April 16th, 992 N.C.




            “Alright y’all, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a chance to speak up ‘round here, and I’ve got a lot to say about the sort of garbage we’ve been dealing with recently.  As you all may have heard, we were attacked by a group of homicidal robots intent on our demise.  I HATE it when that sort of thing happens, don’t you?  Turns out we did not die, though you’d think we should have, right?  Okay, I’m jumping ahead here.  Let me piece this together for everyone:

            First, our army base was attacked, as I previously just commented on.  TEN, that’s right, TEN robots show up, something in of itself you don’t see too often.  Could I just say, ten seemed a bit overkill, no pun intended, (okay intended).  If they had just put all that hardware into one super-robo or something we’d still have been toast.  Nah, they sent ten after us.  Only one of the ten didn’t agree that murder was the answer.  Hooray!  A good guy!  Oh, he doesn’t like to fight, period.  Boo!  Dead weight!  I’m being a little harsh.  The dude did end up saving our bacon here and there by sheer happenstance, (bet you didn’t think I knew that word, huh?), but still, it would have been far better if he’d have jumped in and blasted the robots for us.

            So anyway, we run.  Run like sheep on fire.  For ‘bout three days.  Yeah, how New Testament.  Eventually someone screws up, (Derek), and we get found out, which is bad enough since we’d already lost Chris in the initial attack and then Jack went all noble on us and ran back to the base to check for survivors, (none by the way).  Nope, Derek gets us found out and before long the evil robots show up and try to kill us again.  At this point I’m admittedly getting pretty pissed.  Why did they need us dead?  If they’d leave us alone long enough we’d have probably killed each other.  Seriously, Leena is just getting on my nerves.  Weird, too, because I’m pretty sure she’s into me.  I mean, c’mon, she’s totally into me.  It’s obvious.  She’s got to realize it.  She’s not that stupid.  Then again…no, she’s just annoying.  Kinda hot, but annoying.  In a hot way.

            There we were, getting owned by a bunch of robots at a mall of all places, (not my idea to go to the mall.  I wanted to go fishing.  Robots hate water, right?), when who should come back but Jack.  ‘Good,’ I think.  ‘Now we’ll own the robots back.’  Wrong.  Jack sucks and he gets his spine broke like a rookie.  Okay, so this all happens after I get my assed knocked the hell out, but still, at least my back is still in a single piece.  And by the way, it didn’t stop Jack from being a smug prick.  Now he’s just a smug paraplegic.  And a douchebag.  General consensus.

            Roughly by then we’d destroyed one of the robots.  All of our hard work and only one robot gone.  Then Derek wipes out another, but that was total happenstance.  Crap, I already used that word.  Whatever, it was a fluke that only managed to get the leader of these robots extremely mad to the point that he was entirely ready to kill us.  But of course he didn’t, because Chris came back.  I don’t even want to try and understand how that happened other than plot device.  Still cool, but I digress.

            Chris came back and resolved everything for us.  And I mean completely.  Without our help.  Very nice.  It was Beyond Awesome.  But then everyone surprised me and pulled one of the biggest chaunce moves I’ve ever seen and start treating Chris like he’s a freak.  Now that’s just uncalled for.  He just died and came back from the dead.  Give him some credit because that is NOT an easy thing to do.  I tried it once or twice, didn’t end well.  Kudos to him, jeers to everyone acting like dicks.  I was the only one to welcome him back and shake his hand.  I felt good about that.  When Chris finally does snap and kill everyone I’m pretty sure he’s gonna spare me.  At the very least if he does kill me it’ll be on accident, and I’m okay with that.  It’s understandable when you’re working at his level.

            Other than that, seems that the Legion is now controlled by the Regime, we’re being challenged to a duel, and my parents are in danger of getting kidnapped.  Just what I’d like to happen after three days of hell.  Things will get better though; that’s my hope.  We’re bound to have some good luck eventually.  It may not be for a while, but at some point something reeeeeeally good is gonna happen.”

-Dr. Awkward, A.K.A. Kyle, April 16th 992 N.C.




            “My best friend isn’t dead!  I’m so happy about this that I could cry!  I did cry a little actually.  I thought I’d lost him but it’s a miracle!  Still, I feel as though I’ve been failing him.  It hurts to see the look in his eyes.  I know that he’s been crying a lot more than I have.  It’s a weird thing since as a guy you’re not supposed to do that, but it happens.  It needs to happen.  Otherwise you’re just not being true to yourself.  Right now Chris needs to be true to himself and can’t be because we’re not letting him.

            I take responsibility for this.  I’m no better than anyone else and I’m ashamed of that.  I’m supposed to be better than that and I joined in with the crowd taking the easy way out.  But we can’t be completely blamed for this.  We’re only human.  We saw a lot of shit recently and we just need some time to mature enough to handle it.  Saw buildings crumble.  Saw guys die.  Saw pure hatred without justification and cause.  Trying to rationalize the thought of someone wishing you dead just because you’re alive really screws with your head.  So right now we all need to take a while and get our heads straight again.

            That doesn’t mean we have the right to make Chris feel miserable.  Lindsey finally found out that he loves her, and unfortunately she turned him away and rejected his feelings.  It’s one thing to reject someone and it’s totally another to reject the very feelings they’re having.  She refused to let him care about her as deeply as he does.  It’s sad to the point of unbearable.  If Lindsey wasn’t my friend, too, I’d slap her across the mouth for that sort of behavior.  Right now what we need most is each other just wanting to love each other and take care of one another, not saying ‘Thanks, but not right now.’  That’s just counterproductive.  I need to go tell Chris that I still love him.  He needs to be hearing that from everyone, not just Lindsey.

            I’m a little worried about Derek as well.  He’s not acting like himself.  Something shook him to the core.  I think part of it has to do with Chris doing what he couldn’t.  That’s never happened to Derek before.  We’d all sort of just understood that the natural order was with Derek above us to some extent, but now Chris is up there and none of us are close.  Except the funny thing is Chris says we all can be.  Well, if he says so, then we can, (can’t wait to get there!).  Derek though…he wants to be there entirely too much, but he doesn’t want Chris to be the one to help him.  Tricky situation to be in.  The only one that knows how to reach Chris’ level is Chris, but the only person Derek can’t ask for help is also Chris.  He’s kinda stuck I guess.

            Jack has it worse than us all.  For one, he can’t walk right now.  Something will happen to change this, but for now he can’t walk.  That’s not really helping his attitude, which is in need of a severe change if we’re going to get anything more done.  Secondly, Jack’s put himself squarely on Chris’ bad side, which is also my bad side, or at least it would be if I had a bad side.  Going out with Lindsey right in front of Chris’ face?  That’s just asking for trouble.  Hiding it over the past few months?  That’s pleading for death.  Chris won’t do anything to hurt him though.  Chris is still my best friend, and I know that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt any of us.  If he did, then I…I don’t really know what I’d do.  I don’t want to think of that as a possibility.  I won’t.  It’s the only thing I refuse to do.  Everything will work out somehow, and I’m kind of excited to find out how!”

-Austin, April 16th, year 992 N.C.




            “Data log- 1000110111010101001101011101010110101…


            No just kidding!  Haha, a little robot humor.  I hope you don’t think it’s odd for a robot to have a sense of humor, however weak it may be.  My official name is Hex-Duo Model Number Seven, but I’ve been renamed ‘Glitch’ by Chris, ironically one of the very humans I was programmed to kill.

            I’ve just never liked the thought of killing someone, especially someone I’ve never met before.  That thought is blurred a little bit by the data files we were programmed with.  I know just about everything there is to know about Chris, so it’s hard to say that I’ve never met him, per say.  I have to some extent, just never in person.  He’s had a lot of troubled thoughts in the last few years.  He seems to love one of the other humans, Lindsey, but she tells him she doesn’t feel the same way.  That’s another tricky thing, because I have data files on her, too, so I know exactly how she feels about him.  The official statement is that she hasn’t made up her mind.  I know that’s false.

            I’ve only really known everyone here for a few days now.  None of them seem to like me much, except Lindsey’s been so kind to me.  Chris has, too, which surprises me even more since he’s so strong.  The original readout we got on him was grossly inaccurate.  I know exactly what he’s capable of, actually.  He doesn’t though.  That’s what’s even funnier.  I’ve seen memories of his that date back to his childhood and there are moments that I’ve witnessed some of his fullest potential.  It’s terrifying, even from a robot’s point of view.  How I’m aware of these memories dating back years before the rest of the data files is even more curious to me.

            It’s difficult to make much sense of myself though.  I am a robot; there’s just no changing that.  Nor should any of that really be changed.  Robots were never meant to be human, otherwise I’d be a human.  But…to what extent do I deserve the same rights as a human?  Should I act like I have an opinion on anything?  Is it possible for me to even do that?  Isn’t it just a bunch of misfiring readouts in my databanks?  How do I know an opinion of mine isn’t just an opinion that someone else used to hold years ago?  Are all my thoughts and emotions just outdated personality traits?

            A human soul.  It’s a funny thing to think about one, especially when you’re not human.  I can’t stop the thoughts about them.  What happens to a robot when they die?  Do we simply cease to be?  Or are we granted the reward of eternal life should we be decent individuals during our lifetimes?  My robot brothers were all destroyed this week.  Killed.  These are robots that I have been surrounded by since my inception on a computer screen.  I don’t disagree with Chris and the others that they needed to be stopped, but I worry that destroying them wasn’t the correct answer.  Will I ever see them again?  Their essences I mean?  Does the very fact that I worry about the sake of these lifeless beings mean that I, too, have a soul?  Or is this thought also just a random opinion from Austin or Kevin or Chris?  I don’t know.  No one really does.  It just means more coming from a robot sometimes.

            I’m still having a hard time grasping some of the things the humans can do.  They’ve already shown a number of talents and abilities not mentioned in any readouts thus far.  We all saw Austin throw a fireball without touching a spiritual stone at the moment.  One of the theories is that once you touch the stones you don’t have to touch them again to retain that power, but that seems almost too simple to something so mystic.  Danny was able to sense where Chris was coming from, a skill that only one of us robots or Jack’s watch could do.  Yes, the ability to track Pulse isn’t difficult in theory since it’s all about honing in on an object’s electromagnetic field.  But that only applies to mechanics.  Humans don’t typically have that sort of a talent.  In fact…not ever.  Possibly Syrus, but his readouts were incredibly vague at best.  Even more puzzling was that Danny knew it was Chris he felt, not just some random person or object.  That isn’t possible.  Not from a robot’s perspective anyway.

            Oh well, there are after all a lot of things for me to try and understand.  I have to come to terms with who or what I am at the moment, just as everyone else has something they’re striving to come to terms with.  I feel for Chris when Lindsey rejected his feelings of love, though even more strange is that part of me was somewhat glad she did.  I’m not sure exactly what that means.  She has been rather kind to me though.  She shows a lot of potential that she’s yet to bring out, or even been allowed to it seems.  I should keep an eye on her.  We haven’t seen all there is to see from her.”

-Hex-Duo Product Number Seven, A.K.A. “Glitch”, April 16th, 992 N.C.




            “To whomever this may concern,


My name is Syrus.  My first name should suffice; a last name does me no good.  For the past three decades I’ve fought alongside the Demon Regime, a somewhat secretive army funded through the nation of Balobyn.  As far as the world knows me I’m a hero in battle and to my credit I’ve had my share of elaborate saves, last-ditch finales, and heroic eleventh hours.  All in the name of our highest leader: Lucifer.  Obviously, this is a piece of information that all but maybe a dozen people in the world are unaware of.

            Why I chose to align myself with Lucifer’s interests is not of your concern since it won’t help you any to know, only manage to confuse you.  That’s alright, it’s my life to lead, not yours.  I’m the only one who needs to know the details of my life.  Suffice it to say that I have good reasoning for what I’ve chosen in my life and that it wasn’t a decision I made lightly.  The importance to figure from this is the extent it means for a person to devote themselves to arguably the most hideous villain in all of history and have a clear and rational reason for doing so.

            Recently, a group of children have appeared that break all the preconceived notions I had regarding this war.  I’ve fought with man twice my age and skill, with demons not fit for this world or the next, and even with Lucifer’s bastard son Donovan at her request, but never have I encountered a group of individuals quite like these.  Not just for the fact that they’re children.  Though that’s impressive, that’s not the entire case.  Rather, they are rapidly excelling as warriors at a rate that does not and should not exist.  Usually for the amount of power they possess you’d expect them to have been training for years, but they have hardly half a year under their belts.  Even worse is that with each new challenge to them they rise above their level again and again to a new peak.  They’re making jumps in skill in the span of a week that should take a lifetime.  And they’re not even 18.

            It’s not in my nature to fear any other fighters, least of all children, but I am very cautious what this could mean.  There is a chaos theory that states that in the endless cycle of chaos there is a stage of peace, followed by a stage of unease, followed by a stage of breakdown, and finally a rebuilding period before cycling back around to a stage of peace once more.  Except the theory also states that the cycle repeats itself faster and faster each time so that the periods of unrest are more unstable and the stages of peace are shorter-lived each time.  Seeing these children continuously cycle through these stages in a matter of months worries me that at some point the cycle will break down entirely and something catastrophic will occur, even considering the standards of chaos we’ve routinely witnessed.  I implore whoever reads this to heed my warning and beware the current time in which we live, for there is a good chance it may finally be the End Times we’ve heard about.  The real End Times.  This one will not be a practice.”

-Syrus, April 5th, 3004 A.D.


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