Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twenty-Six

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 26

“In Need of a Mutiny”


Recap:  Last time, after successfully completing their training with the desert hermit, Derek, Kevin and Danny were sent on their way.  As they arrived back in Trillium City, they ran into Austin and his group who had also recently returned.  When Austin suggested that they head to the Legion’s Headquarters, Derek ultimately declined and offered his own solution.


Derek:  (Smirks and clenches his fist.)  From now on we do things my way.


Austin:  (Confused).  Excuse me?


Derek:  The Legion- Jack- is holding us back from accomplishing what is rightfully ours.


Austin:  (In somewhat disbelief).  And what exactly is rightfully ours?


Derek:  Power.  (Cups his hands).  Unbelievable power.  (His eyes grow large).  All right here, in the palm of our hands.  (Looks up).  We could run this city.


Austin:  (Pause).  You’re crazy.  (Begins walking in the opposite direction).  I can tell that you guys must have had a long trip but so have we and we’re really tired.  I’m heading back to the Legion’s base.  (Turns towards Derek and his group).  I hope you decide to come, too.


Derek:  (Responding coldly).  No.


Austin:  Fine then.


Scott:  (Strongly considering the options).  He may be onto something.


Leena:  Oh don’t tell me you’re siding with the crazy man.


Derek:  Don’t forget; the crazy man always turns out to be right in the end.


Austin:  (Finally turns back around and walks right up to Derek).  Derek, what you are suggesting is crazy; you know that, right?


Derek:  How could it be crazy?


Austin:  We do not possess the type of power and more importantly, the experience, needed to take control of a city.  And if we took control of the city, then what?


Derek:  You’re right.  We may not have the experience, (Begins pacing), but we definitely have the power.  (Looks up quickly).  Well…at least some of us do.  (Looks at Austin and sneers).  Heh.


Austin:  (Shakes his head in amazement and frustration.  He starts walking away again).  I’m too tired to deal with this right now.  Kevin?  Danny?  Either of you siding with him as well?


-Kevin stays awkwardly quiet as he clears his throat.


Danny:  Well…yeah, actually.


Derek:  Don’t try and convince my soldiers otherwise.  We three understand far more than your bunch of refugees.


Kevin:  (Softly suggesting).  Derek, this isn’t how we’re going to get them to side with us.  Lead through example.


Derek:  You’re right.  (Smiles).  Allow me to demonstrate a sample of what we’ve learned.


-Derek closes his eyes, tilts his head down, and clenches his fists again.  He slowly begins to levitate higher and higher until he’s at least ten feet in the air.


Leena:  (Everyone from Austin’s group is baffled).  You can float?!


Derek:  Correction:  I can fly.  (Flies into the air while spinning, then comes back and lands in front of Austin, advancing aggressively with each step).  You see?  We’ve learned things that not even Jack could teach us.  We’re ready to take control for ourselves.


Austin:  You learn how to fly and suddenly you’re king shit of turd mountain?


Derek:  Hah.  (Backs off and walks back towards the others).  Flying is the least of what we’ve learned.  (As he walks he brings his right hand up and begins charging an energy attack).  Jack refused to teach us anything but the most basic of energy combat.


Austin:  That’s because he didn’t know any more.


Derek:  Exactly.  But now we do.  (Fires the blast into the air where it viciously explodes, blinding everyone around with how intense the light is, pushing them to their knees with its force).  We learned this in less than two weeks.  I can teach you, but you have to pledge your loyalty to me.


Kevin:  (Getting worried).  We didn’t agree on that.


Austin:  (Rubbing his eyes and speaking through gritted teeth).  I’m not about to let you just show up out of nowhere and expect us to take you seriously just because you’ve learned some new tricks.


Derek:  Some new tricks?  You think that’s all this is?  (Now getting angry).  I’ve grown exponentially stronger since you’ve last seen me and you think this is all some trick?


Kevin:  Derek, it’s too soon.  They’re not ready yet.


Derek:  (Pissed).  Quiet!  (Turns back to Austin).  I know what’s best for us all.  My father taught me how important it is to take control of those who have no idea how to lead, now, if you’re not with us, you’re just getting in the way.


Austin:  (Pause).  Ultimatums, huh?  That’s what this is getting reduced to?  No room for talking?


Derek:  Talking’s run out its usefulness.  It’s action’s turn.


-Meanwhile, across town near the Legion’s Headquarters…


Jack:  (Jogging down the street, still fuming about Lindsey).  Right, she thinks I’m heartless.  She doesn’t get it, he’ll be fine.  Something always comes along to set things right, that’s just the way things work.  Worrying about him is only going to make everything worse.  (Derek’s blast goes off in the distant sky).  What the hell was that?  (Picks up speed).  I’m getting sick of random unexplained things happening.


Intercom:  Report, all Legion members.  There have been reports of a disturbance coming from Southern Trillium City.  Approach with caution.


Jack:  (Tapping his ear, listening to the intercom).  Hmm…looks like I’ll be the first one to respond then.  (Takes off at full speed).


-Southern Trillium City…


Derek:  So, who’s with me?


Kevin:  I’m not going to allow you to get out of hand, Derek.  Just let them be for now.  They need rest.  We need rest.


Derek:  I’m fine.


Austin:  You’re crazy.


Leena:  (Very cautious).  Derek, listen to some reason, alright?


Derek:  Reason?  From you of all people?  You don’t even have a reason for being here in the first place.  (Takes a look at everyone, his eyes twitching a bit).  Come to think of it, most of you don’t have a reason for being here.


Kevin:  Everyone is important and has their own reasons for why they came.


Derek:  Bullshit.  (Continues pacing).  I’m starting to understand now…  Why they wanted to get rid of us…  There are just too many of us.  And now I understand why I’m here.  I’m here to thin out the crop; weed out the rotten fruit.


Austin:  You’re talking like a madman.


Derek:  (Shakes his head and acts as if he’s coming out of a daze).  You’re right.  That did sound pretty corny.  But the jist is pretty accurate.  (Waves his hand around in a circular motion as he walks).  So, time to choose.  Me or them?


Jack:  (Runs into the middle of the intersection where the others are all standing.  Upon seeing everyone he’s stunned).  I don’t believe this!


Derek:  (Smiles, not too surprised).  Aha!  Just who I wanted to see.


Austin:  (Happy).  Jack, you’re alive!


Jack:  Everyone is.  Lindsey and Kyle are back at headquarters and they’re just fine.


Derek:  (Serious).  What about Chris?


Jack:  He’s there, too.  (Stops for a moment).  But he’s not doing so well.


Austin:  (Intensely worried).  What happened?


Jack:  We tried running back through the middle of the complex but we found ourselves outnumbered.


Austin:  (Motions towards his group).  We ran off into the forest.  Syrus chased us for half a day, but we left when something back at the base exploded.


Jack:  I figured Syrus followed someone.  He wasn’t at the base when we were captured or came to.


Derek:  We were in the desert when that explosion went off.  Did Chris get caught in it or something?


Jack:  Not exactly…  (Shrugs).  Before the explosion we were interrogated and Chris was injected with the Locust Virus.  He’s near death right now and the Legion can’t find a cure for him.


Derek:  (Almost quiet and remorseful).  That doesn’t surprise me.


Jack:  It might do him some good to see you all though.  He was the one in my group doing all the worrying about everyone else.


Derek:  (Louder and less remorseful).  Again, that doesn’t surprise me.


Austin:  I would really like to see him.


Jack:  Then let’s go back to the base.  He’s in the hospital wing and-


Derek:  (Cuts him off).  And now we’re back to this argument.  Jack, you weren’t here to get the full effect of my speech so I’ll cut it short and give you the important facts.


-Derek disappears and reappears in front of Jack, slamming him in the face with a powerful punch upon reappearing.


-Jack goes flying onto his back, skidding across the street.


Derek:  (Rubbing his knuckles).  We’re done with the Legion.


Jack:  (Gets up quickly while rubbing the side of his face.  Everyone else is unsure how to respond).  I see.  Well, I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming.


Derek:  Of course, you make it your business to know.


Jack:  Something like that.  And now I finally get a chance for a workout.  (Smiles and starts stretching out).  Thank God.  I’ve been so damned cooped up these past few weeks.  It’ll feel good to finally get some real exercise.


Austin:  Jack, you’re not seriously going to humor him are you?


Jack:  (Somewhat disjointed from his right mind).  I’ve got a great sense of humor, I find Derek rather humorous, I’ll humor him for the time being.


Derek:  (Surprised).  Amazing.  I can’t say that I’d expect you to do something like this.


Leena:  Jack, watch out, he’s learned a lot since we got separated.


Jack:  Yeah, I saw his blast.  I’m not impressed.


Derek:  (Waggles his finger).  Be warned, that’s not all I’ve learned.


Jack:  Right now I’m not too concerned.


Derek:  I assume that to mean that you’ve held back a lot from us?


Jack:  Nope.  (Cracks his knuckles).  Not a lot, just enough.  (Cracks his neck).  You weren’t ready to learn it then, and I’m pretty convinced that you’re not ready to know it now.


Derek:  What makes you say that?


Jack:  Because, the more I taught you, the more you thought I was keeping a secret and the more bitter you’d get.  Eventually you would have learned everything but still think I was keeping something vital from you and you’d just lash out without thinking.  And here we are, right where I predicted.


Derek:  But now I know more than you do.


Jack:  Sure, we’ll see.


Derek:  (Getting noticeably angry again).  Stop mocking me!


Jack:  (Smiling and remaining unusually calm).  I’m not mocking, I’m humoring.  Can’t you tell the difference?


Derek:  Alright Jack, let’s see what you’re capable of!  (Gets into a fighter stance and powers up).


Jack:  (Also gets into a fighter stance.  His watch begins beeping and such in response to Derek’s powering up.  Jack glances over at the watch).  Still not worried…


Austin:  Jack, he can fly.


Jack:  (Jack shows his first sign of worry as he looks over at Austin).  What?!


-Derek takes off, rocketing towards Jack.


-Jack barely looks back to see Derek streaking towards him, ready to smash his head in.


-Responding to this, Jack leans quickly out of the way, letting Derek fly by with a missed punch.


-Derek screeches to a stop on the pavement as he turns back around to face Jack.


Derek:  Surprised to see some more of my new “tricks”?  (Begins running at Jack again).


Jack:  Not entirely.  (Stands his ground as Derek charges him).


-Derek throws a punch that Jack sidesteps.


-After the failed swing, Derek comes around with an elbow, which Jack grabs and pushes back, then plants a mean fist of his own into Derek’s face.


Derek:  Gah…(Shakes his head to clear it).  So, you really have been hiding a lot of what you know.


Jack:  You truly shouldn’t expect any less from me.  You haven’t seen me at my full capabilities for a good reason.  (Checks his watch again.  It’s still beeping).  Nope, still not worried…


Derek:  (Turns his head away from Jack).  I guess I’ll have to force you to show me what you can do then.  (Turns his head back towards Jack).  And I’m gonna take my sweet time.


-The action moves in slow motion as Derek advances on Jack.


-Jack takes a single step back and prepares for something big this time.


-As Derek gets close, Jack brings his guard up but Derek uppercuts through it.


-Jack reels from this hit.  Derek spins completely around with the follow-through from the punch and grabs Jack’s collar.


-Derek flips both of them once forward, then throws Jack to the ground, pulls his arms back, and fires five extremely quick blasts straight downward, propelling him upward slightly


– Jack connects with a solid punch directly up into Derek’s gut, leaving him stunne).


Smoke whirls all around both Jack and Derek.  Jack’s fist is completely imbedded in Derek’s stomach as they’re both lifting into the air.


Jack:  Looks like it might take all of your sweet time.


Leena:  (The others didn’t really catch all of this movement and are completely stunned).  Did anyone see what just happened?


Austin:  I…I can’t say that I did…


Kevin:  (More worried that this is quickly getting out of hand).  Derek, now is not the time for fighting!  Chris needs us more than you need to prove yourself to Jack!


Derek:  (Gagging a bit with wide eyes).  Ghh…no.  I’ve come too far to let a lucky punch mean anything.  (Grabs Jack’s arm and spins upward, throwing Jack high into the air.  Derek zooms skyward and appears just above Jack).  You might feel this one, Jack.


-Derek pulls back a fist and gets ready to pummel Jack with a face-crunching punch.


-Although Jack’s spinning violently higher, he suddenly opens his eyes and swivels around to face Derek, although he’s upside-down.  He pulls his hands in close to his stomach and charges a quick energy attack.


-Right as Derek is about to connect with his attack, Jack lets loose with his own counter-attack, sending Derek screeching into the side of a building.


-Derek crashes upward through it and flies up through the roof, landing on his back.


Jack:  (Smiles and rights himself in the air so that he’ll land on his feet).  Hopefully that’ll quiet him down for a bit.  (Checks his watch again).  Damn, it’s just making him pissed.  (Lands).


Derek:  (Peers over the edge of the building.  He does look pissed and has his teeth noticeably clenched).  Jack!


Jack:  (Looks up and smiles again.  He knows that he’s just adding wood to the fire at this point with his calm attitude).  Yes Derek?


Derek:  I’ve decided that I don’t have time for this after all!  (Thrusts his arm up.  A nasty looking energy blast begins charging up in his upturned palm).


Jack:  (Still calm).  Now Derek, don’t do anything stupid.


Kevin:  (Pleading).  Derek!  Not here, not now!


Jack:  (His watch goes ballistic).  Oh crap…


Derek:  (Points his hand towards Jack).  Fire!


-Derek’s blast aims to erase Jack from the streets.  Jack closes his eyes for a second and tenses every muscle in his body.


-Jack looks up and throws his arms out just as the blast is about to hit.  Just as he did before at the Regime’s complex, Jack puts forth an energy barrier.


-Derek’s blast hits it and stops instantly, but tries to punch through Jack’s defense.


-Jack strains to repel it, but it keeps pushing harder as Derek pushes it from up on the building.


Jack:  Gotta…hold out…


Jack’s eyes flash for a second as he lets out a yell.  His barrier expands rapidly, launching the blast away into the air and detonates, creating a good-sized lightshow.


-Soon after, Jack’s barrier fades and he lets out a sigh of relief.


Jack:  Phew, nothing to it.


With a faint “ving” sound, Jack is too late to anticipate Derek’s attack at incredible speeds.  Derek slams Jack from above, forming a small crater where Jack was standing.


Derek:  (Takes a deep breath as he stands above Jack’s crumpled body).  That barrier move would have been useful to know a week ago.


Jack:  (As he begins to move again dust and bits of debris fall off him.  He pushes himself into a sitting position and coughs).  That barrier move is something that I can’t teach.


Derek:  (Sneering).  Tisk tisk, this is the quality of teachers that we’re churning out nowadays?  Too lazy to even attempt to teach difficult students?


Jack:  (Looking up at Derek.  Now Jack seems pissed as he gets to his feet and brushes himself off).  Derek, what do you want?


Derek:  I want the position that you have.  The “leadership” that you’ve been given over your peers.


Jack:  I’ve earned it through their respect.


Derek:  (Smiles).  What a coincidence.  That seems to be what I’m doing at this exact moment.  (Jack takes a swing at Derek, who just grabs his fist).  Jack, you’re tired already?  (Begins crushing Jack’s hand).  That barrier isn’t perfected yet, is it?


Jack:  (Struggles to get his hand loose from Derek’s grip).  No, I can’t get the desired effect yet without outputting too much energy.  Guh…that’s why I can’t teach it yet.


Derek:  Well it’s good that you can admit your shortcomings.  (Crushes Jack’s hand harder, bringing him to one knee as a result).  Ah, now this is a position that I like to see you in.  Sitting there, groveling at my feet.  (Jack punches with his other hand, but Derek catches that one, too).  You’re too tired to continue on, aren’t you?


Jack:  Nope, I’ve got plenty more fight left in me…


Derek:  (Forces Jack to both knees in agony).  Forgive me for my confusion but it looks much different from this angle.


Kevin:  Derek!  Enough!


Derek:  (Looks away at Kevin in disbelief).  Do you just not get it?  Do you not understand what I’m trying to accomplish?


-Seeing the opportunity, Jack pulls his hands free from Derek and clips him under the chin as he’s rising to his feet.


-Derek takes the full force of this attack and is thrown up and out of the crater where he lands with a thud.


-Jack shakes his hands and jumps backwards out of the crater.


Derek:  (Flips to his feet, enraged).  You bastard!


Jack:  Hey, I told you I’ve got some fight left in me.


Derek:  (Smiles coyly).  Well, I guess that just means that I get to enjoy disgracing you a bit more, don’t I?


Jack:  I guess so.  (Smiles and gets into a fighter stance).  Good thing I just got my second wind.


To Be Continued…


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