Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Forty-Two

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 42

“What Dreams May Come”


Recap:  After the longest night of their lives, the group finally found some shelter with, of all people, the Desert Hermit.  At about the same time, Jack was able to meet up with a friend from the Demon Regime and negotiate lodgings for the night.  Luckily, the Hex-Duo robots ran into their share of trouble with Syrus and decided to head back to Charles Robotics for some repairs and reeducation.  More questions are sure to come, today, on Eclipse Star!


Hermit:  (Everyone has piled through the fire escape and into a small room where the Desert Hermit looks on with a confused gaze).  So what’s gotten you all in such a foul mood?


Kyle:  (Confused to all hell).  Who’s this guy?


Kevin:  (Happily hopping in through the window and over to the Hermit).  This is the Desert Hermit I told you all so much about.  He was the one who taught Danny, Derek and myself everything we learned during the weeks after the Regime’s ridge base was wiped out.


Danny:  Hold on…what’re you doing in the city now?


Hermit:  Well, I felt the need to get out of the sun for a while and reconnect with the city life.  Also, sand gets everywhere.  (Shudders).  You can only stand so much sand before you lose it.  (Smiles and shakes his head).  No matter.  (Looks at Derek and Austin).  What’s wrong with these two?


Kevin:  They’re suffering as a result of the Hex-Duo robots.


Hermit:  Ah, I figured.


Scott:  Hey, how’d the old guy know there were killer robots on the loose?


Hermit:  Oh, that’s a fair question.  Hmm, well, I’m pretty wise and know all.  (Turns on the TV in the corner).  Also the attack is all over the news.


Scott:  That’s good enough for me.  (Wanders over to a corner and sits down).


Hermit:  Okay then, bring Derek and Austin with me into the bedroom.  Oh, and Lindsey, too.  Come on now, let’s go.


Everyone’s confused but they follow orders and carry Derek and Austin into a nearby bedroom.


Hermit:  Please, set them down in the beds over there.  (Walks over to Austin).  Hmm…ruptured spleen.  Well that can’t be very pleasant.


-The Hermit crouches over Austin, laying his hands on Austin’s stomach.  He closes his eyes and begins to hum quietly.  Austin’s leg twitches slightly, but that’s it, although his breathing is noticeably calmer.


-The Hermit stands up and walks over to Derek.


Hermit:  Derek Derek Derek…how many times do I have to tell you to control that temper?


-He bends down and places his hands on Derek’s chest, humming quietly again.  Derek’s breathing noticeably improves as well.


-The Hermit stands up and walks over to Lindsey.


Hermit:  Don’t worry, they’ll be just fine.


Lindsey:  (Very quiet and still close to tears).  Thank you, sir.


Hermit:  Hey, cheer up kid.  You look like you could use a bit of rest as well.  Come over here; lay down on the bed.


Lindsey follows his orders and lies down on another open bed.


-The Hermit walks over to her and places a hand on her forehead.


Hermit:  Get some rest; you’ve had a hard day.


Lindsey’s eyes start to close as everyone else seems to drift into slumber as well.


*          *            *            *            *


-Lindsey finds herself wandering lost in a complete void, hopelessly trying to find anyone.


Lindsey:  Leena?  Austin?  Kyle?  Is anyone here?  Please, can someone hear me?


-Chris appears from the nothingness and begins walking over to her.


Chris:  I can still hear you.


Lindsey:  (Gasps slightly and covers her mouth).  Chris…?


Chris:  It’s only been a day and already you’re lost?


Lindsey:  Chris…(Runs towards him, arms outstretched, ready to hug him).  Chris!  (As she runs towards him he disappears).  Wha…what?


Chris:  (Appearing behind her).  Why are you so lost?


Lindsey:  But…  (Shakes her head and becomes frustrated).  Are you dead or not?!


Chris:  Why does it matter?  Are you?


Lindsey:  (She’s regained her composure again).  No, I’m still alive.


Chris:  Then stop acting like you’re just as dead as me.


Lindsey:  Chris…I don’t know what to do though.


Chris:  What do you mean?  You know exactly what you’ve got to do.


Lindsey:  But if I stayed with you when you asked me…maybe you wouldn’t be dead!


Chris:  I was lost with or without you.


Lindsey:  But-


Chris:  (Very stern).  No!  (Lindsey recoils a bit).  If you had been in that building with me you’d be dead, too, and then nothing would have been accomplished.


Lindsey:  (Crying).  But I could have helped.  I know I could have!


Chris:  You’re not responsible for any of this.  Everything that has happened to me I have brought on myself.  You’ve done nothing but try and save me and I wouldn’t let you.


Lindsey:  But why?


Chris:  Because I didn’t want to see you fall with me.  (Lindsey starts sobbing now).  Do you know who you are?  Do you?  (Lindsey looks up at Chris and nods).  Do you?!


Lindsey:  (Wipes her face and nods).  Yes.  (Looks over at Chris and yells at him).  Yes!  But what does that have anything to do with this?!


Chris:  You’ll be fine no matter what happens to me.  All you have to do is keep yourself alive.  You’ve got no idea how strong you can really be when you have to.


Lindsey:  But I’m not that strong.


Chris:  Don’t try to lie to me.  I’m smarter than that.  I know you too well.


Lindsey:  But I don’t know what I’m supposed to do…


Chris:  Stop it.  Stop blaming yourself for everything.  It’s not your character; it’s my character.  I’m the one who’s supposed to make a martyr of himself and look where it got me.  You have to stay strong.  Can you do that?


Lindsey:  (She’s completely in control now).  Yes, I can do that.


Chris:  Good.  Now stop worrying so much.  And take care of yourself.  (Begins to walk away).


Lindsey:  (Chases after him).  Wait!  You can’t just leave now!  Please stay!


Chris:  (Looks back and smiles).  Trust me, I won’t let anything happen to you, no matter what.  (Disappears).


Lindsey:  (Sits up in her bed).  Chris wait!


-Lindsey looks around the darkened room.  Leena and Kyle are sitting next to her bed, confused.


Kyle:  “Chris wait”?


Lindsey:  Huh?  Oh, nothing.


Leena:  You were dreaming hon.  (Grabs a washcloth and places it on Lindsey’s head).  Go back to sleep.  You desperately need it.


Lindsey:  (Lies back down).  It was so weird.  I saw Chris in a dream.  He told me everything would be okay and that he doesn’t blame me for anything that’s happened.


Kyle:  Did he have wheels or anything?


Lindsey:  What?  No, why?


Kyle:  Meh, sounds like a boring dream then.


Lindsey:  How are the others doing?


Kyle:  They’re doing pretty fine.  Derek’s not having the most pleasant of sleep, but then again he’s not dead either, so it could be worse.


Leena:  Lindz, go back to sleep before I knock you out with a lamp or something.


Lindsey:  Alright.  (Closes her eyes).  Just wake me up if Chris comes back.


Kyle:  (Leena and Kyle sadly look at each other for a second).  Sure, we’ll let you know.  (Looks off to Derek a few beds down).  I wonder if we should tell him, too?


*          *            *            *            *


-Absolutely blackness.  Derek can’t see anything around him, although he hears muffled voices.


Derek:  Who’s there?  Come on, show yourselves.


-Derek flips out and powers up, creating a small energy ball with one hand that generates just enough light to illuminate the general area around Derek.


Derek:  Cowards!


-Chris steps forward, only half illuminated from Derek’s energy ball.


Chris:  Hahaha…


Derek:  You.


Chris:  Yes, it’s always about me, isn’t it?


Derek:  (He seems annoyed).  Aren’t you supposed to be dead?


Chris:  Everyone seems to think so, don’t they?


Derek:  Hey, at least I tried stopping it from happening.  That’s more than anyone else can say.


Chris:  So that makes you the hero, eh?


Derek:  I failed, too, didn’t I?


Chris:  Yep.  And it was because you’re too weak.


Derek:  (Now very aggravated).  Rrrr…you’re no more than a memory now, what business do you have defining my character?


Chris:  Heheh…hahahaha!  (Breaks out laughing in an uncharacteristic way).


Derek:  Shut up!


-Derek throws the energy ball at Chris.


-Everything goes dark again.


Chris:  (Only a voice as of now).  Hahaha…it’s no wonder you couldn’t save him.


Derek:  I did my best to save you; what more do you want?


Chris:  No, not me.


Chris appears after illuminating his own energy ball.  He reveals both Chris in a menacing pose and a man looking pretty beaten, lying on the ground.


Chris:  Him.


Derek:  (Panics slightly).  Dad!


Marshall:  (Weakly raising his hand).  Derek…


Derek:  (Turns to Chris).  What did you do to him?!


Chris:  Hmm, so quick to place blame, yet you know nothing of the consequences of those that freely accept it.


Derek:  Whatever business we have doesn’t concern my father.  What I want for us doesn’t involve him, so leave him alone!


Chris:  It’s too late for that Derek.  You’ve already failed him as a son.


Marshall:  Derek, I’m sorry for everything…I couldn’t live up to what you wanted me to be…


Derek:  But dad…no…you’ve been nothing but a good father.


Chris:  Has he?  Do you even know?  You yourself admit that he was never the same after he crumbled.  You yourself admit that he wasn’t what he should have been.


Derek:  (Incredibly pissed).  That’s not true.


Chris:  You placed the blame and he accepted it, for better or worse.  In this case…


-Chris fires his energy blast at Derek’s father.


Chris:  Much worse.


Derek:  (Tries rushing to help his father).  DAD!


The blast hits, Derek’s father screams and in a flash everything is black again.




Derek:  No…(Enraged).  NOOOOO!!!!


Chris:  (Appearing behind Derek).  You were too weak to do anything…


-Derek flips around, punching Chris’ face, hitting nothing.


Derek:  You’re lying!


Chris:  (Once more behind Derek).  And now you’re just wrestling with someone whom you couldn’t save.  Someone who freely took all the blame from everyone and lost everything as a result.


Derek:  (Blasting at Chris).  SHUT UP!


Chris:  (Only a voice).  How can anyone so weak expect to command such power?


-Derek flips out and starts blasting everything around him in a rage.


Derek:  SHUT UP!!!!!  (Suddenly sits up from his bed).  Ung…(Looks around slightly confused as to what he just saw).  Where…


-Derek looks down at his chest, patting it with both hands.


Derek:  My ribs are fine?


Danny:  (From over in the corner).  Oh man, Derek!  You’re alright!


Derek:  (Looking around).  Danny, where the hell are we?


Danny:  Oh, we’re in the Hermit’s house.  He’s letting us stay here until we’re all better.  You’ve been out for almost a whole day.  I didn’t think you’d be waking up but the Hermit said you’d wake up feeling great.


Derek:  Well at least I can breath again, so I guess he didn’t entirely lie.  (Sees Danny scribbling on a piece of paper).  Why aren’t you sleeping?


Danny:  Huh?  Oh, I couldn’t.  I’m too excited from everything, so I drew this picture.


-Danny holds up a picture he’s been doodling that looks somewhat like a Megazord.


Derek:  What is it?


Danny:  Okay, follow me with this, but what if all those robots we ran into could somehow, like, transform into one super robot?  See look, the big one could be the body and the round one could be the head and-


Derek:  (Turns over).  Sorry I asked.  (Sees Austin in a bed next to him, tossing and turning).  Yeah, I see that you’re not doing much better with dreams.


*          *            *            *            *


-Austin’s dream sequence finds him in the Hermit’s house with everyone in a bed of their own, resting uncomfortably.  Austin is walking around, surveying everyone’s condition.


Austin:  How can everyone be so badly damaged?


Upon looking closer, everyone’s severely injured, some near mutilated, others bloody all around.


Austin:  Is anyone okay?  Anyone at all?


-Chris walks into the room.


Chris:  Everyone’s got their hurt and troubles showing today, don’t they?


Austin:  It sure would seem so, huh?


Chris:  I mean look at these guys.  (Bends down near Kevin).  This is Kevin, or at least I assume it’s Kevin, right?


Austin:  I can hardly tell.  He’s too badly injured.


Chris:  (Stands up and continues walking).  Everyone’s different, unrecognizable.  They’re been destroyed from everything that’s happened.  Even you’re showing some signs of wear and tear.


-Austin looks down at his chest.  As he does so, the area around his heart begins bleeding profusely, yet it doesn’t seem to affect him.


Austin:  You’re right.  (Looks back up at Chris).  I’m not doing so well either.


Chris:  No one ever is.  Everyone chooses to hide it though.  You’ve been hiding it better than most.


Austin:  (Shrugs).  Hey man, you know how it goes.  Sometimes you’ve gotta stay strong for everyone else.


Chris:  (Nods and starts walking again).  True.  But then again, if no one can see where you’re bleeding from, they can’t stop the wound in time to heal.


Austin:  Ah cut the crap Chris.  We’ve never had to dance around meanings before, why so cryptic now?


Chris:  Heh, I don’t know, makes me feel like I’ve got something better to say.


-Austin sits down at the end of one of the beds.  Everyone else seems to have disappeared.


Austin:  So are you alright?


Chris:  Even now you’re more concerned about me than yourself huh?


Austin:  We’ve always taken care of each other over the years.  You were always dealing with too much to really be able to shoulder my burdens, too.


Chris:  Come on, you know that I shouldered your weight, too.  You tried to keep it to yourself, but I knew.  After all of this we started to go our separate ways but we still worried for the other.


Austin:  (Crosses his arms and nods).  Yep.  Even when you weren’t there I felt like I had to treat you like you were.


Chris:  Austin, right now you still feel the need to keep everything inside, don’t you?


Austin:  The others expect me to be me no matter what.  I’ve got to stay positive and happy and expecting of good things.  I don’t know what to do when I don’t have anything optimistic to say to them.  What can I do when I’m not allowed to feel depressed?


Chris:  It’s tough for sure, but tell me this, do you really think that everyone’s doomed?


Austin:  It’s not lookin’ too good right now.


Chris:  So then tell me that we’ve reached the end.  Tell me that we all failed and we should give up.


Austin:  Well…hah, I’ve still got a feeling that we’ll find a way.  I mean hell, we found this house in the middle of everything that’s happened, so obviously we’ve got someone looking after us.


Chris:  So aren’t you depressed?


Austin:  (Smiles).  Chris, I know what you’re trying to do and you’re just dancing around the subject.  I wouldn’t be your best friend if I didn’t get it right away.


Chris:  (Smiles back).  So then, what am I trying to say?


Austin:  I’m worried that I’ve gotta always be the optimistic one in the group, even if that means I can’t feel miserable, but when it gets right down to it I’m always gonna look for the bright side to show up.  I’m basically just hiding nothing, really.


Chris:  Hah, something like that.  So do you think you caused my death?


Austin:  Nope.


Chris:  Why not?  Everyone else seems to.


Austin:  Because knowing you, you’re probably not even dead.


Chris:  Always a bright side?


Austin:  Always.  Especially when there isn’t one.


-Austin slowly wakes up smiling.  He looks around the room and sees everyone sleeping still.


-He quietly gets up and walks over to the window to peak around the blinds.


Austin:  How long have I been out?


Hermit:  The sun’s starting to set again.  You guys have been here maybe half a day.


Austin:  I take it you’re the Hermit from the desert?  (The Hermit nods).  Thanks for fixin’ my stomach.  Man was it killing me.


Hermit:  (Casually nods).  Yeah, another hour and you would have bled to death internally.  Not to alarm you or anything.


Austin:  (Waves it off).  Nah, there’s always a way, eh?


The two smile and nods at each other.


*          *            *            *            *


-In the main laboratory of Charles Robotics, Hex-Duo 6 leans against a desk, arms crossed and eyes closed.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Muttering to itself).  Such a waste of time…  We killed one kid; how hard is it to kill another 11?


-Static fuzzes through its sensors.


Static:  Bzzt-heh-crizzzck.


Hex-Duo 6:  Hmh?


-The faded image of Chris appears across the room behind Charles.


Chris:  (Speaking in a staticy voice).  You didn’t really do much to kill me, did you?


Hex-Duo 6:  (Mouth open, arms suddenly uncrossed in confusion).  What…?


Chris:  You got all your lackies to do the deed for you.


Charles:  (Looking up from repairing a deactivated Hex-Duo 3).  You say something?  What’s the matter?


Hex-Duo 6:  What?  (Turns to Charles).  Are you seeing-?


-The image of Chris is gone.


Hex-Duo 6:  He’s gone.


Charles:  (Looks around).  Who’s gone?


Hex-Duo 6:  Nothing.  It must have just been a minor interference with my circuitry.


-Multiple images of Chris flash all over the room of various sizes and poses, all speaking seemingly at once.


Chris 1:  You think you killed me?


Chris 2:  -Derek was deadlier-


Chris 3:  -Worthless machine-


Chris 4:  -Break you down-


Chris 5:  -Tear every wire from your head-


Chris 6:  -HAHAHA-


Chris 7:  -Eat me, you waste-


Chris 8:  -Couldn’t even kill a child-


Chris 9:  -Commander just let you stall for time-

Chris 10:  Will kill you!


-Hex-Duo 6 starts to back away before screaming and destroying the room in a flash, shaking and panicking.


-Suddenly the scene shifts back to an undamaged lab with Charles closing the top of Hex-Duo 6’s head and backing away before reactivating it.


Charles:  There.  The memory files have been reinserted.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Opening its eyes again).  What is this?  What did you do?


Charles:  I just told you; I finished reuploading the data.  I did you first as you wanted.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Annoyed, walking away).  You must have been careless with your work; I’m sure you knicked a circuit.


Charles:  Odd…


*          *            *            *            *


-Jack is lying on his friend’s couch, drifting back and forth into sleep and back.


Jack:  Nate, why don’t you have a miracle cure or something…?


-Jack looks around and sees that Nate isn’t anywhere to be seen.


Jack:  Nate?  Crap…  (Sits up).  How long have I been out?  (Bends down over the coffee table and checks his watch).  9:30?  What is that…maybe sixteen, seventeen hours?  (Rubs his head).  And still I’ve got a headache.  (Rubs his face and then pauses, quickly tapping his ear a bit).


Static Transmission:  …Yeah…he’s here…hours…not sure…send…


Jack:  (Taps his ear one good time).  Dammit…


Clear Transmission:  Yes sir, I’ll make sure he’s still here.  No, he has no idea.  I’ve been keeping him asleep for this long; I’ll just give him a stronger dosage.


Jack:  Dammit Nate…  (Hops up and grabs all his stuff).


-Nate is standing in his bedroom with a phone, looking over his shoulder at his door, worriedly.


Nate:  Yes sir, you’ve got nothing to worry about.  Okay, just get me on the phone with Octavious?  He’s busy?  What about Syrus?  Can you get me a direct line to him?  (Pause).  Thank you.  (Waits).  Yes, sir?


Syrus:  (Back at the Legion’s headquarters).  Don’t call me sir.


Nate:  Sorry.  I’ve got one of the priority targets here in my apartment.  He’s been out for most of the day but I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone until now.


Syrus:  You have one of the kids?


Nate:  Yeah, he’s a friend of mine.  He came here after the attack on his base.  Could you send someone over as soon as possible?


Syrus:  I’ll be there personally.  (Hangs up).


Nate:  Thank you sir.  (Hangs up).


Jack:  (Franticly looking around the apartment).  Dammit.


To Be Continued…


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