Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Seventeen

January 14, 2009 at 10:45 am (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter 17

“The Hidden Plateau”


Recap:  Last time, after being dropped off in the desert, the group began learning how to use energy blasts to their advantage.  While nearly the entire group mastered the basic techniques, they found themselves at a lost for just where to go to find the Regime’s hidden military complex.  Derek split off from the group for a day, coming back with no results.  Once Jack lost their supplies, it became apparent that they needed to find the base immediately.  Luckily, at about this time Kyle finally developed his own energy blast that blew open a hole in the side of the ridge.


Kyle:  Hey Jack!  I think we foooound something!


Jack:  (Gets up from the group and runs over with Lindsey).  What’s up?


Chris:  (Points at Kyle).  Kyle just learned how to use energy blasts.


Lindsey:  (Extremely excited).  Good job Kyle!


Kyle:  (Slightly serious, pointing at the hole).  Take a look at the hole I made.


Jack:  (Briefly looks over).  Oh yeah, that’s a nice hole alright…(Does a double-take and looks back more carefully).  Uh…why are there flashing lights coming from that hole?


Chris:  That’s what we’re trying to tell you.  So we go check it out?


Jack:  Right, but you’d better let me go first in case there’s trouble.


Kyle:  God forbid those flashing lights could give us seizures.


Jack:  Who knows what those flashing lights mean.


Chris:  (Calling off to Derek).  Derek!  Come check this out!


Derek:  (Almost annoyed).  I’m coming!  (Jogs over).


-Jack, Derek, Lindsey and Chris all walk down into the hole and discover that it doesn’t go down very deep.  Inside is a small bunker of some sort that houses a number of computer screens and panels, all blinking randomly and showing different images.


Lindsey:  Hey Jack, what are all these computers for?

Jack:  (Surveys the room and pretends to know what all the computers are for).  From the look of things I’d have to say that it’s basically just a meteorologist station.  Nothing more than a facility for reporting the weather.

Chris:  What’s this symbol right here?  (Points at a small picture of a skull with horns on it).

Jack:  It looks like…  (Inspects it very closely and seems somewhat deflated by the truth).  Yeah, it’s the Demon Regime’s crest.

Lindsey:  What does that mean Jack?

Jack:  That…this is a weather station for the Demon Regime?

Derek:  (Looking at Jack cock-eyed).  You’re making this up, aren’t you?

Jack:  (Defensive).  Why would I need to do something like that?  Look right here, this looks like a Doppler radar used for gathering information on the weather.  (Keeps pointing at things).  This here is a thermometer and next to it is a barometer, used for testing…weather-related things.  See?  Nothing out of the ordinary.  (Slams his hand down on the keyboard).

Kyle:  (Still standing outside the hole).  Wait a minute.  This is my hole.  Why am I waiting out here?  (Starts to walk over to the hole but sees something catch his attention in the distance as a few bright lights flash into view).  And what have we here?

Derek:  (Calling Jack’s bluff).  I’m telling you that this is definitely something more important than a weather station!  (Flicks his hand and hits a lever).

Kyle:  (The lights in the distance go black again.  Kyle looks sad).  Ahhh…maybe not.

Jack:  And I’m telling you that this is a waste of time!  (Leans on the control panel).

Kyle:  (Lights come up in the distance again, this time from different spots).  He…hey guys…?

Derek:  Stop acting like you’re in charge of all of us!  (Slams his fist into one of the screens).

Kyle:  (More lights come on, now buildings can be seen.  Kyle is trying not to let it out of his sight while still calling for the others).  Seriously, guys, this is kinda important.

Jack:  I am in charge of this group!  (Kicks the control panel).  You need to start treating me with the respect I deserve!  (Slams his hand again).

Kyle:  (Lights are coming on and then turning off all over.  Kyle slumps and shrugs).  Why is it that I’m the only one who’s seeing this?

Derek:  I’m giving you the respect you deserve!  You don’t deserve anything!  (Knees the control panel).

Kyle:  (All lights go out and then come back on).  Seriously now, this could be worth taking a look at, Jack.

Jack:  I don’t deserve any respect?!  You don’t even deserve to be here!  (Refrains from hitting anything).

Chris:  You know, I think I keep hearing Kyle trying to tell us something…

Kyle:  (Everything disappears.  Kyle raises an eyebrow).  Well that was weird.

Derek:  I’ll prove to you that I’m more valuable than anyone else here!  (Flips out and fires an energy blast at the computer, completely destroying it in a blaze of glory).

Kyle:  (An explosion of light appears in the distance as an entire military base comes into view).  Bwaaa?

Jack:  (Annoyed).  Look what you did!  You destroyed everything!

Lindsey:  Enough!  You two need to calm down!

Kyle:  (Screams into the hole).  HEY!  (This startles everyone).  Get your heads outta that hole and look at what I found!  (Everyone walks outside again and Kyle points off into the distance).  Look what I did.  Aren’t you proud?

Jack:  (Dumbfounded).  That’s the Regime’s base…

Derek:  (Also dumbfounded).  The one we were trying to find…

Both Derek and Jack:  We did it!  (The two jump up and down, hugging each other).

Lindsey:  I don’t get you boys.

Chris:  I don’t usually get us either.

-Meanwhile, off in the top of the ridge some distance off.

Commander:  (Looking through a pair of binoculars, he’s absolutely dumbfounded as well).  They actually did it.  They actually found the base.

Subordinate:  What does this mean for us?

Commander:  This means that they found it, that’s all.  I expected them to have starved to death or given up before they found it, but this doesn’t mean that they’ve succeeded yet.  Their mission was to find and infiltrate the base; they’ve got half a mission left to go.

Subordinate:  So no change in plan as of yet?

Commander:  No, plan remains as follows…  (Begins to explain as the scene changes back).

-As the night goes on the entire group has woken up and are excited at their surprise accomplishment.

Austin:  (Patting Chris on the back).  See Chris?  Everything has a way of working out in the end.

Chris:  This was just beginner’s luck.  If Kyle hadn’t blown open that bunker, we’d still be depressed and moping.

Derek:  So, turns out the weather station was not quite a weather station, eh Jack?

Jack:  Turns out it was part of a cloaking machine for the Regime.  Turns out I was wrong.  Would you like a gold star Derek?

Derek:  As a matter of fact, I kinda would, if you don’t mind.

Jack:  Will you settle for a thumbs-up and a stick of gum?

Derek:  It will have to do.

-The group laughs and jokes the entire night, all content with their greatness.  They all pass out in the wee hours of the night.

Syrus:  Hmh, who goes next?

Chris:  What?

-Syrus shoots an energy beam from his finger at someone.

Chris:  No…

-Syrus proceeds to fight with everyone, quickly disposing of them one by one.

Chris:  (Freaking out).  Why are you doing this?!

Syrus:  I told you that I’d bring Hell with me, didn’t I?  (Laughs under his breath as everything goes blindly white).

Chris:  NOOOOO!!!  (Chris sits bolt upright after waking himself up.  He’s breathing heavily).  Where am I?!  What’s going on?!

Austin:  (Rubbing his eyes, startled awake as well).  Hey, Chris, buddy, you’re alright, you were just asleep and from the sounds of it you were having a nightmare.

Kyle:  (Turns over in his sleep).  How original…

Austin:  You wanna talk about it?

Chris:  I don’t know if there’s much to talk about.  I saw Syrus laughing at me; he kills someone, and then starts fighting with everyone else.  I think he kills them, too.  I don’t know; I’m not sure what I saw.

Austin:  You’re just under a lot of stress, I mean we all are, but you’ve never been one to handle stress that well.  Try and get some more sleep, it’ll be good for you.

Lindsey:  (Walks over to Chris and Austin).  I heard you yelling, are you alright, Chris?

Chris:  I’m fine, it was just one of those dreams, ya know?

Lindsey:  We all get them sometimes.  It’s part of being human.  (Sits down next to Chris).  Get some sleep.  C’mon, we’re right here for you.  We’ll stick with you.  Nothing bad can happen if we stick together.  (Nuzzles Chris’ shoulder in her sleepiness).

Chris:  I hope you’re right about that.

Lindsey:  Of course I’m right about that.  Now just try and rest.  (Pulls Chris so that he’s lying down with his head in her lap.  She starts stroking his hair).  See?  Nothing bad can happen.  Shh…go to sleep…(She sings softly to him.  Austin smiles and turns over to go back to sleep.  Chris falls asleep quickly and sleeps through the rest of the night).

*          *            *            *            *

-The next morning, everyone wakes up early and starts moving around to prepare for the day.  The excitement from the previous night has turned into a more anxious, worried feeling.

Jack:  (Explaining his plan to everyone).  So the plan is to get in there as quietly as possible, find the information we need, then get out equally as quiet as when we went in there in the first place.

Derek:  (Bored and unimpressed by Jack).  Gee, maybe I should write this down.

Jack:  (Points at Derek).  I’m gonna have to watch you extremely carefully.  No fancy stuff in there.  There is no room to show off; this isn’t one of those kinds of missions.

Clinton:  Do we know where to find all the battle plans and blueprints and information and such, or are we just going in there without any idea and hoping that we stumble across it at one point?

Jack:  Heh, of course not, I know where we’re going.

Clinton:  Oh good, ‘cause for a minute there I was worried that you were just making stuff up about a military base that we just found and has never been seen by even our superiors, but thankfully, you know where we’re going.

Jack:  (Pause).  That is correct.

Clinton:  (Blinks for a moment and turns away).  Kevin, tell me a little bit more about this “God” you speak of…(Walks off towards Kevin).

Chris:  Jack, do you honestly know where everything is in there?

Jack:  I’ll find it.  I’m betting that it’s in the middle of the complex.

Chris:  (Skeptical).  You’re betting or you know?

Jack:  I know.

Chris:  For sure?

Jack:  For the most part.

Chris:  Maybe we should just give it a few more days of thought and scope out the area a bit more or something?

Jack:  (Stern).  No, we’re going in today.  We’re ready and we don’t have time to waste.  Besides, we don’t have any food or supplies anyway, so we need to finish this before we’re in a worse situation.

Chris:  And then what?

Jack:  Then we go home.

Chris:  How are we getting home?

Lindsey:  (Realization).  Oh no, Jack, didn’t you drop the radio into the river yesterday?

Jack:  No we were never…(Bigger realization)…given a radio…wait…

Lindsey:  (Worried).  What are you talking about Jack?

Jack:  (Thinks to himself).  We were never given a radio to begin with…

Lindsey:  We forgot to bring one?

Jack:  (Shakes his head, still wrestling with the possibility of what this could mean).  No, the Legion never gave us one.  It just now dawned on me.

Chris:  Maybe we were supposed to have grabbed our own radio?

Jack: Maybe, it could have been in the mission briefing.  (Struggling to justify everything).  That’s probably just it…(Gets up).  Doesn’t matter, but now we need a way to get a hold of the Legion and let them know what’s going on.  We’ll just have to keep an eye open for a communication station in there somewhere.

Chris:  And where would one of those be?

Jack:  Probably towards the middle.  The building should have satellite dishes coming from the roof.  (Claps his hands).  So, are we all ready to go?

Chris:  (Dead serious).  No, none of us are ready to go.  I doubt that even you’re ready to go.

Derek:  (Growing impatient).  I’ve been ready for over a day, let’s get going already.

Jack:  Okay everyone, remember the plan.

Kyle:  Right, kiss our asses goodbye and hope it goes quickly.

Jack:  (Snaps back, not taking any disagreement).  No.  Stay quiet, stay hidden, and don’t do anything stupid.  I’ll take the lead.

Derek:  We should leave most everyone here.  We only need two or three guys to go in there.

Jack:  We’re sticking together, okay?

Derek:  (Getting close to Jack and talking quietly).  That increases the chance of us getting caught.

Jack:  It also allows us to cover more space while we’re in there.

Derek:  (Baffled, completely mistrusting Jack).  How?  If we’re all following you around, then we’re only covering as much space as you lead us to.

Jack:  But in case we’re attacked it would be more beneficial to have a larger number of people there to fight.

Derek:  So you’re banking off the chance that we’re going to get caught?

Jack:  No but I’m prepared for that option should it arise.  (Starts to walk on).

Derek:  You’re setting us up for failure already.

Jack:  (Stops and turns around, getting right in Derek’s face).  If we fail I can promise you that you’ll be the one to blame.

Kevin:  (Breaking them up).  Hey, neither of you are helping the situation any by arguing amongst yourselves.  We need to work together in there, watch each other’s backs, just be there for each other.  We will be okay in there if we stand firm, but if we’re constantly arguing then it will end in failure.  A kingdom divided amongst itself cannot stand, don’t forget that.

Chris:  (Pats Kevin’s shoulder).  That was great Kevin.

Kevin:  (Shrugs).  Eh, I haven’t said anything in a while and it seemed relevant at the moment.

Jack:  Well, you all heard the religious man; stick together, watch over each other, and above all don’t do anything stupid.  Now let’s go!

Lindsey:  How do we get in?

Chris:  We can’t exactly just walk in there, that would be doing something stupid, and if I remember correctly, you’re somewhat against that.

Jack:  Oh I’ll get us in.  Didn’t I tell you guys I had a plan?

To Be Continued…



  1. TheKingOfZing said,

    Just started reading again. Hadn’t in a while. Just one thought about this chapter… Why didn’t they automatically go and start trying to get into the base once the base had been de-cloaked? Once the cloaking device would have been turned off or destroyed sensors, and the Demon Regime would have been alerted to this and would have sent at least a team of technicians to go and fix the problem, if not a recon-team of some kind to check out the disturbance, and people like Jack and maybe even Chris or Derek would have come to this conclusion and would have at least hidden and even gotten a move on to get into the base while they still had a chance… they wouldn’t have gone to sleep, not matter how tired they were… there wouldn’t be enough time, plus that would leave them vulnerable to Demon Regime attack. Just a thought for any future rewrites.

    • eclipsestar said,

      You see, the kids also fly and shoot energy blasts, and thus, the rules of a normal plot do not function here. For the sake of plot, the cloaking device is only noticeable from the outside in, therefore anyone from the inside looking out wouldn’t have noticed the base was visible. True, Jack or Derek should make some connection here, though I at least have Jack explaining that he’s done extensive recon of the base, so if we must get technical, he took note of the base, set up some surveillance such as the audio bug in a few key locations, (such as the cave), and had the group sleep in a location unnoticeable by the Regime without passing yet another audio bug. In future rewrites this would all be explained, but that is my butt-covering for now. 🙂

  2. TheKingOfZing said,

    Suspending Reality is so hard for me! It hurts my logical brain! But yeah, I see what you are saying.

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