Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twenty-Nine

March 11, 2009 at 6:22 pm (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter 29

“Stalling For a Water Break”


Recap:  After Jack failed to put Derek down by himself, he set up a plan that would hopefully yield some positive results.  While he sent Lindsey to retrieve his gear, Kevin, Austin, Danny, and Kyle all fought diligently against Derek, but made no headway.  Although their combined forces have proven to be too weak to stop Derek, a new ally has shown up to continue the fight as best he can.


Chris:  (Breathing with much difficulty).  I assume Derek’s been getting a bit out of hand?


Derek:  (Very surprised to see him).  Chris.  So nice of you to finally join us.  I heard you were on your deathbed.


Chris:  Yeah, it would appear that way I suppose.


Jack:  (Really confused).  Chris!  What are you doing here?!


Chris:  You left your stuff in my room.  (Unslings the backpack from his shoulder).  After I heard there was a problem going on near the edge of town, I figured you’d probably need some of this stuff.


Jack:  (Looks Chris up and down very carefully).  Is that my hat?


Chris:  (Grabs the bill of the cap on his head defensively).  It was one of them, yes.


Kevin:  (Tears welling up in his eyes as he hobbles over).  It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!


Chris:  (Smiles).  Hey Kevin.  (Nods).  Yeah, I’ve missed you guys, too.  Glad to see everyone okay.  (Tosses Jack’s backpack to him).  Hope you can find use of something in there.  Looks like a total mess to me.


Jack:  (Rifles through his backpack quickly keeping track of the goods in stock).  Change of clothes, radio, bungee cords, rope, flashlight, pocketknife, headphones, sandwiches, only one spare hat, paper clips, stapler, aha!  (Pulls out what looks like a PEZ dispenser).  This is exactly what I needed!


Kyle:  (Rushes over).  Hey, gonna share those with the group at large?  (Waves at Chris).  Oh hey Chris.


Chris:  What exactly are those, Jack?


Jack:  As I’ve explained before, they’re a prototype healing pill.  These are similar to the ones that the Legion uses, except I have outside sources working on better ones.  Problem is, I haven’t tested these much.  A single pill does a bit to help, but it’s far from perfect, and I’m cautious since it’s possible to overdose on these things.


Derek:  (Growing impatient).  So who’s gonna fight with me?


Chris:  Why so eager to fight everyone, Derek?


Derek:  You missed the vague explanations and I’d rather not retread old ground.  Suffice it to say, I’m taking over and I’m willing to fight anyone who says otherwise.  Now who’s going to fight me?!


Austin:  (Steps in front of Chris and Jack).  Derek, I’ve still got some fight left to deliver.  (Turns his head back towards Chris).  Great to see ya buddy.


Chris:  (Smiles and nods).  Same here.  (Moves past Austin towards Derek).  But you guys had your shot; let me try.


Austin:  (Pulls Chris in close to whisper into his ear).  Derek’s strong, really strong.  He can fly now.  None of us stood a chance against him, not even Jack.  Aren’t you sick?


Chris:  Yeah, but if I can stall long enough for you all to rest, then maybe we’ll have a chance to wear Derek down until he’s exhausted himself.


Austin:  If you’re sure about this…


Chris:  Trust me.


Austin:  (Hugs Chris).  Be careful.


Chris:  No worries, right?


Derek:  So, I’m fighting Chris then?  What a day, first I destroy Jack, now I get to destroy Chris!  (His mood has improved significantly).  Everything’s comin’ up Derek!


Chris:  (Proceeds to walk closer to Derek).  So, what have you learned in these past few weeks?


Derek:  (Snubs his nose at Chris).  Not much.  Just how to fly, shoot dangerous energy blasts.  Standard stuff really.


Chris:  Well hopefully you’ll be able to stand up to what I’ve learned.


Austin:  (Leans in close to Jack).  What’s Chris learned these last two weeks?


Jack:  (Whispers back).  Not a damned thing.


Danny:  (Finally comes to his senses after his beating from Derek.  He hops to his feet and yells over at Chris).  Holy dangit!  Chris!


Chris:  (Smiles and waves at Danny).  Yes, hi Danny.


Derek:  (Bored and impatient).  Are you done getting reacquainted with your chums?


Chris:  (Turns around to face Kyle).  Kyle, nice to see that you’re not dead.


Kyle:  Thanks!  I’ve been doing a lot of pushups!  (Jack looks at him questioningly.  Kyle shrugs).  Okay, I’ve been watching some kung-fu movies lately.


Chris:  (Turns back to Derek).  That about does it.


Derek:  Good, formalities out of the way, let’s get started before I get bored again.


Chris:  Sounds good.


-Chris gets into a fighter stance.  Despite the façade he’s putting on, Chris is showing hints that he’s trying hard to breath normally.  His eyes are also twitching an awful lot for someone who’s supposed to be acting calm and casual.


-Luckily, Derek has picked up on none of this.


Kyle:  (Pointing to the PEZ dispenser).  Jack, you gonna share those things with us?


Jack:  No.


Kyle:  You greedy little…


Jack:  Like I said, these are prototypes.  I don’t trust giving them to anyone else before I’ve seen the results for myself.


Kyle:  Then take them already.


Jack:  I need some water.  They won’t do me any good without water.  (Looks in his bag).  And of course, there is no water in here.


Kyle:  Not good at swallowing pills?


Jack:  No, these need H2O to make ‘em work.  Another reason why they’re still prototypes.


Derek:  Prepare for battle!  (Powers up).


Chris:  Boy, you’re really getting into this, aren’t you?


Derek:  I may be a little excited, yes.


-Derek tears across the pavement towards Chris.  He takes a swing and misses as Chris ducks out of the way.


-Derek takes another swing and misses that one, too.


Chris:  This is what you’ve learned?  You really must be too excited.


Derek:  Perhaps, yes.  (Clips Chris in the jaw).


Chris:  (Rubs a bit of blood from his mouth).  Great, now I’ll have a fat lip for a week.


Jack:  We need to go find some water before this gets too out of hand and Derek flips out again.


Kyle:  Right.  (Looks around).  There’s bound to be water in a store around here or something.


Jack:  There aren’t any stores around here for a few blocks at least; this district is mainly just office buildings.  And since this is Saturday, thankfully the buildings are mostly empty.


Kyle:  Convenient.


Jack:  Yes.  Still, there’s a good chance that one of them has a water fountain or something like that.


Kyle:  (Picks Jack up and helps him walk).  Well then no time to lose.  Let’s boogie.


Derek:  (It seems as if he’s not even trying that hard to hit Chris).  Please don’t make this a disappointment to me.


Chris:  (Blocks another punch from Derek).  I hate to point this out, but you’re the one not doing much here.


Derek:  So it would seem…  (Appears behind Chris, tapping him on the shoulder).  Hey, back here…  (Chris turns his head, Derek disappears and reappears in front of Chris, nearly taking his head off with a devastating hit).  Just as I thought, you’re not as fast as I am.  But then again, why would you be?


Chris:  (Getting up from the ground, still trying his best not to show how much pain he’s in).  Well I didn’t know you wanted me to be moving that fast.


Derek:  Still, I doubt that you can.  (Disappears from sight).


Chris:  (Mutters to himself as his eyes dart frantically around the area, trying to find any sign of Derek at all).  Crap…


Derek appears in front of Chris, about ready to strike.


-Chris instantly reacts, grabbing Derek’s arm and deals a half dozen crippling punches to Derek’s side, each one making a loud enough sound to be heard from a few streets down, at least.


Derek’s eyes bulge, his mouth hanging open, somewhat drooling.  As soon as Chris lets go of his arm, he clutches his side and drops to his knees.


Derek:  You…you actually…


Chris:  Just a little of what I’ve learned.  (Quietly mutters to himself).  But I’m not gonna get that lucky again…


Derek:  (His eyes roll quickly upwards to see Chris.  His expression changes from that of someone who’s enjoying himself to an individual that’s rather pissed).  That’s the last time I take it easy with you.  (Moves instantaneously fast, blowing Chris clear off his feet with a punch).


Jack:  (After being lead behind the backside of the buildings, Jack points Kyle towards a door).  There, that one.


Kyle:  (Tries to open the door).  It’s locked.


Jack:  Smash it.


Kyle:  No way, this is private property.  You should have brought a bottle of water with you.


Jack:  You wanna run back to the base and get me one?


Kyle:  We’d better smash the door in.  (Pulls back and punches the door, denting it severely but not opening it).  Ah, it won’t open, Jack.


Jack:  (Checks his backpack for anything that can help).  This is ridiculous, we’re so tired that we can’t even tear a simple steel door off its hinges…  Aha!  (Pulls out a few paperclips).  This should only take a few seconds…


Kyle:  You ever pick locks before?


Jack:  Perhaps, but you can’t quote me on that.  (Starts to pick the lock).


Derek:  (Grabs Chris by one of his feet and begins swinging him around and around).  You getting dizzy yet?  (He’s smiling again having regained his pleasure).


Chris:  (Gritting his teeth, he’s desperately trying to reach down and untie his shoe).  I’m always dizzy.  Part of having motion sickness.


Derek:  Up, too late!


Before Chris can get free, Derek launches him across the street and into a telephone pole.  It shatters upon Chris hitting it.


-Chris slumps down and finally looks a little worse for the wear.


Chris:  (Wincing, trying not to grab his chest).  I should have stayed in bed…


Derek:  (Flies gracefully over to Chris).  Get up, that couldn’t have hurt that badly.


Chris:  (Unfortunately, it did.  Still, Chris gets up and feigns that he’s just fine).  Thanks for letting go.  I probably would have thrown up if you kept swinging me any longer.


-Derek kicks Chris in the face, popping him into the air.


-He then roundhouse kicks Chris into the side of a building.


-Bricks crumble as Chris slumps back down again.


Derek:  I may look like I’m having fun, but this is going to get old really fast, so please, do something.


-While Derek’s standing in front of him gloating, Chris pounds him in the gut.


-Derek doubles over from the punch.


-As Chris is getting to his feet, he picks Derek up and slams him down again, then kicks at him.


-Derek catches the foot and twists, sending Chris into a falling spin.


-Derek thrusts his knee out in a jump and ends up hitting Chris in the back with his attack.


-Chris skids onto his face.  He finally lets out a cough and tries desperately to catch his breath.


Jack:  (Still picking the lock).  Almost…  (Click).  Got it!  (He and Kyle throw their arms into the air to celebrate.  There is a pause as the doorknob falls off, their eyes bugging, speechless).  Oh come on, how is that even possible?


Kyle:  (Moves Jack aside).  Enough jibba jabba, outta the way, foo.  (Kicks the door open).  Hell yeah.  (Jack and he hobble through the open door and come face to face with a very nervous-looking security guard).


Security Guard:  (He’s shaking and holding a baton).  Hold it…hold it right there!


Jack:  I’m sorry to bother you, but do you by any chance have a drinking fountain in this building?


Security Guard:  (Slowly shakes his head).  Nuh…no, sorry.


Kyle:  (Getting in the guard’s face, somewhat angry).  What kind of office building is this then?!  Not up to health standards if you ask me.


Security Guard:  Try…try the flower shop on the corner…maybe…?


Jack and Kyle:  (Look at each other and smack their heads).  Of course!  (They “dash” back out the door, leaving the security guard befuddled).


Security Guard:  (Pulls a flask out of his breast pocket).  I’m either drinking far too much or not enough.  (Takes a swig).


Derek:  (Walks over to Chris’ hardly moving body).  That’s all it took?  (Kneels down by Chris’ head).


Chris:  (Looks up at Derek).  Nah, plenty more left.  (Takes a pathetic swing at Derek, but ends up getting another swift kick in the teeth, sending him onto his back).


Austin:  (He and Kevin are looking on restlessly).  I think we’re gonna have to step back in.


Kevin:  You may be right.


-As Chris gets to his feet, Derek flies at him, striking him and causing him to stumble backwards.


-Derek dives at Chris on the way back, knocking Chris forward.


-Derek comes around yet again and knocks Chris off his feet, then flies back and keeps smashing into Chris repeated.


-This continues with Derek zooming back and forth, smashing into Chris, unstopped by anyone until he finally discontinues this attack, letting Chris spit out a tad of blood while he breathes heavily on his hands and knees.


Derek begins coming up behind him to punch Chris in the back, but Chris spins around and grabs Derek’s fist.


-Derek tries to free himself, but can’t seem to do it.


-He punches with his other hand, also getting caught.


Derek:  (Trying viciously to pull away).  If you don’t start fighting consistently, then I’m going to have to end this faster!


Chris:  (Angry).  Fine!


-Chris pulls Derek in for a powerful knee to the jaw.


-Derek’s head recoils back, blood trailing in the air.


-Chris punches Derek in the chest with both hands, knocking him a good distance into a mailbox.  Mail shoots out the slot and flutters all around Derek.


Derek:  (Sits up and yells at Chris).  You’re cheating somehow!  (Powers up again after his anger rises more and more.  Letters are swirling around him as his power goes up).  But no more!


Chris:  (Puts his guard up, knowing that he’s not about to like what’s soon to come).  Go ahead, see what you can do.


-As Derek zooms at Chris once more, using his ability to fly instead of bothering to touch the ground, Chris’ fists tense and it becomes apparent that he’s going to actually start trying.


-Derek fires a quick energy beam at Chris, who puts his arms in front of his face to provide some protection.


-Regardless, Derek’s beam begins pushing Chris back little by little until he solidifies his footing and stops in place.


-As he looks up, he sees a fist coming through the beam and is too late to react, getting smashed in the face.


-As his guard drops, the beam fires on, blowing Chris down the road and leaving him looking pretty well defeated.


Derek:  So, what do you think of my new energy skills?


Chris:  (Gradually gets up, but now he can’t hide the fact that he’s struggling to breathe.  He’s also only looking out of one open eye).  Not bad.


Derek:  Not bad?  (Feeling undignified).  Not-not bad?!  That’s all you have to say to that?!


Chris:  (Smiles smugly).  I’m still standing, aren’t I?


Derek:  Not for long!  (Flies into the air again, firing blasts down at Chris, who dodges these poorly aimed blasts with little effort).


Jack:  (He and Kyle arrive at the flower shop almost a block down the road.  Jack reaches into his backpack and pulls out the stapler).  Ya!  (Throws it through the glass door of the flower shop).


Kyle:  (Shrugs).  Well that works.  (They enter the store).


Jack:  Okay, we need to find a drinking fountain, a faucet, a hose, a watering can, anything.


Kyle:  Basically a source of water then…?


Jack:  Shut up and look!  (Sees a vase full of water and flowers).  Success!


-Derek is still firing blasts at Chris until one of his blasts is caught and hurled back at him, prompting him to soar down at Chris.


-Looking up just in time, Chris blocks Derek’s strike with his forearm, but the resulting force generates a crater around Chris.


Derek:  (Smiles again at last).  This is it!  Hah, this is the challenge I was looking for!


Chris:  (Thinking that at any second he’ll pass out from overexerting himself).  Wonderful.


Jack:  (Grabs the vase and throws the flowers out of it.  He pulls his PEZ dispenser out of his pocket).  Here we go.


Kyle:  Yeah, time to see if this all was gonna pay off at some point…


-Jack rails the entire dispenser of ten, takes a mouthful of water, and gulps them down.


Kyle:  (Freaks out).  Holy crap!  I thought you said it wasn’t safe to eat too many of those!


Jack:  It’s do or die time.


Kyle:  (Sits for a second with an eyebrow raised).  You feel anything yet?


Jack:  (Looking himself over).  Well, I do feel a little-YAAAAHHHH!!!!


-Instantly, Jack’s power skyrockets as he returns to maximum strength.


-The front windows blow out of the store and the entire street is rumbling from the effects of Jack’s power increase


-As Jack is looking himself up and down again, it’s apparent that his muscles are nearly shredding his shirt apart after bulging to an amazing degree.


-Both Derek and Chris stop fighting and look down the street to see what the hell just happened.


Derek:  What the hell just happened?


Jack:  (Steps out of the flower shop and yells down the street at Derek).  You ready for another round?


Chris:  (Squinting his eyes to see the scene clearly).  Jack…?


Kyle:  (Dancing excitedly).  Hahaha!  This is amazing!


Jack:  Chris, you doing alright?


Chris:  (He lies).  Yeah, I’m doing great.


Derek:  I’m busy with Chris at the moment, Jack, so you’ll have to wait a while if you want another chance.


Jack:  (Walks slowly up the street again).  I’m not sure I’ll have this chance again.  (Dashes up the street at Derek).




Jack seems to destroy Derek with a disturbingly powerful punch that fires Derek skidding down the street a few blocks, tearing up a line of concrete upon his landing.


Jack:  I owed you that.


A few moments pass with everyone holding their breath in astonishment.


-Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Derek gets to his feet, dusty but looking nearly unharmed at all.  He has a cold, emotionless look on his face.


Derek:  Jack, it’s rude to interrupt.


Chris:  (Stunned).  No way…


-Jack’s mind is racing, panicking, flipping out now.


-He definitely devastated Derek just there, he was sure of it, but although his body still looks somewhat ripped, Jack knows damn well that all the “extra” power the pills had given him via overdose was just used up and then some.


Jack:  Kyle, I want you, Austin, and Kevin to get the hell out of here.


Kyle:  Why?


Jack:  Because Chris and Derek have a score to settle.


To Be Continued…


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