Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Forty-Three

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 43



Recap:  Another day goes by as the group recovers slowly in the Hermit’s apartment.  During the night, Lindsey finally gets a little reassurance from a dream in which Chris tells her everything’s going to be okay.  Derek, however, although physically healed, has a tougher slumber with a cryptic vision of his father being killed by Chris.  Austin, too, is healed and experiences a dream vision with Chris, but it’s Jack that seems to be in the most trouble after hearing his friend talking on the phone with none other than Syrus.


-Jack is sleeping uncomfortably on his friend’s couch.  He’s tossing and turning.


Jack:  What…what…who’s there?


-Chris’ voice can randomly be heard faintly during Jack’s REM cycle.


Chris:  Jack…


Jack:  What…?


Chris:  Wake…up…


Jack:  Who’s…?


Chris:  (Fiercely clear).  Wake up!


Jack:  (Instantly awake).  Ug…Nate, why don’t you have a miracle cure or something?  (Looks around confusedly).  Huh?


-Nate is speaking on the phone in another room, coming in clear to Jack via his earpiece.


Nate:  Yeah, he’s a friend of mine.  He came here after the attack on his base.  Could you send someone over as soon as possible?


Syrus:  I’ll be there personally.  (Hangs up).


Nate:  Thank you sir.  (Hangs up).


Jack:  (Hopping up from the couch).  Dammit Nate.


-Jack starts grabbing all of his things off the coffee table.


Jack:  He lied to me.  Bold-faced lied to me.  I’ll kill him.  I’ll kill the bastard.


Nate:  (Walking into the room).  Oh Jack, you’re awake?


-Jack dead stops.  The two are unsure what to say or who should be the first to say it.


Jack:  Yeah, I’m awake.


Nate:  (Seemingly nervous).  Oh.  Well then good.  I was worried that you’d be out for too long.


Jack:  Yeah…


-Jack slowly tucks in his shirt while stuffing things in his pockets.


Jack:  That coffee you gave me wasn’t all too strong.


Nate:  Sorry about that, I’m more of a tea drinker myself.


-Nate starts to move towards the kitchen.


Nate:  I can whip you up a fresh pot or-


Jack:  (Quickly abrasive and defensive).  No.  Heh, no no, no need.


Nate:  How ‘bout some tea then?  I’m gonna make myself a cup or two.


Jack:  Nah.  Hate tea.


-Jack reaches into his back pocket.


Nate:  That’s a shame.  It’s really quite good for the nerves.  Well then, can I get you anything to drink?


Jack:  No.


Nate:  Anything at all?


Jack:  No.


-Nate turns to walk into the kitchen.


Nate:  Come on, I’ll just get you some-




Nate:  ARG!


-Nate drops down to one knee.  A knife is now sticking out from one of his calves.


Jack:  (His arm’s outstretched after hurling the knife).  How could you Nate?


Nate:  (Writhing slightly from the pain).  Jack, I don’t know what you’re talking about!


Jack:  Nate, don’t you lie to me.  Not again.


Nate:  But Jack-


Jack:  Oh come on, I heard you talking to Syrus in my ear bud.  How stupid do you really think I am?


Nate:  (Starting to pull himself up).  I swear I thought you were sleeping.


Jack:  Yeah, that’s really helping your case.


-Nate finally turns around, leaning against a door jam.


Nate:  Jack, you don’t understand.  It’s not that I’m betraying you…it’s just…


Jack:  You’re afraid I’m gonna betray you first, huh?


Nate:  You’ve got a pack of highly trained, heavily armed machines after you!  And you come here of all places?!


Jack:  (Gritting his teeth).  I came here because I trusted you.


Nate:  Jack, any other day of the week and I would have openly helped you, but we’re in the middle of the Hex-Duo Project, you can’t expect me to be so easygoing at a time like this.


Jack:  What?  (Furious).  You did know about it, didn’t you!


Nate:  (Stumbling over to Jack).  Everyone in the Regime was alerted that this week would be a bad time to turn traitorous.  If you want to kill me for being a scared human, then be my guest.


-Jack hauls off and decks Nate, sending him to the floor, unconscious.


Jack:  Trust me, you’ve got worse things coming in the future.  (Pats Nate down).  At least you aren’t packing anything deadly.


-Jack comes across Nate’s breast pocket and pulls out a small explosive charge.


Jack:  Hell, I spoke too soon.  What were you planning with this, huh?  (Looks it over closely).  This definitely isn’t a standard issue explosive.


Tucks it into his pocket and walks into Nate’s back room.


Jack:  Alright, there’s gotta be an upgraded version of the power-reader watches that he gave me a while back.  (Shifts through some random papers).  Aha, here we go.


A watch is sitting under all the mess.


-Jack picks it up and checks the inscription on the back.


Jack:  “For your endless devotion.  –Octavious.”  (Puts it on).  Huh, no kidding?


-Jack walks back into the living room.


Jack:  Nathan you unbelievable brownnoser.  And that’s coming from me.


-Jack gives Nate a swift kick to the ribs.


Jack:  So let’s fire her up.


-Jack clicks the watch, it starts going nuts immediately.


Jack:  Damn, Syrus wasn’t kidding.  Time to leave then.  (Looks around).  And best option for that would be…?


Someone tries to get buzzed up.


Jack:  Ack…


-Jack walks over to the buzzer and approves the buzz.


Jack:  I Sure as hell better know what I’m doing.  (Rushes out of the room).


-Syrus quickly throws the door open and walks in.


Syrus:  Nathan?  Nathan!  (Looks around annoyed that Nate isn’t responding).  Great.  This is why I hate dealing with incompetence.


-Syrus walks casually into the room, seeing Nate on the ground.  He walks over to Nate and bends down in no particular hurry.


Syrus:  Of course.  Why should I expect otherwise?


Taps Nate slightly.  No response.


-Syrus’ hand crackles slightly right before he shocks Nate.


Syrus:  Wake up.


Nate:  (Suddenly awake and alert).  Gah!  (Sees Syrus).  Oh, sir.


Syrus:  (Backhands Nate).  Don’t call me sir.  Now, who’s here?


Nate:  Jack was here.  (Rubs his head).  I don’t know if he still is or not.  He was able to surprise and overpower me.


Syrus:  I can see that


-Syrus pulls the knife from Nate’s leg.


Syrus:  I hear you’ve been talking with Octavious a lot lately, haven’t you?


Nate:  Yes.  I’ve been getting tips about the enemy from Jack Voss and quickly relaying it to Octavious as best I could.


Syrus:  How do you know Jack?


Nate:  We were friends growing up, but we went separate ways a bit down the road.  We’ve been in contact a lot more this past year.  He’s wanted to talk to someone about the high priority target.


Syrus:  His name is Chris Collins.


-Syrus stands up and sticks the knife into the wall.


Syrus:  You’ve given a lot of information about Chris over the past few months.  This is all from Jack?


Nate:  Yeah.  Chris was the one who wiped out the Regime’s base that night.  Even Jack’s scared of him.  (Quickly recovers and stands up).  Oh but there’s nothing to worry about anymore.  He’s dead.


Syrus:  Chris?


Nate:  Yes.  At least that’s what Jack told me today.  So…(Thumbs-up).  Good news, huh?


Syrus:  Nathan, Jack is a trusted friend of yours?


Nate:  Yes, very.


Syrus:  Then why did you betray him so lightly?


Nate:  Huh?  But sir-


Syrus:  He’s hurt and he comes here for your help and instead of helping him you’re willing to turn him over to certain death?


Nate:  It’s my duty in the Regime to-


-Syrus turns on Nate, his hand around his throat.


Syrus:  It was your duty as his friend to take care of him.


Nate:  (Terrified).  But…sir…


-Syrus throws Nate against the wall.


Syrus:  Nothing in this world is more important than taking care of your loved ones.  Betrayal of the heart is the vilest crime I can think of.


Nate:  (Coughing and trying to catch his breath).  You don’t understand though, my life was in danger!


Syrus:  Your life is forfeit.


-Syrus points a finger forward, a small beam shoots out of the end and through Nate’s head.


-The beam carries through the wall and out the other side.


-On the other side of the wall, Jack twitches slightly as he watches the beam zip inches from his face.


-Nate slumps against the wall, sliding down, dead.


Syrus:  I will not stand for that level of disgracefulness.  (Shakes his head).  And that lecture goes double for you, Jack.


-Syrus brushes his hands off and walks out of the apartment as calmly as he walked in.


Jack:  (Viciously shaken but completely unharmed).  Holy hell…


-Jack inches himself around the wall and finally sees Nate’s dead body.


Jack:  Nate…  (Checks for a pulse, although he knows it’s useless).  Ugn, this isn’t what I meant to happen.  Please forgive me Nate.


*          *            *            *            *


-The Hermit walks in through the door of his apartment.


-Everyone’s busy with something or another.


Hermit:  Hmm…(Looks out the window).  Another sunrise.  Very nice.  (Sees Kyle walking around the kitchen, looking for food).  Ah, Kyle, how are you?


Kyle:  A bit groggy but not too bad.  Hey, got any grub around here?


Hermit:  Sure.  You like bread?


Kyle:  Now and then, sure.


-The Hermit reaches into the cupboard and pulls out a loaf of bread.


Hermit:  Aha, here we are.


Kyle:  I swear that cupboard was empty.


Hermit:  Ya just gotta reach in far enough.  Wine?  (Holds out a bottle of wine).


Kyle:  Um, nah, but thanks.


Scott:  (Walks by, grabbing the bottle).  Dibs.


Kevin:  (Coming into the room, rubbing his eyes).  Oh my, that’s what I call a restful day.


Hermit:  Yeah, everyone’s been asleep for almost the entire day.  It’s like you guys are tired or somethin’.


Kevin:  Thank you so much for your hospitality.


Hermit:  Meh, think nothing of it.


Kevin:  I feel like we’re imposing quite a bit though.  Aren’t you worried that the Hex-Duo robots could come at any time and attack us?


Hermit:  Not particularly.  Should I be?


Derek:  (Stumbles into the room).  Definitely.  I’m surprised they haven’t found us yet.


Kyle:  Maybe they got held up elsewhere or something?


Derek:  Could be.


Kevin:  Sir, we’ll be out by this evening, if you don’t mind.  We don’t want to put you in any further danger.


Hermit:  Nonsense, I love danger.  I’m imposing house rules here and demand that you all stay one more day.  I’ve got Trivial Pursuit.


Austin:  (Casually munching on some cereal at the table).  Sounds good to me.  I’m in no hurry to leave.


Derek:  Alright, majority votes that we stay, so we’ll stay another night.  But if you so much as suggest that we play Monopoly the deal’s off.


Kyle:  Well that was an easy victory.  You get some good rest?


Derek:  Not particularly, but I don’t feel like arguing.  (Starts to walk out of the room).  I’ll be back in a bit.  (Turns back).  Don’t follow me.


Everyone just looks at him and gives him the “no pressure” gesture as he walks out the window and onto the fire escape.


Derek:  Damn…its too crowed in there.  No one can think straight anymore.  Maybe I can get some actual rest on the roof or something.


-Derek climbs to the roof and stops.


Derek:  You.


Hex-Duo 7:  (Turns around and sees Derek).  Oh, I didn’t know anyone was looking for me.


Derek:  (Standoffish).  Trust me, we weren’t.  What are you doing up here?


Hex-Duo 7:  I get the feeling I’m not exactly wanted down there, and by the look that you’re giving me I’m probably right, aren’t I?


Derek:  (Sarcastically replying).  Forgive us, but it’s somewhat difficult to be excited about welcoming a robot to our group when said robot’s old friends killed some of ours.


Hex-Duo 7:  Understandable.  (Turns back to the sky).  Don’t worry.  I’ve been blocking any sort of signals that could be traced here.  Everyone’s safe right now.  Even stranger though is that I haven’t picked up any movement from the other Hex-Duos for the past day now.


Derek:  What, they get tired of looking?


Hex-Duo 7:  Partly.  I’d be willing to bet that they’re back with Charles in the lab getting upgraded.


Derek:  Meaning?


Hex-Duo 7:  (Looks back at Derek).  They’re editing me out of their plans.  And once that happens…well then I can’t do much more to help you all.


*          *            *            *            *


-Hex-Duo 6 sits with his arms crossed in the lab, waiting for the others to finish their upgrades.


Hex-Duo 6:  Charles, why is this taking so long?


Charles:  (He looks even more tired than usual).  You can keep asking me that all you want and it’s not going to make me go any faster.


Hex-Duo 6:  Don’t patronize me old man.


Charles:  Then show some respect to your elders.


Hex-Duo 6:  Touché.  (His eyes wander around the lab from robot to robot, each in his own little chamber getting fixed).  Was the damage from Syrus too severe?


Charles:  You know, for a robot that decided that everyone else was inferior, you sure do make it a point to look out for your fellow team members.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Not amused).  Ha ha.  Aren’t we cleaver?  I’m more curious to know if Syrus was actually capable of inflicting serious damage to us in case he decides to rebel.


Charles:  Don’t take this as an exact estimate of Syrus’ abilities, but the damage was only superficial.  Minor dents and dings, nothing more.  But if you’d ask me, and if I have this correct you are, Syrus wasn’t trying very hard with you all.


Hex-Duo 6:  I figured not.


-Hex-Duo 9’s chamber beeps and opens up, allowing him to walk out.


Hex-Duo 9:  Aha!  I’m first!  I win!


Hex-Duo 6:  I was first; you’re second.


Hex-Duo 9:  That’s as good as first for everyone else!  Hooray, I’m first!  I am win!


Hex-Duo 6:  Good, so they’re starting to finish.  When do you think we can be mobile again?


Charles:  I’d say in about a day you should all be done.


Hex-Duo 6:  Good.  I expect tomorrow to be an eventful day then.


*          *            *            *            *


-Jack sits in Nate’s apartment after another day has come and gone.  Nate is sitting next to him as Jack casually eats a sandwich, still dead.


Jack:  Still no heading from any source.  No noted movement by the Hex-Duo, no power spikes from the group, no radio transmissions or anything.  (Takes a bite of his sandwich and turns to Nate).  Want some?  (No response).  I figured not.  I’m just glad this gamble paid off.  I guess you were able to provide me a safe house after all bud.


*          *            *            *            *


-Everyone’s in the room as the sun’s coming up again.


Hermit:  So this is really goodbye from you guys then?


Austin:  For now.  We’ve gotta keep moving or else we’re just putting you in danger and blah blah blah, you know the rest.


Kevin:  Thank you so much for everything.  I don’t know how we can ever repay you for your kindness.


Hermit:  No thanks needed.


Kyle:  Hey, by the by, um, what’s your name?


Hermit:  Huh?  Oh, I’m the Hermit.


Kyle:  Anything else?


Hermit:  Well I suppose it’d be senseless to just call me the Desert Hermit since I’m clearly not in the desert right now.


Leena:  Well right, right, but what’s your real name?  Like, official birth name?


Hermit:  Oh that.  Oh, that’s Joshua.


Kyle:  (Leena smiles, Kyle looks sad).  Dang, I was so sure I was right.


Leena:  See, it’s not him, so you owe me another Coke.


Lindsey:  (Steps forward).  Thank you so much Joshua.  I don’t know what to say, but thanks.  (Gives him a big hug).


Joshua:  (Smiles and blushes).  Ahhh, haha, no need.  I see you’re in a better mood at least.


Austin:  It’s good to see the old Lindsey back.  It’s been a while.


Clinton:  Okay everyone, we’re heading for the center of the city at Trillium Grand Arena and the surrounding area.  You’ve all got your stuff, right?  Good, then let’s move out.


Lindsey:  Oops, hold on, let me go get Seven.  He’s still on the roof.


-Lindsey rushes out the window and up the fire escape.


Lindsey:  Seven?  You up here?


Hex-Duo 7:  (Turns around).  Oh Lindsey, hi.  Everything alright?


Lindsey:  Yep, we’re just leaving.  You looked like you were in deep thought there.  Odd to say about a robot but, still, nonetheless odd.


Hex-Duo 7:  Yeah, I’ve been trying to get a fix on the others but I’m getting nothing.  I fear that my usefulness is up.  They’ll be coming for you all again very shortly; I just know it.


Lindsey:  Hey, no worries, they don’t know where we are or where we’re going, so we’ve got the advantage at the moment.  Everything’ll be fine.  Now let’s go.


The two smile at each other and take off down the roof.


-On ground level a block down the road on a payphone.


Derek:  Come on, pick up the phone.  (Taps his foot impatiently).




Derek:  Finally.


A voice messaging service comes on.


Derek:  Damn.


The answering machine plays a simple message:  “Hello, you’ve reached the phone of Marshall Tolkien.  Sorry but I seem to have missed your call.  Please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you when I can.  Thank you.”




Derek:  Hey Dad, it’s Derek.  I know it’s been a few months since I last called, but I’m sure you’ve been worried about me since the TV’s been reporting the attack on the base I was stationed at.  Don’t worry though; I’m just fine.  I’m not gonna be killed that easily.  Hahaha…  (Sigh).  Dad, I miss you and just wanted to make sure you were okay.  I haven’t heard from you in months even though I’ve been leaving you messages frequently.  I don’t know, I had a dream the other night that just bothered me and I wanted to tell you I was sorry if I haven’t been a good enough son.  God this is dragging…I don’t mean to make you worry.  I’ll be out of contact again for a few days until I find a better place to stay.  We’ve gotta constantly stay moving you know.  Anyway, we’re heading towards the center of town.  Trillium City Grand Arena or something like that.  I know, pointless.  I tried to convince everyone to go to your house instead but they didn’t think it was safe or something.  You know how cowards can be sometimes.  (Shakes his head).  Alright dad, take care of yourself.  Your son loves you.  (Hangs up).


Sitting in Nate’s apartment, tapping his ear bud.


Jack:  What?  You’re kidding me.  Derek actually tried calling his dad.  (Gets up).  I figured he’d try eventually.


Runs to the window and leaps out onto the fire escape.


Jack:  Well then, off to the city center.


-Octavious sits in an office adjacent to the Charles Robotics labs.  He’s holding a phone and laughing.


-The message finishes playing on the other end:  “Your son loves you.”.


Octavious:  Hah.


-Octavious hangs up the phone.


-An assistant walks in.


Octavious:  Tell the Hex-Duo that they’ve got a heading.  Tell them the kids are on their way to the Trillium City Grand Arena area.


The assistant runs out to tell the others.


-Octavious laughs and shakes his head.


Octavious:  Tolkien, you were a good soldier when you were alive, but you raised a pretty foolish kid.  I guess you’ll see him soon enough though.


Begins laughing to himself as the scene fades out.


To Be Continued…


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