Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twenty-Three

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 23

“Through the Fire”


Derek:  I’m not following you any more!


Jack:  Fine, go get yourself killed!  (Jack starts running back through the complex).


Derek:  See you on the other side!  (Takes off in the opposite direction).


Jack:  (Grabs Lindsey by the arm and pulls her along).  We’ve got to hurry; even if this plan works we’ll only have a few minutes before they realize what’s going on.


Lindsey:  (Nods).  It’s okay Jack, I trust you.


Chris:  (Following closely behind Lindsey, dragging Kyle by the arm).  Jack, I don’t think this is such a great plan.


Jack:  (Angry).  Start destroying everything you can!  (Begins blasting everything around him).


Chris:  (Also angry).  This is just going to give us away!


Jack:  No, it’s part of the mission briefing and-


Chris:  Forget about the mission briefing!  The mission is a failure if we die!


Jack:  We’re not going to die!  (Blows up an entire building with a single blast.  It is apparent that Jack is still the best with energy blasts and can actually be lethal at this point).


Lindsey:  (Pleads with them).  Chris, just trust us for now!  It won’t do any good arguing!  (Shoots numerous energy blasts as she runs alongside Jack while he does the same).


Chris:  But…


Kyle:  (Places his hand on Chris’ shoulder).  Just do what we need to do to survive this, okay?


Chris:  (Nods, serious).  Right.  (Blasts along with the group as they run).


Distant Soldier Voice:  The blasts are coming from over there!


Another Distant Voice:  They’re coming from all over!  They’ve split up!


Jack:  It sounds like the others are doing their share of damage as well.


Chris:  We should go back to them.  They could need our help.


Jack:  No!  We’re in no position to help them!


Chris:  I have to try!


Lindsey:  You can’t help them Chris!  Try helping yourself first!


-Chris becomes immediately silent and goes back to his orders of destroying everything in sight.


-The four continue running and shooting with absolutely no talking from anyone.


Distant Solider Voice:  C’mon everyone!  We’ll cut them off up ahead!


Lindsey:  Jack, that sounded really close.


Jack:  Cease fire everyone.  (Looks around for a place to hide).  Over there in the alleyway.  (He and Lindsey run into the alleyway).


Chris:  (Shakes his head, looking for a better solution).  This is just…


Kyle:  This is the best we can do right now.  C’mon.  (Pulls Chris along towards the alleyway.  The four hide quietly and wait).


Soldier:  (Numerous soldiers, all heavily armed, march their way down the streets).  Check everywhere.  They have to be around here.  Use your detectors to locate them.


New Recruit:  (Looks down at his watch).  I’m not getting a clear reading from this thing.  There are just too many signals coming from all over.


Solider:  Give me your watch.  (New Recruit hands it to him.  He looks down at it).  They’re in three groups, each running in different directions.


Jack:  (Silently giving orders to the others).  Everyone just remain calm.  Don’t think about anything exciting or stressful.  Don’t even breath right now.


Solider:  (Looks back down at the watch).  No…just two groups it seems.  One disappeared from view.


New Recruit:  They rejoined one of the other two groups?


Solider:  No, their signal fell off the radar entirely.  They’re up to something.  The reading last tracked them going that direction.  (Points towards the alleyway).  You three, go check it out.


New Recruit:  (Salutes).  Right.  Come on men!  (They rush into the alleyway).


Jack:  (Holds his hand out, keeping them down).  Steady…


Chris:  Should we attack?


Jack:  No, just remain still.


Chris:  Right…  (Presses himself as close to the building as he can get).


-The three soldiers make their way down the alley, carrying their rifles in position to fire at the slightest thing.  They run all the way to the end of it without noticing the four hiding near dumpsters and trashcans.  After running out the other side, they look in all directions and two of them run off.  The new recruit runs back into the alley.


New Recruit:  Sir!  They’re not anywhere to be-


-Jack clotheslines him in the face, sending him onto his back.


Chris:  (Freaked).  Jack!  What are you doing?!


New Recruit:  (Coughs as he struggles to understand what is going on).  It’s…it’s you guys!  The ones that everyone is looking for!


Jack:  And we’d like to keep it that way.  (Kicks the guy in the face, knocking him out).


Chris:  What was the point of that?!


Jack:  Every solider that isn’t conscious is one more soldier that isn’t chasing us.  We’ve got to keep moving now that the crowd has run off in another direction.


Explosions can still be heard coming from all around the complex.


-Jack puts his arm in the air, charges a blast, and fires it straight into the air where is explodes, showering the buildings in the area with smaller explosions and setting them on fire.


Jack:  On your feet; we’re moving again.


Chris:  (Becoming frantic and angry again).  We’d lost them!  What was the point of all that?!


Jack:  (Getting in Chris’ face).  We’re creating more diversions for everyone else!  In the end I’m the one who can get us out of any situation.  None of the others could manage to escape if they’re backed into a corner, so we need to give them as much help as possible.


Chris:  Then we should just go back and help them!


Jack:  That won’t do any good.  Now follow me.  (The four run out of the alley).  Keep blasting upwards!  It’s harder for them to pinpoint a location if the blasts are coming from above!


The group continues blasting into the air, energy balls raining down all around the buildings and anyone unlucky enough to be caught in them.


Chris:  (Hears something).  Jack!  Hold fire for a minute!


Jack:  Why?  What is it?


Chris:  (Shushes him).  Just listen.  (The group listens intently).


Jack:  I don’t hear anything.


Chris:  (Nods).  Exactly.  The others have stopped blasting things.


Jack:  Okay, hold fire from now on.  (Runs towards a rather large building).  Everyone, we’ll hide out in here until things settle down.


Chris:  Why this building?


Jack:  It’s a good hunch.


Kyle:  His hunches have been pretty accurate thus far.  (As they rush headlong into the building, they are greeted by a squadron of soldiers getting ready to head out the door).  Looks like your hunches are broken.


-The four stand completely still, unsure of their next move.  The soldiers are too baffled to do anything since they’re still putting their boots on and loading their rifles.


Jack:  (Quietly).  Run.


Chris:  Huh?


Jack:  Run!


They book it back out the door.  This instantly triggers the soldiers to figure out that they should be going after them.  They all get to their feet, regardless of the status of their boots or weapons, and flood out the double doors after the good guys.


Lindsey:  Jack, what do we do?


Jack:  (Gritting his teeth as he runs).  Keep blasting!


Chris:  We’re going to run out of steam soon!  We’re not conditioned for this!


Kyle:  (Panting heavily).  Huh, huh, I agree!


Jack:  Well I don’t, so push harder!  (As they keep running a soldier with a shotgun appears out of nowhere).


Shotgun Soldier:  Freeze!


-Jack runs hard at the solider.  The soldier tries to fire but Jack is too quick for him, grabbing the gun out from his hands as Jack jumps into him, kicking him in the face.


-The solider stumbles backwards as Jack lands, spins the shotgun around his back, and clocks the solider in the face sending him to the dirt.


Jack:  Here!  (Tosses Chris the shotgun).  This should help with your stamina issues!


Chris:  I’m not about to use a shotgun on these guys!


Kyle:  (Grabs the shotgun from Chris and aims it backwards).  I am.  (Fires into the oncoming soldiers).


Chris:  How are we going to make it out of here alive Jack?


Jack:  (Turns around and slaps Chris in the face).  Shut up already!


Lindsey:  Chris!  Just be quiet and listen to Jack, okay?!


Jack:  Keep moving everyone!


A rocket shoots past them and hits the building in front of them, felling it into their path and cutting them off from running in the direction they were going.


Jack:  Damnit!  (Turns around to see dozens of soldiers coming for them).  Guys, just keep move-


The building comes down and produces a cloud of smoke that envelops them, making it impossible to see.  They start coughing and shielding their faces.


-When the dust clears they are surrounded by a legion of soldiers, all with their weapons aimed at the four.


Jack:  (Coughs).  Well Chris?


Chris:  Well what?


Jack:  Aren’t you going to ask how we’re getting out of this one?


Chris:  The thought had crossed my mind briefly.


Soldier:  (Cocks his weapon).  There’s nowhere for you to run now.


Jack:  Everyone, huddle close to me…


Soldier:  You have no choice but give yourselves up.


Chris:  (Hesitant).  Jack…


Jack:  Just do it!


Soldier:  Soldiers, ready to fire.  (More sounds of weapons being cocked).


Jack:  After this I’ll need you to be in charge of the ideas…


Chris:  What?


Soldier:  What are you deciding?


Jack:  (Points upwards in a heroic stance).  For the pride of Zanretha!  (Stops).  Ah man, that sounded really stupid.  Hey!  Can I have a second to think of something better to yell?


Soldier:  Men, open fire!


Jack:  Crap!  (Weapons fire upon the four.  Instantly Jack closes his eyes and throws out his arms, creating a barrier around his team).


Lindsey:  (Surprised and impressed).  Jack, how long can you keep this up?


Jack:  Not long…start thinking of a way out…


-With every bullet that ricochets, Jack’s shield ripples and shimmers.  Every passing second the barrier keeps getting smaller and smaller and becomes more and more visible to the naked eye.  All the soldiers seem to be firing at once, most not realizing that they are doing no damage to their targets.


Soldier:  Men, get in there and finish them off!


-Several soldiers rush at the four, throwing their guns down and pulling out knives.


-The first jumps at the group, getting knocked square out from the force of running straight into Jack’s force field.


-The others hold their position briefly.


-The shield begins blinking and disappearing.


Jack:  This is all I’ve got left guys.  Brace yourselves!


-Jack pulls his arms in close and shoots them out again, launching the barrier outward and knocking everyone in the area to the ground, Chris, Lindsey and Kyle included.


-Having finished this, Jack falls to his knees, exhausted.


Jack:  Okay guys, your turn.


Chris:  (Quickly gets up and looks around, deathly scared and unsure what to do).  But…I’m not…


Lindsey:  (Gets up and looks around, her fist clenched, determined).  We’ve got to stand our ground.  Believe in your abilities or else you’ll get killed.


Kyle:  (Gets to his feet, still shakily though.  He’s more confused than anything).  You know, it would have been useful to learn some fancy crap like that instead of the exploding hoo-ha that we’ve got.


Lindsey:  You ready?


Chris:  (Looks over at Lindsey, remembering why he’s crazy about her in the first place.  He smiles and clenches his fists).  Let’s do this.


Kyle:  (Feels around for his pockets).  Wait, where the hell did my shotgun go?


-The group of soldiers are finally getting up and clearing their heads.


-They look at the three standing firm and a few start rushing them, then more and more.


-One dives at Chris, he side-steps out of the way and knees the guy in the gut as he falls next to him.


-Another takes a swing at Lindsey, only to get his hand broken and an elbow to the face.


Kyle:  (Drops to the ground and starts feeling around).  Shotgun, shotgun…where is it?


-A soldier slashes at Chris’ throat with his knife.


-Chris swiftly dodges the attack, knocks his hand back, and punches him in the face, sending him backwards into another soldier.


-Lindsey head butts one soldier, grabs him by his jacket, and flips him over her back and into yet more soldiers.


Kyle:  Aha!  (Finally finds the shotgun and hoists it up.  Does his best Scarface voice).  Say hello to my little friend.  (Clicks the trigger and nothing happens.  He hangs his head in shame).  Empty.  Figures.  Oh well.  (Uppercuts a soldier in the jaw as he rises to his feet).


-The three, although doing their best, are still getting swamped by shear numbers.  It seems that the entire complex has now found them out and is coming down on them.


Chris:  (While being strangled by an attacker).  Ack!  Persistent, aren’t they?  (Pulls the guy’s arms off his throat and head butts him).


Kyle:  (Struggling against some attackers).  We could really use your help about now Jack, you know, if it’s not too much trouble.  (Punches someone in the gut, then rams his shoulder into their face as they bend over).


Jack:  (Still on his hands and knees, panting).  I’m wiped out guys; I can hardly keep myself conscious right now…


-Jack keeps nearly passing out and falling face first into the dust.


-A soldier pushes his way through to the front.  He is much larger than the rest and is wearing a fancier uniform.


Atlas:  (Points at Jack).  You!  You are the one who defeated me in the tournament!


Jack:  (Squints and thinks for a moment).  Atlas, was it?


Atlas:  So, you remember my name?  As well you should.  Unfortunate that I should be removing your head, so the memory shouldn’t be doing you much good.  (Stomps over towards Jack, picking him up by the top of the head.  Jack cringes).


Lindsey:  (Looks over in panic).  Jack!  (One of her opponents sees this as the perfect time to grab hold of her from behind while another attacker comes in from the front and decks her hard).


Chris:  Lindz!  (Blasts the guy in the back of the head, knocking him forward into her breasts).


Lindsey:  This isn’t helping much!


-Lindsey draws her foot back, directly into the crotch of the guy behind her.  He yelps and falls backwards, grabbing himself.


-Her arms free again, Lindsey grabs the guy that had fallen into her and breaks his nose, then throws him to the ground.


Atlas:  (Laughing as he begins strangling Jack with one hand).  I have to admit, I’m enjoying this.


Jack:  (Holding on to the gorilla-sized paws of the man strangling him).  I’m sorry to have to ruin your fun again then.


-Jack chops Atlas in the throat.  His grip is instantly released and Jack falls onto the ground with a thud, rubbing his own throat and gasping for air.


-Atlas’ eyes bulge and he starts choking on his own words and he stumbles backwards.


Lindsey:  (Runs over to Jack).  Are you alright?


Jack:  (Rubbing his throat and coughing).  Kah, I’ll be fine.


Chris:  You ready to fight again?


Jack:  No, but I don’t really have a choice there.


-The four all square off with their backs to one another.  They haven’t even made a dent in the numbers surrounding them.


-Action is erupting all around them, with some soldiers trying to fire random shots into the fray, only to hit their own kind with them.  Still others are trying to push to get to the front, only to get a fist in the teeth or a foot in the stomach.


Chris:  (Grabs the helmet off of one soldier and smashes him in the head with it, creating sweet irony.  He turns to punch another in the gut, and then chops him in the nose.  He looks down at his knuckles, which are bleeding pretty badly now).  These guys may not be well trained but they’re well armored.


Jack:  (Pulls back and lets fly a serious haymaker.  He looks down to see his knuckles bleeding, too).  I agree; they’ve definitely got us outclassed when it comes to protection.


Kyle:  (Breathing hard and rubbing his also bleeding knuckles).  I hate to sound like a whiney bitch but we’re not doing much good.


Jack:  Just fight as hard as you can for a long as you can!


Kyle:  I don’t think that’s going to be much longer.  (Sure enough, Kyle turns to be dealt a powerful boot to the face, courtesy of Atlas.  Kyle finally goes down and stays down).


Atlas:  So, you can be beaten, it’s just a matter of how hard you have to be hit when you’re not looking!


Jack:  That was dishonorable!


Atlas:  You’re on our soil; we decide where the honor is!


Jack:  (Dives at Atlas headfirst, the two go rolling to the ground).  I’m still the better fighter!


Atlas:  Yes, but you’re tired!  (Kicks him off with both feet.  Jack goes sprawling off in the distance).


Chris:  Jack, we need you over here!  (Turns to get pelted in the face by one punch, then two, then three, all coming from different directions.  After getting knocked senseless, he is piled on by wave after wave of Balobynian soldiers, all showering him with a lack of mercy).


Lindsey:  Chris!  (Runs over to help him.  She pulls one attacker off, swivels him around and breaks his nose.  As she reaches down to do the same to another, she is grabbed from behind by Atlas).  It’s you!


Atlas:  Yes, as a matter of fact it is me!  (Grabs her by the upper arms and hoists her into the air and into his head, knocking her out.  He throws her into the fray for the others to continue the assault).


Jack:  (Jumps at Atlas).  Lindsey!  (Atlas turns and backhands Jack, knocking him to the group where he is instantly covered by soldiers willing to pummel him).


Atlas:  Take them to the main building.  Syrus will be pleased with us!  (A cheer goes up from the crowd).


Commander:  (From some distance off in the ridges, looking through binoculars.  He can see the Regime’s entire complex and all of the destruction that has been caused in three lines going off in different directions; one towards the desert, one towards the forest, and one that stops somewhere in the middle.  He puts his binoculars down and turns to his associate). It is done.


To Be Continued…


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