Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Thirty-One

March 29, 2009 at 4:42 am (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter 31

“Unable to Breathe”


Recap:  After Derek had torn through the rest of the group, Chris showed up to stall for time and ended up fighting the rest of the battle himself, surprisingly holding his own against the raging teenager despite his increasing health ailments.  As Derek grew to the dangerous point of killing Chris and threatening to do the same to everyone else who disagreed with him, Chris once more exploded in a flash of light and ended Derek’s tantrum before passing out completely.  Now, Jack, being the only person to have actually seen clearly what happened, comes out from his vantage point to survey the scene.


(Before Chris and Derek’s fight had escalated to an enormous proportion, Austin, Kevin, Kyle and Danny had been sent away to prevent them harm.  Only a few blocks away from the ensuing clash, they encounter an unexpected number of things).


Kyle:  (Hobbling down the middle of the street, exhausted and beaten.  He looks up and notices a police-style barricade blocking the road off with an entire squadron of soldiers behind it).  What’s this all about?


Lindsey:  (Jumps up and waves at the four from behind the barrier).  Hey!  You’re alright!


Austin:  (Trudging up to Lindsey as she rushes from behind the blockade to hug him and the others).  Yeah, we’re more than fine.  What’s…?  (Points towards all the soldiers standing ready with their rifles).


Lindsey:  You can thank the Legion for this.  They set up a perimeter all around the few blocks you guys were fighting in to keep civilian casualties low or something like that.  The Commander explained it all very hurriedly when we left.


Kevin:  The Legion was here the whole time?


Lindsey:  Well sure.  Why don’t you think any random people showed up in the middle of the fight?


Kyle:  I just attributed that to a plot hole.


Lindsey:  Nope, all the Legion’s doing.


Austin:  Well I’ll be sure to thank them later.


Lindsey:  So, is it all over then?  Good guys won, Derek’s down for the count?


Austin:  Not entirely.


Kevin:  Jack found a way to restore himself so that he and Chris could fight against Derek properly.


Lindsey:  (Gasps).  Chris’s in the middle of all this?!


Kyle:  I said about the same thing, but he’s a crazy little bastard.


Lindsey:  When I found out he was gone I panicked!


Austin:  Turns out he showed up here of all places.


Lindsey:  Why is he fighting?


Austin:  Jack says he’ll moderate the fight between Derek and Chris so they can settle their feud.  Don’t worry, if anything goes wrong Jack should step in and help.


Lindsey:  But this is still crazy!  I mean, Chris was basically in a coma for the past two weeks, how is he up and expected to do anything at this point?!


Austin:  (He, Kyle and Kevin looks back and forth at each other puzzled at how to answer this).  I guess he just felt like he had something he had to do.


Kevin:  He sensed that those close to him were in danger and he acted accordingly.


Kyle:  I’m still going to attribute this to a plot hole.


Austin:  (Seeing that Lindsey looks about ready to rush into battle to rescue Chris).  Hey, don’t fret about it.  Derek may have gone a bit crazy-


Kyle:  (Interjecting).  Batshit crazy.


Austin:  -but Derek still knows that Chris was sick.  I doubt he’ll do more than knock him around a bit before he goes back after Jack.  (A shockwave hits them from the fight going on nearby, accompanied by a boom).


Kyle:  Pff, that could have come from any rivalry currently duking it out around here.


Kevin:  (Grasps Lindsey by the shoulders).  Lindsey, do you have faith in Chris?


Lindsey:  Yes.


Kevin:  And do you have faith in Jack?


Lindsey:  …Yes.


Kevin:  Then do not worry any more.  This will all be over soon and we can get back on with our lives.  (Another shockwave and boom hits them).


Commander:  (Pushes his way to the front of the troops).  So you guys didn’t die in the desert either?


Kevin:  No, we did not.


Commander:  (Puts a huge, unnatural smile on his face).  Wonderful!  And just what did we learn while we were gone?


Kevin:  We have acquired the ability to fly and the knowledge of how to harness larger energy techniques.


Commander:  That’s fantastic!  (Instantly gets pissed again).  But now we’ve got a stupid shit who doesn’t realize when he needs to be flushed and as a result the whole God damned Legion is out here in the middle of the night playing blind bandstand with their thumbs up their asses.  (Emphasizing every word).  I do not want to have to play the angry father to you little shits.


Austin:  (Everyone’s a bit stunned).  I assume that you’re pissed.


Commander:  You’re damn right I’m pissed.


Austin:  If it makes you feel any better, only Kevin, Danny and Derek learned anything new.


Commander:  Who?


Austin:  (Starts to point out Kevin and Danny).  These two right-


Commander:  I don’t give a damn what their names are.  Since when did you decide you needed names?  Did you learn so much that you believe you’re finally significant?  No, don’t give me that look.  If you want to cry, get out of my sight.  Right now I’m not your father and I’m not your friend.  I’m forced to sit out here and do my best to control the situation and I do NOT want to have to go over there myself to deal with the f*cker who got too big for his pants.  Do I make myself clear?


Kyle:  (Everyone is dumbstruck with their mouths hanging open).  Wait…who’s pants are we talking about again?  (The Commander backhands him).


Commander:  I assume that you’re all under a lot of stress.  Good, then we understand each other completely.  Go get some rest.  If you’re not out there getting yourselves killed for the greater good then you’re no good to me at the moment.  (A building comes down in the distance).  Shit, they’re taking out entire buildings now?  (Throws his arm up and signals for attention.  Most, if not all, of the soldiers are unsure of what to do in the current situation).  Listen up.  It’s escalating to more than just a small civil disobedience.  They’ve shown excessive violence towards public property and have now become a major risk.


Lindsey:  Now they’ve become a risk?!  They’ve been attacking us for the past hour and now they’ve become a risk?!


Commander:  I don’t have any time for your feminist bullshit right now, so go do your hair or something elsewhere and stop bothering me.


-Lindsey about rushes the Commander before Austin, Kevin and Kyle restrain her and calm her down, the group finally starting to walk away from the action.


-Suddenly they can see a lone figure shoot into the sky and hang there.


Austin:  What’s that?


-A very ominous light begins emanating from the torso of the lone figure hovering in the air.


Commander:  (Looking more irritated that worried).  Oh shit.  (Rolls his eyes and barks orders to everyone).  We’re at highest alert!  Everyone get down and cover your heads!  (The figure fires his blast straight down behind the buildings).  I mean now!


-Everyone is instantly blown off their feet due to the gusts coming from the war area.  The energy beam is lighting up the whole sky and making the entirety of the soldiers scared senseless.


Kevin:  (Shielding his eyes with one arm).  That must be Derek!


Kyle:  What gave it away?!


-Light erupts forth from the area so blinding that most everyone not important to the story hides their heads.


-The energy beam is at least quadrupled in size before blasting skyward and into the clouds, finally fading entirely and leaving the city in the dark shambles it’s always been in.


Commander:  (Raises up once more).  Everyone on your feet.  Time to go salvage for survivors.


Lindsey:  Chris!  (Takes off running.  Austin, Kevin and Kyle take off after her as she runs past the Commander.  Danny is still somewhat baffled at all of this, but finally gets the picture and chases after the others).


Jack:  (Standing at Ground Zero).  So that’s the trigger…  (Walks over to Chris’ limp body and checks for a pulse).  How you managed not to kill yourself is only one of the mysteries I’d like to know.  (Slings him over his shoulder).  Let’s get you out of here then.


Lindsey:  (Explodes onto the scene with the others).  Jack!


Jack:  (Somewhat confused).  Lindsey?  Hey, you made it.


Lindsey:  (Frantic).  I’m so sorry, I couldn’t find anything of yours in your room and then when I discovered that Chris was missing I…(Sees Chris on Jack’s shoulders).  Oh Chris!  What happened to him?


Jack:  (Takes Chris off his back and lays him down on the ground).  Don’t worry, he’s not dead, just unconscious.


Austin:  He looks like a wreck.  (Kneeling down next to Chris to listen to his chest).  And he’s not breathing well.


Jack:  He hasn’t been breathing much for the past two weeks, so I wouldn’t consider this much of a change.


-The Commander storms into the group, pushing Danny aside and literally throwing Kyle out of the way.


Kyle:  Wah!


Commander:  Jack, what the hell just happened?


Jack:  (Surprised at the Commander’s attitude).  Commander?


Commander:  Shush.  I don’t need you to act confused or puzzled or like you give a damn I’m here, just tell me exactly what happened.  Where is Derek and why is this kid dead?


Lindsey:  (Angry, near tears).  He’s not dead!


Commander:  (Uncaring).  I’ll give him two hours.  (Looks back to Jack).  So Jack?


Jack:  (Looking from Chris to Lindsey to the Commander and to the sky before deciding how to answer this question).  Derek arrived in the city close to dusk along with Kevin and Danny.  Instantly he began getting hostile towards everyone and by the time I arrived he started getting physically violent, mainly wanting to fight with me in particular.


Commander:  I already know that much and I don’t really blame him.  What happened that I should care about?


Jack:  After Chris showed up I decided it would be best to act as the moderator between he and Derek since they have a lot of issues to get out.  As the fight went on Derek became increasingly powerful, finally flying into the air and firing an extremely deadly beam straight downward.


Commander:  (Annoyed and bored).  All things I could have guessed.  What happened just now?


Jack:  Derek tried to kill Chris with the blast and from my vantage point I realized that the explosion would do more damage than just to Chris, so I stepped in and countered Derek’s blast with one of my own.


Commander:  The counter blast we just saw was fired by you?  (Half impressed, half worried).  Chris had no part in it?


Jack:  No, he had passed out before I fired my counter.


Commander:  And where is Derek at this point?


Jack:  I do not know.  (A body falls out of the sky and lands with a loud THUD nearby).  Actually I think that’s him now.


Kyle:  Unless of course it’s just begun raining people.


Derek:  (Derek is writhing around on the pavement; he’s extremely damaged all over but for some reason is also not dead.  He keeps muttering as his body flails around).  Ung…RAHG!  What…what…WHAT?!  (His eyes shoot open and then close again).


Commander:  (He pushes his way to Derek first).  Derek?


Derek:  (Looks up with the only eye that seems to be responding).  What?


Commander:  What did you just get hit by?


Derek:  I don’t…I was…BRAH!  (Flips him off and passes out).


Commander:  Charming.  Someone drag this shit back to headquarters and throw him in the hospital wing.  (Looks over at Chris).  And probably him, too, since you think he’ll pull through.


-As the night drags on, Derek and Chris are taken back to the Legion’s base for medical care.  After only hours, Derek is looking fine thanks to the healing pills the Legion ended up giving him.  Chris however is still getting worse.


Jack:  (Walks into Derek’s room, exhausted.  Derek is sitting at the edge of his bed brooding but seems to be mostly fine other than some bandages here and there).  Feeling better?


Derek:  Physically I’m in top health.


Jack:  All the damage was to your pride, right?  (Derek slowly nods).  I know the feeling.


Derek:  (Emotionless).  Jack, why did you come here?  What do you want with me?


Jack:  (Sits down on the bed next to Derek.  Neither is looking at each other).  Do you understand what happened tonight?


Derek:  I was fighting with Chris and then he did something and I couldn’t fight anymore.


Jack:  Are you sure he was the one who did it?


Derek:  I’m pretty damn sure it wasn’t you like you’d like people to think.


Jack:  No, it wasn’t.


Derek:  Then why with the lies?  Does it make you feel like a bigger man?


Jack:  Not in the least.


Derek:  (Sighs).  Well what do they plan to do with me?


Jack:  They aren’t happy, although that should be obvious.


Derek:  Yes.


Jack:  Fortunately for you they’ve deemed you powerful enough to be made useful, so they’re not going to execute you or something along those lines.  And as long as they think there are still people within their organization such as myself that can keep you in line should a problem arises, then they’re satisfied with keeping you alive.


Derek:  So as long as they’re fooled into thinking you can kill me if you have to, then I’m not on a high death priority?


Jack:  Basically.  Since you’re the only one to show hostilities towards the Legion out of our group, they still consider us to be loyal enough to fight you if we have to.


Derek:  And Chris?


Jack:  (Rubs his face and eyes before speaking).  He’s not going to make it through the night.


Derek:  (Drops his head).  My doing?


Jack:  No.  Something else that we can’t identify.  I have a pretty good idea what it is though.  (Derek looks over inquisitively).  When we were captured and interrogated in the Regime’s military base, Chris was injected with a sample of the Locust Virus.  It was supposed to kill him near instantly, but he’s lived this long.  Regardless, he still has limitations for the miracles we’ve seen, so I assume that he’s probably about ready to die from it.


Derek:  (The two sit quietly, not speaking for a second).  So what can we do?


Jack:  I don’t think there’s much we can do.


Derek:  He’s dying then…


Jack:  Yes.  Oddly enough, I keep getting readings from him that go off the charts and then drop back down to nothing.  I assume it’s just a sign that he’s about to leave us.


Derek:  Let me see him one more time then.


Jack:  (Weakly smiles for a brief second).  I don’t see the harm in that.


The two get up and walk down the hall to Chris’ room.  Everyone else is there to pay their last respects.  Lindsey is sitting next to Chris, crying softly.  Austin is holding Chris’ hand with his eyes closed.  The room is eerily quiet, enough so that you can hear each individual “tick” coming from the clock on the wall.


Lindsey:  (Sees Jack and looks up with tears in her eyes).  Jack…  (Then sees Derek).  DEREK!  (She leaps up about ready to kill him, Austin grabs her and holds her tightly.  She finally turns and buries her head in his chest, sobbing).


Derek:  I wanted to see him before he…you know…


Kevin:  He’s in God’s hands at this point…


Derek:  Which is mostly what worries me.


Jack:  Any change?


-Everyone around the room sadly shakes their heads.


Kyle:  He’s been opening his mouth periodically as if he’s screaming, but he hasn’t made a sound.  He just keeps clutching at his chest.


Derek:  (Almost confused, pulling back for a second).  His chest?


Lindsey:  Yes…


Jack:  His heart’s failing him.


Derek:  (Looks down at Chris as he clutches his chest again and looks as if he’s screaming in agony).  Have the doctors x-rayed him?


Jack:  Yes, many times.  They’re at a loss.


Derek:  Bring me an x-ray machine.


Jack:  (Curious, cocking an eyebrow).  What are you…?


Derek:  (Annoyed).  Just do it!


Jack:  (Confused but intrigued.  He leaves the room and comes back in while wheeling a large machine with a screen attached to a long pole).  What do you want to take a look at?


Derek:  Show his chest.


Jack:  Alright…  (Positions the screen over Chris’ chest and turns it on.  They can see his heart beating irregularly, but nothing else is out of the ordinary).  Satisfied?


Derek:  Switch it to ultrasound.


Jack:  Derek, it’s not going to make a difference…


Derek:  Trust me.


Jack:  (Jack messes with the dials and switches the image so that it uses ultrasound instead.  They still see nothing).  There’s nothing there.


Derek:  No.  (The room at large is staring at the screen and seeing nothing.  Derek points to a specific part).  There.  Magnify the image.  (Jack does so, zooming in on one specific part of Chris’ heart).  That.  (Everyone can finally see what is causing Chris’ health to decline.  The image of some creature with flailing, bladed arms and an almost alien face comes into view).


Jack:  What the hell is that thing…?


Derek:  The problem.


Lindsey:  (Frantic again).  We should get some doctors to operate immediately.


Derek:  No.  I can almost guarantee that if any doctors got involved they would kill him, either accidentally or purposefully.


Jack:  I agree.  We have to keep this secret from the rest of the Legion.  However there’s no way for us to save him ourselves with what we’ve got.


Derek:  Oh I disagree.  We’ve got all we need.  (Motions over towards Kevin, who doesn’t quite understand where Derek’s going with all of this).  I have a plan.


To Be Continued…


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