Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twenty-Eight

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 28

“Move Faster Darn It”


Recap:  Despite Jack’s best efforts, Derek presented to be much more than he could handle due to the fact that he exhausted himself by using his barrier technique, a move that he has yet to perfect.  Although both Kevin and Austin have stepped into the fray, it seems that Derek may still be too powerful for the three to subdue.  The best plan is to send someone back to the Legion’s base to retrieve some of the prototype healing pills, but even that plan seems thin.  What will it take to put Derek down?


Jack:  (Derek continues to fight with Austin and Kevin off in the distance while Jack talks to the other two staying behind).  Okay, we just need to hold Derek off for a few minutes until Lindsey gets back with my gear.  And then we have to hope that it does any good.  (Sigh).  Great, I hate plans with too many ifs involved.


Kyle:  We should be fine.  I mean, we’ve got Austin and Kevin-


Danny:  And me!


Kyle:  Right, and Danny.  There’s no way that Derek can blow through all of us.


Danny:  Yeah.  It’ll be really hard to kill all of us.


Kyle:  Um…right.


Jack:  Sadly I’m not much help as of now.  You’ll have to make do without me.


Danny:  No problem!  Danny away!  (Takes off towards Derek).


Kyle:  Is he going to die first?


Jack:  I would not doubt it.


Derek:  (Blocking Kevin’s attacks left and right).  Is this the best you can come up with?  C’mon, we trained together and still you’re not much stronger than the rest of the sheep.


Kevin:  I’m not fighting to show you how strong I’ve gotten.  I’m being forced to slow you down a bit so that you don’t kill everyone.


Derek:  And you’re doing a smashing job.  (Gut punch, then knees Kevin in the face.  Kevin is thrown away from Derek).  See what happens when you’re sandbaggin’ it?


Austin:  (Yelling up at Derek from street level).  Come down here already!  You scared to give us a fighting chance?!


Derek:  You’ve got a fighter who can fly and he’s not even trying.  Maybe you should convince him to fight back!


Danny:  Danny to the rescue!  (Bolts towards Derek, intending to pound his face with a solid punch.  Derek floats to the side of him, knees him in the chin, and then roundhouse kicks him towards Austin).


Austin:  (Catches Danny, holding him upside down with his legs flailing).  Easy there tiger.


Danny:  (Generally confused).  Bwah?


Kyle:  Ah come on Derek, I can’t fly!


Derek:  And even if you could, do you think you’d do much good?


Kyle:  I’d at least do a pretty good job of presenting a slight inconvenience, which I’m sure you’d hate.  Now come down here so that I can bother you properly!  (Points to the street).


Derek:  Why don’t I just bring you up here?  (Flies down to Kyle and grabs the back of his shirt, lifting him up into the sky).


Kyle:  (His eyes go wide).  Hey!  Shirt grabber!  (Derek throws him up and then begins juggling Kyle in the air with punches).


Derek:  I could make a fun game of this.


Kyle:  (Getting punched).  Bwuh!  You’re not supposed to use your hands in hacky sack!  Bwuh!


Derek:  Fair enough.  (Begins to juggle Kyle in the air with kicks instead).


Kyle:  (Now getting kicked).  Blar!  That’s more like it!  Brah!  (Looks down at Derek and blasts him with an energy attack.  Derek is engulfed in smoke).  Hah hah!  Now who’s the sneaky one?  (The smoke clears and Derek is unscathed.  Kyle begins to fall towards Derek again).  Well crap, that was supposed to work.  (Derek grabs Kyle and fires him towards the ground).


Austin:  (Catches Kyle with some difficulty).  Derek, I’m sick of playing catcher!


Kyle:  (Upside down).  You could put me down now, that’d be good.  (Is dropped).  Oof!  (Rubs his head).  Thanks a bunch.


Austin:  Come on Derek, you know that there are only two people that you really want to fight with and one of them isn’t here.


Derek:  And the other one didn’t present much of a fight now did he?  (Looks down at Jack).


Jack:  (Finally gets to his feet, but he’s pretty beaten at this point).  You wouldn’t be so confident if you couldn’t fly.


Derek:  (Sneers and floats back down).  Have it your way.  For you, and only you, I won’t fly.  (Danny comes screaming at Derek from the sky.  Derek launches himself up into the air and pummels Danny, ending by flicking him in the forehead).  I’m not extending this courtesy to the others if they keep fighting in groups.


Danny:  (Rubbing his forehead).  Ow!  Why’d you flick me?


Derek:  (Lands again).  Jack, if you can fight me I suggest you do so any time now.


Jack:  (He keeps going over all the possible outcomes in his head.  All of which keep resulting in him passing out nearly immediately from being blasted, smashed, or thrown into any number of obstacles).  You’re on!  (Clenches his fist).


Derek:  (Slight smile).  Hoorahs all around then.


-Derek vaults himself at Jack with his arms outstretched, ready to either pound Jack in the head of blast him to bits.


-Jack looks up and merely falls backwards, probably not of his own choosing.


-Derek on the other hand did not anticipate this and misjudges his speed, smashing into a telephone pole.


Jack:  (Smiles).  Hey, now there’s an outcome I didn’t expect.


Derek:  (Getting up while rubbing his noggin.  He breaks the telephone pole in half with one good punch).  Was that your instinct kicking in or just fortunate timing for your body to give out on you?


Jack:  (Standing up again).  I’m going to go ahead and say that it was my keen reflexes and smashing good wit.


Derek:  (Not amused whatsoever).  Alright then, let’s see if you can’t do that again, eh?  (Appears in front of Jack, nearly exploding his stomach with the force from his punch).


Jack:  (Using up all of his strength in an attempt not to convey exactly how much pain he’s just been put in).  Would you believe that you just got a lucky punch in there?  (Derek takes his fist out of Jack’s gut).  Teh, didn’t think so.


Derek:  (Showing very little emotion).  Jack, is this little bit of humor a result of massive amounts of blood clots?


Jack:  Nah, but I think it is making me go cross-eyed.  And now my attack!  Hoo, HAH!  (Thoks Derek square in the eyes with the tips of his fingers).


Derek:  (Grabs his eyes with one hand and swings at Jack with the other).  Ah, you bastard!  (Jack’s body gives way again as he falls under Derek’s punch and lands a solid headbutt into Derek’s gonads, completely by coincidence).  YAHH!!


Jack:  (Lying face first on the ground).  Man, maybe I should fight with concussions more often.  (Derek regains his sight and the feeling in his testicles and picks Jack up by his belt).  Or maybe not…


Derek:  You’re not going to like what I’ve got in store for you next.  (While holding Jack in one hand, he punches him in the face with the other.  He keeps doing this a few more times until Jack finally spits out a mouthful of blood).  Damn, I was expecting candy.


Jack:  Nope, sorry.


-Jack reaches down and undoes his belt.  He instantly falls out of Derek’s grasp.


-Upon hitting the ground, he spins around and kicks the feet out from under Derek, forcing him to fall sideways.


-Jack then comes up and knees Derek hard in the side.


-Derek rolls off Jack’s knee and as he’s getting to his feet, he slaps Jack in the side of the face with the belt that he’s still holding, then wraps it around Jack’s throat.


Derek:  I hope you don’t mind breathing much, Jack.


Jack:  Me?  Nah, I haven’t been able to breath since you punctured my lung a few minutes ago.


Derek:  (Begins to tighten the belt around Jack’s neck).  This has been fun Jack, perhaps we’ll have to do this again sometime.  (Stops and pretends to be thinking).  Well, heh, maybe that’s just me being optimistic.  (Gets an evil grin on his face).  Goodbye Jack.  (Looks down at Jack’s watch and sees it start beeping rapidly all of a sudden).  Wha…?  (A huge blast is fired from behind Derek, but before he can turn around to see it, he’s blistered with an explosion to his backside).  YAAAHHH!!!  (He turns his head to see Kevin standing with his hands in the typical energy blast position).


Kevin:  (Panting).  Derek…


Derek:  (Beyond livid).  KEVIN?!


Kevin:  Derek, you’ve grown too lustful for power, and such greed can only lead to discontent.


Derek:  (He’s so dumbstruck that his mouth is hanging open).  Are you seriously quoting the bible at a time like this?


Kevin:  Even a paraphrase is better than nothing.


Derek:  Oh I am just pissed!  I think I’m going to kill Jack just to show you how pissed I am!  (Turns back around.  Austin’s holding the other end of the belt that Derek’s clutching so tightly).


Austin:  Hiya sugar.  (Slams Derek in the face, who is then hurled backward).


Kyle:  (Running away from the action as fast as his legs can take him while carrying Jack on his shoulders).  Sorry Jack, we couldn’t let him pop your head just so that you could prove a point; we might end up needing you somewhere along the line.


Jack:  (He’s barely coherent of the world and just has a goofy smile on his face with one eye nearly closed shut).  Heh, no worries from this end.


Derek:  (Jumps to a standing position once more).  How many of you do I have to beat down before you just roll over and take it?!


Austin:  I’d say from the looks of it, probably just three more.


Kevin:  But we’re not about to give up.


Danny:  Yeah!  We might even win!


Derek:  On the positive side of things, at least it won’t be boring since you’ll all be trying.  So who’s going to throw the next cheap punch?


Danny:  Yah!  (Runs at Derek, oblivious to the fact that he’s probably going to get his face smashed in by being so eager).


-Derek throws Danny to the ground.


-Austin comes at Derek from another angle, but Derek swats him aside.


-Kevin comes in from his rear, but Derek kicks behind him, clipping Kevin in the side of the head.


-Danny gets back up and tries to attack Derek, but his punches just can’t find their mark as Derek moves out of the way of each, finally smacking Danny in the face.


-At this point, both Kevin and Austin have recovered from their glancing blows and attack Derek from both sides.


-Derek reaches out and grabs Austin’s arm as he comes in to punch, swinging him into Kevin and sending them into a huddled mess.


-Danny shakes off his hit just as Derek grabs his head and smashes his face with a head butt.


-Danny stumbles backwards and trips over the other two.


Derek:  This is almost comical guys.  (Holds his arm up, powering up a blast).


-The three realize that staying in their current position would be rather foolish, so all scramble to get up and run.


-Derek discharges, clearing the area where they were all lying moments ago.


-He fires another two blasts to his left and his right, one right after the other.


-On his left, Kevin jumps out of the way as he’s nearly overtaken by the blast.


-To the right, Austin ducks as the attack is about to claim his head.


-Danny comes up behind Derek at this moment and grabs the back of his head.


Danny:  Aha!  I got you!


Derek:  (Thrusts his elbows back into Danny’s stomach).  Tag, you’re it.


-Derek grabs Danny’s hands and flips him over his head, bringing him face first onto his knee, then kicks him skidding across the pavement.


-Both Austin and Kevin are attacking from opposite sides again.  Derek blocks both attackers, catching one punch and one kick.


-He throws both of them straight upwards.


-Derek rises to meet them, first striking Kevin with an uppercut, then turning around and kicking Austin, who, lacking the ability to float, falls with a thud.


-Recovering quickly from the uppercut, Kevin grabs Derek’s head with one hand and pelts him with a serious haymaker with the other.


-Derek finally feels the effects of someone’s attack after so many failed attempts.


Kevin:  So you’re still human after all?


Derek:  (Grabbing his nose and floating a few feet in front of Kevin).  You’d think that, wouldn’t you?  (Fires a punch at Kevin’s chest, then in a series of disappearing and reappearing attacks, he hits him three more times from every side, finally double-handed smashing Kevin to the ground).  None of you, and I honestly mean none of you here, can move faster than me.  (Lands).  Kevin, it seems that you, too, are still human, eh?


Kevin:  (Cringing as he gets up).  Yes, it seems that I have a long way to go.


Derek:  Austin, you getting up yet?


Austin:  (Managing to force himself to get up).  Yep.  Just felt like resting there for a little bit.


Derek:  And Danny?  (Rolls his eyes).  No, let me guess…


Danny:  (Jumping at Derek from behind).  Yah!


Derek:  (Moves to the side and elbows Danny in the spine as he passes.  He puts a foot under him and flips him into the air where he grabs a hold of him).  Here, take this.  (Tosses Danny over to Austin).  Tell him that he’s not doing much good sneaking up behind me while yelling like an idiot.  Jack, seems that your lousy group isn’t fairing too well today.  (Turns towards Jack, who’s all alone across the street sitting up against a lamppost).  I’ve beaten you guys pretty severely and…hey, where’s the fifth one?


Kyle:  (From way down the street, it becomes apparent that Kyle’s been charging an energy blast for a while now.  From the looks of things, Kyle’s managed to create a pretty lethal-sized attack).  I present to you, the famous “Dammit Blast”.  Enjoy.  (Fires one hell of a blast that screams towards Derek, who isn’t even looking in the direction that the blast is coming from).


Derek:  (Sees the blast out of the corner of his eye and finally a look of panic creeps across his face).  What the hell?


Kyle:  Hasta la vista Derek.


-With hardly any time to reach, Derek reaches his hands inside his jacket and in one swift motion brings his sai out, grazing them together.


-The result causes them to generate a sonic boom a split second away from the blast obliterating him.


-The detonation still goes off without a hitch, however, and the windows on the block all blow out simultaneously as everyone is engulfed in a bright light.


Jack:  (Shielding his eyes with his arm, he tries his best to see what happened).  Did we get him?


As the light fades and the dust clears, everyone can see that Derek is no worse off than he was before, although he does look pretty shaken up and even more pissed than before, if such a feat was possible.


-In front of him is a crescent moon-shaped crater, with Derek in the area untouched.


Derek:  Not bad.  Not bad at all, except for one slight detail.  (Flips his sai around in his hands).  You failed!


Kyle:  (Drops his hands, defeated).  Well darn it.


Jack:  (Sweating, very worried).  What the hell is taking Lindsey so long…?


-Elsewhere at the Legion’s base…


Lindsey:  (Scouring Jack’s room).  Where is it?!  (Throws a pile of books to the ground as she looks through all of his things).


Leena:  (Leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed).  No luck?


Lindsey:  No, none!  (Rummages through his closet, tossing clothes and papers over her shoulder).


Leena:  Where would he keep all his stuff?


Lindsey:  (Nearly in tears).  I don’t know!  He didn’t tell me anything!  (Scans his desk for anything and finding nothing, throws another pile of books off his desk in frustration).


Leena:  (A notebook titled “Journal” lands at her feet).  Hello, what have we here?  (Picks it up and starts reading it).


Lindsey:  (Looks over and notices that Leena’s just looking through his journal).  You’re not helping!  (Frantically thinking of anything).  Go tell the others to help Jack out!  He’ll need some help!


Leena:  Lindz, everyone else is exhausted.  We’ve been walking for days now; I promise you that we’d only be getting in the way.


Lindsey:  (Looks up, tears in her eyes).  Please, help me.


Leena:  (Sighs).  Well, where was the last place Jack had been before he ran off to find us?


Lindsey:  He was…  (Has an epiphany).  That’s it!  He was in the hospital wing with us!  (Takes off running to the hospital wing).


-Back on the streets…


Jack:  I don’t get it; this place should be swarming with Legion soldiers right about now.


Kyle:  You wanted soldiers to show up?


Jack:  Would have been nice.


Kyle:  You’re out of luck, none are coming.  The Commander sent Lindsey and I to look into it and that was it.


Jack:  Well crap.


Derek:  (Nearly falls over from laughing).  Hahahaha!  Jack, it looks like the Legion is trying once more to get rid of you!  Wahahaha!


Jack:  (Wills himself to stand up at long last).  So they’re just giving me the honor of dealing with you personally and without interruption.  (Fighter stance).  Seems like they just have a lot of confidence in our abilities.


Derek:  Still standing?  (Puts his arms on his hips and laughs).  You’re joking!  You just don’t know when to call it quits, do you?


Jack:  Nah, I’m just not the quitting type.  (Takes one step and nearly stumbles over his own feet).


Derek:  (Quite amused at all of this).  Your body might just not let you continue on.  (Gets into a loose fighting stance).  But if you insist, I’ll help you to get back into that crumpled sitting position you were in just now.


Jack:  (Puts up his defense, which is noticeably crappy).  Oh goody…


-Back at the base…


Lindsey:  (Runs into the hospital wing to look for Jack’s things).  He must have left all his stuff in here!  (Enters Chris’ room).  They’d be right…  (Gasps and puts her hands over her mouth as high-pitched “Eeeeeee…” can be heard coming from the life support machines).  Oh no…


-On the streets…


Jack:  Great, this is just what I had hoped it would come to.  Darn it, I wish Lindsey could have gone faster…


Derek:  Prepare yourself Jack, this may leave a mark.  (Jogs over to Jack, his fist ready to smash Jack’s face into wet chunks).


Kevin:  (Throws himself at Derek with all his strength).  No Derek no!


Derek:  (Turns around, annoyed at Kevin’s persistence).  No more from the cheap seats.  (Pulls out his sai again, creating a sonic boom at Kevin that knocks him into the next city block).


Jack:  Leave them all out of this Derek.  (Weakly walks over and punches Derek in the head, although it barely makes a “pat” noise as Jack’s completely depleted his energy).


Derek:  This is just depressing really.  (Jack takes a few more swings at Derek, none of which are doing any good.  Derek finally swats him lightly, causing him to stagger backwards before falling into Derek’s arms, basically hugging him).  Sorry Jack, I love you too, but I do feel the need to see other people.


Jack:  (Pathetically exhausted).  Ah, but can’t we just be friends?


Derek:  Nope.  (Picks Jack up by the throat and holds him in the air.  His body has gone nearly limp already).  It’s too bad that it had to end this way.  (Looks back around at the other four, all of which are doing their best to stay on their feet).  Does any one else feel like giving it another shot?


-A figure carrying a backpack steps out into the street.  He’s walking with his head down, a ball cap drawn over his eyes.  He seems to be having some difficulty breathing, but this looks about as normal as any of the others standing on this particular street.


-He tilts his head up, looking Derek square in the eyes.  He’s showing very little emotion in his face, with very little color to match.


Chris:  It looks like it’s my turn.


To Be Continued…


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