Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Thirty-Three

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 33

“A Moment of Rest”


Recap:  Last time, Derek lead a small group consisting of Jack, Kevin, and Danny, into Chris in search of the thing in his heart that was killing him.  After using the stone the desert hermit had given them, they were able to shrink down and enter Chris, quickly discovering that the creature was a larger threat than first expected.  Although it looked hopeless, Derek took it upon himself to cure Chris of his ailment and did so by tearing the creature in half.  Now, with the creature’s heart in his hand, Derek and the others make their way back to the real world.


Lindsey:  Did it work?


Austin:  He seems to be a lot more peaceful now.


Kyle:  Looked like he just about bit it there.


-With a loud POP, the inner space adventurers return to normal size.  They look pretty pathetic, covered in all sorts of goo and riddled with cuts and gashes.  All of them appear to be tired and in need of rest and a shower.  Derek is the worst of the group, although he is clutching an odd-shaped heart in his hand.


Derek:  Nothing to it but to do it.


Lindsey:  Oh my God!  Jack!  You did it!  (Runs up and hugs him, then instantly regrets it after getting covered in bodily fluids).


Jack:  We did it just barely.


Derek:  I wasn’t in as good of shape as I thought I’d be.  I must have been more wiped out from earlier than I knew.


Austin:  So what happened in there?


Kyle:  Yeah, give us the scoop.


Jack:  (Cleaning himself off with a towel as he explains to the group the information they learned).  We now know what the Locust virus does.  It’s a bio-organism that manufactures smaller organisms.  It locates itself in the heart so that it can use it to pump clouds of the little creatures throughout the body.  The heart isn’t directly affected until the end and actually seems to be the central piece to make this all work.  In the mean time, the rest of the body is slowly broken down little by little, but as soon as the central brain in the heart is destroyed the rest follow, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s part machine.


Clinton:  So now the Demon Regime has created cyborgs?


Leena:  (Shivers).  Ug, creepy thought.


Austin:  (Walks up to Derek).  You look like you’ve seen better days.


Derek:  I have.


Austin:  (Hugs Derek).  Thank you.


Derek:  (Is caught slightly off guard but pats Austin on the back).  Don’t worry about it.


Commander:  (Throws open the door to Chris’ room and steps in, looking tired and confused).  Okay, what the hell has been going on?  (Looks the group up and down).  On second thought, if this answer includes some kinky pillow party, I don’t want to know about it.


Jack:  The wackiest pillow party you could ever hope to see.


Commander:  (Sighs and rubs his eyes in frustration).  Okay, it’s late, and I’m partially drunk, so explain this quickly before I pass out from hating you all.


Jack:  Well it’s quite simple really, we-


Commander:  (Stops him, holding up a finger).  No no, not from you.  (Points at Derek).  You, the dumb ass who got beat by Jack; what happened?


Derek:  Chris was about to die.  Now he’s not.


Commander:  And how did we get from point A to point B?


Derek:  We found the Locust Virus in his heart, killed it, and took the heart of the thing so that we could make a vaccination.


Commander:  Uh-huh.  And just where is this “heart”?


Derek:  (Drops the Locust heart on a nearby table with a THUD).  There, enjoy.


Commander:  (Looks down at the heart, then back up at Derek, then down at Chris, then from person to person.  His face looks long and confused).  Yes, I’m surely drunk.  (Turns around and begins to walk out of the room.  He stops and turns around before leaving).  Oh, and good work everyone.  Welcome home.  (Leaves).


Kyle:  And I didn’t think he cared.


Jack:  Well since Chris is probably going to pull through, I think I’m gonna go take a shower and sleep for a week.


Derek:  I could definitely go for that.


Jack:  (Takes his hat off and smooths his hair).  What’s today anyway?


Kyle:  Um…(Checks the calendar on the wall).  Friday.


Jack:  Really?  Huh, I’ve kinda lost track of time lately.


Lindsey:  That tends to happen when you’re busy brawling in the streets and seeing the innards of your friend.


Jack:  Yeah.  Well good night everyone.


-The group says their goodnights and heave a sigh of relief, the first in almost a month.  Finally they’ve managed to get to a place where it looks like smooth sailing for a while.


-However, elsewhere in the world…


Octavious:  Syrus, get in here.


Syrus:  (Enters the room looking unnaturally fatigued).  You called?


Octavious:  Syrus, please explain to me why you’ve been failing so much recently?


Syrus:  I do not have an answer for that, nor do I feel I need one.  We’ve hit a series of unexpected variables lately.


Octavious:  Then we should get rid of these variables, shouldn’t we?  Any new word from Charles?


Syrus:  (If he had pockets, he’d have his hands stuffed in them, swaying back and forth on the edge of his feet).  Yes, Project Locust is still progressing at an acceptable rate.  We should be ready to make a full strike by the end of this week.


Octavious:  Yes yes, good.  And what about the other project?


Syrus:  The Hex-Duo project?


Octavious:  Yes.


Syrus:  Charles tells me that production is going slower than expected.


Octavious:  Why?


Syrus:  There seem to be some unforeseen variables.


Octavious:  (Rolls his eyes at this).  Of course.  Tell Charles to go faster.  After this assault on Trillium I want to be able to take the city with little effort.


Syrus:  (Digging at Octavious).  Of course, we wouldn’t want to have to get our boots dirty, now would we?


Octavious:  (Had enough of Syrus).  That’s all for today Syrus.  Though, speaking of my boots, you can have the honor of polishing them for me.  I expect them done by morning.


Syrus:  (Sarcastically bows and responds).  As you wish.  (Walks away).


Octavious:  Syrus?


Syrus:  (Stops and lolls his head back, annoyed).  What?


Octavious:  You forgot to call me “sir”.


Syrus:  When I feel you’ve earned my respect, you’ll be sure to know.  (Walks away).


Octavious:  (Angrily calls back).  You’d best learn to respect me Syrus!  (Syrus waves his hand in the air, brushing Octavious’ comment away.  He disappears from the room).  Ooh, Syrus, for your sake Project Locust had damn well better be successful.


*          *            *            *            *


-A dark night, the city is experiencing a complete absence of hope as its defenders fight a losing battle.  A corner of the city has been laid to waste, buildings crumbled and streets torn up entirely.


-Chris is kneeling down on the ground, taking all of this in as it happens around him.


-He looks up and sees one of his close friends stabbed, another impaled.


-Finally, as Syrus looks down upon him and laughs, he speaks.


Syrus:  I told you I would bring hell with me.


Chris:  (His eyes well up with tears).  No…  (Syrus laughs and fires a blast at him).  HRAAAAAA!!!!


-Chris snaps awake, sitting upright, his hospital room quaking slightly.


-As he freaks out, sparks travel up various cords and decimate the medical machines hooked up to him.


-Upon realizing that this was all just a dream, he desperately searches around the room in a panic.


Chris:  But…I was…damn dreams.


Jack:  (Busts through the door looking absolutely alarmed).  Shit!  What did you do?!


Chris:  Jack?  How did I…?  (Looks around the room again).  How did I get here?


Jack:  How did you…?  (Thinks to himself for a second).  Oh man, that’s right.  You’ve been asleep since the fight with Derek almost a week ago.


Chris:  (Snaps his fingers).  Yeah, that would be the last thing I remember.


Jack:  (Carefully eases this question out as he slinks up to Chris).  Do you…remember how it ended…?


Chris:  Yes…I mean no, not exactly.  (Shaking his head, trying to remember).  He fired a blast down on me and I collapsed, right?


Jack:  Roughly about that.


Chris:  But yet I’m not dead, so how…?  (Searching to Jack for the answer).


Jack:  Yeah, I’m always surprised by your knack for not dying.  I stepped in before you were obliterated, though that doesn’t make Derek any happier about losing to you.  But I have some good news all around.


Chris:  And it is?


Jack:  You should make a full recovery after a near-fatal illness.


Chris:  (Nods).  Always good.


Jack:  The downside is, you won’t be able to train with us until you’re completely better.


Chris:  And how long is that going to be?


Jack:  How do you feel currently?


Chris:  (Sits for a second, rubs his head and slowly slips back into his bed).  To be honest, like I’m about to pass out again.


Jack:  I’d expect that since your entire body was being eaten away from the inside.


Chris:  (Pause for a beat).  I don’t think I even want to know what that means.


Jack:  Probably not.  (Pats Chris on the shoulder).  Give it a few months, then you’ll be back to your old self.


Chris:  I just wish I could be out there with you guys learning new techniques.


Jack:  (Kind of laughs to himself as he realizes that this will give him a chance to make some distance between himself and Chris).  Heh, yep, that’s too bad but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  (Walks back through the door).  Just focus on getting some rest.  I’m sure the others will be more than happy to tell you about everything that’s been going on these past few weeks.  Also, I’ll send a technician to fix your stuff.  (Points to the smoking monitors).  Night.  (Leaves).


Chris:  (Lays back down and stares at the ceiling).  What a day…  (His eyes get wide and he hoists himself over the side of the bed to hurl).


*          *            *            *            *


-Austin is sitting at the end of Chris’ bed.  A week has gone by and the others are starting to get stronger by the day.  Everyone except Chris, forced to remain in bed until his health gets better, which it has unfortunately not.  The good news at least is that his health hasn’t gotten any worse.


Austin:  …So then Danny tried flying upside-down and nearly slammed right into the trainees out on the track doing laps!


Chris:  He what?!


Austin:  No kidding!  Knocked one guy’s hat off!  The kid nearly crapped himself from the shock!


Both:  Hahahaha!  (They double over laughing).


Chris:  (Cough).  Ohoho, ah that’s great.  So everyone’s learning something new?


Austin:  It’s going really slow, but we’re all starting to grasp the basics of flight and stuff.  Derek isn’t exactly the best teacher on the subject.


Chris:  What about Kevin?


Austin:  He tries to get a word in but Derek’s a bit controlling of the flight lessons.


Chris:  And Jack’s fine with this?


Austin:  Yeah, actually.  Jack’s been eager to let Derek take over for a bit.  Not surprisingly, Jack’s the only one of us to figure out full flight in under a week.


Chris:  Well he did know how to float a little bit.


Austin:  Yeah, that’s true.  Basically the same concepts, just applied slightly different.  (Smacks Chris’ leg).  We miss ya out there buddy.


Chris:  Heh, I figured there’d be kinda an empty space with me sitting in here all day.


Austin:  Well, nothing we can do about that, really.  Some things just take time and this is one of those things.  You’ll be back out there when you need to be, don’t worry.  (Gets up and starts to walk for the door).  But I’ve got to get back out there.  More flight lessons.  Get some rest.  (Waves and starts to walk out).


Chris:  Well, don’t be a stranger or nothing.


Austin:  No worries buddy.  (Walks out).


*          *            *            *            *


Another day goes by.  Lindsey is sitting right next to Chris on the bed and Chris is actually sitting up with has his hair combed a little bit.


Lindsey:  Yep, it’s true, I actually managed to fly over the high tower near the middle of camp.


Chris:  No way!


Lindsey:  Yep.  (Smiles).  Well…it was more of a really good jump, but I know that I was flying at some point.


Chris:  Well I don’t doubt it; you’re really talented with these sorts of things.


Lindsey:  (Smacks him playfully and smiles).  Ah stop it.  You’d be doing just as good if you were out there.  Probably even better.


Chris:  Me?  Nah, I can hardly hold my own in a fight.


Lindsey:  Oh give me a break, you could kick any of our butts in a one-on-one and you know it.  If you were well enough, I bet you’d be out there giving Derek the flying lessons, not the other way ‘round.


Chris:  Hm, I find that hard to believe since I don’t know how to fly and he kinda does.


Lindsey:  Well still, you’ve got more talent than the he’ll ever have.


Chris:  (Playfully tilts his head and responds sarcastically).  Remind me if my memory is a bit off, but didn’t Derek nearly just kill me in a one-on-one the other day?


Lindsey:  Pff, you were just having an off day.


Chris:  And?


Lindsey:  (Rolls her head and smiles).  And he knew how to fly.  Okay you’ve got me there.


Chris:  (Nods).  Thank you.


Lindsey:  (Smiles and pats Chris on the arm).  I’ve missed having you around a lot.


Chris:  Yeah, Austin told me the other day that I seem to be missed.


Lindsey:  It’s true though.  It’s not the same.  I mean, if it weren’t for you, none of us would have gotten into all of this in the first place.


Chris:  Yeah, it is…(Thinks to himself and gets a little quieter)…it’s my fault we’re all here.


Lindsey:  Cheer up; we’ll be better in no time.  (Strokes the back of Chris’ head, kisses him on the forehead, looks into his eyes for a second or two, then stands up and walks out of the room).


Chris:  (Still thinking to himself).  It’s my fault we’re here…


*          *            *            *            *


-Yet another day gone.  Derek is standing in the middle of the room, trying to explain the art of flight to Chris.  Naturally, he is very frustrated.


Derek:  (Growing frustrated with Chris).  No, you can’t just magically step off a ledge and learn to fly; you have to know how to do it first or else you’ll just fall and kill yourself.


Chris:  (Smiling as he pushes Derek deeper and deeper into frustration).  But if I knew I was about to die, wouldn’t I unlock the ability to fly out of instinct?


Derek:  Noooo, you’d just kill yourself like an idiot.


Chris:  (Playing it up, squinting a bit and nodding).  I’m pretty sure I could do it if I had a running start off a ledge.


Derek:  (Not taking any funny business).  Would you like me to give you a hand by throwing you out this window?


Chris:  Nah, that’s quite alright.  (Sits back).  Why do you want to try and teach me while I’m still in bed anyway?


Derek:  Because I need you to get better faster.  The sooner you’re well, the sooner I can put you back in this hospital bed.


Chris:  Ah, aren’t you sweet?


Derek:  (Starts walking out of the room).  Just remember what I taught you.  Practice when you feel you can.


Chris:  Right, just step off the ledge and I float.


Derek:  (Grits his teeth).  Sure, why not?  (Leaves).


Chris:  (Calls after him).  Thanks honey!


Derek:  (From in the hall).  I hate you!


Chris:  Hehehe…


*          *            *            *            *


-Still another day goes by.  Kyle’s sitting in a chair next to Chris as he’s reclined back a bit, eating a sandwich.


Kyle:  So you’ve been surviving off of just sandwiches for the past week?


Chris:  Hey, they’re good sandwiches.


Kyle:  Meh, a bit dry for my taste.


Chris:  You know what can help that?


Kyle:  What?


Chris:  Stop eating my sandwiches.


Kyle:  Nah I don’t think I’ll be doing that.  (Sarcastically takes another bite of Chris’ sandwich).  Hey, you hear about Danny flying upside-down the other day?


Chris:  Yeah, Austin told me about it a few days ago.


Kyle:  Oh, it was pretty hilarious.  (Thinks to himself).  Well did he tell you about the fire Derek ended up starting?


Chris:  (Sits up a bit, interested).  No, what happened?


Kyle:  Oh, well you’re gonna love this, you know those stones that Austin and the others brought back with them?


Chris:  No.


Kyle:  Oh, well Derek tried using one of those to see what it does, bastard nearly burnt down the Commander’s office in the process.


Chris:  No way!


Kyle:  Well yes way.  The commander was pissed, too.


Chris:  Rightfully so.


Kyle:  I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s just not the same with you not there.


Chris:  Once or twice perhaps.


Kyle:  Well, it’s just not the same without you out there.


Chris:  It’d be nice learn how to fly.  You flying yet?


Kyle:  (Busts up laughing).  Bwahahaha!  Nah, not even close.  Can you really see me flying?  That’d be like trying to get a Shetland pony to tap dance.


Chris:  I’ve seen it done before.


Kyle:  You, sir, are a liar and a thief.


Chris:  I haven’t stolen anything though.


Kyle:  Then where did this sandwich come from?


Chris:  The nurse brought it in.  You stole it from me.


Kyle:  Oh right.  (Takes another bite and gets up).  Carry on then.  (Starts to walk out of the room).  I’ll tell you one thing though.  It’s definitely nice to finally have some peace and quiet around here again.


Chris:  That’s true.


Kyle:  Yep, I’m pretty sure it’s going to last and last this time…


*          *            *            *            *


-Syrus is standing on a building overlooking the shoreline near the Trillium City Harbor.  A freighter is docked nearby.  He keeps looking through a set of binoculars at it, finally picking up a radio and pressing the talk button.


Syrus:  Execute Project Locust.


He sets the radio down and waits as a distinct buzzing sound begins coming from the ocean freighter.


To Be Continued…


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