Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twenty-Seven

March 8, 2009 at 11:50 am (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter 27

“Second Winds of Change”


Recap:  Upon his return to Trillium City, Derek announced that he would be resigning from the Legion, or at least from Jack’s control, and encouraged any to follow his example.  Derek has already demonstrated that he has mastered some new techniques and is giving Jack a run for his money.  Is Derek actually stronger than Jack at this point, or is Jack just waiting to show his real strength?


Jack:  (Takes a deep breath and checks his watch.  It’s still going crazy from reading Derek’s power).  Before we get back into this, you mind answering a question for me, Derek?


Derek:  I don’t see the harm in you at least asking.


Jack:  Where did you learn how to fly?


Derek:  (States very matter-of-factly).  Desert hermit.  It’s amazing what hermits can teach when they’ve been isolated for years.


Jack:  (Continues to check his watch.  He notices that Derek’s power is dropping.  Jack smiles).  Alright then, ready for the second round?


Derek:  (Pounds his fist).  Depends if you’re ready to give in yet.


Jack:  Nope, you’ll have to do better than a few sneaky tricks.


Derek:  Well good, I have plenty more sneaky tricks left to use.


Jack:  I figured about as much.  (Fighter stance).  Let’s go.


Derek:  First, prove to me that you’re not just stalling for time.  (Thrusts one arm out and begins charging an energy blast).


Jack:  Why would I be stalling?


Derek:  You might be waiting for back-up, or for one of these brave souls to jump in to save you, or maybe you think I’ll get tired first.  I’m just curious.


Jack:  Nope, no tricks from me.  (His watch goes crazy again).


Derek:  For your sake, I sure hope so.  (Fires his blast.  It scoots slowly through the air towards Jack, who just stands ready to catch it).


Jack:  Since I’m still in an authoritative position over you, I should let you know that straight-on energy blasts do little use.


-Jack braces himself and grabs a hold of the blast.  It is moving painfully slow, so slow that Jack could probably have just casually strolled past it, but evidently he’s got something to prove, so he’s decided to deflect it instead.


-The blast isn’t budging an inch from its desired path despite Jack pushing against it.  As a result, he too is being pushed along.  He begins muttering to himself.


Jack:  Why is this thing so damn heavy?  (Pulls one hand back into a fist, and punches back against the energy ball.  It streaks back towards Derek).


Derek:  Oh come on Jack, you’re not teaching me a lesson very well if you’re just going to send it back at me.  (Backhands the blast back at Jack, it picks up speed the more it’s getting hit).  You should probably know that this is another new technique of mine.


Jack:  (Uses both hands to hit the ball back).  Crap, this thing’s getting harder and harder to hit back.


Derek:  You might want to move out of the way Jack; this is going to be one hell of an explosion when it goes off.  (Smashes it back with both hands.  It zooms towards Jack again).


Jack:  Are you satisfied that I’m not using any tricks?  (Hits it back).


Derek:  Almost.  (Hits it back).


Jack:  I assume that there won’t be any tricks from you, either?  (Gets ready to hit the ball back.  Derek appears behind Jack and grabs hold of his arms, facing him directly into the blast).


Derek:  You would assume wrong.  (The blast makes contact with Jack, but it just falls to the ground and with a “spuh” sound disappears.  Derek lets go of Jack, who is confused beyond recognition).


Jack:  Huh?  What was the point of that?


Derek:  (He’s pretty proud of himself as he laughs heartily).  You should have seen the look on your face!  Wahahaha!  Ah, but I’ve seen all that I’ve wanted to see.  At this point, I could probably kill you without much effort.


Jack:  (Raises an eyebrow, disgusted).  You think that just because you get the better of me once that I’m beatable?  Now you can’t even use that technique on me; I know the trick behind it.


Derek:  I wasn’t worried on whether or not that particular attack could destroy you; I was merely proving a point.  And now if you absolutely believe that you stand a chance against me, please, come at me with everything you’ve got.


Jack:  Sorry Derek, just because you’re easily angered doesn’t mean that you’ll get me all flustered just by insulting me and besting me with ridiculously showy tricks.  (Brushes his nose at Derek).  Seems to me that you’re hoping I lose my focus.


Derek:  (Grits his teeth).  Rrr…Jack, stop talking, you’re just wasting my time.  Now fight.  (Flexes his fist, cracking his fingers).


Jack:  After you, please.  (Waves his hand to offer Derek the first strike).


Derek:  Stalling…


-Derek slowly moves towards Jack, who puts up his guard as a response.  As he’s walking, Derek suddenly disappears from sight.


-Jack looks all over and then turns himself around quickly, elbowing the air behind him.  The attack connects right under Derek’s chin as he’s reappearing.


Derek:  Gah dammit!


Jack:  (Begins running at Derek).  You can’t just keep using the same moves again.  (Pounds Derek in the stomach, forcing him to hit the ground and bounce).  I’ve trained you, I know how you fight and I’ve seen you do that move over and over again.  (Kicks him into the air).  Maybe the hermit didn’t teach you how to diversify your moves?


-Jack jumps into the air, ready to slam Derek back to the ground.  Right as he swings, Derek disappears again.


-Jack looks around and can’t find Derek anywhere, finally letting gravity take him back down to earth.


Jack:  Now where’d he go?  Oh you’re kidding me…  (Punches behind him again and hits the palm of Derek’s hand.  Derek closes his hand around Jack’s fist, keeping a firm hold).


Derek:  How’s this for diversifying my moves?  (Pulls Jack in close while still holding his arm and punches him hard in the gut).  You might do well to listen to your own advice.  (Pounds him again).  You’re just too slow to keep up, Jack.  (And again).  Even if you’ve got better skills I can run laps around you.  (Three more devastating punches).  Now get out of my sight if you’ve got nothing more to add to this exchange.  (Lets go of Jack’s arm and punches him a fair distance where Jack lands on his back, grabbing his stomach and coughing).


Jack:  Ahhh…Ragh…  (Woozily gets to his feet, still holding his gut).  Okay, I’m about ready to admit that you’ve gotten a bit stronger.


Derek:  What was that?


Jack:  But that doesn’t mean that I’m any weaker.  (Stands upright again and ready to fight).


Derek:  Jack, seriously, just lie down before you hurt yourself.


Jack:  Nope, I’m too proud to do that.  You should understand.


-Jack bolts towards Derek, screeching through the air and moving faster than anyone else can track.


-He reappears with a fierce knee into Derek’s face, which throws him backwards.


-Jack kicks but Derek blocks it, and the same thing happens when Jack kicks again with the other leg.  Once Jack lands he elbows Derek in the chest.


-Derek takes this hit, but instead of reacting much to it, he grabs Jack in a bear hug.


Derek:  I’ll give you three more minutes of this before you pass out completely.


Jack:  (Struggling to breath while in Derek’s grasp).  Oh come on…I’ve got at least four left in me…


Derek:  Still just stalling for time.


-Derek grabs the back of Jack’s jacket and throws him into the side of the building next to them.


-Jack plows through the cement and lies in a pile of rubble from the hole he created.


Jack:  (Steadies his head with one hand).  Oooooo…  (Shakes his head).  This just doesn’t make sense.  That barrier of mine must have taken more out of me that I realized.  His power just isn’t reading that high.  (Taps his watch).  Nope, still not over 500.  I know that I’m stronger than that.  Or at least I would be if I were at full power again.


Derek:  (Yells in at Jack).  Hey!  You coming out of that hole or do I have to come in?


Jack:  (Throws a chunk of cement off himself and stands up).  I need a plan, a good plan, a fast plan.


Derek:  That’s it, I’m coming in!  (Steps in through the hole).  Jack?  Hello?  You in here?


Jack:  (Picks up the chunk of cement and throws it at Derek.  It smashes into the side of his head, knocking him back out of the opening).  I need a better plan that that.  Even I thought that was cheap.


Derek:  (Holding the side of his head.  He’s pissed).  Yah!  Jack!  What the hell was that?!  I’ll bring this whole God damned building down on you if I have to!  (Starts charging up a huge blast again).


Lindsey:  (Comes running into the intersection.  She sees Derek and stops, confused).  Derek?  Is that you?


Derek:  (Loses concentration and looks back towards Lindsey’s voice.  His blast fades).  What?  What are you doing here?


Jack:  YAHH!!!


-Jack flies through the opening and cracks Derek in the back with a massive uppercut followed by a series of quick punches in rapid succession.


-He finally uses both hands to slam Derek in the back of the head, making him face plant into the pavement.


-Jack looks up and finally sees Lindsey.


Jack:  Lindz?  What’re you doing here?


Lindsey:  We got word from the Legion that something was going on down here, so we came running as soon as we could.


Jack:  We?


Lindsey:  Yeah, Kyle and I.  (Looks behind her).  Um, Kyle was here a minute ago.


Kyle:  (Comes running from way down the street panting heavily).  Okay…heh, heh, you run too fast.  (Looks all around the area).  Oh hey guys.  (Looks at Derek with his face on the yellow line in the middle of the road).  What’s with Skidmark?


Derek:  (Finally brings his head up and pushes himself to his knees).  Looks like the gang’s all here then.  (Reaches behind him in the blink of an eye and grabs Jack’s shirt).  Jack, that was pretty sneaky for someone who’s against all my sneakiness.  (Turns his head to face Jack).  Care to explain?


Jack:  Um…


Derek:  (Rises to his feet.  In the process, he picks Jack up over his head and slams him hard into the position that he was in a few seconds ago.  He stamps his foot into Jack’s spine and leaves it there).  If I felt like it I could make you a paraplegic right here and now.


Lindsey:  Jack!


Kevin:  (Finally speaking up again).  Derek, cut it out!


Derek:  (Annoyed, hardly taking his eyes off Jack).  Kevin, do not bother me when I’m gaining an awesome victory over Jack.


Kevin:  You’re abusing the power that you’ve got.


Derek:  No, I’m demonstrating a slice of it.  I haven’t even begun to abuse it yet.


Austin:  (Angry).  Chill the hell out Derek, alright?!  We’ve been back in town for less than an hour and already you’ve managed to cause some substantial collateral damage.  I just want to go take a shower and relax a bit; can we please just go do that and then kill each other tomorrow?


Jack:  (Weakly speaking up).  That sounds like a good idea to me…


Derek:  You be quiet!  (Points his hand down at Jack and a powerful looking energy blast appears).  Jack, I’m ending this a full minute before you said it would last.


Kevin:  Derek, no!


Derek:  Sayonara Jack!


-Derek starts to fire his beam as Kevin rockets into Derek’s face with a headbutt.


-Derek is hurled away from Jack as his blast goes off, tearing up a clear line across the road.


-The others dive out of the way as it blows past them and decimates the side of a building.


Kevin:  (Standing with his fists clenched, his body shaking).  Enough Derek!


Lindsey:  Jack!  (Runs over to him and kneels down).  Are you alright?


Jack:  (Smiles a bit).  Well, other than the footprint in my spinal cord, I’m doing pretty okay.


Kyle:  Yo! The building’s coming down!  (Sure enough, the building that Derek shot begins to come down on everyone, so they respond by scattering and yelling like idiots).


Lindsey:  Hoy!  (Throws Jack onto her shoulders and runs out of the way.  The entire intersection is now filled with a fallen building).


Kevin:  (Surveys the area).  Is everyone alright?


Jack:  I don’t think that anyone got caught in the debris.


Danny:  (Massages his head).  I still wanged my head pretty good.


Jack:  But are you okay?


Danny:  Oh yeah, I’m fine.  It just kinda hurt.


Jack:  You do know that I’m probably bleeding internally, right?


Danny:  (Blinks).  You feeling alright?


Jack:  Oh yeah, never better.


Kevin:  (Pleading again).  Derek, do you see what happened?  You’re completely out of hand, you need to stop.  (Looks around, Derek is gone).  Derek?


Derek:  (Flying out of the sky).  So you’re against me, too?!


Kevin:  (Whips upwards to see Derek about to break his face).  Yah!


Austin:  Kevin, duck!


As Kevin just barely reacts to anything being yelled at him, Austin clubs Derek in the face with a lamp post.


-Kevin has luckily seen this and has ducked.


-Derek however is coming straight for Austin and is knocked spinning senselessly into the side of yet another building.


Derek:  (Furious as he gets up).  You little bastard!  Where’d you come from?!


Austin:  (Throws down the lamp post and gets ready to fight Derek).  I just gotten tired of all your mindless bitching.  Cool the frick down already.


Derek:  RAH!  I’ll show you mindless!  (Charges both hands with energy blasts and looks to fire upon Austin and the city in general).  How’s this for mindless?!




-Kevin comes down from above and wails on Derek’s head with both feet.


-Derek is blasted to the ground where more pavement is broken.


-Kevin remains floating in the air while Derek’s eyes nearly pop from there sockets by how pissed of he’s gotten.


Derek:  (His entire body is quivering with rage).  Double teaming me?!  You think that’s going to do much more than irritate me?!  (Vwings in front of Kevin).  I thought you were on my side!


Kevin:  I was on your side, but you’re just not making any sense!  We have to lead through example.  Everyone is welcome to join us!  A kingdom divided amongst itself cannot stand, Derek!


Derek:  BAAAAHH!!!  Enough with your philosophical bible crap!


Kevin:  Regardless of how you feel about me I don’t want to fight with you!


Derek:  So you throw a few punches and now that you’ve got my attention you’re backing out?  I don’t think so!  (He and Kevin exchange heavy punches while high in the air as the others are formulating an attack plan from elsewhere).


Jack:  (Finally getting to a sitting position).  Okay guys, we’ve got a bit of a problem it seems.


Kyle:  I’d say that we’ve moved past problem and have hit snafu.


Lindsey:  What’s Derek’s power at?


Jack:  According to my watch, which may or may not be accurate, Derek has gone past 700 and is officially stronger than any of us except me.


Scott:  What about Kevin or Danny?  They both trained with him, so aren’t they about even?


Jack:  Kevin’s close to Derek’s strength but Danny…


Danny:  (Smiling and excited).  I’m super strong, right?


Jack:  Sure why not.  If I hadn’t tapped myself out with my barrier I’d probably be able to knock Derek on his ass.


Lindsey:  So why don’t you use one of those weird candy things?


Jack:  They don’t work exactly like that but it’s worth a shot.  (Reaches into his pocket and realizes that it’s empty.  He frantically pats around his pants until he realizes that he doesn’t have what he’s looking for).  What?  Where is everything?!  (Thinks to himself).  This isn’t like me; I always carry my gear with me.  Damnit, I must have forgot to grab everything when I stormed out of the hospital wing.


Lindsey:  Well what do we do?


Jack:  I need my gear.  Inside it are all my supplies, such as those energizer pills.  It won’t make me full strength, but it’s the best thing we’ve got to work with at the moment.  I can’t run back to the HQ in my current condition so someone else is going to have to go for me.


Lindsey:  I’ll go Jack.


Jack:  I figured that you would.  Take the others with you, get them out of here.  We need to reduce the chances of them getting injured.


Lindsey:  Right.  C’mon guys!


Kyle:  I’ll stay here and see if I can lend a hand or something.


Lindsey:  Right.  (She runs over to where the rest of the group is huddled).  Everyone, we’re getting out of here.


Leena:  Lindsey!  Gladly!  (Lindsey, Leena, Clinton, Willy, and Scott all take off running).


Willy:  Danny, come on man!


Danny:  Nah, I’m stayin’ here!  I’ve got the inside scoop on Derek’s skills, plus I’m super powerful!


Willy:  Danny, please, we need to get out of here!  I don’t stand a chance against Derek right now!


Danny:  (Nods).  Willy, I’m sorry, I’ve got to help.


Willy:  (Sighs and nods).  Okay then.  Good luck.


Danny:  (Nods back and smiles, giving Willy a thumbs up).  No worries.


Willy:  Scott, Clinton?  Are you two coming or going?


Clinton:  (Looking back and forth).  I…I…(Shakes his head).  I need to get out of here.  I can’t help this situation.  I can’t even figure out where to begin.


Scott:  And I just don’t care.  Let the idiots fight.  I’ve got better things to do right now.


Willy:  Then let’s go!  (They all take off after Lindsey and Leena).


Derek:  (Looks down from his tussle with Kevin).  What?!  You’re all leaving?!  No, no no no!  I’m not done with you all yet!


Kevin:  Derek let them go!


Derek:  Forget it!  (Backhands Kevin, spinning him away.  Derek pulls his arm back and fires a good-sized energy ball at the group).


Lindsey:  Oh crap!


Austin:  Guys get moving!  (Dives in front of them and stops the blast.  He’s straining every muscle in his body to keep the blast from wiping them out).  Go go go!  I can’t hold this for very long!


Lindsey:  Right!  I’ll be back soon Jack!  (She and the others take off).


Derek:  Austin?!  You think you’re going to be able to stop that thing?!  Why does no one understand how strong I’ve become?!


Kevin:  You’re beginning to sound like a scratched record!  (Chops Derek in the neck, causing him to lose control of the blast again).


Austin:  (Grabs hold of the blast and swings it around and around, finally throwing it back at Derek).  Why don’t you come down from there Derek?!  I’m sick of seeing you floating out of reach!


Derek:  (Shaking his head to clear it).  One attacks from the left, the other from the right, and now you’re using my own moves against me?  I may be a broken record but I’m still a number one hit!  (Boots the blast way into the sky where it explodes).


Kyle:  Derek!  That sounded really stupid!


Derek:  Shut up!  I’m too busy fighting everyone to think up snappy dialogue!  But I’m done with this pointless exercise!  (Fires himself up and charges his energy).  Hey Jack?!  What’m I hitting on the scale?!


Jack:  (Checks his watch).  I choose not to answer that!  (Mutters to himself).  Those guys had better hurry…


To Be Continued…


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