Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Nineteen

January 24, 2009 at 12:40 pm (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star:  Chapter 19

“Through the Desert”


Recap:  Last time, utilizing Jack’s plan, the group was able to sneak into the Regime’s hidden military base and uncover a few interesting details.  They learned that the Regime has been excavating various areas around Trillium City in hopes of finding the Eclipse Star though were thus far unsuccessful.  Jack also discovered that something called ‘Project Locust’ was about to be carried out within a short period of time, but before they could learn anything else, they were found out.  Now, with alarms going off everywhere, Jack has given them one basic order…RUN.


Jack:  Quick, liberate the troops!  (They flip the dollies over, smashing the boxes open and revealing their hidden allies).


Lindsey:  Jack, what’s going on?


Jack:  No time, everyone just run!  (The entire complex is ablaze with noise.  Sirens are blaring, alarms are flashing, and soldiers are rushing around).  C’mon, follow me!


Derek:  (Resisting the order, angry).  No!  We got into this by following you!


Jack:  (Almost pleading).  Trust me on this one!


Derek:  (Points in the direction Jack’s trying to lead them).  That way leads back through the complex!


Jack:  They won’t expect us to do that!


Austin:  (Definitely pleading with everyone).  We don’t have the time to be arguing!


Derek:  (Points right in Jack’s face).  I’m not following you any more!


Jack:  Fine, go get yourself killed!  (Jack starts running back through the complex).


Derek:  See you on the other side!  (Takes off in the opposite direction.  After running for a while he looks back to see who followed him.  Only Kevin and Danny are behind him, along with a good number of soldiers).  So, you two are loyal to me, eh?


Kevin:  I don’t agree with your methods, but running back the way we came won’t work.


Derek:  So all the others went with Jack?


Kevin:  I don’t know, I started running after you and Danny followed me.


Danny:  (Very worried, looking over his shoulder).  I thought Willy would be following me; where is he?


Derek:  (Talking in a very confident voice, almost too confident).  As your new leader, I promise to get us out of here.  Now duck!  (Turns around and fires a small energy blast at their pursuers.  It explodes and creates a bunch of dust).


-Derek takes the two down a long alleyway that has a wooden fence at the end.


-Derek speeds up and launches himself at the fence like a cannonball, smashing through it and…out into thin air.


-Kevin stops himself right before he’s about to go over the edge and teeters on the tips of his feet.


-Danny comes running up behind him looking backwards at the people following him and slams right into Kevin, sending them both falling into the abyss with Derek.


Danny:  (The three of them are falling).  What just happened?!


Derek:  I got us out, that’s what happened!


Derek is the first to hit the edge of the steep incline leading away from the base.  He rolls himself to his feet and begins ‘surfing’ down the incline.


-Kevin hits next and starts skidding on his back, then rights himself onto his feet.


-Danny hits last and just keeps rolling uncontrollably.


-Soldiers are now coming down the incline behind the trio, most of which have guns.


Kevin:  (Calling to Derek).  We’ve got well-armed enemies coming from behind!


Derek:  Do they know how well-armed we are?!


Kevin:  I seriously doubt it!


Derek:  Reserve your attacks until I say so!  (Looks over and notices that Danny is still rolling down the incline).  Danny!  Straighten yourself out!


Danny:  (Just skidding, almost content).  Not really my fault!  (Gunfire ricochets near Danny’s head).  Why do they get to use guns?!  We should have brought guns!


-Danny sticks his arm out and starts dragging himself to a stable position on his side as he continues skidding down.  This slows him enough to allow a few soldiers the opportunity to catch up to him.


-As they get near, Danny kicks the legs out from under one, grabs his gun, and starts shooting at the feet of some of the other soldiers.  They go tumbling head-over-heels uncontrollably.


Derek:  (Stern).  I said hold off on attacking until I said otherwise!  (Whips around so that he’s skidding backwards down the incline.  He starts running back up towards the soldiers, jumps up and boots one in the head, sending him onto his back and into another two soldiers).


Kevin:  Do we strike back yet?!


Derek:  (Turns back around and runs down the incline again past Kevin).  Fire away!


Kevin:  We’re not trying to kill them, right?!  (Charges an energy attack in each of his hands and turns slightly.  He aims his hands at the ground and rapidly fires very small, rapid-fire blasts that kick up more dust.  A batch of soldiers hit the dust and lose their balance, rolling out of the dust coughing).


Derek:  We’re not trying to kill them, but they’re definitely trying to kill us!  (Bullets whiz by the three of them as the number of their followers keeps growing).  So it seems we’ll have to play by their rules!  (Charges a blast in his hand, turns, and throws it at a group coming up on the left.  It hits and men are thrown in all different directions, though not killed.  Derek grits his teeth, upset by this).  Damn!  We’re still not lethal enough!


Danny:  (Points in front of them).  We’ve got more problems coming us!


Derek:  They’re trying to cut us off from the front?!


Kevin:  No, it seems that that landscape is doing that job for them!  (Points off ahead of them at a large ditch that is quickly coming up).  What’s the plan?!


Derek:  Grow some wings!


Danny:  What does that mean?!


Derek:  Jump it stupid!


Derek puts both his hands together and charges a much larger blast.  He points his palms downward and fires a continuous blast that lifts him up into the air and sends him soaring above the gap.


-While in the air, Derek turns around and fires a few quick blasts downward at the feet of some of the soldiers, causing them to trip and kick up more dust.


-Kevin gracefully launches himself over the gap, rolling upon landing on the other side.


-Danny jumps but nearly falls in the gap, clutching onto the edge and frantically pulling himself up.


Danny:  (Finally pulling himself completely up).  Did we lose ‘em all?!


Derek:  (He lands and turns around as Danny begins his run downwards again.  Most of the remaining soldiers either fell into the gap or decided against jumping it.  It appears that the group is home free).  We’re clear!  Just get to the bottom of the ridge and high tail it into the desert!


Kevin:  We’ve still got a problem!  (Kevin points to the base of the incline).  They’ve finally started trying to cut us off from the front!  (Soldiers are now forming at the bottom of the ridge along with a few heavily armed vehicles, most noticeably tanks).


Derek:  This may need to be a group effort!  Form up around me!


Danny:  What are you planning?!


Derek:  Just form up!  (Kevin and Danny skid towards Derek as he starts charging up another energy blast in his hands.  They get the message and also start charging).  On the count of three!


Danny:  Wait, I haven’t got the shooty-blast-things down yet!


Derek:  (Angry).  Learn fast!  (Gunfire erupts around the three again, this time coming from mini-guns at the base of the ridge).  One!  Two!  (Danny gets hit with gunfire and flips onto his back).


Kevin:  (Genuinely concerned).  Danny’s hit!  (Stops charging and turns around to grab Danny).


Derek:  (Rolls his eyes).  Jeez, do I have to do everything myself…THREE!!!  (Does his best to shoot a powerful energy blast at the group forming at the base of the ridge.  Unfortunately, he’s quite tired at this point and though his blast is an accomplishment in regards to what he’s done thus far, it’s not strong enough to do more than disorient a handful of soldiers and kick up a cloud of dust).


Kevin:  (Slapping Danny’s face).  Danny!  Are you okay?!


Danny:  (Groggily reawakens and realizes that he’s skidding on his back.  He freaks out and panics).  AH!  Did I just get shot?!


Kevin:  I think so.


Danny:  Why am I not dead?!


Kevin:  I do not know actually.


Derek:  (Still angry).  And I don’t care as long as you’re ready to try this again!  (Hands charging).  Set?!


Kevin:  THREE!!!  (The three join up and fire one terrible looking blast that has no aim but a lot of oomph to it.  It succeeds in creating an opening for the three to go through when they hit the bottom).  So we’re going right through them?


Derek:  Yeah!  Just keep running until I say stop!


Danny:  (Raises his hand).  Um…question?!


Derek:  What?!


Danny:  (Points).  There are a few tanks down there!


Derek:  That’s not a question!


-The three get to the bottom and miraculously the hole they made between the soldiers has yet to be closed off in the confusion.


-Kevin and Danny bolt through the opening and don’t look back.  Guns fire all around their feet as soldiers are finally coming to their senses and chasing after them again.


Kevin:  Danny, three on our right coming up!


Danny:  What do you want me to do about it?!


Kevin:  I’m just letting you know!  (Charges an energy blast and fires it sideways, pushing the three soldiers off their feet).


Danny:  (Hops over the newly fallen foes).  Whoa, couple o’ logs here!  (A large explosion hits right behind Danny).  Jesus, what was that?!


Kevin:  That would be the tanks, and Jesus has nothing to do with it so leave him out of this!


Danny:  Sure could use some of his help about now!


-The tanks are gaining speed and are on either side of Danny and Kevin as they’re running.  Gun turrets swivel around and begin shooting.


-Kevin ducks and rolls out of the way.  Danny jumps into the air over the gunfire.


Danny:  What happened to Derek?!


Derek:  Someone call for a savior?


-Derek pops his head out from the other side of the tank as he vaults on top of it.  He boots the hatch open and fires an energy beam straight down into it.


-The main cannon turns and fires around arbitrarily, hitting the other tank and flipping it over.


-Derek hops off the tank and continues running with the other two as the tank he was on starts driving around wildly and eventually stops altogether.


Derek:  Anything else to worry about?


Kevin:  We’ve got some more Regime soldiers riding in a caravan coming up from the left!  (This is apparently the cue for the caravan to drive ahead of them and have soldiers hop out the back and run towards the three).  See, here they are!


Derek:  (Derek leaps into the fray and knees one in the face, knocking him into some others and bowling them over).  Taken care of!


Danny:  (Hops over the downed enemies again).  More logs.


Kevin:  We’ve still got another few full cars to deal with!


Derek:  Danny!  What happened to that gun you swiped a few minutes ago?!


Danny:  I threw it away!


Derek:  Why would you do that?!


Danny:  (Shrugs).  Seemed like a good idea at the time?


Derek:  Oh for the love of…  (Rolls his eyes again).


Derek unzips his flack jacket to reveal a pair of sai. He pulls one out and as a truck starts to pass him he runs up to it and tears the front tire out with his weapon.


-The truck loses control and Regime soldiers dive out before it starts flipping over.


-Another truck drives up in front of the three and Derek takes the lead, hopping into the back of the truck bed and into a group of very confused gunmen who end up firing at each other in an attempt to hit Derek.


-Derek, however, goes about punching and kicking, picks up an unconscious soldier, and throws him through the back window of the truck.


-This done, Derek then jumps out the back again.


-Naturally, this truck also flips over after losing control.


Derek:  I never did much like sport utility vehicles.


Kevin:  (Runs past the truck and turns around to check for more pursuers).  Looks like we’re finally in the clear.


Derek:  (Calmed down now).  For now, yes.  We’ve still got to get as far from here as we can before nightfall.


Danny:  I can agree with that!


Derek:  I think we’re done yelling for the moment.


Danny:  Okay!  (Clears his throat).  Uh, I mean, okay.


Kevin:  (Takes a look at the sun’s position in the sky).  The sun’s beating down hard.


Derek:  (Dry).  Makes sense seeing as how we are in a desert.


Kevin:  I’d say we’ve got at least another five hours before nightfall.  I’m not sure we can run that long.


Derek:  Then we’ll run until we pass out from exhaustion.


*          *            *            *            *


-Later that night, the three are huddled around a makeshift fire out in the middle of nowhere.  Danny is shaking uncontrollably.  Kevin is stricken with a solemn/grief-ridden look on his face.  Derek just looks tired.


Kevin:  What went wrong in there…?


Derek:  (Arms crossed, head down).  Jack screwed up along the line somewhere.


Kevin:  That wasn’t entirely it, something just seemed altogether wrong.  We didn’t make any blaring mistakes but it just didn’t seem plausible that we could succeed.


Derek:  If Jack had just let me and a few others go in alone we wouldn’t have drawn so much attention to ourselves and only a few of us would have had to run instead of the whole party bailing.


Kevin:  (Speaking softly, yet firmly).  I don’t think it was entirely Jack’s fault, though.


Derek:  So, you think it was my fault?


Kevin:  No, I don’t feel that it was either of your faults.  Something about everything didn’t add up.


Danny:  (Extremely sad).  We weren’t supposed to succeed.


Derek:  (Caught off guard).  What?


Danny:  We were never meant to get in there, and if we did find a way in, we weren’t supposed to find a way out.


Kevin:  (Piecing it together).  No radio…no directions…


Danny:  No hope…


Derek:  (Shakes his head in denial).  Nah, that’s just making excuses.  Jack was the one that blew it for us.  He panicked and we nearly got killed as a result.


Kevin:  Why do you hate Jack so much?  You blame him for everything, yet all he’s done is try to help.


Derek:  I don’t really hate Jack; I just don’t trust him anymore.  He keeps us in the dark too often for no reason.


Kevin:  Then who do you trust?


Derek:  I trust a lot of people.  I trust you guys just fine.


Danny:  That’s because we keep quiet and don’t get in you way.


Derek:  Exactly.  Some people just get under my skin.  Jack is one of them.


Kevin:  I assume that Chris is another?


Derek:  Ah Chris.  (Gets retrospective).  I’ve been meaning to ask, how did you end up meeting Chris anyways?


Kevin:  We meet back when we were kids.  My dad was the pastor of a church…


Derek:  That makes sense.


Kevin:  …And Chris’ family happened to attend our family’s church, so every Sunday we’d get a chance to talk.  I learned a lot about him, or at least the guy he used to be.


Derek:  The guy he used to be?  Who did he used to be before the current Chris?


Kevin:  He was a lot more passionate about everything.  The biggest thing was his beliefs.  He had almost as strong a faith as I have.  Then he just stopped caring as much.  Stopped speaking up, stopped having confidence, and finally stopped coming to church altogether.  His grandmother still came for a while, but he wasn’t there.


Danny:  What changed him?


Kevin:  I never got the chance to ask.  I mean, I suppose I had the chance, but I just never did.  It didn’t happen all at once either; it was over the course of a few years.  He got quieter over time; he’d still listen to me when I spoke, but his passion slowly died.  We haven’t seen each other since he left the church.


Danny:  I used to go to church for a while.  I just couldn’t pay attention though.  It felt too much like class, so I just up and ditched it one day.


Derek:  I never went to church and I don’t plan to.


Kevin:  Any particular reason?


Derek:  It’s all a load of made-up crap.


Kevin:  I’m not sure exactly where to begin to argue that statement.


Derek:  Then don’t.


Kevin:  (Gently prodding further).  What makes you feel that you need to prove something to everyone?


Derek:  What?  I don’t have anything to prove, I’ve already proven it; I just need to keep consistent with my success.  It’s what people expect of me.


Kevin:  What happened to make you think this way?


Derek:  I’m too tired to explain it in the best details.  (Leans back, thinking to himself).  Basic story of a kid who’s always been told he was great by his parents.  Everything I did was perfection to them.  I excelled at everything I did from an early age and they did nothing but tell me how wonderful they thought I was.  I didn’t have anyone to challenge that notion since I was an only child and we lived away from the city.  This changed when my parents divorced.  My mom became an alcoholic and couldn’t give up the habit.  Eventually my dad got sick of how weak my mom was, so he dumped her and I went with him.


Kevin:  (Still genuine).  I’m sorry to hear that your family got split up.


Derek:  (Shrugs).  Meh, I didn’t care, my dad had a good reason.  He just didn’t tolerate anything but the best from me and my mom.  She called his bluff to find out he wasn’t bluffing.  There was a fight, but he didn’t even have to lay a hand on her, he just stood there; let her hit him with things and rip into him verbally.  He didn’t budge, just stood there.  Then finally when she wore herself down, he just said “I’m done with you” and that was that.  (Shakes his head and waves Kevin off).  But it’s a long story and I’m exhausted right now.


Kevin:  So I’d bet.


Derek:  I’ll tell you more tomorrow or something.


Danny:  What do you think happened to the others?  (The three look back in the distance towards the ridge and the Regime’s base).


Derek:  Don’t know.


Kevin:  May God watch over them.


Derek:  Couldn’t hurt I guess.  (The ground begins rumbling softly).  Hey, what’s up?


Kevin:  (The ground is shaking more and more.  The three are becoming worried).  We weren’t followed, were we?


Derek:  No, we were careful to cover our tracks.


-Off in the distance a massive white light explodes straight up into the sky where the Regime’s base was located.


Derek:  (A sudden gust of wind blows the three back, whipping sand and dust across the desert.  The three are trying to cover their faces).  What the hell is that?!


Kevin:  Project Locust maybe?!


-The light fades but the ground keeps rumbling.  Suddenly another piercing light shoots out from the base, this one rocketing directly over the desert and the heads of the three sitting at the campfire.


Derek:  Duck and cover!  (The three duck and huddle on the ground, but the light has already faded and the ground has ceased moving).


Kevin:  I don’t know what that was, but if that’s what Project Locust can do…we’re in serious trouble.


Danny:  Should we go back and see what it was?


Derek:  No, we have to keep moving, now.


-The three wearily get to their feet and start distancing themselves from the base again.  Kevin looks back to see smoke billowing out from it.


Kevin:  May God be with us all…


To Be Continued…


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