Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twenty-One

February 12, 2009 at 11:20 am (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter 21

“Into the Forest”


Lindsey:  Jack, what’s going on?


Jack:  No time, everyone just run!  (The entire complex is ablaze with noise.  Sirens are blaring, alarms are flashing, and soldiers are rushing around).  C’mon, follow me!


Derek:  No!  We got into this by following you!


Jack:  Trust me on this one!


Derek:  That way leads back through the complex!


Jack:  They won’t expect us to do that!


Austin:  We don’t have time to be arguing!


Derek:  I’m not following you any more!


Jack:  Fine, go get yourself killed!  (Jack starts running back through the complex).


Derek:  See you on the other side!  (Takes off in the opposite direction).


Austin:  (Looks at Jack running off, then back to Derek running off).  Idiots…  (Shakes his head and turns to run his own direction.  Scott, Willy, Leena, and Clinton follow close behind).


Willy:  (Looking all over).  Where’s Danny?!


Austin:  If he’s not here with us then I don’t know.


Leena:  (Smiling to herself).  Those two are always following each other, eh Lindz?  (Turns around to looks for her response, only to see that Leena’s bringing up the rear alone).  Lindz?  Lindsey?!  (She begins to panic).  Austin, we’ve got to go back!


Scott:  (Cold).  We’re not going back that way unless we want to die quicker.


Leena:  But my best friend is lost!


Willy:  And mine!


Austin:  And mine, but they know how to take care of themselves, so let them be and worry about yourselves right now!  (The group is taken aback by how serious Austin has gotten all of a sudden).  Now shut up dammit and run like hell!


-They all shut up and run harder.  Guards and soldiers and whatnot have started catching up in their pursuit of the five.


Scott:  (Thumbs behind him).  Hey chief, we’ve got company catching up.


Austin:  (Looks around and quickly leads the group down a narrow alleyway between a few taller buildings).  Scott, blow these things to hell!


Scott:  Done.  (Turns around and blasts the bases of the two buildings, causing the two of them to sway and crumble into each other, providing some cover for the small group).  Badda-bing, etcetera.


Clinton:  Where to now?


Austin:  You looked at the mission briefing more than I did, don’t you have some ideas?


Clinton:  (Panting while he thinks).  If we head north we hit a desert.  But if we run westward, then we’ll have a dense forest for some cover.


Austin:  (Nods).  West it is.  (Looks at the sun as the groups runs).  Which way’s west?


Clinton:  (Looks up and quickly points west).  That way.


Austin:  Then let’s go!


Everyone follows Austin’s lead once more as he takes them around the back corners of the complex.  They circle around and continuously double-back, firing energy blasts straight up into the air, allowing them to fall wherever they may and creating a fair deal of confusion.  After a while, most of the soldiers have become too confused to keep proper pursuit.


Willy:  Have we circled enough yet?


Austin:  Probably.  Have we lost ‘em?


Scott:  Negative.  We exit here.  (Throws an energy ball past the others at the cement wall in front of them, blasting it open and revealing a forest not too far in the distance).


Austin:  Keep each other in your sights but spread out and keep your distance.  We’re harder targets to hit if we’re not clustered.


Scott:  And here’s where the fun part begins…


-The soldiers have now realized where the five are going and have regrouped to follow into the woods.  The group makes it past the first few trees, sparsely spread, then the trees get thicker and thicker and soon the sunlight has been dulled down to almost nothing.


Leena:  (Yells off towards Clinton).  How many of those guys are following us?!


Clinton:  (Looks back and counts quickly).  At least three dozen, maybe four!  (Gunfire starts).


Leena:  (Covering her head as she runs).  AHH!!  They’ve got guns!


Austin:  Of course they’ve got guns!  What did you think soldiers would have?!


Leena:  (Frantic).  Maybe tazers and nets or something, but not guns!


Scott:  What the hell kind of army do you think we’re fighting?!  The boy scouts?!  The Mounties?!  Who the hell would use a net in this day and age?!!!


Austin:  Shut up, you’re not helping!!  (Bullets whiz by and bark explodes off a tree trunk directly in front of him).  Dammit!  (Ducks and covers as the rest of the trunk is torn up).


Clinton:  We’ve got to fight these guys!


Leena:  No, we’ve got to run!


Austin:  Leena, Willy, run!  Scott, Clinton, follow me!


Austin scrambles to his feet as gunfire still erupts all around his shoes.  Leaves are fluttering around him as he leads Scott and Clinton to a clearing of massive trees.  He thrusts both his arms out and points to two of the largest trees, to which Clinton and Scott rush over to them.


Austin:  Cut ‘em!


-Austin runs ahead as Clinton and Scott hack down their trees, falling in a cross formation into the clearing.  As they begin falling, Scott and Clinton rush past Austin while he starts firing a few beams at the trees.  They quickly ignite and the flaming logs crash down, blocking off the Regime’s soldiers.


Leena:  (Her and Willy run out from hiding and over to Austin and the others).  Sweet!  We’re home free!


-A huge wind hits them and knocks them off their feet.  The flames are slowly being extinguished by the powerful gust.


Deep voice:  It’s nothing more than a damned tree!  Blow it out of the way!


Austin:  (Petrified).  Shit, I know that voice…


Catching Austin’s message, the five all rush to get up and tear out as fast as they can possibly go.  The forest is hit by another gust, the flames now out, although the five aren’t about to look back to see who extinguished them.  They keep running again, frantic and now deeply afraid for their lives.


Soldier:  Sir, do we continue after them?  (The soldier is instantly blown away, nothing left but charred remains where he stood).


Syrus:  (Walks out into clear view, commanding and serious).  Does anyone else have a stupid question?!  (They also tear out running, equally afraid for their lives).


Leena:  (Breaks into tears now).  He’s going to kill us!  There’s nothing to stop him from doing it this time!


Austin:  Don’t think like that and it won’t happen!


Leena:  But it will, it will!  (A tree is incinerated right next to her.  She breaks down and starts crying uncontrollably, stopping in place and huddling close to the ground).


Austin:  Dammit Leena…  (Quickly turns around and picks her up, slings her over his shoulder, and keeps running).  Scott, carry her!


Scott:  (Still incredibly cold).  She’s got legs; remind her how to use ‘em.


Willy:  (Runs over and offers his hands).  I’ll take her.


Austin:  Thanks, Willy.


Willy grabs her as they continue running as Austin stops and begins firing madly at the ground and the bushes and the foliage and anything he can think of shooting at, blasting the hell out of the area and creating a decent diversion that from the sounds of things confuses their followers.  Except for one.


Syrus:  Keep moving!  (Austin looks through the mess that he’s created and sees Syrus forcing his troops on, picking them up off the ground and pushing them forward, then he tears off after the rest of his gang).


Scott:  What’s the plan?


Austin:  Why am I the one who has to have a plan?


Scott:  We started following you, that’s why.


Austin:  (A look of extreme worry hits him as he desperately thinks of something to do to get them out of that situation alive).  We need to…we need to…  (Looks up towards the treetops).  Treetops!  Head up!


-Austin thumbs upwards to the others.  They hardly get the message but start hopping up branches and begin swinging their way through the forest.


-Syrus’ group continues to follow on foot, although a few of them are having trouble keeping up and either fall over or run smack-dab into a tree while trying to follow their prey.


-Syrus, however, hops easily up into the trees and follows just as would be expected of him.


Austin:  (Half rolls his eyes, scoffing at the situation).  Well if I knew he could do that I wouldn’t have brought us up here…


Syrus hurls a blast that takes the branch right out from under Austin.  With the sudden loss of footing, Austin tumbles back down to Earth with a thud.


Clinton:  Austin’s down!  You guys keep going!


-Clinton turns around and starts running back towards Syrus as the other three hop down from the trees and continue on the ground.


-Clinton thrusts his arm out and performs the same rapid blast that he performed no more than a few days ago.


-Syrus narrowly manages to dodge out of the way, but the few soldiers that attempted to take Syrus’ lead in the trees get hit and fall out of the trees and onto their backs.


-At this point Austin has gotten back up and is running on again.  Clinton hops from the trees and catches up with Austin.


Austin:  (Smiling).  Not a bad tactic.


Clinton:  (Serious).  We both got lucky.


Austin:  (Serious again).  We’re trained better than these guys.


Clinton:  Much better.  Syrus is the only one we have to worry about.


Austin:  (Looks around).  Then we need more cover.  (He leads the others into a much thicker area.  The tree trunks are getting closer and closer together and creating a very difficult path to manage along with all the other bushes and plant life).


Willy:  (Really breathing hard as he carries Leena).  Huh…huh…I don’t think I’ll be able…huh…to outrun them in here.


Leena:  (She’s somewhat regained her composure).  You could if you don’t have to carry me anymore.


Willy:  Oh, awesome.  (Willy basically drops her as she rolls to her feet coughing).


Leena:  Kah…well I’m glad to know I’m loved…


Austin:  (Hopping over logs and ducking surprisingly nimbly under branches).  We’ve got to pick up the pace!  Do some weaving and zig-zag and crap like that.  Anything to try and lose these guys!


Scott:  Sure, weave.  I can hardly fit between half of these trees and I’m supposed to weave.


-Scott decimates a good portion of the trees he’s trying to get through by just blowing them up.  Luckily this works in their favor by adding more distractions and abnormal obstacles for the soldiers.


-Periodically, Austin pulls back some of the larger branches and let’s them fly, thwacking a pursuer each time.


-The Regime’s soldiers are indeed having an increasingly difficult time managing the thicker forest.


-After hours of pure running, the group chasing the five has been whittled down to only Syrus.


Leena:  (Nearly out of breath).  Hah…have they left us alone yet?


Clinton:  (Surprisingly not too winded).  Syrus is the only one still following us.


Leena:  (Dry).  Oh good, that makes it better.


Syrus:  (Finally speaks up after letting them run on for hours on end).  You’re all probably tired by now, aren’t you?  The rest of my group is either unconscious or dead, but you should probably know, at this point I’m merely playing with you.


Austin:  (Yelling back with cupped hands).  That’s not helping!


Syrus:  No I doubt not, but you know what comes next.


Leena:  (Claps her hands together in a praying fashion and looks up towards the sky).  Oh thank God, you’re going to give us the chance to give up already.


Syrus:  Yes, technically, but this time I’m killing you afterwards..


Leena:  (Freaks).  What?!  What happened to the nice Syrus we’ve all come to know and love?!


Austin:  Leena, shut up and keep running.


Syrus:  Here’s the ultimatum that you’re waiting for:  Either stop running now and let me end this quicker, or I’ll have to make it harder on each of you and it’ll wait time.  So please, just let me get this done with.


-Night has completely fallen.  The group can hardly see anymore but have begun running in a less densely forested area near a river.


Austin:  (Speaking quieter to his group).  You guys, run on ahead, I’m going to try and distract him for a while.


Leena:  (Worried).  But if he catches you…


Austin:  If he catches any of us we die.  Now go.


-The other four run on ahead while Austin slows down a little and fires an energy blast right at Syrus.


Austin:  (Sticks out his tongue and gives Syrus the finger).  I bet you don’t have the balls to kill any of us!  You’re just stalling for time before you let us go or something!


Syrus:  (Almost confused).  What are you going on about?  I have to kill you all at this point; you’ve used up your second chances already.


Austin:  (Nodding along in a patronizing manner).  There you go stalling again.


Syrus:  (Nearly aghast).  You’re belittling me for stalling when you’re the one trying to distract me.  (Nods).  Fine, so I’ll kill you first and give them a chance to run ahead before they have to die.


-Austin turns and jumps into the air, expecting Syrus to have caught up with him to meet him as he knees the air.


-Syrus eludes this by simply ducking backwards and once Austin lands Syrus is right there, punching at his face and sending Austin into a tree.


-Splinters fly but Austin rushes to his feet and keeps running, following closer to the river now.


Austin:  Just how long have you been fighting?


Syrus:  (A smile briefly flashes across his face).  Long enough to know that you’re outmatched.  (Teleports in front of Austin and gives him a haymaker to the cheek.  Austin hits the ground but spins to his feet, running again).  Now do you want me to finish this like a gentleman or do you want me to drag it on like a barbarian?  (Knees Austin in the back of the head, Austin falls face first into the dirt.  As he’s getting up he digs some energy balls into the earth and keeps moving).


Austin:  (Smiles).  I’ve never been much to just let myself die, ya know?


-Syrus continues running and steps on the ground where Austin had placed his makeshift landmines, getting blown into the air in the process and receiving a mouthful of soil and foliage.


Syrus:  (Spits leaves out of his mouth).  Blah.  (Smiles).  I must say, even at my age I’m happy that I can be surprised with what I see from the current generation.  (Serious again).  But it’s still nothing more than a minor nuisance compared to what I’ve done and had done to me in the past.


-Austin continues running and dives into the river, swimming underwater in hopes that Syrus won’t be able to hit him as easily.  Syrus flies overhead, shooting blasts as he goes, each one narrowly missing Austin each time.


Syrus:  How long can you stay down there, huh?  (Fires three more blasts in rapid succession).  I doubt much longer, even more so due to the waterfall coming up.


-Syrus isn’t bluffing of course since most rivers do turn into waterfalls at certain points and it so happens that this one turned into a wicked waterfall right about now.


-The others have already jumped off the sudden cliff, landed more or less gracefully, and are still running; sadly there are much fewer trees for covering now.


-Austin keeps swimming, hopping to hit the waterfall and go over the edge without Syrus seeing this.


-Syrus stops in the air, hovers a few inches above the water, and raises his hands in the air.  His hands crackle from electricity and he plunges them into the river, lighting it up with electrical shocks.


-Austin takes the full effect and nearly passes out from this, losing a few minutes off of how long he’d normally be able to hold his breath.


-The first wave stopped, Austin swims on and right as he’s about to go over the edge of the falls, he grabs a rock jutting out and hangs with one hand over the falls as he catches his breath finally.


-Another wave of electricity hits him and he nearly loses his hold of the rock.


-Austin clenches his teeth and with the last bit of strength he has, he forms an energy blast in his free hand, throws himself out into the open, and hurls his blast at Syrus, clipping Syrus in the side of the head.


-Austin falls out of control downwards towards the jagged rocks at the bottom of the falls because there are always jagged rocks at the bottom of falls in situations such as these.


Clinton:  (Leaps into the air and catches Austin).  Gotcha!  (Lands on the other edge of the bank and keeps running while carrying him).  You okay?


Austin:  (Weakly speaks).  I just got the hell shocked outta me.  (Smiles).  I’ve never been better.


Scott:  (Clinton runs up to the others).  You done playing hero?


Austin:  I got my fill.


Syrus:  (Appears in front of the five in the clearing).  As have I.  (They all stop dead in their tracks and freeze, their bodies motionless.  Syrus is extremely serious at this moment, without a hint of playing around).  I’ve been chasing you all day; let me end this with a small bit of dignity.


Austin:  (Weakly gets to his feet, flips Syrus off and yells back).  Go to hell!


Scott:  I’d like to point out that this man does not represent the opinions of the rest of us.  (Leena, Willy and Clinton franticly nod back).


Syrus:  Brave until the end I see.


Scott:  (Rolls his eyes).  Ah hell with it…  (Gets into a fighter stance and starts yelling and powering up.  The rest follow, deciding to look cool when they die).


Syrus:  (Also gets into a fighter stance.  Now he’s smiling again).  This is more like the good old days…


-The ground starts shaking.  The six in the clearing look around confused, even Syrus, not knowing what the hell is going on.


Scott:  (Pointing at Syrus).  Is that us or you?


Syrus:  (Confused, looking back and forth between the group and the ground).  I was about to ask the same.


-The ground shakes more and more, and then a piercingly bright light explodes into the sky, seemingly ripping it in half.


Austin:  What is that?!


Clinton:  It’s coming from back at the base!  (Turns to Syrus).  Is this Project Locust?!


Syrus:  (Stunned).  No, I don’t know what this is!


-The first light fades, then they can hear another explosion of light from in the distance.


Scott:  The hell?!


-The light fades away as the earth stops shaking.


Syrus:  (Looks at the five, then in the direction of the base, then back at the kids).  D…damnit.  (Starts to take to the air but turns back around at the group).  Damnit, I’ve got to stop giving you children second chances…  (Flies off.  The group looks around confused, searching for an answer, then remembers all at once to breathe again and gasp for air).


Austin:  Phew, I knew he didn’t have it in him.  Let’s just hope that whatever just happened, the others are alive and safe.


Clinton:  We’ve got to keep moving.  I don’t really want to stay here until he gets back.  We’ve gotten lucky with that guy too many times.


Austin:  Agreed.  Let’s move!  (The group takes off at a run again deeper into the forest).


To Be Continued…


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