Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Thirty-Two

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 32

“Makeshift Healthcare”


Recap:  As everyone witnessed the aftermath of Chris and Derek’s fight, both were taken to the Legion’s headquarters and put in the hospital wing for intensive care.  Although Derek instantly saw improvement, Chris’ health declined faster and faster, leaving everyone in a very solemn mood, expecting him to die from something that they couldn’t prevent.  Despite this, Derek insists that they have everything needed to save Chris, and after finally seeing an image of a wicked-looking creature lodged in Chris’ heart, he is formulating a plan.


Derek:  Kevin, do you still have that rock the hermit gave you?


Kevin:  (Still trying to piece things together).  Yes, I do.  It’s in my room but I don’t see how…


Derek:  (Smiling, almost sneering at his plan).  I didn’t think it’d be useful either when he gave it to us, but it looks like I’ve been proven wrong twice in a day.


Danny:  (Looks up, the neurons firing rapidly in his head).  That’s it!


Derek:  (Points).  See, even Danny seems to be catching on.


Jack:  Do you feel like letting me in on this great plan of yours?


Derek:  (More or less ignoring Jack).  Kevin, go get the stone and bring it here.  Don’t let anyone see you.  Danny, you still remember what the hermit taught us?


Danny:  Absolutely!


Derek:  Good, the more people I have going in there with me the better.  (Kevin looks over puzzled).  Are you still standing here?!  Go, now!  (Kevin looks startled but leaves the room hastily).


Jack:  (Walks over and grabs Derek’s arm with a look of concern on his face).  What is this all about?


Derek:  (Smiles and regains his badass demeanor).  The desert hermit taught us more than just flying and beams and such.  He gave us a little amber stone that he said was used for shrinking people and things, and although I didn’t find it useful at the time, I stand corrected.


Austin:  Little amber stone?


Danny:  (Nods his head).  Mm-hm, he said it was powerful but hard to use.


Austin:  You mean like these things?  (Reaches into his pocket and pulls out the gem he had acquired in the forest temple).


Derek:  (Derek’s eyes get wider and he seems genuinely shocked, almost offended).  Where did you get that?


Austin:  (Shrugs).  A long story, but we found four of these.  Do you think they could come in handy, too?


Derek:  No, not now at least.  It’ll take a while for us to teach you how to use them, and I don’t know what the set you have will do.  Right now the last thing we need is something more random to deal with.


Kevin:  (Steps back into the room with the stone in his hand).  I’ve got it.


Derek:  Good, time is in short supply, so we have to do this fast.


Danny:  (Nods, serious).  Right.  (Danny steps in close to Derek, Kevin comes somewhat closer).


Kevin:  Derek…?


Derek:  Kevin, only Danny, you, and myself can do this right now.  Do you want to save Chris’ life or not?


Kevin:  (Looks down at the stone in his hand and breathes deeply.  He looks up at Derek with a new resolve).  Of course I do.  Yes.  (The three put their hands into the middle of their group, each grasping the stone tightly).


Jack:  Derek, what are you doing?


Derek:  What do you think?  We’re going inside Chris to kill that thing.


Jack:  (The room responds with a lot of disbelief.  Jack nearly laughs).  That’s crazy.  Even if you can really shrink down that small, you’ll be destroyed by his body’s defenses and eaten away by acids and other complex medical babble.


Derek:  This is the best chance we’ve got.


Jack:  (Sighs).  Then I’m coming with you.  (Puts his arm into the group).


Derek:  (Through his teeth, almost annoyed).  Jack, you don’t know how to do this.


Jack:  Then you’ll have to teach me fast.  My barrier technique is the best defense you’ve got to work with as of now since we don’t have access to any of the Legion’s stronger armor.


Derek:  It took us over a week to get this right, and if I remember correctly, your barrier move isn’t perfect yet.


Jack:  Then I’d better perfect it quickly.  Teach.


Derek:  (Derek looks Jack up and down and realizes that he’s right.  He sighs heavily).  If this kills you on accident, I’m not responsible.


Jack:  Understood.


Derek:  You got your watch thing?


Jack:  It’s in my room.


Derek:  Danny, go get Jack’s watch.  We’ll need it to get a better idea aoubt that thing once we’re inside Chris.  Kevin, go find some more layers of clothing for us to wear.  (They both go about their orders.  Derek pulls Jack in close and hurriedly explains how to perform the shrinking technique).  Jack, listen closely.  I don’t pretend to be a good teacher, so God help you if I can’t explain this.


Lindsey:  (Speaking quietly to Austin as Derek pantomimes various actions to Jack at the far end of the room).  Is this going to work?


Austin:  We don’t have any other options, so yes, this is definitely going to work.


Derek:  (Finishes his instructions as Kevin and Danny enter the room carrying long-sleeve shirts and gloves).  You get all that Jack?


Jack:  (Shakes his head no).  Absolutely.


Derek:  (The four are putting on the shirts and gloves).  Good, we get one chance.


Jack:  Let’s do this.


The four gather closely together, all holding a hand in the middle clutching whoever’s fist has a grasp on the amber stone.  They close their eyes and the lights in the room flicker.


-As everyone else in the room watches, the four of them begin to become smaller ever so slowly.  Then BAM, they disappear.


Leena:  (Everyone in the room looks around and sees nothing).  Is that it?


Kyle:  They either just shrunk or they imploded, I’m not sure which.  (Lindsey smacks him in the back of the head).


Derek:  (He and his team are now microscopic and standing on the floor in the center of the room.  They still have their eyes closed and are holding hands Three Musketeers-style.  Derek opens his eyes and looks around).  Success.  (Looks over at Jack, who looks as if he’s about to vomit).  You can open your eyes Jack; you’re surprisingly not dead.


Jack:  (Opens his eyes and gasps for air).  Oh whoa, that is not something I want to do again without practice.  (Looks up at Chris and the now huge room).  Any ideas of how we get up there?  (Derek and the others start floating.  Jack slumps, feeling stupid).  Oh yeah…  I suppose I’m riding shotgun then?


Derek grabs Jack’s arm and the four fly up onto Chris’ bed.


-They look down at his face; he’s still reeling from whatever the creature is doing to him.


-As his mouth opens wide again from another shock of pain, Derek instructs them in.


Derek:  Here we go…


Jack:  One small step for man…


Danny:  One really small step.


-The four fly down into Chris’ mouth and land on his tongue as his mouth closes.  Derek lets Jack go and the four of them look around, taking in the random sight of the insides of their friend’s mouth.


Danny:  So this is what the tongue looks like up close?


Jack:  Hmh, now all we’ve got to do if find our way to his heart.


Derek:  Right.  (Walks by a tooth and taps on it).  Looks like someone’s got a cavity…


Kevin:  What’s the best way to get to his heart?


Jack:  I don’t pretend to be a medical expert-


Derek:  Just an expert on everything else?


Jack:  Right, but if I’ve got any common sense left, the fastest way would be down the throat, into the stomach, then follow a side vessel from there until we hit the heart.


Derek:  (Sarcastic).  Doesn’t sound complicated at all…


Jack:  Also, no fancy tricks in here, especially not when we get to Chris’ heart.  If we fire any energy blasts or increase our power too high there’s a good chance we’ll kill him on accident.


Derek:  What?  You think I’d try to kill Chris?  (The others give him a dirty look).  Okay, bad example.


Jack:  Everyone stay close together for this.  (Jack closes his eyes and pulls his arms in tightly.  The others walk over near him as he slowly puts his arms out and increases his barrier technique to cover the four of them).  Right then, onward.


Kevin:  How long will you be able to…?


Jack:  For as long as I need to, but let’s hurry so I don’t get short-changed.  (Derek picks Jack up by the back of his shirt and the group starts flying down Chris’ throat.  As they start doing this Chris begins coughing viciously all of a sudden).  Dang it!  Everyone, grab the sides of his throat and hold on!


Derek:  Faaaantastic.  (Everyone holds on for dear life as large gusts of air rasp through Chris’ windpipe).


Jack:  We’ve got to get out of his throat or else he won’t stop coughing!


Derek:  Then grab hold Jacky-boy.  (Derek clutches Jack’s hand and he flies headfirst down Chris’ throat and past the esophagus and other assorted anatomy that the author describing this scene knows nothing about.  Eventually they find themselves about to enter the stomach).  This would be about where that technique of yours should come in handy, eh?


Jack:  We can only hope.  (The group flies in and lands on a mound of partially digested food.  Jack’s barrier seems to be holding up well).


Danny:  Yarg, this is disgusting.


Jack:  What did you expect to find in a stomach?  Apple cores and juice boxes?


Danny:  No, but I remember seeing that documentary with the host ridding in a canoe around the stomach.


Derek:  I saw that documentary and the host was a cartoon kangaroo.


Danny:  So, what’s your point?


Kevin:  At least we’re not being digested.


Jack:  Yeah, but let’s not stand around with our ankles in stomach acid, shall we?


Danny:  Hey, I don’t remember those from the documentary either.  (Points off towards a swarm of things flying out of a small opening).


Derek:  (His back is turned to the swarm of things).  Danny, for the last time, that wasn’t a documentary, it was a cartoon.  (Turns around and sees the things flying at them).  Actually…what the hell are those things?


Kevin:  I don’t think they’re white blood cells.


Jack:  You’re probably right in thinking that since I doubt white blood cells travel in swarms or into the stomach.


Derek:  Well then what are they?


Jack:  (The swarm streaks across the stomach at them, each of these things suddenly seems to open massive jaws to attack).  I have no damned idea but I’m guessing we’re about to get f*cked up.


-As the flock of strange things flies at them, Derek randomly fires an energy blast, exploding a few of them instantly.


Derek:  Not much to worry about, they’re easy to kill.


Jack: (Very annoyed).  What did I tell you about energy blasts?


Derek:  Control ‘em.  Unless of course you’d like to get your face eaten by God knows what.


Kevin:  (Blasts a few more out of the air).  Where are they coming from?


Jack:  (Still holding his barrier up around the three).  Probably from a side vein.


Derek:  (Firing while speaking).  I’d wager anything that the creature in his heart is manufacturing these things.


Danny:  No way!  (Fires and misses, hitting the side of Chris’ stomach).


Jack:  Danny!


Danny:  Sorry!


-The walls of Chris’ stomach begin to shake and the acid around the group’s feet starts sloshing around.


-Unexpectedly, stomach acid squirts out of geysers all over, floating the stomach with acid and engulfing both the group and the cloud of evil creatures, dissolving them in a horrendous noise that sounds like hundreds of bugs dying.


-On the outside world, Chris lets out a decent belch.


Kyle:  ‘Scuse you, sir.


-As the acids subside, the four are still standing, huddled around Jack who’s still keeping his protective bubble up and going.


Jack:  (His teeth are thoroughly clenched).  Are we done firing exploding things around the inner workings of our close friend?


Danny:  Um…yes.


Jack:  Good.  (He looks down and notices that the shoulder of his jacket has been dissolved off and his skin is somewhat burned).  Terrific…


Derek:  Well, if I had ever wanted to know what a sandwich feels like, that would be as close as I could ever hope to get.


Kevin:  If we follow that opening the things came from, it should lead us to the source.


Jack:  We can only hope that’s the case.  Let’s go.  (The four fly up to the opening, shove through it, and find themselves in a blood vessel.  The barrier is still holding fast, although the recent addition of constant pressure has caused a noticeable shrink).  Okay, since this is a blood vessel, I would assume that to get to the heart all we’d have to do is swim upstream.


Derek:  And doesn’t that just sound easy enough?  (They start pushing their way against the blood current as fast as they can, blood cells slamming against their bubble, each causing Jack to wince).  You doing alright Jack?


Jack:  (His eyes are closed tightly, straining to keep his shield up and the four of them alive).  Yeah, peachy.


Derek:  Good, ‘cause I don’t wanna be any trouble or anything, but you might want to know that the happy swarm of things is back.


Jack:  Ah damnit…  (Kevin and Derek both start to charge up energy blasts as they travel forward).  No!  No, it’s too enclosed here.  If you rupture the walls it’ll be worse than just a simple ulcer.  Just fly faster.


Kevin:  Jack…?


Jack:  Just do it!


They all shake their heads in frustration and fly at full speed into the black cloud.  They can see every little creature slam up against the shield, being bounced off as they keep moving forward.


-Jack’s straining so heavily that it looks as if his teeth are going to break from pressure.  Regardless, they keep moving forward, slower and slower, but always moving forward.


-Jack finally lets out a yell of anguish as it’s apparent that he’s in absolute pain.  Luckily they manage to blow past the dark cloud of things and into the very chamber that they’re looking for.


Derek:  Well, we made it.


They all look around to see the entire heart clogged with clouds of the creatures swimming around.  And in the center is the thing that Derek first saw on the video screen less than an hour ago, still flailing it’s bladed arms around, spewing the little creatures out from two spouts located on each arm near the back of the shoulder.  It’s face is even more fearsome in person, with two slitted black eyes, glossed over and inhuman.  It has no mouth, no ears, nothing really to make it look like anything but a horrendous mutation of a person.


-Although it has been floating casually in the center of the heart, upon spying the four it turns its attention squarely towards them.


-It lets out a dreadful shriek, emanating from an unknown source but still ear piercing even as the sound travels through constant blood.


-The four cover their ears from the horrible screech.


Danny:  How does it even make that noise?!


Derek:  I don’t know!  But how do we kill it?!


Jack:  (He’s still straining himself to keep the barrier up).  Don’t fire any blasts at it!


Kevin:  Then what do we do?


Jack:  (Opens his eyes and sees the swarm tear after the group).  I don’t know!


Derek:  Do I have to do everything myself?  (Shakes his head, takes a deep breath, and pulls away from the four, breaking out of the barrier).


Kevin:  Derek!  What are you doing?!


-Derek turns back around as he flies and gives a thumbs up before turning back towards the beast inhabiting Chris’ heart and increases speed.


-He blows through the cloud of enemies and directly for the “face” of the creature.  His eyes look intense as he clobbers it, knocking its head back and forcing it to bow backwards.


-It springs back into place and gives Derek a harsh head butt.


Jack:  He’s crazy…


Kevin:  Danny, stay here.


Danny:  Sure, no problem.


Kevin flies out from the protection and joins Derek in the fight.


-As Kevin clears through the creature-storm, Derek is finding he’s having a harder time dealing with the monster than he originally thought, having to dodge as the bladed arms slash dangerously close to him.


-As the creature misses one strike, it pulls back and hits Derek with the back of its arm, sending Derek spinning away.


-Kevin comes in and grabs hold of one arm and knees at the joint, breaking it.


-The creature bellows and bats Kevin away with the back of its other arm.


Jack:  What’s happening out there Danny?


Danny:  Um…Kevin broke one of the creature’s arms and made it very angry.


-The creature’s head flails around and its arm pops spectacularly back into place, not broken anymore.


-Derek looks at Kevin and gives him a look that says “Now what?”


-Kevin shrugs and they both fly back at the beast.


-They attack it one after the other, hitting it with alternating attacks to the mid-section.


-The beast just looks up and cross-chops at them, slicing each of their shirts.


-They both fly back to Jack’s bubble and gasp for air.


Derek:  Gah!


Jack:  (Sweat is rolling down his face.  He doesn’t look so well).  We about ready to abort?


Derek:  (Looks up and takes a deep breath).  I’m not about to give up to a faceless, soulless parasite!  YAH!  (Blasts off right at the creature).


Jack:  Derek, I’m not gonna hold out!  (Kevin puts his hand on Jack’s shoulder and closes his eyes.  Suddenly Jack’s eyes open and he stops breathing so heavily.  His barrier glistens with a new resilience).  What the heck…?  (Kevin has passed out).  When did he learn that…?  (Danny looks just as bewildered).


-Derek’s eyes are practically on fire as he slams into the creature.


-It crumples around Derek but recovers quickly, slashing and missing as Derek moves about infuriated.


-Reacting to this change of events, the swarm lifts off of Jack’s barrier and engulfs Derek, biting relentlessly.


-Derek powers up, clearing most of them from him instantly.


-He looks the creature in the face, grabs hold of its shoulders, and starts pulling the creature in opposite directions, presumably to tear it apart.


-The creature lets out an ear-piercing screech and begins hacking at Derek with its blades, slicing open gashes.


-Derek still refuses to let go and powers up to a greater degree.


-On the outside world Chris clutches his chest and yells.


-The room reacts accordingly by feeling terrible.


Lindsey:  (Rushes over to Chris’ side, wiping his forehead with a washcloth).  Hang on Chris, just hang on…


Jack:  (Back insides Chris’ body).  Derek!  You’re going to kill Chris!!


-Derek doesn’t let up but keeps pulling.


-The monster in his grasp screams louder, the sound of flesh being stretched to its limits is heard.


-Derek begins yelling as well, adding a garbled noise to the mixture of the carnage.


-Finally, in a blind rage, Derek rips the creature in half, pulling it in two, splitting the head up the middle as one last screech is heard.


-The deed having been done, the cloud of smaller creatures all stop moving and begin dissipating, looking more like a cloud of smoke than one comprised of actual solid animals.


-Derek reaches into the corpse of the slain beast and pulls out what appears to be a heart.


-He turns and flies back towards Jack and the safety of the barrier.


Derek:  (He’s covered with cuts and gashes and appears as if he could collapse at any second).  Shall we vacate?


Jack:  (Nods).  Sounds good to me.


To Be Continued…


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