Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Fifty-Five

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 55

“Go, Go Octa-Rangers!”


Recap:  Last time, our heroes received some very startling information from a news report showing Octavious’ son Maximilian taking command of the Legion and issuing a challenge to the terrorists, by which he means the kids.  It becomes apparent that the Regime intends to kidnap the group’s parents in addition to the typical challenge against Octavious’ personally trained team, the Octa-Rangers.  All the parents have been instructed to huddle at Kevin’s family’s church in Brooksboro while Chris, Derek, Lindsey, Scott, and Glitch head to the Trillium City Grand Arena to accept Octavious’ challenge.  It’s going to be a heated chapter, on Eclipse Star!


-The two sides, (Octa-Rangers and the group of Derek, Chris, Lindsey, Scott, and Glitch), rush head-on at each other as the entire stadium erupts with cheers.


Derek:  Guys, hit hard and hit harder!


-All the members square off with someone else.


-Derek connects with Stigma, the red ranger.


-Chris hits Sho, the black ranger.


-Scott leaps against Sampi, the blue ranger.


-Lindsey attacks San, the yellow ranger.


-And Glitch goes after Qoppa, the pink ranger.


-On a side note, the 5 ranger names are obsolete letters of the Greek alphabet.


-Ranger Stigma and Derek clench up and travel high into the air in the center of the arena as the other eight fighters clash around.


Stigma:  Give up terrorist before we’re forced to subdue you!


Derek:  (Smiling and laughing).  Exactly how much have you been told about us?


Stigma:  Enough to know you’re the enemy!


Derek:  Yeah, well apparently not enough to know you’re way outclassed.


-Derek throws Stigma’s hands wide and slams him with both fists downward at the shoulder/neck.


-Stigma careens back down to the floor.


Derek:  So that’s one down already?


-Stigma rights himself before hitting, vwinging from sight.


-Derek looks annoyed and surprised.


Derek:  Eh…?


-Stigma clobbers Derek from behind, grabbing him in a bear hug afterwards.


Stigma:  Surrender!  This is your final warning!


Derek:  I just don’t believe these guys!


-Derek powers up, hurling Stigma from him.


-Stigma flips backwards out of control in the air before stopping himself, skidding backwards slightly in the air.


Stigma:  (Mostly to himself).  I don’t get it.  Exactly how strong are they going to be?


-Chris and Sho connect blows while hovering near the crowd.  They’re matching each other exactly depending on which attack is thrown, so they look as if they’re symmetrical in motion.


Sho:  You think you’re playing with me?


Chris:  (Oblivious to any offense).  No, I thought we were fighting.


Sho:  Then why are you holding back!


-Ranger Sho slams Chris in the face.


-Chris tilts his head back and quickly snaps it back, shaking his head.


Sho:  What is this?!


Chris:  I really don’t want to hurt you.  I’d rather just let you tire yourself out if that’s at all possible.


Sho:  Who do you think you’re supposed to be?!


Chris:  I’m just Chris.  I’m the primary target I guess.


Sho:  (Freaks).  What?!  (Yells at Stigma).  Red!  This guy’s yours!


-Stigma and Derek are clenched again.


Stigma:  Busy Sho.


Sho:  No seriously!


-Sho tries vwinging away from Chris.


-Chris grabs Sho’s foot and keeps him from leaving.


Sho:  Huh?!


Chris:  You’re just not…trying, are you?


-Sho turns around and throws both hands out, blasting Chris point blank with an energy blast.


Sho:  YAH!


-Chris takes the hit in the upper torso and lets go as Sho floats in the air, taking deep breaths, trying to calm himself.


Sho:  Hah, hah, that look like I’m trying?


-Smoke clears and Chris shakes his head again, perfectly fine.


Chris:  No, not really.


Sho:  (Freaks).  GAWAWAWAWA!  RED!  (Blasts off towards Stigma).


Stigma:  (Sighs).  Fine.


-Stigma does a very unexpected maneuver and leaps up, wrapping his leg around Derek’s face, following it by thumping Derek on the top of the head with his elbow.


-Stigma then grabs Derek’s arm and swings him around, throwing him at Chris.


-Chris easily catches Derek, righting him in the air.


Chris:  Hey, Derek, you fairing alright?


Derek:  (Angry).  What?!  Alright?!  Stop playing around already!


-Stigma and Sho rush Chris and Derek.


Stigma:  Shadow Blood attack!


Chris:  “Shadow Blood”?


-Stigma and Sho fight in unison against Chris and Derek, using the exact same attacks.


-Chris and Derek are both confused enough to take a few hits every so often.


-Stigma and Sho both increase strength at the same time, disappearing and hitting Chris and Derek in the backs, then the fronts, before grabbing them and throwing them into each other, finishing with heavy stomps onto Chris and Derek’s heads.


-Chris and Derek hit the ground.  Chris hits and instantly gets to his feet.  Derek lands and stumbles over.


Chris:  They’re not that powerful just yet, but they know how to fight in unison.


Derek:  (Furious).  It’s all just a bunch of fluff.


Chris:  You okay?


Derek:  I’m fine!


-Derek takes off back at the two.


-Chris takes off following Derek, though Derek turns around and throws a warning blast at Chris.


Derek:  Don’t get in my way!


Chris:  (Stops and looks around).  This is ridiculous…


-Lindsey and San, the yellow ranger, fight on throughout the stadium, matched up fairly evenly.  Lindsey keeps goading San to follow her rather than lead, so Lindsey leaps into the crowd as San attacks her every so often, getting blocked each time.  The crowd members just seem entertained more than anything.


Lindsey:  You don’t seem half bad, you know?


San:  You…you really think so?


Lindsey:  Oh yeah.  I mean, I’m pretty strong alright, but you’re holding up pretty darn well.


San:  (Stops for a second, getting embarrassed).  Well…we have been trained reeeeally well, so…


-Lindsey connects with a strong haymaker to San’s helmet.


-San skims over the crowd, hitting the ground level hard.


-Still he gets up rather quickly.


San:  Now that’s just not fair.


-San vwings back in front of Lindsey.


San:  What’s all that about, huh?  Being all nice and then hitting me like that?


Lindsey:  (Pretty surprised).  Wow, maybe you aren’t half bad.  Seriously, level with me, exactly how strong are you guys gonna be?


San:  Well let’s see, if Stigma’s the strongest and he’s…


-As San gets lost in thought, Lindsey hits him with a haymaker to the helmet again.


-San repeats the entire process, though when he vwings back to Lindsey she doesn’t waste any more time before kicking San in the side of the head, knocking him into the stands next to more idiots too busy hooting and hollering to understand they could be injured.


Lindsey:  (Standing with her hands at her hips).  I’m still curious if you’d like to answer my previous question.


-San just sits up this time, shaking his head before turning to Lindsey and blasting at her.


Lindsey:  Yikes!


-San continues to take pot-shots at Lindsey as she disappears and reappears while dodging them.


-Chris is cruising around the arena, checking to see if anyone needs his help.  He sees that Lindsey basically has things under control.


-Derek is struggling to continue blocking all the attacks from the two rangers fighting him, though he is managing to do it.


-Glitch and his foe are nowhere to be found.


Chris:  Where’d Glitch go?  I can’t even track him in the normal ways since he’s a robot…  (Looks over).  There’s Scott…he’s doing fine I think?  Now…Glitch…  (Looks up into the rafters).  He’s got to be up there!


-Qoppa, the pink ranger, is charging up energy blasts and firing them at Glitch, who keeps narrowly avoiding them.


Glitch:  I’m not actually going to harm you.  Please, just back down.


-Qoppa fires another blast.


Qoppa:  But I don’t want to!  The boss said you were a terrorist and a traitorous terrorist and a robot and a whole lot of other bad things that I’d rather you not be, so I have to make you not exist if that’s okay?


-Fires another blast.


Glitch:  Well, no, I’m sorry, I kind of need to stay alive.


Qoppa:  But I don’t want you to!


-Qoppa shoots a larger blast that actually hits Glitch, pounding him hard and sending him falling from the rafters.


-Chris leaps up to the rafters just as he sees this.


Chris:  Glitch!


-Qoppa turns around, startled.


Qoppa:  Why’d you call me Glitch?


-Chris zooms up to Qoppa and hits him in the stomach.


Chris:  Not you, the robot!


-Chris pushes Qoppa’s face forward and punches him with his other hand.


-Qoppa is hurled off the rafters, definitely rattled.


-Chris looks off and leaps down, chasing Glitch.


Chris:  Glitch!


-Glitch is still smoking from the previous blast but okay as he puts his arms down from the block.


Glitch:  Whoa, didn’t expect these guys to be capable of something like that.


-Chris meets up with Glitch.


Chris:  You okay?


Glitch:  Yeah, but I don’t want to…you know…fight.


Chris:  Then why’d you come?


Glitch:  I don’t…uh…(Looks off at Lindsey).


Chris:  (Almost offended).  You can’t be-


-Qoppa comes from behind Chris and slams into him with both fists outstretched, plowing him into the stands.


Qoppa:  Qoppa’s back!  Hahahaha!


-Qoppa pins Chris down and begins wailing on him as best he can.


-Chris reaches up and grabs both of Qoppa’s fists, pushing back with some effort.


Chris:  Get…off…me…you…silly… frat boy…nutbar!


-San is thrown into both Qoppa and Chris, the three becoming a tangled mess.


Lindsey:  (Looking down).  Sorry Chris!  Got a bit carried away!


-San leaps up.


San:  I’ll carry you away!


-He rushes Lindsey again.


Chris:  “I’ll carry you away?”  (To Qoppa).  Seriously, where’d Octavious find you guys?


-Qoppa leaps up, extremely proud and thumbs at his chest.


Qoppa:  He didn’t pick us, we volunteered!  (Posses).


Chris:  Yeah, you’d definitely have to be a nutbar to volunteer to fly around in pink spandex.


Qoppa:  This isn’t pink!  I was told it was Salmon!


Chris:  Sorry, that’s pink.


-Chris delivers an uppercut to Qoppa.  The fighting continues.


-Scott and Sampi, the blue ranger, trade huge hits to the heads.  Scott’s in a classic boxing stance.  Sampi is hopping back and forth.


Scott:  You guys got this all wrong.


-Sampi quickly jabs at Scott, who leans away.


Sampi:  What do you mean?


Scott:  Well, first…


-Scott punches at Sampi, who also leans away.


Scott:  We’re not terrorists or bad guys.  We’re just teenagers.


Sampi:  No one is inherently innocent.


Scott:  I didn’t say we were innocent, we’re just not bad guys.


Sampi:  My people are being killed every day in this pointless war.  If I can end it a day sooner, I’ll do everything I can.


-Sampi swings at Scott, catching him in the head, knocking him to the wall.


-Sampi comes at him again with a series of strikes to his torso and head.


Scott:  Secondly…


-As Sampi moves to strike with another carefully planned attack, Scott reaches out and grabs Sampi’s helmet from the top.


Scott:  All this karate bullshit’s for dumbasses.


-Scott reefs on Sampi’s helmet, smashing his face into the wall, crunching the concrete and cracking the helmet.


Scott:  You think us kids know the first thing about technique?  Dude, wake up, we’re just dickin’ around.


-Sampi gets up, wobbly, holding his helmet, steadying himself.


Sampi:  No, you’re wrong.  You’re wrong about everything.


Scott:  Okay fine, like I give a rat’s ass if I’m right or not.


Sampi:  Don’t you care that hundreds are dying?


Scott:  Sure, but we ain’t the one’s who’re killing ‘em!


Sampi:  LIES!


-Sampi leaps onto Scott, throwing him backwards into the wall as well.


Sampi:  Tempest Strike!


Scott:  What the hell?


-Sampi rips into Scott, hitting him over and over, grabbing Scott’s wrist and twisting down, then pulling Scott closer to him, shattering Scott’s wrists.


Scott:  SHIIIIT!


-Sampi grabs Scott around the torso and throws him upwards behind him, appearing above him suddenly in the air.


Sampi:  San!  Tempest Thunder Annihilator!


-San chases Lindsey around the arena again, stopping briefly before zipping to Sampi’s location above Scott.


San:  T-T-A…HO!


-The two charge blasts above their heads before firing them straight down onto Scott, hitting him and pounding him into the ground before exploding.


-Lindsey covers her face with an arm, surprised that San isn’t still right behind her.


Lindsey:  Scott!


-Chris looks up at Sampi and San.


Chris:  Ah no!


-The smoke clears.  Scott’s on the ground looking pretty beat up but still breathing.


-Lindsey lands next to him, bending down to look him over.


Lindsey:  Scott!  Are you okay?!


Scott:  (Close to passed out).  Nah, I’m done.  Give ‘em hell babe.  (Out).


-Sampi and San are still hovering briefly in the air as the crowd goes wild at Scott’s defeat.


Sampi:  Filthy bastard…


Chris:  You think there’s any honor in this?!


-Chris zooms into Sampi’s face, headbutting him hard.


-Sampi is thrown through the stands, hitting and skidding into the far back wall.  None of the crowd are injured.


-San looks over just as Chris flips forward, hitting San in the top of the head with an ax kick that knocks him to the ground next to Lindsey.


Chris:  Lindsey!  Stomp his throat!


Lindsey:  (Looks up at Chris, stunned).  What?!


Chris:  Take him out!


-Lindsey looks down at San.  San is slowly pushing himself to his feet, knocked stupid.


-She looks back up at Chris.


Lindsey:  No!  I can’t do it!


-San stands up at a slouch.


San:  You’re too soft for a war, aren’t you?


-San dives at Lindsey, hitting her hard with an energy blast at point blank.


-Lindsey is hurled from the detonation.


Chris:  Lindsey!  God damnit!


-Sampi reappears in a flash as he nearly breaks Chris’ jaw with a hook.


-As Chris spins around in the air, Sampi begins charging a large energy blast.


Sampi:  I want you to burn in HELL!


-Sampi thrusts his hand forward to discharge as Derek appears, grabbing Sampi’s hand and throwing it upwards, causing him to fire and hit Stigma and Sho as they chase after Derek.


Derek:  Ah ah.  That wouldn’t be nice.


-Qoppa slams Derek in the back of the head before throwing him to the ground far below.


Qoppa:  Hooray for Qoppa!


-Stigma and Sho recover from the misfire after quickly blocking.


Stigma:  Team tactic Omega!


All Octa-Rangers:  Hooah!


-All five Octa-Rangers land near each other on one side of the arena in a V formation.


-Chris hits the ground next to Derek, landing on his hands and knees.  Lindsey stumbles up, holding her arm.


Lindsey:  We’re not making much headway guys.


Scott:  (On his back, fading in and out).  I cracked the blue f*cker’s helmet.  They’re not indestructible like a robot or anything.


-Glitch lands with the group.


Glitch:  Are you alright?


Derek:  Where have you been?


Glitch:  I…I don’t want to hurt anyone.


Derek:  The whole point of being here is to fight to the death!


Lindsey:  No!  We’re not killing anyone!  We’re better than that!


Derek:  Didn’t stop us from killing robots last week!


Lindsey:  Those aren’t real people!


-Glitch winces at this as Lindsey instantly realizes what she just said.


Lindsey:  Oh my God, Glitch, I didn’t mean-


Chris:  We don’t have time for this!  Look alive!


-Chris points off at the Octa-Rangers.


-The five are all glowing and causing the stadium to rumble, swaying their arms and hips in rhythm.


Stigma:  Octa-Rangers…OMEGA BUSTER!!!!!


-The Octa-Rangers thrust their hands all together, connecting at a middle focal point, firing a massive, multi-colored energy cannon.




Chris:  Retaliate NOW!!!!!


-Chris and his group all fire hurriedly charged energy blasts to combat the good blast heading their way.


-The two beams connect and tear up a line between the two factions.




-After a few moments time, the beams explode from the center, blowing everyone backwards and creating a crater in the center of the arena.


-The crowd stands up and cheers louder.


Stigma:  (Down on one knee).  How did they counter that?!


Chris:  We all okay?!


-He looks around.  Lindsey is fine, Scott is on his back again breathing heavily, Derek is standing but shaking, and Glitch is in a full block.


Scott:  I blew out my hands with that last one.


Lindsey:  I nearly did, too.


Scott:  No, look.


-Scott lifts his hands up.  He’s literally ripped the skin off his hands with large gashes around his wrists that look as if his skin bubbled and popped.


Lindsey:  (Gasps and covers her mouth).  Oh God…


Chris:  Jesus…


Glitch:  I’m sorry…I couldn’t bring myself to fire back…


Scott:  Glitch, I’d give you the finger right now but it might fall off.


Chris:  Derek, can you still fight?


Derek:  (Tensing himself back up, one eye keeps closing).  I could fight all five all day if I had to.


Scott:  (Laughing out his response).  Bullshit…


Chris:  Derek, why’re you…?


Derek:  I told you I’m fine.


Chris:  (Leans in to Derek).  You’ve been fighting at your max this whole time, haven’t you?


Derek:  If you can do it, so can I.


Chris:  Please, rest, I’ll take care of them.


Derek:  I don’t need your help!  I’m fine!


Glitch:  I can still help!


Derek:  You?  How’s the peaceful war machine going to help us?


Glitch:  I need enough time to get to the room with the video feed to all the monitors.


Lindsey:  What’re you planning Glitch?


Glitch:  There’s an audience of impressionable sheep all just listening to whoever has the strongest case.  I have hours of video and audio from the attack at the Legion base, the fight at the mall, and conversations between Octavious and the Hex-Duo.


Chris:  You got enough to incriminate Octavious in a stadium of his fans?


Glitch:  At least a month’s worth of footage.


Chris:  Well I hope you’ve got one hell of an editing program in your head, because we’re only going to get one shot at this.


Lindsey:  How much time do you need?


Glitch:  Enough.


Chris:  We can give that.


-Chris turns back towards the Octa-Rangers.


Glitch:  I hope so.


Lindsey:  No sweat.


Sampi:  (Yells off at the group).  How did you like our formation attack?!


Derek:  I’ve shit bigger beams than that!


-Octavious appears on the large monitors.


Octavious:  Terrorists, are you willing to admit defeat?


Lindsey:  We’ll never admit defeat!


Chris:  We’ve lied about defeat a few times, but we’ll never admit it.


Octavious:  Alright then.  Rangers, you are now authorized to use, (Screen zooms in on his face), Lethal.  Force.


-The Octa-Rangers salute to Octavious.


Octa-Rangers:  Hooah!


Octavious:  Show them Hell!


-Derek finally calms himself down and takes a deep breath, getting back into a fighting stance.


Derek:  Well then, you all ready to see Hell?


Lindsey:  (Fighter stance).  Definitely.


Chris:  (Fighter stance).  Already there.


Stigma:  Rangers…ATTACK!!!


To Be Continued…


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