Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twenty-Five

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 25

“Unexpected Reunions”


Recap:  Last time, after being captured, Jack, Lindsey, Chris and Kyle underwent interrogation by the Regime general, Atlas.  Seeing that Jack wasn’t going to talk without some persuasion, Chris was injected with a sample of Project Locust and given a prognosis of only a few minutes to live.  Despite this, Jack didn’t have much to tell them and as a result Atlas proceeded to beat them all senseless, ending with Lindsey.  Finding this to be all he could take, Chris snapped and in an explosion of light that only Jack was privy to, over half of the Regime’s base was wiped out instantly.  Having finished this task, Chris passed out, leaving Jack near speechless.


Jack:  (Runs over to Chris and shakes him).  Chris?  Chris!  Wake up!  (Runs over to Lindsey and shakes her).  Lindsey?!  (Runs over to Kyle.  He kinda tilts his head and shrugs).  Kyle…?  (Looks around in desperation.  The extent of the complex is engulfed in flames.  He’s unsure whether there are any Regime members left around or if they’ve all jumped ship at this point).  No point to stick around here anymore guys, I say we exit.  (Walks over to Chris and puts his head down on his chest).  He’s breathing…but not easily.  (Looks him over).  I don’t know what you just did and frankly I’d rather not see you do it again.  (Hoists him onto his shoulders).


-Meanwhile, in the ridge nearby…


Commander:  (Looking through his binoculars, aghast).  Did you just see what I just saw?


Subordinate:  (Somewhat frightened).  I…I don’t think we were just seeing things.


Commander:  Have any of those troops I ordered for arrived yet?


Subordinate:  Yes, a few along with some helicopters, but I doubt it really matters now that there’s no base to conquer anymore.


Commander:  Tell them to take the chopper and set it down in the middle of the wreckage, over there, where the beam came from.  (Points to where he saw the light originate from).  Someone’s down there.


Subordinate:  But sir, is it wise?


Commander:  I don’t give a damn if it’s wise anymore; I want to know what happened.


-Back with Jack…


Jack:  (Trying to wake Lindsey up while carrying Chris on his back).  Wake up Lindz, we need to get a move on.


Kyle:  (Groggily sits up and rubs the back of his head).  Ooh…  Feels like someone wanged my head pretty good back there…  (Looks around and notices that utter chaos has befallen the base).  Umm…did I miss something crucial here?


Jack:  Lindsey, wake up!  (Shakes her some more).


Kyle:  What happened to our buddies, Jack?


Jack:  We’ve suffered through our first interrogation.


Lindsey:  (Coughs a bit as she rolls her head back and forth before opening her eyes widely).  Ung…Jack!  (Sits bolt upright).  Jack?!  What happened?!


Jack:  It’s difficult to say.


Lindsey:  (Notices that Jack is carrying Chris).  Chris?!  What happened to him?!


Jack:  He’s suffering from some effects caused by the Locust Virus.


Lindsey:  Is he gonna make it?


Jack:  I can’t tell.  He hasn’t woken up yet after getting knocked out.


Lindsey:  Give him here.  (Jack lays Chris down in front of Lindsey.  She rubs his forehead).  Are you alright?  Wake up Chris!  (Presses her head against his chest to listen for a heartbeat).  Wake up dammit!  (Pounds him in the stomach).


Chris:  Gruuuh….  (Winces heavily, but proves that he is indeed alive and conscious).


Lindsey:  (Extremely happy and relieved).  Chris!  You’re alright!


Chris:  Uh…?  Sure…


Jack:  (Raises an eyebrow, cautious).  Chris…you remember anything…?


Chris:  Needle…injected me and then…Lindsey got pistol whipped…then…that’s it.


Jack:  No light show or explosions or anything?


Chris:  Nuh…no.


Jack:  Really…nothing?


Chris:  Blinding pain…that’s it.


-A helicopter comes out of the sky and lands in the middle of the building that once stood there no more than ten minutes ago.


Commander:  (Hops out of the chopper and looks at the scene, very confused).  Jack…?


Jack:  (Squints to make sure he’s seeing this properly).  Commander…?


Commander:  (Turns around to the soldiers in the helicopter).  Alright everyone, we’ve got some wounded men that need medical attention!  I want them on this chopper and heading towards HQ immediately.  (Turns back towards Jack and runs to him).  Jack, what happened?


Jack:  We were interrogated by Atlas, formerly of the Demon Regime.


Commander:  And how did you get from there to…(looks around the area)…here?


Jack:  Chris has been injected with a sample of the Locust Virus, part of something called Project Locust that they planned to unleash on the city.  He needs to be taken to a hospital as soon as humanly possible.


Commander:  And that’s why the Regime’s base has been leveled?


Jack:  No, the Locust Virus didn’t do this, at least I don’t think it did.


Commander:  Then where did the explosion come from?


Jack:  (Looks around at Chris, who’s still drifting in and out of passing out and just nearly passing out).  I was able to create a diversion.  (Turns back towards the Commander).  When the opportunity presented itself I was able to make use of some unstable chemicals around the area.  I wasn’t sure exactly what would happen but with my team unconscious I felt that drastic measures were called for and my diversion worked better than I could have hoped, resulting in one hell of an explosion and then some.


Commander:  Well then, good work Jack.  (Pats him on the back, though still more serious than endearing).  I’m glad that you could make it out alive.  I just wish there was some of those unstable chemicals left to take a look at.  If we could get a hold of them, then we could be the ones making the super weapons and whatnot.


Jack:  All of it was destroyed sir, I’m sorry.


Commander:  No matter.  (Points towards the helicopter).  I want this thing lifting off within the minute!  (Turns back to the four).  Ready to go?


Lindsey:  Yes, yes, oh God yes!


Kyle:  Yeah, she about summed it up.


Chris:  (Lindsey and Kyle are helping carry him between the two of them.  He is hardly breathing.  As they pass by the Commander he looks up briefly as the Commander looks down at him).  We were never supposed to make it out of here…


Commander:  (Quite shocked to hear such a thing).  Wha, what?


Chris:  We were supposed to die…weren’t we…?  (His head drops as his strength runs out).


Lindsey:  I’m sorry Commander; he’s been through a lot.


Commander:  You all have.  (Watches them get into the helicopter).  My God…they’re just kids…


-Elsewhere, hovering above the smoking remains of the base…


Syrus:  (His mouth is hanging open in astonishment).  How could this happen?  (Grows serious once more).  Damnit…  (Flies off unnoticed).


*          *            *            *            *


-A solid two weeks go by.  And although one group has suffered a great deal of hardship, another has improved upon themselves in every way…


Hermit:  (Excited).  Congratulations to you three!  You’ve passed the desert hermit’s training school!


Derek:  As if you had any doubts?  (Crosses his arms and smirks in recognition of his own greatness).


Danny:  (Almost surprised).  You really mean it?  We passed?


Hermit:  Of course.  Why wouldn’t you?  After all, I was the one training you.


Kevin:  (Bows).  I thank you.


Hermit:  Nope, no thanks is necessary guys.


Kevin:  (Frantically trying to convey his gratitude by waving his arms around).  But you’ve done so much for us, I mean, when we found you we hardly knew anything, and now we can fly!  Fly, of all things!


Danny:  Yeah, and use real energy combat!


Derek:  And we’re a hell of a lot stronger than we would normally have been.


Hermit:  All I ask is that you make sure to teach your friends everything I’ve taught you as soon as you see them again.


Kevin:  We shall.


Derek:  If they can handle it of course.


Hermit:  Well, this is the last I’ll see of you guys for a while.  Kevin, you’ve got an incredible amount of devotion.  You’ll need to spread this notion to your friends.


Kevin:  I’ll do my best to make them listen.


Hermit:  (Smiles and nods).  They’ll listen.  (Turns to Danny).  Danny, you’ve got an amazing heart in you.  It’s certainly bigger than your head!  (Laughs).  Spread this kindness to your friends.


Danny:  (Smiles, somewhat shy).  Um…heh, thanks.  I’ll do what I can.


Hermit:  (Turns to Derek).  And Derek.


Derek:  (Almost doesn’t’ care).  Yep?


Hermit:  (Nods).  I understand.


Derek:  (Confused).  Understand what?


Hermit:  Let’s just say I understand.  You’ve got some unbelievable power, just please, please, (Waggles his hands in a praying pose), use it for the right things at some point or another.


Derek:  I’ll make sure to use every bit that you’ve taught me.


Hermit:  Good.  The city’s due north from here.  (Points).  No more than a day’s trip at half-speed.  You’ve got the gifts I gave you, right?


Derek:  (Flips his sai around and puts it back in his belt).  Got ‘em.


Kevin:  (Pulls the dark amber stone out of his pocket and clutches it tightly).  Yes, I shall remember to take good care of this.


Hermit:  (Waggles a finger).  And don’t forget how to use it.


Derek:  (Growing impatient).  If we want to get back before nightfall we’ve got to get a move on.


Hermit:  Don’t let me keep you three any longer then.  Go, go.  (Shoos them away).  Away with you!


Kevin:  (He, Derek and Danny take to the skies and wave back at the Hermit).  We’ll come visit when we get the chance!


Hermit:  Don’t worry about it!  I’ll see you eventually!  (Watches the three fly off into the distance).  Ah…it’s good to get a chance to teach again.  (Strokes his beard as he sits down in his lawn chair).  I just hope that Derek can control himself.  (Shakes his head).  Ug…I better not be underestimating them…


-During this same day, yet another group is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Austin:  Hey is that…(Squints off into the distance, putting his hand over his eyes to shield the sunlight).  It is!  (Grows excited).  Hey guys!  We made it!


Leena:  (Jumps high up into the air with supreme joy).  Oh happy day!  Hooray!


Willy:  Does this mean I don’t have to carry you anymore?


Leena:  Nonsense, we’re almost there!  (Willy puts her back up on his shoulders).  Atta boy.  Now onward!  (Kicks his sides).  Yah!


-Austin, Leena, Willy, Scott and Clinton are all dirty, ragged, but otherwise unscathed as they make their way out of the woods and onto the rolling hills outside Trillium City boundaries.


Scott:  (Takes a long drag on his cigarette).  Ah, civilization at last.  And good timing, too.  (Throws his cigarette to the ground and steps on it).  I was about out of Luckies.  Damnedest thing; couldn’t find a convenience store anywhere in that forest.  What’s the world coming to?


Clinton:  That only took us, what, (thinks to himself and counts on his fingers), thirteen…fourteen days?


Austin:  Depends if you’re counting the days we spent in the desert prior to the separation.


Clinton:  Nope.  We spent two weeks in a forest and none of us are dead.  When we get back to HQ we deserve a celebratory welcome.


Leena:  I agree!  (Impressed with herself).  Ug, we were pretty amazing to make it all this way by ourselves.  And without a map or a radio or anything!


Austin:  Well, we did have the advantage of the stars and such.


Clinton:  Good old North Star.


Leena:  Good thing we were just going north you mean?


Austin:  That, too.  So guys, most missed luxury?  What is it?


Leena:  Indoor plumbing, by far.


Scott:  I’m gonna have to agree with that.


Willy:  Chairs.  I miss chairs.  Chairs for sitting.  And sleeping.  First chair I come across is going to be sat on so hard…


Clinton:  Heat.  Real heat, not just general heat from campfires.  Super powered heaters blasting thousands of BTU’s.  I can’t wait.  I might just cover myself in gasoline and light myself on fire.


Willy:  Ooh, I forgot cars.  They’ve got nice seats…for sitting.


Austin:  I’m more anxious to see the others than anything else.  Nothing beats the luxury of good friends.


Leena:  Pff, that’s lame.  And are you implying that we’re just replacement friends until you can get back to that boy-toy of yours?


Austin:  No, no.  I’m just saying that we haven’t had everyone together to just relax in a long time, so I can only assume that we’ll get a break once we get back.


Scott:  And you’re also under the assumption that the others are alive.


-The group becomes solemn and stops walking momentarily.


Willy:  Well that’s kinda a downer…


Austin:  (Shakes his head and smiles).  Nah, the others are fine.  I’ve told you guys over and over, they’re fine.


Leena:  (Desperately pleading for this to be reassured).  How are you sure?


Austin:  (Smiles warmly).  I just know.  Besides, no use worrying about them.  Might as well hope for the best.  If they really are dead, then we’ll have time to get depressed later.  (Continues on, the others are even more depressed and worried and motionless).


Leena:  I miss Lindsey.  Nothing beats having another female to talk with and complain to and have listen to me complaining…


Scott:  We hear you complain all the time.


Leena:  …And care about what I’m saying.


Scott:  Oh, nope, thought you were talking to us for a second.


Austin:  C’mon you four, I bet we can make it into town before nightfall if we run!


Scott:  Run?  You’ve got to be kidding me.


Austin:  Team Austin, away!  (Runs off with his arms outstretched).


Clinton:  (Keeping even with Austin).  Team Austin featuring Clinton.


Willy:  (Takes off after the two while still carrying Leena on his shoulders).  Ah come on, wait up, I’ve got to carry a whole lot more weight than you guys do!


Leena:  (Smacks Willy in the head).  Hey!


Scott:  (Casually walks behind at his own pace).  Home sweet home.


-At the Legion’s HQ…


Lindsey:  (Sitting next to Chris at a hospital bed.  She looks tired).  Jack, it’s been two weeks.  No sign of the others.  No improvement in Chris.


Jack:  (Sitting in the corner of the room, his arms crossed, he’s slumped down, also very tired).  We’re not doing much good just sitting around.  You’ve got to get out, gets some exercise like I’ve been doing.  We need to keep active, practice every chance we get.


Lindsey:  We need to recover.  We need to rest.  (Looks down at Chris).  We need to get better…


Jack:  Lindsey…(sigh), he’ll be fine, I promise you.  The Legion is taking good care of him and I’m sure they’ll find a cure for him any time now.


Lindsey:  He’s getting worse Jack, can’t you see that?


Jack:  Show some faith.


Lindsey:  (Angry).  Show some sympathy!


Jack:  (Gets up in a huff).  That’s it; I’ve got to get some air.  I suggest you do the same, otherwise you’ll just make yourself sicker than him.  (Walks out of the room).


Kyle:  (Walks into the room sipping a juice box).  What’d I miss?


-Coming in from the southern airs…


Derek:  Hah!  Check that out, we made it back even before the sun had a chance to set!


Kevin:  It’s amazing!  Who would have thought that we’d be capable of this a few weeks ago?


Derek:  We were capable, we just hadn’t been shown how to do it properly.  If Jack had bothered to train us the right way…


Kevin:  He did the best he could with what little time he had and with what little patience we had.


Danny:  (Completely oblivious to the conversation, just staring dreamily off into space).  Yeah…I can’t wait to see chairs again…


Derek:  Regardless of Jack’s incompetence, we’ve excelled beyond our potential and now we’ll be the ones leading the pack, not him.


Kevin:  Perhaps.  (Sets down on the ground again and starts walking.  Derek and Danny follow his lead).


Derek:  What are you doing?


Kevin:  We really shouldn’t bring so much attention to ourselves.  If we go flying around, then we’re likely to cause a disturbance and things could escalate in a bad way.


Derek:  Meh, for now you’re right.  But once I get home I refuse to keep my feet on the ground for longer than I have to.


-And in the southern part of Trillium City…


Austin:  (Throws his arms up in joy).  Trillium City, we have returned!


Passer By:  (Walks by with his dog).  No one cares.


Austin:  Hello man with his dog!


Passer By:  Go suck a lemon.  (Walks off).


Leena:  Home…(tears roll down her cheek), oh home, how I’ve missed you!


Austin:  (Gesturing to everything).  Hello buildings!  Hello pavement!  Hello yellow fire hydrant that should really be red but who’s keeping track anyway?  Hello world!  Hello…(Squints his eyes in astonishment of the three he sees ahead of him)…Derek?


Derek:  (Equally astonished).  Austin?


Danny:  Willy!  (Breaks into a run towards Willy).


Willy:  Danny!  (Throws Leena off his back and takes off after Danny, colliding with him in a massive bear hug).


Leena:  (Lying on her back after being thrown off).  Sky?


Derek:  (Not particularly warm and inviting, rather just curious).  You guys made it?


Austin:  Yeah!  You guys, too?!


Derek:  Apparently so.


Clinton:  We just got back.


Kevin:  Us, too.  We have so much to share with you!


Scott:  I’m sure we’ll have a chance for story time later.


Austin:  He’s right, let’s just get back to headquarters.  We’ll have time to catch up later.


Derek:  Back to headquarters?  I don’t think we’ll be needing the Legion anymore.


Austin:  (Baffled).  What?


Derek:  From now on we do things my way. (Clenches his fist and smiles coyly).  Forget the Legion.


To Be Continued…


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