Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Thirty-Four

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 34

“Pulling a Moses”


Recap:  After a week or so of rest, Chris found himself more bored and disappointed than feeling well.  Everyone else on the other hand was beginning to learn how to fly.  Still, they were all making time to visit him and cheer him up.  However, on the other side of town, Syrus gave the word and Project Locust began with an ominous buzzing noise.


Chris:  (Sitting alone in his hospital bed, tapping his fingers now and then and staring up at the ceiling, bored as ever).  Okay, something needs to happen today.  (Thinks to himself).  No wait…something good needs to happen today.  (Points upwards).  Did you get that inflection there, God?  That means no bad things.  (Looks around for something to entertain him and finds nothing).  I guess I could write a play…?  (Looks around).  No paper…wonderful.  Well, at the very least I could come up with the basis for a story.  Yeah, something awesome, with lots of action and…random stupid fighting with little or no sense to it.  (Sits up).  Yes, that’s what it shall be.  A story about these seasoned warriors who must save the world.  No, better make them kids so that the story can last for longer than it should.  And the main character will be named…(Looks around the room again, can’t think of any names, taps his fingers again).  Oh come on, how hard can it be to think up character names?  Good name…good name…aha!  I’ll just name him Chris.  Yeah, and base all the characters off of people I know!  (Stops for a second).  But that’s lame.  Unless…I say that I think that the best characters for a story should come from real inspiration!  Yeah!  Now we’re getting somewhere!  (Strokes his chin in thought).  Okay, so if I’m the main character…well there’s got to be a love interest.  And it’s Lind- no, can’t use her real name, that’d be creepy.  Um…(Taps his chin).  I know!  I’ll name her something totally random that no one can trace back to me.  Like…Sally!  (Stops and reacts with an outburst of frustration).  What?!  No, that’s a terrible name!  Who would believe a story with a name as basic as that?  Linda!  No, that sucks, that’s almost the name Lindsey.  Okay, for now she shall be called “the love interest” while I think this plot further through.  (Crosses his arms in thought and throws out a name randomly).  Rachel?


A black cat with white paws and a white underside jumps onto the windowsill suddenly and walks into the room.


Cat:  Meow.


Chris:  Oh.  (Confused that a cat made its way into the hospital wing).  Hey kitty.  What’re you doin’ here?


Cat:  (Looks over at him, gives him a puzzled look, and walks over to his table).  Mreow?


Chris:  Good point, why am I talking to a cat?  (The cat jumps onto the table next to Chris’ bed and begins eating the sandwich sitting on it).  No kitty, don’t eat Kyle’s sandwich.  Wait…(Remembers who’s sandwich it is).  Yeah you can eat that.


Cat:  (Looks up, kinda smiles).  Purr.


Chris:  (Reaches over and tries to pet the cat).  Don’t run away now, I’m really bored and need some attention.  (The cat looks over and walks closer to Chris to let it pet him).  Ah, aren’t you a nice kitty.  You need a name.  Dang, I’m the wrong person to ask for names.  (The cat looks over and somewhat nods his head).  Hey, don’t agree with that.  I’ll give you a name later, how ‘bout that?  (Cat shrugs).  How can a cat shrug, really?  (Cat shrugs again).  Well regardless of how crazy I’ve become, you may be my friend if you wish.  (Cocks his head, throws a name out randomly).  Rachel?  (The cat gives him a dirty look).  Hey, that’s a great name!  I have a cousin named Rachel.  (The cat looks questioningly at him).  Okay, so I have no cousins, I just like the name.


Cat nods approval and goes back to eating the sandwich.  Chris starts to pet it again, suddenly it turns its head towards the window and runs up to it, looking out with its body tense.


Chris:  What’s up?  You hear something kitty?


The cat looks over as if to shush him.  Chris shuts up for a second and listens carefully, discovering a sound that he’s unfamiliar with.


Chris:  What is that noise…?


-Chris forces his way out of bed, ever so slowly since he’s still recovering.  He gets to his feet and shuffles over to the window, peering out to see if he can catch sight of whatever’s making the noise.


Chris:  Sounds like a low hum, eh kitty?


The cat nods, then bobs its head back and forth a bit.


Chris:  Yeah, that’s what I thought…and I’ll stop calling you kitty.  (The cat nods again).  It’s almost like…


Looks off into the distance, squinting heavily.  The feeling hits him and he’s almost so aghast that he falls backwards.


Chris:  It’s a cloud of insects!  (The cat looks over).  I don’t know how I know, just trust me.  Hey, anyone!  Anyone…?  (Realizes that his voice is pitiful).  Come one guys, we’ve got a problem here!


Tries whistling, but just makes a pathetic spittle noise.


Chris:  Dang it I can’t whistle.  Anyone!


Looks out the window, throws his arm out, and fires the most terrible energy blast seen yet.  The oddly-shaped ball hovers sporadically through the air, clipping the top of a building and causing the top to erupt with flames.


Chris:  AH!  How’d I do that?!


Cat:  Mreow mew meow meow?!


-The cat viciously shrugs and tries to pass off the blame as the two characters dance around in the somewhat chaos that has just begun ensuing.


Jack:  (Throws open Chris’ door, looking panicked).  Chris!  We’re under attack and…(Seeing that Chris is standing towards the window and out of bed).  What’re you doing out of bed…again?!


Chris:  (Frantic in trying to describe what he saw).  Jack!  Big problem!  Cloud…um…big cloud…lots of bad things!  Really bad!


Jack:  (Hardly listening to Chris).  We’re under attack, the East tower’s been hit by an explosion man, did you see anyone out there?!


Chris:  Yeah, that was me, I needed to get attention and now I’ve got attention and GO SAVE THE CITY!


Jack:  (Dumbfounded).  …WHAT?!


Chris:  (Trying harder to explain).  Don’t you hear the buzzing noise?


Jack:  (Pauses for a second).  …No…why, should I?


Chris:  YES!  (Hobbles back to bed).  Jack, I saw a cloud of insect-like things heading for the city, coming from the East.


Jack:  You saw this?


Chris:  Yes.


Jack:  In a dream?


Chris:  No.


Jack:  In real life?


Chris:  No.


Jack:  Then…?  (Hands out in frustration, asking for Chris to offer a better explanation).


Chris:  Jack, when have I ever been able to explain anything that I’ve done?


Jack:  Good point, you stay here.  I’ll go get everyone alerted.  (Starts to rush back out the door.  Turns quickly for one last question).  Any idea how long we’ve got until this cloud of insects hits the city?


Chris:  No clue.


Jack:  Good to know.  (Out the door).


Chris:  Well cat, looks like it’s just you and me to save the city.  (Looks back at the cat, which is jumping out the window).  Hey!  Ah, darn you cat, always stealing my glory.


Jack:  (Tearing through the halls, heading towards the training grounds where everyone’s located).  This has got to be it.  This has to be Project Locust.  Cloud of insects?  Of course, what else is it gonna be?  (Finally throwing open the double doors to the training grounds where he finds his team).  Gather ‘round guys!  We’ve got a situation!


Derek:  (In the middle of a flying lesson).  Jack, we’re kinda busy at the moment.


Jack:  Chris saw something that’s about to ravage the city.


Derek:  Chris is a crazy mental patient who thinks he can fly by stepping off ledges.


Jack:  It’s Project Locust.


Derek:  (He and everyone else instantly get that something’s going down).  Oh hell, when did it start?


Jack:  (Frantic).  I don’t know I don’t know, we didn’t prepare for this, I didn’t think it’d be for a lot longer but it’s here and we’ve got to deal with it now and not later.


Kyle:  (Raises his hand).  Um…are we supposed to just know what’s going on right now?


Jack:  Project Locust, PROJECT LOCUST.


Kyle:  And that is…?


Jack:  (Stops dead in his frantic pacing and turns towards Kyle, deadpan).  Kyle, are you about to tell me that the horrible thing that we’ve been planning for, the horrible thing that I’ve told you all about, you don’t know what that thing is?  Is that what you’re telling me?


Kyle:  Oh Project Locust.  I thought you said something completely different.  Well hell, we should probably go stop that, huh?


Derek:  (Runs up close to Jack so that only he can hear him speak while everyone else talks amongst themselves).  Do we know anything more about it than what the final result does?


Jack:  Chris said that he saw a cloud of insects making their way toward the city.  I have no idea how to stop this.


Derek:  You think it’d be good to inform the Commander at least on this one?  (Raises his eyebrow inquisitively).


Jack:  I don’t know.  I don’t think we can trust anyone here anymore, so wouldn’t that put us in a worse situation than normal?


Derek:  If he intended to kill us he can’t possibly find a way to do it if we’re out in the open defending the city, right?


Jack:  You make a good point.  (Sigh).  I’ll go tell him.  You get everyone to meet me on the roof.


Derek:  Plan?


Jack:  Winging it.  (Takes off towards the Commander’s office while Derek rallies the others).  I didn’t want to involve anyone else in this, but if it gets out of hand we don’t have the experience to deal with this sort of disaster.  (Running through halls again).  I suppose it’s not really gonna be a shock for the Commander to hear about though.  I mean, we did deliver a sample of the Locust core to him, and he actually had some scientists make a vaccination out of it…after we shrunk it again.  (Comes to a halt in front of the Commander’s door, preparing himself before entering).  Alright, I’ve got to stay calm, don’t let on that we know more than we’ve been telling them, and above all don’t talk to myself.  (Opens the door).  Commander, I-


Commander:  (Already out of his chair and putting on body armor).  Project Locust, I heard.


Jack:  Eh…?


Commander:  (Taps his ear).  You didn’t think I’d get wise enough to pull the same tricks on you?


Jack:  (Dumbstruck).  Well damn.


Commander:  So you’re not sure where the assault’s coming from or what it is other than it’s in the form of a cloud of insects?


Jack:  Basically…?


Commander:  (Annoyed).  Okay, Jack, if you’re going to look at me like I just blew your mind with how smart I actually am, I’m going to stop letting you and Derek train everyone else how to do things that you shouldn’t know how to do.  (Throws Jack another outfit of body armor).  Here, this is the best we’ve got.  Put it on.


Jack:  Thank…thank you.  (Starts to put it on).  So do you have a better plan than I’ve got?


Commander:  Not particularly.  Also, don’t tell anyone else in the Legion about this.  Keep it quiet; we don’t need a massive panic from a group that you didn’t bother training.


Jack:  (Defensive).  Oh we didn’t bother training them huh?


Commander:  (Gives Jack a dirty look).  If you had any idea what my job entails you wouldn’t be such a smartass all the time around me.  (Grabs his watch from the desk and puts it on).  So we’re meeting the rest of your team on the roof?


Jack:  Yes, we’re going from there.


Commander:  (Starts running with Jack towards the roof).  And your plan as of now?


Jack:  Hope blind luck shines upon us again.


Commander:  Not good enough.


Jack:  Then use my barrier move over the entire city until everyone can think of how to wipe out the swarm of virus-carrying bio-weaponry.


Commander:  That’s a pretty thin plan.  (Sigh).  Reminds me a lot of the old days.  (Shakes his head).  You really think you can make a barrier that large and have it hold up for long enough for us to clear the air?


Jack:  To be honest, that would be the main hole in my plan.


Commander:  I figured.  (Jack looks over at him about to ask something).  No I can’t do your barrier move so don’t ask me to do it instead.  (Looks over at Jack).  Well son, it looks like we’ve got a difficult task in front of us.


Jack:  (Looks back over with huge eyes and a lot of questions).  Son?


Commander:  (Laughs heartily).  Haha, I’m not your father.  I’m purely patronizing you.


-The two make it to the roof, meeting up with everyone else.


Lindsey:  Commander, you came!


Commander:  (Completely serious).  Everyone, we have no concept of time management for this event, but we have some sort of pre-warning so it’s not a total loss.  There are some things that I need to know right away.  The first regards those stones you’ve got.  What can they do other than shrink things?


Austin:  We know one is used for fire-based attacks and one is used for water-based attacks.  Other than that, we haven’t tested the other two stones.


Commander:  Okay, the stones won’t help us.  Does anyone have any new techniques that they’re dying to use?


Danny:  (Steps forward).  Um…Willy and I figured out a way to fire energy attacks from our mouths.


Commander:  Okay, that doesn’t do us any good now though.  Anyone else?


Willy:  You sure that won’t help?  I mean, Danny and I spent an entire week figuring out how to do it so- (Commander fires a small energy blast from his mouth into the sky).  Oh, so you know how cool it is already.  (Turns towards Danny).  You see Danny?  I told you it wasn’t going to be original.


Danny:  I’ve been working on some other places the blasts can come from so-


Commander:  Okay, so then no one has any useful techniques to share with us at the moment?  (General head-shaking).  Alright then.  (The buzzing noise can finally be heard from a distance).  Is that it?


Jack:  As far as we know.


Commander:  Then we need to decide on a course of action.  Jack, are you really going to try and create a barrier the size of the city?


Derek:  (Surprised).  What?  That’s his plan?  Well hell I could have thought of something like that.


Lindsey:  I see it!


-Lindsey points off towards the sky to the East.  Making its way towards the group is a black mass much like was seen inside Chris’ heart except much larger in scope.


Commander:  Jack, if you’re planning to cover the entire city you’re slightly late.


Jack:  (Squints his eyes to get a better look at the swarm).  Is it…is it even covering the city?


Clinton:  It looks more like it’s leaving the city alone, instead targeting the Legion’s base right here.


Jack:  (Epiphany).  Of course!  Ah man, how could I have forgotten such a basic detail?


Commander:  (More annoyed than anything).  What detail?


Jack:  When we were interrogated at the Regime’s base they made sure to ask where our headquarters was located since they didn’t want to start an all-out war.  The attack is gonna be centralized on the Legion’s base!  (Panics).  Where we’re standing!


Commander:  This all might work in our favor then.  Instead of defending a city we just have to defend a small chunk of it.  Jack, we need that barrier as large as you can get it.


Jack:  Right.  (Concentrates and puts forth a solid barrier…that hardly covers half of the roof space).


Derek:  (Hurriedly).  Jack, this should be obvious but we need it bigger.


Jack:  I’m trying!  (It’s slowly getting larger, but not fast enough).


Commander:  Jack, you don’t have the power required for this.  (Looks tired from stress).  Damn, I shouldn’t have left this all up to you kids.


Kevin:  How many soldiers are stationed here?


Commander:  At least five thousand trained men are here, none of which have been given the vaccination, and even if we wanted to give it to them we only have enough to give to one hundred.  (The swarm is almost upon them, moving across the sky and starting to block out the sun).  Damnit, everyone start firing on my signal.


Kevin:  (Holds up his hand).  Hold on.  Everyone, come in close to me.


Austin:  Kevin, what’s up?


Kevin:  I need you to share your strength with me.  (Everyone doesn’t know how to respond to this).  Grab hands, all of you!


Commander:  (Cockeyed).  What are you up to?


Kevin:  I need you all to concentrate, open your hearts and share yourselves with each other.  Open yourselves fully, please.


Scott:  I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds pretty damn gay.


Kevin:  (Looks up and sees the sky completely blackened from the creatures circling the area, ready to descend).  Please, offer yourselves.  (Everyone joins hands in a line except Jack and the Commander.  Kevin takes the hand of Derek, who is last in line).  This is going to be a very odd sensation…


-Kevin closes his eyes and grabs Derek’s hand.  Starting from the other end of the line with Leena, a ripple effect is seen, each person in line dropping down to their knees, exhausted and tired instantly.


Leena:  (Unsure how to react to the feeling).  Why am I so sleepy all of a sudden…?


At the end of the group, Kevin appears to be pulling this effect through the crowd, each person getting hit harder and harder until finally Derek looks at Kevin with a worried, hopeless expression and also drops to his knees.


-Kevin looks strained from his task, opening his eyes, showing them glisten brightly.  He looks to Jack.


Kevin:  Jack, I pray you can handle this…


Jack:  (Still holding up his small barrier around the group, terror and doubt fill his eyes as opposed to the sparkle that gleams off of Kevin’s).  What is…?


Kevin thrusts his arm out and grabs Jack’s shoulder.




Right as the throng of darkness comes down on all of them, Jack’s shield gets a drastic boost, instantly covering the entire area of the Legion’s base and them some.


Jack:  AHHH!!!  (His eyes are open wide in a horrific struggle to understand what’s happening).  It’s too much!  I can’t…!


The enemies are growing angry, pulsing over the strong barrier, trying to break through but finding no such luck.


-Kevin is still connecting the line of people to Jack, and he too is on his knees.


Kevin:  You have to Jack, you have to…


-The Commander’s already begun charging an energy attack in his hands upon realizing that they many have a chance of defeating the odds.  His demeanor is entirely serious, yet almost respectful and remorseful for seeing these kids put in such a trying situation.


Commander:  I’m going to need some help from you all…I don’t know if my attack can do this alone.


Kevin:  I know…wait just a little longer…I’ll transfer this to you and you can finish it.


Commander:  (Nods, taking orders as if he’s been part of their group the whole time).  Right.  (Looking up as he harnesses every ounce of his strength).  I going to have to time this just right…


Jack:  (A tear rolls down his cheek from the tension he’s under).  When?!


Commander:  (Waits for it…every moment seems agony for everyone since the slightest wrong move could be disastrous).  We need the right time…  (The barrier blinks, the hoard of insects all gather up into one point and attack).  Now!


-The Commander points both his hands upward, a shimmering, circular energy field bursts forth from his wrists, emanating into the sky and bouncing the creatures slightly back, but not by much.  It merely stops them momentarily.


Kevin:  Thank you Jack…


-Kevin lets go of Jack’s shoulder and instantly Jack collapses.


-Kevin reaches back out and grabs the Commander’s shoulder, transferring the power to his attack.


-The energy field grows in size and throbs slowly, but still the Locust cloud isn’t destroyed.


Commander:  (His mouth hangs open slightly in dread).  It’s not enough…we need more!


Kevin:  (Very weakly).  This is all we can do…  (He lets go of the Commander’s shoulder and falls slightly).


Commander:  Damn it!


Chris:  (Rushes in and grabs Kevin’s hand, then places his hand on the Commander’s shoulder again).  We’ve always got more!


The energy rips through everyone again, but once it hits Chris it looks as if it he’s torn thoroughly from his lack of energy and his pre-existing medical conditions.


-It flows through to the Commander whose arms bulge and out from them explode the most beautiful energy field seen, glowing brightly and methodically, slicing through the black sheet of insects and allowing the light from the sun to beam in again.


-And just like that the threat is over, everyone lets go of one another and nearly pass out, with Chris and Jack looking particularly destroyed.


Commander:  (Breathing heavily, eyes wide open looking at Chris, worried).  So…it really is her son…


To Be Continued…


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