Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Thirty

March 24, 2009 at 10:56 am (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter 30

“Final Beatdown”


Recap:  After Derek had plowed through half a dozen other fighters, Chris showed up with the intent of slowing Derek down long enough for Jack to recharge his batteries.  Although Jack managed to regain his former strength, (plus an added boost), his devastating punch wasn’t enough to leave Derek in the dust for long.  Now, with his only real plan failed, Jack is resting all his luck on the chance than Chris can somehow defeat Derek, despite his increasing health issue.  The fight gets super-charged today, in Eclipse Star!


Jack:  (Walking over to Chris as he speaks to the group as a whole).  Guys, you head back to the base, get some rest.  I’m leaving Chris to finish things up with Derek here.


Kyle:  (Baffled).  What?  Jack, you’re kidding, right?


Chris:  (Breathing heavily and wincing with every breath he takes).  Jack…I don’t think…


Jack:  (Waves him off).  Don’t worry about it Chris.  I have absolute faith that you can do it.


Kyle:  So we’re just gonna leave the raging madman here in hopes that the cancer patient will knock him out?


Jack:  Yes.


Kyle:  (Speechless with his eyes wide open).  …Well alright then.  (Begins walking away).


Austin:  (He and Kevin run up to Jack).  Are you sure about this?  Chris isn’t looking all that good.


Jack:  Trust me.  And if anything goes wrong I’m still here, so don’t worry.


Kevin:  Jack, don’t let anything happen to him.


Jack:  Hey, I’ve got things under control.  Go meet up with the others.  This will all be over shortly.  (Under his breath).  One way or another it’ll all be over shortly…


Austin:  (Walks over to Chris and places his hand on his shoulder).  Chris, are you going to be okay?


Chris:  (Chris looks up into Austin’s concerned face and lies).  Don’t worry, I’m fine.  (Smiles).  Go check on Lindsey for me.


Austin:  As usual.  Are you sure though?  (Chris nods.  The two hug and Austin joins Kyle and Kevin).


Kevin:  Chris, be careful of Derek’s flying ability.


Chris:  Sure.  (Salutes as the three jog away).


Derek:  (Arms crossed, tapping his foot).  We done saying our goodbyes?


Chris:  (Turns around to see Derek.  Chris looks pretty unconfident and Derek has finally picked up on this fact).  Yeah, I’m ready to get this over with.


Derek:  You’re not looking so well comrade.


Chris:  I could be worse.


Derek:  I have a feeling I’m about to make it much worse, right?


Chris:  (Shrugs).  Most likely.


Derek:  Then let’s get going.  (Fires himself at Chris, already on the offensive).


Chris:  (Puts himself in a fighting stance).  Jack, be ready to tag in at any time.  (Looks around.  Jack’s nowhere to be seen).  Jack?


-Derek plows Chris in the stomach, lifting him up into the air slightly.  He combos the move with a knee to the chest and a kick to the body.


-Chris spins in the air and corrects himself so that he’s landing on his feet.


-Derek hits him upon landing, sending him flying again.


Chris:  (Slams into a building, then falls onto his hands and knees.  He’s straining to breath).  Dang it Jack, why are you doing this to me?


Derek:  Oh come on Chris, you expect Jack of all people to care what happens to you?


Chris:  (Angry).  No.


Derek:  Well at least we’re on the same page.  (Launches himself at Chris and hits him with a powerful elbow, blowing him through the concrete building and out the other side).


Chris:  (Chris is lying on his back.  He rolls his eyes while opening them and coughing.  He looks up and sees Jack).  What are you doing back here?


Jack:  I can’t talk with Derek listening.


Chris:  Jack, you ready to step in yet?


Jack:  (Puts a finger over Chris’ mouth, indicating “shush”).  I’m spent.  I had one good punch left in me and now I’m as exhausted as I was before I took the PEZ.


Chris:  PEZ?


Jack:  “Power Energizer.”  I coined it myself a few minutes ago.  (Shakes his head).  Anyway, that’s not important.  You’re going to have to finish this fight for me.


Chris:  But I don’t…


Jack:  (Getting mad).  Stop making excuses.  We’re out of options.  (An energy blast comes through the building).  Yah!  (Grabs Chris and pulls him out of the way.  The blast carries on down the street and explodes harmlessly).  There, that’s the last bit of help I can offer.  Go get ‘em slugger.  (Nudges Chris’ chin).


Chris:  (Gets up).  Crap.


Derek comes through the hole and swings at Chris.


-Chris ducks under the high swing and gets Derek in the stomach with an upwards punch.


Derek:  Gyah!  (Kicks Chris in the face as retaliation.  Chris is knocked to the ground again).  So, talking to yourself over here?


Chris:  (Looks around and sees that Jack is gone again).  So it would seem.


Derek:  Well, mental illness is no excuse to get out of a fight.


Chris:  Stupendous.


-Giving Chris no chance to block, Derek thwacks Chris in the side of the face with his forearm, disorienting Chris further than he already is.


-As Chris stumbles sideways, Derek flips backwards, kicking Chris into the air.


-While Chris begins to go skyward, Derek flies out of nowhere and plows into him in midair.


-Chris falls out of control, but before he can hit the ground, Derek has already come from below with a kick, followed by a brutal punch.


-Spinning out of control once more, Chris crashes through the window of a skyscraper and lands in an office cubical.


Chris:  Ugn…  (Grabbing his head with one hand, he pushes himself to a standing position with the other).  I’ve gotta focus…


Derek:  Feeling overworked?


Flies through the broken window and collides with Chris, taking him through one office wall after another, smashing computers, fax machines, copiers, and thoroughly wrecking the 3rd floor of this particular office building.


-Derek hovers in the air as Chris is propelled into the break room, rolling to a heap on the floor.  Didn’t think I’d work you this hard, eh?


Chris:  (Grabs the counter and pulls himself up again.  Derek starts advancing on him again).  That’s it, I quit.


-Chris seizes a coffee pot and shatters it on the side of Derek’s head.


-Derek is knocked over and paws at the side of his head.


Derek:  Bya!  You bitch!


-Derek uppercuts Chris off his feet, kicking again to throw him into a copy machine.


-Slamming his head on the top over and over, Chris’ face begins to appear as the machine spits out paper after paper of a progressively worse-looking face, bleeding, as the glass also begins to crack.


-Chris grabs out at anything, snatching a stapler from a nearby desk and nailing Derek hard in the leg.


-Derek yelps and falls back.


-Chris turns around and swings the stapler again, piercing Derek’s forearm as they’re thrown up to shield Derek’s face.


-Derek grows angry and pops Chris in the head with a simple punch.


-Chris stumbles back and flips over a desk, landing and kicking the whole thing at Derek, computer and all.


-Derek sweeps the air in front of him with his arm, smashing everything apart.


-Chris appears behind Derek, strangling franticly with a telephone cord.


Derek:  Enough of this…


-Derek grabs Chris and fires him back through the torn-up pathway and into the open void outside the 3rd floor window.


Despite falling quickly towards the ground and nearly unconscious, Chris is smiling.


Chris:  At least I can’t say this day was without highlights.


Derek comes down from above with both feet, knocking Chris into the street below.


-Chris lands on the roof of a convertible that happens to have its top up.  It instantly converts to having the top down upon being hit.


-Chris just lies in the mangled car, trying to convince himself to get up again.


Chris:  I should just give in right here.  I could have worse deaths than this.  At least I’m in a nice car.  (The car begins rising.  Chris doesn’t seem surprised in the least).  Oh damnit.


Derek:  (From under the car, Derek looks furious but still enjoying himself).  Convertible cars are for important people and girlfriends of important people, and you are neither.  (Throws the car into a streetlamp).


Chris:  (The airbags go off after the car lands with a thud.  Chris rolls his eyes).  Way to save lives there airbags.  (Gets up while pulling the steering wheel off).  So you can pick up cars, too?  (Hops out of the car and begins walking towards Derek).


Derek:  It’s actually lighter than it looks.


-Derek punches at Chris, who whips the steering wheel up, catching Derek’s arm inside it.


-He twists it and goes around Derek’s back, punching him from behind and totally blindsiding him.


-Chris tosses the steering wheel aside.


Chris:  So you come equipped with power steering, too?


Derek:  We are not amused.  (Runs a hand through his hair).  And now I’m done playing around.


Chris:  (Somewhat smiles).  Ah, but we never get to play anymore.


Derek:  Be that as it may, I’ve been going easy on you.  (Clenches both fists and stoops over as he begins grunting).  You won’t last another minute once I start trying.  (Continues powering up).


Chris:  I do not doubt that claim, nor do I wish to challenge it.


Derek:  No choice.


-Comes at Chris with all manner of attacking, first punching his face, then his gut, then appearing behind him and causing him back problems, then giving him a sharp pain in his left side and a slight ringing in his right ear.


-He finally tosses Chris into the air again.


-Crouching for a second, Derek shoots up with both fists and nearly breaks Chris in twain.


-Derek kicks him even higher, then elbows him back down to Earth.


Chris:  (Struggling fruitlessly to keep his eyes open as he falls screeching back to the pavement).  I wonder if it’s possible that the ground has gotten softer since I last saw it…?  (Stops inches from the ground).  Eh?


Derek:  (Derek is holding Chris by the ankle).  You’d like a chance for solid ground, wouldn’t you?  (Throws him back into the air).


-Derek slams his shoulder into Chris, sending him off into the side of another building.


-As Chris hits the building, Derek smashes both fists into Chris’ stomach, pinning him to the building and also causing him to gasp and spit up blood.


-Derek begins to let Chris fall but kicks him in the head on his way down, forcing Chris’ skull to make contact with the building once more.


-From under Chris, Derek’s hand grabs his leg and flies him higher into the air, swinging Chris as he goes, smashing him into the building from time to time.


-Derek does a midair flip and severely knees Chris during his downward arch.


-Chris careens towards the ground.


Chris:  Just let me make contact already…  (Derek shows up just in time to stop Chris from hitting once more and drags him back into the air.  This time, Derek hurls Chris over the top of a large building, ten stories in the air).  Ung…heights…  (Closes his eyes).


Derek:  (Appears above Chris in the air).  Happy landings!


-Derek flexes every muscle as he brings his whole body into an arch, pulling his arms back over his head, fists clenched together.


-Right as Chris drifts up to weightlessness, Derek unloads and pulverizes Chris with a vicious double-handed smash.




-Upon being hit with this monster attack, Chris is rawked through all ten layers of the building.


-As he hits each layer, clouds of debris blow out the windows of each floor and the top layer falls through.


-Finally, Chris hits the bottom level with an Earth-shattering rumble, the building having come down all around him.


-Dust has filled the entire area as Derek floats above the wreckage looking mighty proud of his work.


Derek:  (Trying to see through all the black dust).  Hah.  If you’re not dead, I owe you a Coke.


Jack:  (He’s completely astonished as he watches from his vantage point on the top of a nearby building).  This is too much.  (Notices that his hand is shaking uncontrollably).


Derek:  (Growing impatient).  Chris?!  Are you down there?!


Chris:  (If anyone could see the image of Chris through the dust and rubble, he’d look pretty pathetic.  His clothes are basically torn to hell and he’s bleeding all over.  He’s laying on his back with his eyes closed and his mouth open, not moving, not breathing.  Finally with a cough…).  Nhn…  (His eyes roll open and his mouth closes finally.  Then his chest starts moving again).  This is ridiculous…I should be dead…why am I not dead…?  (Leisurely gets up and trudges out from the remains of the building).


Derek and Jack:  Well I’ll be damned.


Chris:  (Chris looks up and takes a heavy breath.  He grabs the zipper of his jacket and unzips it, although it could have slid right off.  He throws the jacket to the ground and brushes himself off).  Derek…I’m done.


Derek:  (Glides back down and lands a ways in front of Chris).  No, if that did’t kill you it just means this is getting interesting.


Chris:  No more, please.


Derek:  NO!  It doesn’t end until I say it does!  (Powers himself up even more.  He begins lifting into the air as the ground shakes).  No one else could stand up against me!  You’re the old one worth fighting this long!


Chris:  Derek, I don’t want to fight you.


Derek:  You don’t have a choice!  (Taking off, he propels himself towards Chris).


-Chris closes his eyes and clenches his teeth.


-The ground around him instantly cracks as he finally increases his strength.


-He’s breathing harder and harder and beginning to yell as Derek picks up speed.


-With Derek’s strength nearing full, he makes to finish Chris with another severe attack.


Chris:  (Opens his eyes, the street is quaking and Derek is about to destroy him).  I’m tired of people expecting so damn much from me!


As Derek makes his move, Chris clotheslines him hardcore in midair.


-Derek continues on his path but is flipped backwards as he’s going, finally crumbling into a mess as he skids onto a sidewalk and through a row of newspaper vending machines.


Derek:  (Not completely sure what just occurred).  Where did that come from?  (Erupting with anger).  That is it!


-Derek blasts off at Chris, ready to strike.


-Chris advances on Derek at the same time, jumping up and hitting Derek hard in the stomach with his right knee, then swinging around and clocking Derek in the head with a kick from his left leg.


-Before Derek can be propelled from Chris, he’s behind him, throwing an angry punc to Chris’ head.


-Chris ducks under and grabs Derek’s foot, then begins swinging around and around, moving down the street as he’s going, taking out mailboxes, street signs, lampposts, and anything else that’s getting in the way.


-He turns towards the sky and sends Derek into it with a vicious throw.


Derek:  (Forcing his eyes open, although he can’t see anything clearly.  He’s in a blind rage now).  Think you can take me in the air?!  I live in the sky!  I own the sky!


-Chris slams into Derek’s face with his knee.


Derek:  GrrrAAAAAH!


-As Derek falls back, Chris grabs him and punches him once, twice, thrice, then lets go and smashes him back to the ground.


-A crater is formed around Derek upon landing.


-Lacking the ability to fly, Chris begins falling slowly back down.


-He looks down to see Derek getting up and looking rightfully pissed.


-Chris thrusts his arms down and starts firing energy blasts madly into the crater as he falls, detonating on top of Derek with excessive force.


Derek:  (Shielding his head with his arms).  YAAAAH!  When did you learn stuff like this?!


-Derek fires one solid blast straight upwards, clearing all the dust away and hitting nothing.


-He looks around and jumps out of the hole.


-Turing to his left, he sees Chris and rushes him, punching with all his might.


-Chris punches back, their hands collide.


-Derek recoils instantly, clutching his hand in a heavy amount of pain.


Derek:  Ahh…RAAAAH!!


-Chris doesn’t give Derek a chance to rest and chops him in the neck.


-Derek flinches and falls sideways.  As this is happening, Chris boots him with a soccer kick.


-Derek rolls quickly to his feet a little ways from Chris, trying to create some distance.


-He begins to take to the air, but Chris has already grabbed his foot and forced him to face plant in the pavement.


-Derek kicks away from Chris and starts to run away.


-Unexpectedly, Chris comes from the opposite direction, tackling Derek full force. 


-The two are thrown down the block, Chris on top, grappling with Derek.


-As they touch ground again, the street is torn up with Derek digging a trench not of his own free will.


-Chris picks Derek up from this trajectory and throws him with both feet through a building and out the other side, quickly landing and leaping through the hole to follow Derek.


-As Derek rolls to a halt, Chris lands a fair distance away.


-Derek gets up, his whole body quivering.  He lets out a wrathful scream and turns his attention to Chris again, who’s begun sprinting at him once more.


-Out with the arm, Derek sends an energy blast at Chris.


-Chris moves to the side and throws a quickly-formed energy blast of his own.


-It scores a direct hit on Derek’s face, who howls and clutches his face with both hands, his head tilting back.


-Chris continues running and begins charging up an energy attack in either hand, then fires them backwards, propelling him forward at an alarming rate.


-Right as Derek drops his hands, Chris rams him in the face with a headbutt.


-Derek is flung a short expanse, where he looks as if he’s about to pass out.


-Chris comes at him, but right before he can attack, Derek turns and pulls out his sai, solidly blasting Chris into a building across the street with a sonic boom.


-Both fighters are breathing excessively hard and producing an alarming amount of blood.


-Derek twitchs as he stumbles around with his sai swaying limply in his hands


Derek:  You…  How dare you!  You must think you’re so clever, thinking that you’ve beaten me.  No, oh no, you’re dead wrong!  (Puts his sai away and stands unwavering).


Chris:  (Pushing himself away from the wall, staggering forward).  Please, I just want this to be over.  I don’t anything left to fight you with…


Derek:  (Furious once more).  You’re damn right you don’t!  I’ve been holding back on you!  I’ve been holding back on everyone!  I’ve yet to unleash a real energy blast!  (Sneering and laughing as he ponders what to do next).  Hahahahaha!  You just had to demand this, didn’t you?!


Chris:  (Limping gradually towards Derek, his breathing terrible, he’s looking extremely pale.  You wouldn’t have guessed that he just delivered Derek’s ass in a sling no more than 30 seconds ago).  I’m not demanding anything Derek!  You’re out of control!  I give up!  You win!  Isn’t that what you want to hear?!  Hear me admitting that you’re better than me?!  That I can’t challenge you?!


Derek:  (Cold).  No.  (Begins hovering).  It isn’t enough to just have you say it.  (Floats higher and higher into the air).  I don’t believe you when you say it.  Not when you still show potential for a comeback.  I have to be sure that you aren’t just holding back.


Chris:  Derek!  I’m not holding anything back!  I’m as weak as you could hope!  I have nothing left!


Derek:  (Derek gives a guttural laugh).  Hahaha…prove it.  (Flies high into the air, above the tops of all the buildings.  He looks down upon Chris, upon the city).  I will show you exactly what I am capable of.  (Pulls his hands back behind him on each side).


Chris:  Derek no, please no!


Derek:  (Energy begins glowing inside his palms).  That’s right, beg for it…


-Derek’s Pulse energy skyrockets to a disturbing degree.


Derek:  I’d suggest defending this, Chris.  (The energy glows extremely bright, right before Derek fires the blast at Chris).


Chris:  (A look of dread has spread over his entire face).  Oh crap…  (Pulls his hands to his side and cups them, charging his own blast to counter Derek’s).


Derek:  HAHAHAHA!!!


-Derek fires a monstrous energy beam down at Chris.


-Chris thrusts his hands above his head and lets out a yell as his own blast fires to connect with Derek’s, although Chris’ blast is very weak in comparison.


-The entire area is lit up instantly, flashing all around.  Despite the fact that night had fallen hours ago, it looks like some sort of hellish daytime.


Derek:  You’re not about ready to buckle, are you Chris?!


-Chris is looking pathetic, as if he’s being crushed by thousands of pounds worth of weight.  Still, he’s standing and his arms are high above his head


Chris:  I can’t do this…


Derek:  (Showing no signs of fatigue from any of this).  Looks like you’re right Chris.  You’re weak!  You’ve always been weak!  Even weaker than all those friends of yours!


Chris:  (Struggling to fight back against Derek’s impossible strength).  Guh…they’re stronger in more ways than I could ever hope to be!


Derek:  Hah!  They’re worthless!  Most of them don’t even have a point to being here!


Chris:  Just leave them alone!  Let this be the end of it!


Derek:  No!  My father taught me that weakness will not be tolerated!  Everyone at the Legion is a fool who needs a real leader with real power!  (Increases his power).


Chris:  (He nearly buckles from the added stress).  No…please!


Derek:  Those friends of yours, HAH!  It’s gonna be fun to finally shut them all up!  Why did they even get into this in the first place?!  I’m sick of them!  Danny got into this because Willy was here and now they’re both worthless!  Clinton hasn’t gotten any stronger, Leena just sits and bitches, Scott isn’t focused enough, no one is anywhere near me!


-Derek increases the strength of his blast again.  Chris begins to look ready to collapse.


Derek:  I’m never going to understand why Austin sticks up for you!  Or Kevin!  My God, if I have to hear one more bible reference I’ll tear his throat out!  That smart-ass Kyle, he’s here because of luck!  And Jack…


Derek’s power goes up again.  Chris has fallen to one knee now.  His arms are just barely over his head, Derek’s blast having pushed through to mere feet above him


Derek:  Jack has been lying to us from the beginning!  Every sentence he speaks is a lie!  Every sound from his filthy mouth is just another insult to everything my father taught mew to stand for!


-One more power boost as Derek’s lips curl into a smile.


Derek:  Oh, haha, and then there’s Lindsey…  I can’t stand the way you look at her!  As if you thought you stood a chance!  As if you had something to offer her!  She knows that you’re worthless, why do you think she’s been falling for Jack?!  She doesn’t love you!  Get over it!


Chris:  No…  (Tears are streaming down his cheeks.  He’s down on both knees.  It looks like it’s all over).


Derek:  (Enjoying this all too much).  SHE DOESN’T LOVE YOU!!!  SHE NEVER LOVED YOU AND SHE NEVER WILL!!!


Chris:  No…  (His eyes begin to go cloudy.  He stands up suddenly, fully energized).  It’s not true…




-Chris is engulfed in an immensely bright light, every muscle in his body pushed to their limits, the look in his eyes absolutely terrifying and primal.


Chris:  (His voice booms out, guttural and enraged).  IT’S NOT TRUE!!!!!!  (As Chris screams, he is now completely in control of the situation).


Derek:  (Unable to see anything around his own blast, but knowing something’s wrong.  His confidence instantly breaks).  What the hell…?


-With another scream, Chris’s beam explodes in size, obliterating Derek’s stream and overtaking him instantly, firing him way into the sky.


Derek:  (Screaming for dear life).  WHAT IS THIS?!!!


-Having done this, Chris’ arms fall limp at his sides and the light fades immediately.


-His body starts convulsing as his eyes roll back in his head, falling forward, abruptly unconscious.


Jack:  (Being the only person to have seen exactly what happened, he is shocked).  So that’s the trigger…


To Be Continued…


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