Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Eighteen

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 18

“Don’t Do Anything Stupid”


Recap:  Last time, Kyle somehow unearthed a small bunker containing computers that served a function far beyond the comprehension of the group.  As usual, Jack and Derek began arguing and as a result Derek blew up the computers.  However, this proved to be quite beneficial to the situation and the Demon Regime’s hidden military base came into view off in the distance after losing power from the cloaking device.  After a night of excitement, the group’s attitudes severely changed once they realized exactly what they had to do: infiltrate a heavily armed military base, locate anything useful to the Legion, and get out without getting caught.  But thankfully, Jack has a plan…


Derek:  (The group is standing outside the walls of the military complex).  Jack, this may just be the stupidest plan I have ever heard of, and this is coming from me.


Jack:  (Busy being the leader).  Shh.  We don’t have time for your negative attitude.  Stick to the plan.


Derek:  We have no plan…


Jack:  No, we have no good plan.  (Stops, having caught himself).  Wait…I mean…shut up.  (Calling up to Kevin).  Do you see anything up there, Kevin?


Kevin:  (Looking over the side of the wall).  No, it appears that we’re clear.


Jack:  (Smiling).  Excellent.  Let’s go guys.


Derek:  This is stupid.  (Jack grabs Derek and throws him over the wall).


Jack:  Shut…up!  (One by one everyone is launched over the wall.  Jack finally leaps over by himself).  Good, we’re in.


Derek:  And now where does your great plan go?


Jack:  It goes over there.  (Points to a bunch of boxes).


Derek:  We’re hiding in boxes?  How did you even know these boxes would be here?


Jack:  I surveyed the area while you were all sleeping.  I knew there would be boxes over here large enough to hide in.


Derek:  (Skeptical).  And you knew the area would be empty?


Jack:  (Skirting most questions).  At this time, yes, I knew that it would be empty.


Derek:  How?


Jack:  I created a diversion on the other side of the encampment.


Derek:  When?


Jack:  A few minutes ago.


Derek:  When did you find the time?


Jack:  Doesn’t matter, we’re in, now shut up and get in the boxes.


Derek:  What did you use as a distraction?


Jack:  A cactus.  In the box.


Derek:  How the hell does a cactus distract people?


Jack:  It was on fire.  Box.  Now.


Derek:  What do we do once we’re in the boxes?


Jack:  I’ll take care of that.  It’s part of phase 2 of my plan.


Derek:  (Snidely commenting).  Hopping the wall would have been phase 2 if you set a cactus on fire…


Jack:  It’d be phase 2 for you guys.  I’m working from your perspective.


Chris:  (He and the others have just been standing quietly as the two bicker).  Should we say anything?


Kyle:  Nah, let the two argue.  Might as well get in the boxes while we wait.


-Jack and Derek argue on while everyone else gets into the boxes according to Jack’s wishes.


Jack:  (Frustrated, but keeping his voice down).  Derek, get in the box already.


Lindsey:  (Knocks on the side of the box).  Jack, I don’t mean to bother you but it’s kind of cramped and stuffy in here, so if you could get a move on that’d be great.


Jack:  (Rolls his eyes).  Fine, Derek, you can help me with this part since you won’t cooperate otherwise.  Follow me.  (Jack walks to the edge of the alleyway and looks out cautiously.  He calls Derek over after a moment or two).  On the count of three be ready to deck this guy.


Derek:  (Smiling as he cracks his wrist).  Now we’re talkin’…


Jack:  One…two…(Reaches around the corner, grabs a soldier, and pulls him into the alleyway).  Three!  (Both Jack and Derek sock the soldier in the face, knocking him out).  Okay, Derek, change into his uniform while I get one of my own.


Derek:  (Looking the soldier up and down).  This guy’s clothes aren’t gonna fit me that well.  (Realizes Jack’s not paying attention).  Hey Jack, you listening to me?


Jack:  (Pulls in another soldier and knocks him out).  What?  (Waves Derek off).  Just put ‘em on anyways.  (Strips the guy and starts putting on his uniform).


Derek:  (Reluctantly gets into his new uniform).  Now what chief?


Jack:  We need a hand truck or a dolly or something.


Derek:  For what?


Jack:  To carry everyone on.  (Stuffs the unconscious soldiers into some extra boxes).  Just wait here.  (Runs out, looks around the corner and walks off).


Derek:  This.  Is.  Stupid.


Jack:  (Runs back with two rather large dollies).  Start loading boxes.


Derek:  (Baffled to the point of being annoyed).  How did you find these so fast?


Jack:  I got lucky and most everyone’s still inspecting the flaming cactus.


Derek:  Why would they still be doing that?


Jack:  Because it’s still on fire.


Derek:  How…?


Jack:  (Finishes loading boxes onto the hand truck).  Don’t ask stupid questions; just follow me.  (He starts pushing his dolly out into the open as Derek follows, still confused as to what is going on).  This way.


Derek:  How do you know?


Jack:  A hunch.


Lindsey:  (From inside the box).  Jack, what’s going on?


Jack:  Shh, boxes don’t talk.  (Looks around).  That building.  (Points at a random building).


Derek:  Yes?  That is a building.


Jack:  Let’s get into that building.


Derek:  Why?


Jack:  I’ve got a hunch.


Derek:  (Dry).  I’m glad that you’re not just winging this.


Jack:  Shh, soldiers don’t talk.  (Jack and Derek push their carts in the direction of the building.  There are two guards in front of the building).


Derek:  (Whispers).  Jack…guards…


Jack:  (Whispers back).  I know, I know, follow my lead…  (Puts on an air of confidence and tips his hat).  Afternoon gentlemen.


Guard 1:  (Skeptical).  What do you have in the boxes?


Jack:  Important equipment that we’re moving here for storage.


Guard 1:  Why are you storing it in here?


Jack:  That’s just what I’ve been told to do.  Now if you’ll excuse me…


Guard 2:  (Sticks his ahnd out, stopping Jack).  Hold on, we have to inspect the boxes.  You understand, regulations and such.


Jack:  Sure.  (The guard walks over to the boxes.  Jack jumps up and elbows him in the back of the head, knocking him out).


Guard 1:  Hey!  What do you think you’re doing?!  (Derek runs up and knees him in the stomach, knocking him out).


Jack:  (Knocks on the side of the boxes).  Chris, Austin, you’re up.  (Stuffs the guards into the boxes.  Chris and Austin come out dressed in the guard outfits).


Chris:  (Patting his shirt, pulling at the baggy uniform).  Jack, we look really ridiculous dressed up in these.  We look like kids dressed as soldiers.


Jack:  Just don’t draw attention to yourself and you won’t get a second look from anyone.  Now come on.  (Pushes his dolly into the building.  Derek and the others follow).


-Jack looks around the building.  Derek is surprisingly quiet and obedient at the moment.  The room has a large table in the center with a map on it showing the location of the base in relation to Trillium City.


Jack:  This could be just what we’re looking for…  (Takes a look at the map.  It’s got a bunch of random pins placed around locations in the forests and mountains around the area).  What are all these pins for…?  Attack positions?


Chris:  (Looking through documents).  No, not attack positions.  Excavations sites.


Derek:  Excavating what?


Chris:  Artifacts.  Or at least attempting to excavate artifacts.  All these red pins are negative digs.


Jack:  What does it say they’re looking for?


Chris:  (Reading through the papers).  Um…let’s, see…(Mumbles to himself).  Looks like they’re looking for priceless gems and rare materials and…(Flips the page and skips a beat).  Huh.  Well this is interesting.


Derek:  What is it?


Chris:  They’re looking for that rock I threw out the window in the museum.


Jack:  The Eclipse Star?


Chris:  (Points).  That’s the one.  (Squints).  Why would they want it?


Jack:  (Thinking everything over, arms crossed, chin in hand).  If they’re putting all this time and effort and money into finding it then it has got to have some special meaning.  Do the papers say anything about why they need the Eclipse Star?


Chris:  Negative.  These plans only cover what the soldiers know on a need-to-know basis.  Questions are apparently discouraged.


Austin:  How can you tell?


Chris:  (Points).  It says here “Questions are discouraged.”


Austin:  Oh.  That’s fair I suppose.


Chris:  Is this all the information we need, Jack?


Lindsey:  (From inside the boxes still).  Yeah, is this all?


Jack:  No, there have got to be battle plans around here somewhere.  And boxes still don’t talk.


Lindsey:  No fair!


Derek:  We aren’t gonna find anything else in this room.  We should split up and go searching around the complex to see if we can find anything.


Jack:  No, that would be a bad idea.  We do need to go looking around some more though.  C’mon, grab the dollies; we can’t stay around one place for too much longer.  It’s not safe.


-The group grabs the dollies again and wheels them out of the building.  However, there are a lot more soldiers walking around the area.


Jack:  (Bothered).  Damn, the cactus must have gone out by now.


Chris:  Jack, what do we do?


Jack:  Just don’t draw attention to yourselves.  (Looks around and sees another building that catches his interest.  He points subtly to it).  That one.  Follow my lead.


Derek:  Not much else to do.


Jack:  (Whips around and gets in Derek’s face).  Hey, keep quiet.


Chris:  This would be one of those things that would draw attention to us…


Derek:  Yeah.  Shush.


-Jack turns back around and keeps walking towards the building.  More and more soldiers are walking past them now, most of which are talking about the unnatural occurrence that had been happening on the other side of the complex.


Soldier 1:  What do you think made it do that, eh?


Soldier 2:  Don’t know.  But remember to be on the lookout for anything else out of the ordinary.


Soldier 1:  Like a bunch of idiots carting boxes around on dollies?  (Points over towards the group.  All four of them look over in worriment of being found out).


Soldier 2:  Haha, oh come on, don’t bother the grunts.  They have to deal with enough shit as it is.


Solider 1:  Yeah you’re right.  They look like kids in those outfits anyway.  (The two walk on as the group heave a sigh of relief and move on towards the building.  There is another rather large guard standing in front of the building).


Bouncer:  Hold up there.  Clearance check.


Jack:  We’re just moving these boxes into storage here.


Bouncer:  Don’t be a smart ass.  Why would anyone in their right mind need to store anything here?


Jack:  That’s the orders I’ve been given.


Lindsey:  (From inside the boxes).  Are we in yet?


Chris:  Bah!  (Panics and kicks the box).


Lindsey:  Ow…!


Chris:  Haha…(Shakes his head as he awkwardly laughs and shrugs to the Bouncer).


Bouncer:  (Cock-eyed).  Oh I get it.  You new guys think it’s funny to play practical jokes on one another, eh?  You know the rules about hazing.  (Shoos them away).  Shove off before I detain you all.


Jack:  (Hangs his head and walks off).  Yes sir.  (The others follow his lead and hang their heads as Jack walks them to an alleyway next to the building).  I’ve got to get in there.


Derek:  What happened to sticking together?


Jack:  There is definitely something in there that we need to know and I need to find out what it is.


Derek:  How do you know that?!


Jack:  I don’t, it’s a hunch.  Stay close to the boxes and don’t talk to anyone unless you’re first spoken to, and then only act like an idiot who just got recruited.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.


Derek:  Well hurry back.


-Jack climbs up the side of the building and crawls into a vent opening.  In the meantime Derek, Chris and Austin all wait anxiously for Jack to get back.


Jack:  (Crawling through the vents).  Okay, let’s see what we’ve got in here…  (Hears voices further down the vent).  Bingo.


Voice:  Sir, do we have any word on what might have caused the occurrence?


Deeper Voice:  No.  I suspect that someone planted it as a distraction though.


Jack:  I know that voice…  (Crawls up to the edge of the ventilation grating and looks through).  Syrus!


Syrus:  We need troops to search the entire encampment.  Last night we lose our covering and today a cactus shows up on our doorstep on fire; this is not just a random coincidence.


Ranking Officer:  Do you think they pose a serious threat, sir?


Syrus:  (Annoyed).  You know my policy on the term “sir”.


Ranking Officer:  (Somewhat nervous).  Um, Syrus, do they pose a threat?


Syrus:  We have to assume so.  Creating a perpetually burning cactus may be considered child’s play but we can’t assume anything until we find them.


Ranking Officer:  I’ll get right on it sir.  (Clicks his heels and salutes as Syrus rolls his eyes.  The ranking officer starts to walk away and then remembers something, turning around).  Oh, sir, I forgot to mention, Octavious is wishing to speak to you via the radio transmission.


Syrus:  (Hangs his head and waves the solider off, definitely annoyed).  Thank you now leave.  (The solider clicks his heels and salutes again then leaves.  Syrus walks over to a radio communicator and flips it on).  Octavious, you wished to speak with me?


Octavious:  (Via the radio.  Octavious begins by mocking Syrus).  You know my policy regarding the term “sir”.


Syrus:  (Clearly agitated).  What did you want?


Jack:  (Quietly listening, though having trouble not jumping for joy).  This is golden…


-Meanwhile, outside…


Soldier 1:  (Walks up to Derek and the others).  Heh, new recruits eh?


Derek:  (Cooly leaning against the boxes, his arms crossed).  Yeah, what of it?


Solider 1:  How come I haven’t seen you around before?  I’m pretty sure I would have hazed someone like you personally.


Chris:  (Waggling his finger).  Now now, you know the regulations regarding hazing.  (Bit worried).  Right?


Solider 1:  (Starts pounding his fists).  Oh I know them.  (Smiles).  Don’t get caught…


-Back inside the building.


Octavious:  (Via radio).  How is Project Locust progressing?


Syrus:  Everything is progressing as well as it should be and it would be progressing a lot faster if you would stop pestering me every few hours wondering what I’m doing.


Octavious:  Don’t get defensive all of a sudden; you’re acting like a child.


Syrus:  Considering the way I’ve seen children act lately I’ll take that as a compliment…  (Casually looks up towards where Jack is hiding in the vent).


Jack:  (Panics and starts backing quickly out of the vent, cursing under his breath).  Shit…!


-Back outside.


Derek:  (Smiling).  Now what have we learned?


Soldier 1:  (A crowd of soldiers have gathered as Derek is standing over a clearly bruised and beaten Solider 1).  I’m sorry!  I’m sorry!  New recruits are just as good as regulars!


Derek:  (Walks up and kicks Soldier 1 in the stomach.  The crowd cheers.  Derek’s loving this.  He crouches down near Solider 1’s face).  I don’t think they can hear you in the back…


Solider 1:  (Coughs a bit).  You’re better than me!!!  (The crowd laughs and cheers again).


Derek:  (Stands up, beaming).  That’s better.  Now run along Scooter.  (Solider 1 gets up and runs off while choking back tears.  Derek has his hands on his hips, gloating as he basks in the love of the crowd).  You know, I might just consider signing up here.


Jack:  (Jumps down from the vent into the alley way.  He’s frantic).  Chris, Austin!  Get the dollies; we have to get out of here, now!


Chris:  (Unworried).  Why?  What did you find out?


Jack:  Hardly anything, but Syrus knows we’re here!  (Looks around).  Where’s Derek?


Chris:  (Points to the crowd of soldiers).  Out there fighting that solider that gave us crap a while ago.


Jack:  (You can nearly see Jack’s mind explode and his eyes scream for help).  WHAAAAT?!?!  (Runs out to find Derek laughing and joking with a group of other soldiers).  What the hell are you doing?!


Derek:  (Trying to look natural).  Calm down…(Looking around anxiously).  Don’t make a scene Jack…


Jack:  (Regains his composure enough to calm down a little and start playing along).  Haha, well come on now, we’ve got a busy schedule to keep, what with Project Locust coming up and all.  (Taps his “watch”).


Soldier 2:  (As most of the soldiers walk off, this particular one walks up to Jack).  What the heck kind of watch is that?


Jack:  (Now really starting to panic).  This…?  Noooothing…?  (Whispers off to Derek).  Get the dollies and go now…


Soldier 2:  (Points at Jack’s “watch”).  That is definitely not an ordinary watch.


Soldier 3:  (Takes an interest in the conversation).  Nah, it’s one of those power reader watches I was telling you about.  (Derek, Chris and Austin walk by Jack wheeling the dollies).  Here, I’ve got one, too.  (Pulls up his sleeve to reveal a power reader watch).


Jack:  Haha, they’re pretty sweet.  (Points at Solider 2).  You should get one.  (Slowly edges back towards the others).


Soldier 2:  Show me how it works.


Jack:  (Whispering to the others).  Go go go…


Solider 3:  Here, watch.  (Turns it on.  The thing goes ballistic from reading everyone’s powers nearby.  The soldiers are confused).  What the heck?


Jack:  (Freaks).  GO NOW!  (He, Derek, Chris and Austin book it as fast as they can away from the two soldiers before they can figure out what’s going on.  From behind them they can hear a siren start going off before sirens begin blaring from everywhere).  SHIT!


Chris:  (Sufficiently panicked).  Jack, what do we do?!


Jack:  Liberate the troop!  (They flip the boxes off the dollies, busting them open and letting everyone else out).


Lindsey:  (Confused).  Jack, what’s happening?!


Jack:  (The entire complex is now ablaze with noise and movement towards the group).  RUUUUN!!!!!


To Be Continued…


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