Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twenty-Two

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 22

“Mission Officially Ruined”


Recap:  When we last left off, Austin was taking his group of Clinton, Scott, Willy and Leena through a deeply forested area west of the Regime’s complex and away from the soldiers following them as best he could.  Unfortunately for them, Syrus had decided to follow their group as well, so after hours of straight out running and dodging, they found that they had all but escaped when Syrus appeared directly in front of them and decided that the day was over.  Before he was able to attack them, a beaming light rocketed into the sky and forced him to retreat back to the base to see what it was.  Austin led his team deeper in the forest as fast as he could, not missing the opportunity to continue living.


-The next day, the group has finally let its guard down and decides that Syrus has indeed left them alone for the time being.  Still, they trudge deeper and deeper into the wilderness, tired and hungry, but at least they’re not overheated.


Leena:  (Exhausted and miserable looking, scuffling her feet as if she could fall over at any moment).  Wondered what happened to the others…


Scott:  (Walking with his arms behind his head, a cigarette in his mouth).  We know you’ve been wondering that; that’s all you say anymore.  (Mocking her right-out).  “Gee, wonder if the others are dead by now?”  “Golly, maybe they’re alright?”  “Do ya think they’re thinking of us?”  (Serious again).  Let me end this now: Yeah, they’ve been separated from us, yes they’re running for their lives, yes they’ve probably seen better days, and yes they wonder where the hell the others are.


Leena:  (Annoyed but defeated).  You don’t have to be a jerk about it; I’m only making conversation.


Scott:  (Coldly to himself).  You don’t have to be an annoying bitch but you seem to do that pretty well.


Austin:  (Snaps at Scott).  Scott!  Shut up already, you’re not helping.  (Turns to Leena to console her).  Leena, for the last time, the others will be fine and it doesn’t do us any good to keep asking ourselves what happened to them.


Clinton:  (Contemplating everything).  What I’d really like to know- not so say that I don’t care about the others- but what was that crazy white light last night?


Leena:  (Very bothered).  So he’s allowed to ask inane questions but I’m not allowed to act like I care about our friends?


Austin:  (Shrugs).  I’ve got no clue what the heck that light was.  I’m not a scientist, I’m not a meteorologist, I’m not a military expert.  (Smiles).  I’m baffled and I like it that way.


Leena:  (High and mighty).  I think it a miracle.


Austin:  (Nods and points to agree with her).  I can agree with that.  It did save out lives, assuming that Syrus really did intend on killing us.


Scott:  He had the crazy look in his eyes that a guy gets when he’s about to ice a group of teenagers.  He woulda killed us all and walked away feeling just dandy.  (Estimates with his fingers).  We were literally inches away from death.


Leena:  (Annoyed at Scott once more).  There’s a happy thought…


Austin:  You know, it really is.  (Happy).  We’ve got a second chance at life!


Willy:  (Corrects him).  Third chance actually.


Scott:  (Throws down his current cigarette and takes out another one, lighting it up and taking a puff).  Technically still only a second chance for me.


Leena:  (Gives Scott a dirty look).  We just got a new lease on life and you’re still intent on smoking?


Scott:  (Waves her off).  Don’t try to change me baby.


Leena:  (Narrows her eyes).  Don’t call me baby.


Scott:  Don’t bother me when I’m in flavor country.  (Takes a long drag on his cig and puffs smoke blissfully into the air).  The simple things in life…


Willy:  (Points ahead of them).  Hey, what’s that up ahead?


-Up ahead is an odd looking statue of a hooded figure just staring intently at the ground.


Clinton:  I’d say it’s some ancient statue of some sort.


Leena:  What’s it doing in the middle of a forest?


Austin:  (Claps, really excited).  Oohoo, more mysteries!


Scott:  (Thumbs towards Austin).  At least you’re in a better mood today.


Willy:  (Walks up to the statue and looks up at the face while running his hand over part of it).  It is kinda cool looking.


Scott:  (Points near the base).  Check it out, something’s written down there.  (Crouches down).  What’s it say?


Willy:  (Kneels down and rubs off some dirt and moss from it).  It’s written in a language I don’t understand.


Scott:  Out of curiosity, how many languages do you know?


Willy:  Well…  (Counts on his fingers).  Okay, English gets me through the day just fine.  (Gives Scott an annoyed look).  I totally didn’t plan on having to read some other language in the middle of a forest next to a desert.


Scott:  (Puff).  Touché.


Clinton:  (Walks up to the inscription).  I can’t make out any of this.  It’s not Latin; it doesn’t look like anything to me.  Just a bunch of random symbols and such.


Leena:  (Standing with her arms crossed).  Too bad Jack isn’t here.  I bet he’d have some sort of idea as to what it says.


Scott:  You mean he’d guess?


Leena:  Yeah probably, but he’d look good doing it.


Scott:  (Puff, sitting back, relaxing a bit).  What is it that you girls see in him anyway?


Leena:  He’s got passion, that’s what.  It’s more than the rest of you can say, except for maybe a select few.


Willy:  Who’re the select few?


Leena:  Well, Austin for one fits in that group.


Austin:  I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve got passion as much as I like seeing new things.


Leena:  (Shrugs).  Girls like spontaneity and new things.


Clinton:  Who else?


Leena:  (Smiles).  Kevin’s pretty cute.


Scott:  What?  (Throws down his cigarette).  How’d that pansy Jesus freak get lumped in?


Leena:  (Angry at Scott).  He’s got convictions and believes strongly in them.  Girls like guys who have reasons for doing things.


Scott:  I’ve got plenty of reasons for stuff I do.


Willy:  Any one else?  Like me?


Leena:  Willy, sorry to say, you’re just cute in general, but not datable.


Willy:  (Almost hurt, getting excited).  What?!  Why not?!


Leena:  (Rolls her eyes upwards as she thinks for a moment).  Well, at least you’re not my type anyway.  I can’t speak for Lindsey.


Willy:  Oh so she’s into me?


Leena:  (Shakes her head).  Nope, she’s not into anyone.


Austin:  (Jumps up and points at Leena).  Lies!  She’s totally into Chris!


Leena:  (Laughs and scoffs).  Hah!  Yeah right!  As if.  Pff, if she likes anyone it’s Jack.  (Smiles and tilts her head, looking upwards again).  Heck I’ve even got a bit of a schoolyard crush on him.


Austin:  (Waves in disbelief, still smiling).  Oh whatever.  Her and Chris will totally hook up by the end of this year, I guarantee it.


Leena:  Maybe if Chris can grow a spine.  As of now he’s just a pushover.  I don’t know why you all seem to like the guy.


Austin:  (Defensive).  Hey, he’s my best friend, alright?


Willy:  (Also defensive).  And one of my closest friends.


Clinton:  (Raises an eyebrow to Leena).  What have you got against him?


Leena:  (Backs off).  Whoa, geez, I didn’t know you guys all had man-crushes on him.


Scott:  (Shrugs).  He’s an attractive and likeable man, what can we say?


Leena:  (Thinks to herself).  Eh…nope not seeing it.


Austin:  C’mon, the guy’s a complete sweetheart; don’t girls love guys like that?


Leena:  (Becomes matter-of-factly).  Not if that’s all they’ve got.  Any guy can be sweet.  A girl wants a guy who can take care for her as well, show her what a man really is.


Willy:  That is totally me.  Put me on the list, I demand to be on the list.


Leena:  (Sighs, annoyed at everything).  Fine, we’ll put you on the irrelevant list that doesn’t exist.  In fact, you can be at the top of this imaginary list.


Willy:  (Smiles and nods).  Okay, good.


-Leena rolls her eyes and the five keep walking on.  They start passing more statues nearly identical to the first one.  Soon they find themselves staring at an impressive stone palace in the middle of the forest.


Clinton:  Where the heck did this come from?  It looks like it practically just sprouted up from the ground.


Austin:  From the looks of it it’s been here for ages.


The ruins are completely overgrown with plant life and practically falling apart with rubble strewn all over the place.


Scott:  (Can’t figure anything out).  Why build anything here?  What possible reason can anyone think of?


Willy:  It’s quiet?


Scott:  Okay, you’ve got me there.


Austin:  (Super excited).  I love this!  The mystery just keeps getting better!  (Breaks into a run towards the ruins).  What should we call this place?


Leena:  (Shrugs).  The forest temple?


Willy:  Lame.

Leena:  You have a better name, pretty boy?


Willy:  (Thinks hard to himself for a second).  “Silva Templum.”


Leena:  Okay, what does that mean?


Clinton:  That would be Latin for “Woods Temple,” kinda.


Leena:  How the heck would he know that?


Willy:  Oh hell, I just guessed.  Heh, that was pretty good then.


Austin:  (Runs inside).  C’mon guys!


Leena:  (Nervous).  Is that even safe?


Scott:  Lighten up and have some passion for it.


Leena:  (Not amused).  Oh ha ha.


-The group walks into the ruins.  It’s fairly dark inside, even more so than you’d think possible since the clearing is extremely bright.


-Scott grabs a torch from a wall mount and lights it with his current cigarette.  They walk deeper into the ruins.


Austin:  (Points at the wall).  Oh wow, guys, check this out!


Clinton:  Hmm, more of the strange writing.


There is a whole wall full of writing, pictures, symbols, and more crazy crap that does little more than bring more questions to everyone’s minds.


Austin:  (Walks over to one picture in particular).  Hey, does this look familiar to anyone else?


Clinton:  (Walks up really close to it and squints to get a better look at it).  A little.  It looks kinda like…I don’t know.


Austin:  Doesn’t it look like the Eclipse Star?


-This prompts the others to come in closer and take a look at it.


Willy:  (Nods).  Yeah, I can kinda see that.


Leena:  (Unimpressed).  Just looks like someone drew a star.


Austin:  But they filled the carving with black paint or charcoal or something so it looks all dark. (Conclusion reached he points intelligently).  An interesting coincidence I’d say.


Leena:  (Hugs herself and shivers slightly).  Whatever, this place just freaks me the heck out and I want to leave.


Austin:  Let’s check some more rooms!  (Starts walking off into another room deeper in the ruins.  Scott casually follows with the torch and Clinton and Willy walk right behind Austin).


-Leena looks in closely at the star drawing.  As the light is leaving the room it shimmers eerily.  Leena shudders and runs to catch up with the group.


Austin:  This room is huge!  (His voice echoes a bit).  Huge I say!


Huge I say~


Huge I say~


Austin:  What’s this over here?  Scott, hand me the torch.


Scott:  Knock yourself out.  (Throws the torch at Austin who catches it and brings it close to what looks like a wick).


Leena:  (Nervous).  Hey, watch out, you have no idea what that’s to!


What that’s to~


What that’s to~


Austin:  Well let’s find out!


-Austin lights it and the thing sparks as a light travels all along the wick and takes off up the tall walls and ignites a few large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.


-The room is now completely lit up in magnificent light.


Austin:  Awesome!






Leena:  (Lets out a sigh of relief).  Well at least we can see now.


-The room is massive with a tall ceiling and walls completely covered with more hieroglyphics, paintings, symbols, and more mystery than the group knows what to do with.  It’s scattered with stone furniture all around and one small pedestal that seems out of place sitting off towards the corner all by itself.


Austin:  (Walks up to the pedestal).  And what have we here?


Leena:  (Standing back, afraid to take any more steps into the room than needed.  She reaches out and points nervously).  Don’t mess with stuff; we don’t know what it is and it’s best not to disturb this place any more than we already have, so let’s go.


Austin:  Check out these gems here.  (Picks up a small, shiny red rock).  There are four over here.  (Turns around, holding up his and smiling).  Who wants one?


Willy:  Hey, a green one.  (Picks up a green stone from the pedestal and pockets it).


Clinton:  (Picks up a bright yellow one and inspects it).  These could be worth a fortune.


Leena:  (Wanders cautiously over to the pedestal and looks down).  We really shouldn’t be taking these.  (Something catches her eye).  Although that dark blue one is pretty cool…  (Slowly picks it up and looks at it admiringly).


Whoever dares steal my treasure shall meet their end!


Meet their end~


Meet their end~


Leena:  (Flips out and frantically throws the blue gem back at the pedestal and huddles near the ground covering her head).  OH MY GOD I’M SORRY I’M SORRY!!!


Scott:  Wahahahaha!!!  (Holding his sides laughing).


Leena:  (Realizes that Scott was screwing with her and screams at him, furious).  You BASTARD!  I’m going to MURDER YOU!


Murder you~


Murder you~


Scott:  (Wiping tears from his eyes from laughter).  Oh loosen up a bit Lee, that was funny and you know it.  (Leena flips out and pummels Scott relentlessly.  The others are all laughing at this and clutching their stomachs).


Austin:  Who’s up for more exploration?  (The torches slowly burn out).  Ahhhh.  Oh well, maybe another time.  Let’s go everyone.


Leena:  (Nodding emphatically).  Yes yes yes!


Yes yes~




-The group all starts leaving with Leena staying close to Austin who’s got the torch.


Austin:  Oh hey, you dropped this.  (Hands the blue gem back to Leena).


Leena:  (Grabs it and the torch out of Austin’s hands).  Why did I have to get stuck with a bunch of men?  (Storms off).


Guys:  Hahahahahahaha!






Leena:  (Upon walking out of the ruins spreads her arms out and hugs the sunshine).  Sweet glorious natural light!


Clinton:  Well Austin, where to now?


Austin:  Where’s home?


Clinton:  (Points North).  That way a few hundred miles, give or take.


Austin:  (Smiles).  Well then we’d better get a move on, wouldn’t you say?


Leena:  I’m starving.  Could we maybe scrounge a bit for some food?


Austin:  Sure.  (Starts walking towards some trees, knocks on the trunk of one, then walks on towards a rock and kicks it over).  Hey, found some!


Leena:  (Skeptical).  Some food?  Under a rock?


Scott:  What’re we having?  (Bends down next to Austin).


Austin:  Grubs!


Clinton:  (Shrugs and sits down as well).  Could be worse.


Leena:  Ug, can’t we just go find some berries or something?


Austin:  (Already eating bugs).  Be my guest.


Leena:  (Looks around for a while until she comes across a bush full of red berries).  Alright!  Found some!


Austin:  (In between mouthfuls of bugs).  Those are poisonous.


Leena:  Says the boy eating insects.  (Grabs a handful and the group walks on).


-A set of eyes gleam from the unnatural darkness of the temple as they walk away, the eyes vibrating with laugher.


*          *            *            *            *

-By that night as the group walks on Austin is carrying Leena over his shoulder.  She is periodically vomiting as they g).


Austin:  So, how were the berries?


Leena:  Screw you and your passion; you’re off the list.  (Vomits again.  The group laughs).  I hate you ALL!


To Be Continued…


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