Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twenty and a Half

February 4, 2009 at 11:08 am (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter 20 and a Half

“A Quick Explanation of Pulse Abilities”


            Hello Eclipse Star fans and foes alike!  Desert Hermit here, (some of you may call me Joshua if you wish), with an important announcement for everyone trying to figure out certain aspects of the series but just can’t wrap their mind around the most important and abstract feature it has to offer.  I’m talking about ‘Pulse,’ the name given to the energies and powers the various characters that inhabit this world have come to possess.  Now, trying to understand Pulse powers requires a leap of faith in accordance to the sustention of disbelief.  Is sustention a word?  MS Word is telling me it is, so it must be.  Oh well, assume it makes complete sense, much like the rest of what I’m about to say.

            In the simplest terms, ‘Pulse’ is the term given to the energy that every single item in the universe generates.  Everyone and everything has a certain amount of electromagnetism in their being as a result of electrons zooming around at rapid rates.  Much of the time, this creates an electromagnetic pulse, hence the term ‘Pulse.’  This is even true of the standard world you’re familiar with in your everyday life.  It’s even fact that one can generate an electromagnetic pulse strong enough to disrupt other electronic devices with the use of…well with the use of something that can generate one heck of an electromagnetic pulse.  I’ve seen movies that call a bomb like this a ‘Pinch.’  Doesn’t matter, there aren’t any pinches used in any of Eclipse Star, at least not to my knowledge.

            Since everything in the world has this energy within it, it’s only a matter of learning to control it properly.  Much of the time the energy is latent, especially in people who don’t even realize they’re capable of such feats to begin with.  The kids in Eclipse Star have figured out that they do have this energy and as such, they have begun honing their skills with its use.  It all comes down to manipulation.  With training, they are able to learn more and more how to control the energy they have stored within their being.  By focusing their minds, they’re able to cause the electrons within their bodies to vibrate faster and faster to create stronger and more radical ‘Pulses.’  That’s the basis of everything to follow.

            If someone with these abilities, let’s take Syrus as an example, were to focus his concentration to one aspect of his body, such as his fists, he could force the electrons in his fists to vibrate fast enough to build up energy needed to inflict a far greater punch than his fists could do alone.  In the same way, were he to focus his concentration on his stomach, he could strengthen the muscles there so that they may withstand an attack better, at time even repelling attacks completely.

            Remember, it all boils down to manipulation on the subatomic level.  When taught to the kids, believe me, they were given much more simplistic reasonings.  The problem is, the more you think about how to do this, the less likely you’ll be to actually pull it off due to your inability to take the concepts seriously.  The kids are able to do most things because they’ve seen firsthand that it is indeed possible.  No on e tried to explain Pulse in fancy mumbo jumbo like this because then they would keep second-guessing everything.  Oh, now that I think of it, I’ve probably just caused it so that none of you will be able to do this sort of thing now, haven’t I?  Haha, sorry about that.  My mistake!

            Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering how all this relates to the more advanced techniques, such as flight and energy blasts, right?  Sure, it’s understandable to believe that people can make themselves stronger by focusing their strength correctly.  Martial artists have been doing for years now.  But energy blasts?  Ridiculous.  Well, not exactly.  Same concept of focusing on one specific group of electrons within your control and causing them to generate enough energy to create, er, an energy ball of sorts.  With the ball formed, it can then be thrown and directed assuming you have enough know-how to remain in control of the energy once it technically leaves your field of ownership.  This is all done, more or less, with a push/pull effect that you see with magnets.  Positive/negative relationship sort of thing.  You fire an energy ball formed with tons of negatively-charged atoms, reverse the polarity of the atoms used to charge it in the first place, and naturally it will be drawn back allowing you to create completely reversible energy blasts.  Everything comes down to this concept with energy ball manipulation.  It sounds complicated to anyone unfamiliar with Pulse manipulation to begin with, but you know how your own energies feel.  That ball still contains some part of you, and on a subconscious level you know exactly how to make your body and brain work in conjunction with that energy ball.  You don’t have to think about how to make your hands open and close because it’s second nature and happening faster than the speed of light.  The thought-process involved with Pulse manipulation is the same sort of second nature implementation as that of opening and closing your hands.  You just know how to do it with enough practice that it feels completely natural.

            This isn’t of course to say that everything is incredibly simple to do right off the bat or that once you learn how to do one thing you’ll instantly learn how to do everything.  Just because you can shake hands does that mean you can juggle?  No, you have to learn how to do new things.  It works the same with Pulse.  Beams are slightly different, though follow much the same concepts as the energy balls.  It’s all about focusing the energy in the right places and discharging that energy build-up, though in this case you’re attempting to replenish the energy lost with equal or greater energy while maintaining the flow.  It’s rather complicated and extremely tiring to get the hang of.  In the story, it’s a concept the kids haven’t quite grasped.  Derek is convinced that because he can fire a beam it must be deadly.  He hasn’t learned how to apply follow-through, but he’ll learn.

            So flight.  How is that possible?  In the same function as the energy manipulation, flight is achieved by means of concentrating your Pulse in opposition to the polarities that the Earth is itself generating.  You align yourself against the Earth’s own magnetic pull.  Extremely complicated, and not something that happens without a fair amount of difficult practice, but once more, once you learn the concept, the application just involves more training to advance further, get faster, become more agile in the air.  It all matters how good you become at controlling your Pulse energies.  The stronger you get, the easier it is to repel gravity at a more rapid progression to the point that gravity ceases to exist for you.

            All of these concepts deal with learning how to manipulate energies that come from deep within you and are thus usually only understandable within your confines.  Each person has their own unique pattern for generating Pulse.  This is how the Pulse readers work.  Jack has a fairly standard model that can locate a Pulse energy within a nearby range and even tell you roughly how rapidly the Pulse is vibrating.  However, it’s possible to learn the specific vibration of a person.  This is a concept that will occur much later as the series progresses along with the kids’ abilities.  Some of them will learn how this works much quicker than others.  Chris has been gifted with a heightened awareness of patterns, and thus finds it easier to hone in on specific members of his party when he needs to or figure out where an enemy may be attacking from.  All of it is very complex.

            Now, I’ve gone on and given a scientific explanation of Pulse and its practical uses, but don’t expect me to let everyone off the hook that easy.  How do people generate fire?  Or water?  Or teleport?  Or any number of seemingly unexplainable things?  Faith!  Some things are just beyond our comprehension and a lot of times it’s best to keep it that way.  You’ll learn to enjoy life more when you stop worrying about why something is the way it is and just learn to except that something is and move on.

            Thus concludes my quick explanation of Pulse.  If you have any more questions, I suggest you keep them to yourself.  Haha, and stay tuned for what happens next!  Sometimes the best explanation is to just wait and see.  And don’t forget to believe!


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