Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Thirty-Six

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 36

“Activation Day”


Recap:  Three months have now passed since the Locust Virus attempted to destroy the Legion’s Trillium City base.  Since that time, Jack and Derek have spent nearly every waking hour training the others to do everything that they themselves learned recently, and by now everyone can both fly and used advanced attacks.  Except of course for Chris who is still not quite healthy enough to get out of bed due to the massive destruction to his body from the inside out thanks to the Locust Virus he had been given months and months ago.  Now, with a few months of peace under their belts, a new threat is looming.  But what does this mean for the Legion?  Find out today, on this exciting episode of Eclipse Star!


Syrus:  (Walking down a long corridor made of steel.  He is escorted by two soldiers, both carrying rifles.  Naturally, Syrus is unarmed).  You two are not needed for this.


Soldier 1:  (Marching like a good boy).  It was a direct order from Octavious that we follow you.


Soldier 2:  (Hanging his head as if he doesn’t want to be there).  I’m sorry, I requested not to go along with this but I had no choice.


Syrus:  Understood.  (Syrus throws open two double-doors and steps magnificently through them).  Charles, is it true what I’m hearing?


-Charles, the founder and top scientist of Charles Robotics, is a tall man with graying-black hair that has receded a fair distance up his head.  He also has a Tom Selleck-style mustache that is turning gray as well.  This really isn’t all that bad considering that this man is in his mid-60’s.  Although there are a number of other technicians around all dressed in the official scientist uniform of white lab coats, Charles wears a flannel shirt and jeans.  He’s also noticeably tired.


Charles:  That all depends on what you’re hearing.


Syrus:  If I’ve been hearing correct, the Hex-Duo project is at completion?


Charles:  According to the regulations and requests I’ve been given, yes, they’re operational.


Syrus:  Show me.


Charles:  I will, but this is the last thing I’m going to do for your organization.  I’m tired and I want to see my family again.  It’s been years now, and I think I’m entitled to a few demands of my own.


Syrus:  I promise you Charles, if it were my decision I would never have forced you to stay here.


Charles:  Well after this I expect you to try harder to get your voice heard louder.  (Rubs his face and starts to walk towards a platform in the middle of the room).  Come on then; you’ll be wanting to know how they work.


Syrus:  (Slightly surprised).  They?  I expected only one.


Charles:  I was given the word to make a group of them.  Now, because of this there are some drawbacks, such as the power cores being weaker than a singular unit would have been had all the resources gone into the development of one perfect design.  Along with this, they don’t all have the same features.  The energy-tracking feature was incredibly difficult to replicate properly to the amount that was asked, so only one model is equipped with such a skill.


Syrus:  Are these them?  (Points to a few android-helpers walking around the lab).


Charles:  No.  (Goes over to a control panel and punches in some numbers.  Ten coffin-like metal boxes move down a hanging conveyor belt and come to rest in front of Syrus and Charles).  These are them.


Syrus:  The Hex-Duo…


Charles:  (Speaks into a microphone).  Attention all staff.  Hex-Duo models initiating.  Please clear the area if you do not wish to be killed by mistake.


The room quickly clears.  The two soldiers look at Syrus and he gives them an obvious nod.  They leave.


Charles:  (Gives Syrus one last look).  Here we go…


-Charles walks over to the middle box and presses a few buttons on the front of it.


-It opens and out steps a silver humanoid robot.


Charles:  Syrus, this is Hex-Duo model number 6.  As you can see, it is one of the two more realistic looking models built with actual facial reactions.  If put into a uniform, it would look nearly identical to a normal human.


Syrus:  Are there any defects?


Charles:  (Leans back against the control panel, sighing).  As far as we know, there are none.  We’ve encountered some minor complications with the introduction of the information your organization wanted me to implant in their databanks, but that was to be expected with such complex coding to input into their memories.  And of course we determined quite early on that full AI wouldn’t be the smartest choice, so they’re all predisposed to follow your basic principles and moral structures.


Syrus:  Excellent.  Charles, I will do absolutely everything in my power to release you from servitude as soon as I return to Balobyn.


Charles:  I know you will, and I thank you for it, but unless you’re serious this time I’d rather not get my hopes up.


Syrus:  (Reaches out to touch Hex-Duo 6, somewhat in awe).  This is incredible.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Its human-like eyes go from being out of focus to slightly pissed as it grabs Syrus’ hand from in front of its face).  Do not touch me.


Syrus:  (Glances slightly at Charles).  Not complete AI…?


Charles:  It thinks like a real soldier, and a damn good one at that, so don’t underestimate this thing for any reason, alright?


Syrus:  Understood.  (Pulls his hand away).  State your name soldier.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Turns its cold, angry expression to fully face Syrus).  I was not given a name nor do I have a use for one.  I have a product number, and it is Hex-Duo 6.


Charles:  Since the group would have to work in tandem I found it to be another necessity to have a pre-established leader.


Syrus:  And so number 6 was chosen?


Hex-Duo 6:  (Clearly aggravated).  I chose myself.


Charles:  This is, uh, surprisingly true.  Hex-Duo 6 was also given the most powerful energy core and the greatest knowledge of your enemies.  He is my best work yet, and I want no part in anything he is about to do.


Syrus:  (Gets in close to Hex-Duo 6, unafraid and serious).  Just remember, machine; I have been around a lot longer than you and have far more experience in combat than anyone else alive.  Do you understand this?


Hex-Duo 6:  Don’t give me a speech about your skills.  I am well aware of what you can do since everything about you is in my databanks in addition to the information about your enemies.


Syrus:  (Starting to get aggravated himself).  What?


Charles:  (Rubs his eyes).  Octavious insisted that you be added into that list to ensure he could keep you in line if need be.


Syrus:  Damn Octavious…  Power up the rest.  We make a full strike today.


Charles:  Alright.


-Charles walks down the line, initiating each as he goes.


-Soon, ten robots of differing heights and body builds step forward, each looking different from the last.


-Hex-Duo 1 has bladed shoulders with another blade on his head like a Mohawk.


-Hex-Duo 2 is the smallest robot standing at at least half the size of a human with a large frog-like head that almost looks like its wearing a helmet.


-Hex-Duo 3 has spikes jutting from its back and a flat head.


-Hex-Duo 4 is tall, muscular, and has two bull-like horns on its head.


-Hex-Duo 5 is the largest robot and appears like the classical version of a robot with all its parts being square and blocky.  It also appears to be wearing glasses.


-Other than Hex-Duo 6, Hex-Duo 7 is the only other robot that looks even slightly human, although smaller than Hex-Duo 6 and colored a pale white color with huge, sad-looking eyes.  It is also the skinniest of the robots.


-Hex-Duo 8 looks more like a turtle than anything else, being rounded like a ball with stubby arms and legs.


-Hex-Duo 9 looks almost exactly like the Tin man from The Wizard of Oz.


-Finally, Hex-Duo 10 bulky arms and cords coming from its head like dreadlocks.


Charles:  There, that’s all ten of them.  Any last words you’d like to give them before you begin?


Syrus:  Do they all know their mission?


Hex-Duo 6.  You want a few children killed that you could not handle yourself.  (The images of the children appear as a reference as Hex-Duo 6 lists them off).  Twelve in all, named Christopher Collins, Derek Tolkien, Jack Voss, Lindsey Sonnen, Austin Triggs, Kevin Jerome, Daniel Bunker, William Winthrop, Kyle Reid, Scott Delaney, Clinton Kemeny, and Magdalene Tracey.


Syrus:  I want to make this clear for all of you though: I do not want anyone else killed as a result.  Just these twelve and no more.  Leave the city out of this fight, leave civilians out of this fight, and keep damages minimal.  Do not be seen, do not be heard.  Do I make myself clear?


Hex-Due 6:  (Smirks and laughs).  We will decide what is best for the situation.


Syrus:  No casualties.


Hex-Duo 6:  Everyone is a casualty in this case.  Anyone who gets in our way forfeits their lives.  Any structure that stands in our way forfeits its right to stand.  (Gets in Syrus’ face).  Do I make myself clear?


Syrus:  (Sternly responds).  I order you to follow my instructions.


Hex-Duo 6:  Unfortunately for you, we take our orders directly from Octavious.


Syrus:  (Turns to Charles, angry and worried at the same time).  Is this true?


Charles:  (Rubbing his head and not making eye-contact with anyone).  Yes.


Syrus:  Charles…how could you listen to an order like that?


Charles:  The slave does what he’s told.  I was ordered by Octavious to do what he wanted; I don’t have a say in the matter.  I have very little control over the overall process in the end.


Syrus:  (Becomes very quiet).  I understand.  I’m sorry.


Charles:  So am I.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Announces to his team).  Well since the humans don’t seem to have anything else worth saying, Hex-Duo robots, initiate primary mission!


Hex-Duo Robots:  (They pump their fists into the air).  Hooah!


Hex-Duo 6:  Then let us do our work!


-Hex-Duo 6 punches a few buttons on the control panel, opening the roof to the open sky.


-The robots let out another “Hooah!” and take to flight.


-Hex-Duo 6 turns to Syrus before he goes.


Hex-Dup 6:  Twelve kids?  Never send a man to do a machine’s job.


Syrus:  Do not fail.


Hex-Duo 6:  You’ve already accomplished that pretty well, so I doubt we’ll have the same problem.


Gives Syrus the “up yours” gesture and blasts off after the rest of his team.


-Syrus is dumbfounded as he looks over to Charles.


Charles:  I swear that I didn’t purposefully give then full AI.


Syrus:  As much as I hate it, I hope that this actually works.  If it does, then I doubt we’ll have any more setbacks.  Assuming it works


*          *            *            *            *


Hex-Duo 6:  (Flying through the air with his team of fellow robots).  Number 2, do you have their locations yet?


Hex-Duo 2:  (The smallest robot with a frog-like head.  It’s tapping its head, trying to process data).  Just about.  Seems Charles had the location perfect when the Locust were released, but the kids did something to stop the attack.


Hex-Duo 6:  I know that, but are they currently there?


Hex-Duo 2:  It seems that…yes, all twelve of them are still there.  (Laughs to himself).  Oh you’ll all love this…


Hex-Duo 8:  (The rounded, turtle-like robot).  What?  What will we love?  What is it?  Tell us!  Stop not telling us!


Hex-Duo 6:  Will you shut up and let him speak?


Hex-Duo 2:  Seems that these kids don’t even add up to more than one of us power-wise.  Any one of us could probably kill them.  Hell, I might even be able to kill most of them.


Hex-Duo 7:  (The skinny, other humanoid robot).  But…2, you shouldn’t fight.  You’re…you’re the most important one of us and if we lost you…then…


Hex-Duo 6:  (Entirely no nonsense).  He knows what he’s meant for; you don’t need to waste time pointing it out.


Hex-Duo 7:  I’m…I’m sorry 6.


Hex-Duo 6:  Do not apologize to me.  I don’t give a damn what you think, just don’t waste our time.


Hex-Duo 4:  (The strong-looking robot with bull horns).  So twelve kids?  How we splittin’ the kills?


Hex-Duo 6:  One has been given highest priority, so at least 4 of us will attack him first.


Hex-Duo 4:  That still leaves an extra.  Who gets to kill the extra?


Hex-Duo 6:  I get that pleasure.


Hex-Duo 4:  Ah 6, give me a chance to kill two, c’mon!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Instantly vwings in front of Hex-Duo 4 while they’re flying, stopping them all in mid-flight).  If you think that you’ve earned that right, then please, explain why.


Hex-Duo 4:  (Befuddled and uncharacteristically nervous for a robot).  I just, um, I didn’t mean to…


Hex-Duo 10:  (The robot with dreadlocks and bulky arms concealing gun turrets  This one is obviously crazy since it twitches from time to time).  6 GETS THE KILL!!!  (The group responds with a hearty affirmation yell.  10 gets right up in 4’s face).  WHY WOULD YOU CHALLENGE 6?!  WHY ARE YOU THAT GUY?!!!


Hex-Duo 6:  That’s enough.  (10 “eeps” slightly and backs away).  Let’s keep moving.


-They all continue flying.


Hex-Duo 1:  (The shoulder-bladed robot with a bladed mohawk).  Hey 4, don’t forget, there’ll be plenty of extra kills to go ‘round once we get into the city.


Hex-Duo 7:  But we really shouldn’t kill anyone other than the twelve, right?


Hex-Duo 4:  (Scoffs).  Where did you get that idea?


Hex-Duo 7:  Well, you know, Syrus said that we should-


Hex-Duo 6:  Do not mention him at this time and more importantly, anything that he says to us is not to be followed.  Do you understand?


Hex-Duo 7:  But we don’t have to kill anyone really.  We could just…we could just leave them be…


Hex-Duo 3:  (The robot with the spiked back and flat head).  Hey 7, what the hell is your problem?  You’re an android, start acting like one.


Hex-Duo 7:  But we don’t have to do any of this.


Hex-Duo 8:  Yes, yes we do, Octavious said we do and Charles said we do and I just know that we do, so we’re gonna do it.


Hex-Duo 7:  That’s just what you’ve been programmed to think though; you don’t have to think that way.


Hex-Duo 9:  (The robot that looks like the Tin man if the Tin man were a severe badass-looking robot with thick metal plating everywhere instead of a tin woodsman.  9 has steam coming from his nose and the top of his head for some reason, even though none of these robots are run off of steam.  This robot also seems to worry way too much).  Told what to think?  Oh God!  6, is that true?  Am I not in control of my own destiny?  (Begins to cry…kinda).  Do I not really have a reason to live?!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Rolls his eyes).  9, you are just like the rest of us.  We were all built to serve a greater purpose.  Once we finish this small task then we get to help build a better society from the ground up.  Just ask yourself this: do you enjoy killing humans?


Hex-Duo 9:  (Still looking pathetically sad).  Yes…


Hex-Duo 6:  And don’t you enjoy destroying human property?


Hex-Duo 9:  Yes…


Hex-Duo 6:  Then regardless of your purpose in life, you are doing exactly what you want to do, right?


Hex-Duo 9:  Ye…yes.  (Smiles sadly, like a clingy little brother).  Oh thank you 6, you gave me a reason to live again!


Hex-Duo 6:  You always had that reason.


Hex-Duo 1:  (He’s definitely a suck-up).  Nice work 6.  Way to give him a reason again.


Hex-Duo 7:  (Quietly).  Because it’s in his programming…


Hex-Duo 9:  (Instantly panicked and worried again).  What?!  (Grabs its head and freaks out).  Oh God!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Annoyed).  7…


Hex-Duo 5:  (The classic-boxy robot.  It has no expression on its face, and talks exactly like a robot, so it’s always loud and monotone.  Once it starts talking all the other robots react like they were suddenly surprised by a giant dork yelling at them).  WE ARE ALL ELITE WARRIORS BUILD FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ESTABLISHING A NEW ORDER.  WE ARE THE FINEST IN TECHNOLOGY AND UNBEATABLE.  NUMBER 9, YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO THIS GROUP, BUT WE HAVE A JOB TO DO NOW.  LET US WORK TOGETHER TO DEFEAT OUR ENEMIES.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Obviously just humoring 5).  Right, well said 5.  No more worrying about our purpose.


Hex-Duo 8:  Wait…what was our purpose again?


Hex-Duo 6:  (Sighs).  Just do what I tell you to do.


Hex-Duo 3:  Don’t you dare split this team apart 8.  I will personally unplug you if I think you’re trying to split this team apart.


Hex-Duo 8:  But we don’t have plugs…


Hex-Duo 1:  That’s beside the point though, because only 6 could destroy us all.  Anything else is just well-wishing, right 6?


Hex-Duo 4:  (Laughs to itself).  Pff, suck-up…


Hex-Duo 1:  (Becomes instantly angry).  What was that?!


Hex-Duo 3:  (Sneers).  Yeah, this coming from the idiot with the horns.


Hex-Duo 4:  Hey!  These horns are stylish and functional!


Hex-Duo 3:  And clashing with the team dynamic!


Hex-Duo 4:  Do you know how much effort I put into polishing these bad boys?


Hex-Duo 3:  So now you think you’re better than us?  Are you trying to break this team up?  Is that what you mean to do?  Huh?


-At this point basically every Hex-Duo jumps into the argument in a completely flippant way, yelling whatever.


Hex-Duo 2:  (Tapping his head again).  Hey, we’ve got some movement reading here.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Silences everyone with a whistle).  Tell us.


Hex-Duo 2:  Seems that they’re definitely at Legion headquarters, but they’re all moving around sporadically.




Hex-Duo 1:  Hah, like that’ll do them any good against 6.


Hex-Duo 6:  (Holds his hand up quickly for silence).  So they’re all outside training right now?


Hex-Duo 2:  Yeah, and right now they’re extremely weak.  We’re gonna get lucky and catch them at their weakest because of our timing.  I’m gonna get a chance to show them my skill afterall.


Hex-Duo 9:  But if they’re this weak right now because of training, then wouldn’t that mean that they’re usually stronger?  And if they’re stronger, what if they heal themselves?  And what if their training made them even stronger than that?!  (Now completely panicking again).  What if they somehow destroy us?!  Is my life worthless?!  (Breaks into “tears” again).  We’re doomed!  I’ve wasted my life haven’t I?!


Hex-Duo 6:  (Ignoring 9 as he wails and flips out nearby).  Is the high priority target with them?


Hex-Duo 2:  (Taps his head).  Um…no, he’s not outside.  Looks like he’s in the hospital wing at the moment.  Seriously, this one’s weak enough that I could just tip him over at this point.  Give this one to me.


Hex-Duo 6:  No, this is the one they want dead the most, so we’re going to give them what they want.  No less than four of us attacking him.  Use excessive force; I want nothing left of this one.  (Smiles).  And just for a little fun, we might as well give them a little heads-up that we’re coming.  5, send an alert to their security system.




Hex-Duo 6:  Good.  (Crosses its arms).  Let’s raze this organization to the ground.


To Be Continued…


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