Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Sixteen

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 16

“Rocks, Sand, and Newb Cannons”


Recap:  Now that the tournament had ended and Derek had been proclaimed champion, the Legion immediately decided it was time to send the group on their first mission.  Having hardly any time to rest, early the next morning they found themselves on a helicopter flying to the Kantirian Wastelands, also known as the Forever Desert, in search of one of the Demon Regime’s military bases.  Once they were dropped off it soon became apparent that it was going to be a long hunt.


Jack:  (Taking the lead, sunglasses on his face and a backpack on his back).  Okay everyone, stick together.  We don’t want anyone getting lost out here.


Derek:  (Squinting his eyes, looking all around).  Where’s this base supposed to be anyway?


Jack:  (Points at the ridge in the distance).  Somewhere out here, most likely in that ridge off in the distance.


Chris:  Any clue if we’re on the right track?


Jack:  I know about as much as you do on this matter.  Once we get to the ridge we’ll develop a new strategy.


Derek:  (Slipping it out there).  In the meantime, why don’t you teach us that energy blast stuff?


Jack:  (Sighs).  Well, as much as I really don’t think you guys should know this yet, it will come in handy if we somehow come across the Regime’s base.  (They all stop walking as Jack takes his backpack off and places it on the ground, then puts his sunglasses on his hat.  He rubs his hands a few times).  Okay, first thing you need to know is that it’s not all about who’s the strongest.  Everyone can potentially use energy combat since it’s based more on skill.  Some are gonna have single beams, some are gonna be able to manipulate it into controllable balls, some are gonna do things that none of us could predict.  Everyone is different in that aspect.


Chris:  (Thinks for a moment, coming to a realization).  Wait a minute.  When we first met you, you told us that you didn’t know how to manipulate energy combat.


Jack:  I didn’t.  Or at least not that well.  Do you think I haven’t been doing training of my own in addition to what I’ve been teaching?  (Looks around, somewhat stern).  I thought I told you to do personal training as well.


Derek:  (Basically patting himself on the back, his arms crossed in his own smugness).  Obviously I made sure to do some independent study.


Jack:  (Rolls his eyes, speaking mostly to himself).  It was certainly a surprise to me, that’s for sure.


Kyle:  So how does it all work?


Jack:  It’s kinda like a charge and release sort of motion.


Lindsey:  What do you mean, Jack?


Jack:  Well, you’ve got to focus your energy properly.  Instead of focusing it throughout your body, you basically harness into one specific location.  In the same aspect you can just power up specific parts of your body, so for example you could unleash a devastating kick or a punch that could literally kill someone if you’re not careful.


Chris:  Doesn’t sound too hard really.


Derek:  (Shakes his head).  It’s really not.


Jack:  That depends how much power and control you want and how fast you want your firing speed to be.  It can really tire you out if you’re not conditioned to use them.  That’s why when I first met you all I could do was one or two in a row before getting winded.


Derek:  (Laughs quietly to himself).  I’ve definitely surpassed you there.


Chris:  How many can you fire off before getting tired?


Derek:  Haven’t found my limit, but more than twelve.


Leena:  (Scoffs and rolls her eyes).  No way, that’s just ridiculous.


Derek:  (Gives Leena a dirty look and readies himself).  Oh yeah?  Just watch me.  (Starts to charge up his blasts in his hands, then fires off one into the distance, then another, then another until he’s shot about five.  He starts to breath hard). Not bad, eh?


Leena:  (Unimpressed).  You’re half way there, keep going.


Derek:  (Turns away from her, annoyed).  Meh, I don’t have to prove anything to you.


Jack:  Derek, you’ll be helping me teach these guys how it’s done.  All they need to learn is the most basic of energy blasts, just enough to create fast explosions without making themselves too tired.  Who wants to try next?


Austin:  (Eyebrow raised).  So it’s just charging and releasing?


Jack:  Yeah.


Kyle:  (Raises his hand).  Kinda like masturbation?


Jack:  (Thinks for himself, then pauses, nodding his head, finally).  Yes actually, kinda like masturbation.


Chris:  (A realization).  Ohhhhhh, that kind of release.  Like a good kind of tired.


Jack:  Um…yeah.


Austin:  It’s all about stamina?


Jack:  (Smacks his face).  Oh jeez…yeah, somewhat like that.


Scott:  I’m up first.  (Charges his power and can’t seem to make anything happen).


Jack:  It needs to be more natural.  You don’t want to force it out, just control what would happen naturally.


Chris:  Technically we wouldn’t naturally be doing this though.


Jack:  Also true, but for all intensive purposes, this is a natural function.


Kyle:  (Raises his hand again).  Like masturbation.


Jack:  Somewhat like…okay, who’s next?


Lindsey:  Okay then, I’ll give it a go. (Powers up and fires off a small energy ball).  Oh wow…that felt pretty…heh, good.  (Starts to laugh to herself).


Leena:  (Raises an eyebrow).  Like…what kind of good?


Lindsey:  Heh, you’ll see.


Leena:  (Does her best to fire an energy blast, eventually succeeding).  Oooooh, I see what you mean.  (Pauses a second).  I kinda want to do that again.


Derek:  (Smiles).  Yeah, it’s pretty sweet, eh?


-Everyone tries their best to fire off energy blasts for the next hour, though no one really accomplishes this task though.


Chris:  Hooya!  (Fires one that hardly explodes).  Aha!  (Pumps his fist in the air).  I think I’m getting’ this!  (Charges again and fires off a fairly good one that goes way off into the distance.  He points in the direction it flew).  Oh check that one out, it had some distance to it.


Derek:  (Still smug).  At least I can fire more than you can.


Chris:  Oh yeah?  One two three GO!  (The two compete to see who can fire off the most.  They both cap out at 7).


Kyle:  Energy blast, AWAY!  (Nothing happens.  Kyle slouches, defeated).  Damn.


Scott:  Come on baby…ehhhh-BOOYA!  (Fires blast with both hands).


Chris:  Jack, show us how to do beams.


Derek:  I can do a beam already.  Watch and learn.  (Strains to make an energy beam with one hand, hardly pulling it off).  That’s how it’s done.


Chris:  Hardly.  (Shoots off one with both hands, though also hardly).


Derek:  I’ve got more stamina than you.


Chris:  Try me!


-The two forcefully push themselves to fire off a continuous energy beam.  A few moments later their beams dissipate and that both hunch over, completely winded.


Chris:  Man, I’m spent.


Derek:  Hah, wuss.


Austin:  (Jumping up and down).  Hey, look at that, I got up to twelve times in under a minute!


Chris:  Man Austin, you are an animal.


Lindsey:  I’m still goin’!  (Continues to fire small blasts one after the other at an incredible rate of fire).


Leena:  Go girl go!


Kyle:  See, this is why I’m jealous of women.  Multiple energy blasts.


Danny:  Oh man this is sick.  (Punches around with what looks like energy ball gloves).  Willy, toss me an energy ball.


Willy:  Alright then, lookout!  (Winds up and hurls an energy ball at Danny, who then pulls back and smacks it with his energy glove hands, sending it into the air).


Kevin:  (An energy ball is hovering above his open palm.  He’s finding the whole process fascinating).  It seems to be nothing more than a case of mind over matter.  (Manipulates the energy into different shapes, then lets it hover by itself all around in different directions).


Chris:  Ah, but have you already figured out how to do…this!  (Fires an energy ball at Kevin.  Right as it’s about to hit him, Chris pulls his hand back and it does an about-face, nearly hitting Chris on the way back).  Yah!  (Falls on his back as he ducks out of the way).  Look out guys!


-Everyone jumps out of the way as it tears across the group.


-Jack jumps in front of it and tries to stop it with both his hands.  It pushes him back but he regains control and throws it into the air where it explodes harmlessly.


Chris:  (A bit embarrassed).  Sorry guys!


Kyle:  I’m still not getting this thing yet.  (Tries desperately to make any sort of energy blast).


Clinton:  I feel ya Kyle.  I’m having trouble myself.  (Focuses and then shoots off a continuous blast that rockets over the ground).  Oh, maybe I’ve got it then.


Jack:  (Looking around, taking it all in).  How are they all learning so fast…?


-For the next few hours everyone continues to fire off energy blasts, except for Kyle, until nightfall hits and the group sets up camp at the base of the ridge.


Lindsey:  (Leaned back while sitting down.  She looks enraptured).  Man…that was amazing…


Leena:  (Fanning herself).  You’re telling me.


Scott:  (Smoking a cigarette).  I’ve had better.


Leena:  I couldn’t by any chance borrow a cigarette, could I?


Scott:  It’s a filthy habit; you’ve got enough problems as it is.


Chris:  (Breathing heavily).  So…how’s our progress Jack?


Jack:  Not back I guess.


Derek:  Screw that, we’re doing great and you know it.


Jack:  You’ve come a long way in a short amount of time no matter how you slice it.  But doing something and knowing how to do it well aren’t the same thing, so don’t get overly confident just yet, and yeah, I realize that’s going to sound ridiculous to you, but just try and listen to reason there.


Derek:  Hehehehe…  (Walks away, laughing to himself).


-Everyone is very tired, Danny is completely passed out and snoring although he’s still got an energy glove on.  Kyle is still working on creating an energy blast a ways away from the group.


Kyle:  (Thrusting his hands forward with very yell, trying different hand gestures with each).  Shazam!  Alakanooch!  Hocus pocus!  Um…please?  (Nothing).  Bah.  (Walks back over with the rest of the group).


Jack:  (Lecturing everyone sitting around a circle).  You’re all doing extremely great, but remember that it’ll be a lot different in actual battles.  You’re not going to have time to think of what to do and how much to do it, so it’s gonna need to come naturally, just like I originally said.


Chris:  Are we at least purposefully dangerous instead of accidentally?


Jack:  Enough so that you can create small explosions capable of blowing up rocks and stuff, but not enough that you could really hurt anyone yet.  Get some rest though.  Tomorrow we’re checking the ridge as much as possible for that base.


Derek:  And more energy training.


Jack:  No.  You’ve all learned enough to get you through this mission, now we just need to find the base.


Derek:  (Shrugs).  Hell, I could go find it right now if I felt like it.


Jack:  (Shoots back at Derek).  Be my guest.


Derek:  (Annoyed).  Fine, I think I will.  (Gets up and leaves).


Jack:  Meh, he’ll be back in like an hour.


*          *            *            *            *


-Morning comes and Derek has yet to return.  The others have all gotten up and are stretching out for another long day of walking.


Lindsey:  (Looking around, frantic).  Derek should have come back by now.  I’m getting worried.


Jack:  (Looking down, his hands at his hips.  He’s frustrated).  Damnit, that’s just what we need.  We’ll just have to go looking for him as well.


Chris:  I wonder if he found it or not?


Jack:  Damn, if he did I’ll wager he got himself captured trying to infiltrate it without us.


Austin:  Well then we don’t have time to waste.  (Waves his hand forward and begins walking).  Let’s move out guys!


Jack:  Hey, I’m the leader here.  Um…let’s move out…everyone!


-They all grab their gear and start the trek up to the top of the ridge.  Once they reach the top they get a good view of the area at last.


Lindsey:  (Shading her eyes from the sun as she looks out over the desert).  Oh wow, it really does go on forever.


Jack:  (Looks over all the ridge and sees nothing out of the ordinary).  Dang, I figured we’d be able to see at least something to set us in the right direction.


Chris:  Jack, how likely do you think it is that we’ll find this thing?


Jack:  We’ve got a week, so I’m not too worried.


-Another night passes with still no sign of either the base or Derek.  The next day, everyone’s morale is starting to diminish.


Leena:  (Trudging along, just like everyone).  I’m hot, and I’m tired, and I’m bored, and I’m hot…


Lindsey:  (Shrugs, but also panting).  At least we’re getting good tans, right?  Right?


Leena:  Lindsey, shut up.


Kyle:  I’ve shed my skin, I have become snakelike.  No more sun says I.


Leena:  How’s that energy blast comin’, Kyle?


Kyle:  (Opens his mouth to speak).  Uh…shut it.  (Walks ahead of her and over to Chris).  Sir, I say sir?  Tell the captain of this ship that the crew’s ores are tired.


Chris:  (Nods off towards Jack).  I think he’s a bit too determined to find the base before we stop.


Kyle:  (Looks off into the distance).  Eh, what’s that?  (Sees a source of water).  Water ho!


Chris:  Huh?  (Looks off to where Kyle’s pointing).  You’re right.  (Calls to Jack).  Hey Jack!  There’s a river over there to our left!  What say we stop on by for a quick drink and a long nap?


Jack:  (Stops and looks around before yelling back).  Fine, but we’re only going that way so that we can cross to the other side.


Kyle:  Ford the river?  No thanks, I’ve lost enough oxen on this journey.


Chris:  Speaking of which, why the heck haven’t we found Derek yet?


Austin:  I’m really starting to think that he found the base and did get caught.


Jack:  What time is it anyways?  (Looks at his watch).  Already past 4?  We’re getting nowhere at this rate…  Okay guys, we’re heading to the river and crossing.


Leena:  Let’s rest for a while!


Jack:  We don’t have time.


Leena:  We had plenty of time yesterday, where did it all go?


Jack:  I don’t know.


Lindsey:  But you know everything…


Jack:  Then I lied.


-As the group starts to cross the river, Jack makes sure that they’ve all gotten across safely.  Just as he’s about to cross though, something startles him.


Derek:  (Serious).  Hey Jack, where’ve you been?


Jack:  Huh?  (He turns around and loses his balance, falling into the river).


Derek:  (Runs up and helps him up.  Jack’s soaked now).  Watch it there, slippery rocks.


Jack:  (Furious).  Where have I been?  Where have you been?!  We’ve been looking everywhere for you!


Derek:  (Still serious and dry).  Maybe you should have been looking for that base instead.


Chris:  (Excited).  Hey, Derek’s back!  (Runs back across the river).  Derek, you okay?  You look like someone beat the crap outta you.


Derek:  (Derek does indeed have multiple bruises all over his body and a gash on his forehead).  I’m fine, I just…(Sighs).  I fell a few times but let’s change the subject, huh?  You guys find anything yet?


Chris:  (Shakes his head).  Nah, we were hoping that you got captured after finding the base.


Derek:  Well, sadly I found nothing.  I searched the entire other direction, or at least for as far as I felt like looking.  Nothing is there.


Jack:  (Not believing Derek’s story).  You sure you’re okay?  Falling a few times isn’t gonna beat you up as badly as this.


Derek:  Try falling off things, like ledges and such.


Jack:  Ah, okay then.  Here, let me bandage you up at least.  (Grabs at his back in search of his backpack, which is gone).  What, where’s…?  (Looks around and then down at the river).  Damnit!  My backpack must have fallen into the river when I slipped.


Lindsey:  (Concerned).  Jack, that had all our food in it!


Austin:  And all the medical supplies.


Clinton:  And the map.


Kyle:  And the food!


Jack:  Damnit…(Getting annoyed, searching around before pointing at Derek).  This is all your fault, Derek!


Derek:  Me?  I’m not the one who fell into the river.  (Almost laughing).  Who’s dumb enough to try and ford the river anyways?


Jack:  We’re setting up camp here until I figure out what to do next.


Kyle:  (Cheers).  Hooray!  (Looks around at everyone.  They seem very morose).  Oh, I mean darn…I think.


-Night falls again and the group is huddled together as Derek tries to make a fire with energy blasts.  Kyle’s off on his own again trying to create an energy blast.


Derek:  Here we go…yah!  Hooha!  Zing!  (Sparks keep flying out of his hands but he can’t catch the wood on fire).


Scott:  (Pulls a match out from his pocket, strikes it on Derek’s face and lights the wood on fire).  There, ta da.  (Waves his hands).  Putts.


Jack:  (He’s turned away from the group and trying to think of anything.  He’s finally looking somewhat worried).  What are we going to do?  This is my fault, I got us into this, we aren’t going to last long out here if we don’t find that base soon…


Lindsey:  (Comes over and nudges Jack).  Jack, come on, come back over with the group.


Jack:  I’m fine over here thanks.


Lindsey:  You haven’t been yourself lately.  You’ve been getting angry with us too quickly and you keep beating yourself up over small things.  Look how much you’ve taught us.  If it weren’t for you, we’d still just be in school learning about pretty much nothing.  (Grabs his hand).  C’mon, come back.  Smile again.  Cheer us up.


Jack:  (Grasps Lindsey hand and smiles again).  You’re right, you know that?


Lindsey:  (Smiles).  Of course I do.  So what’s your plan?


Jack:  We need a miracle, that’s my plan.


Kyle:  (Trying extremely hard to create an energy blast still).  Go blast go!  Open says me!  One two three skidoo!  Kameh- no, that’s just too silly.  (Starts to walk back).  Arg, I hate this energy thing!  I can’t do it!  Dammit!  (Flips his hand off to the side and launches a huge energy grenade that blasts a hole in the side of the ridge).  Aha!  (Looks at his hand and smiles).  I shall call you the “Dammit Blast!”


Chris:  (Walks over to Kyle, proud).  Awesome, you got it!  (As he looks at the hole Kyle made, lights start flashing from inside it.  Chris squints to try and get a better look).  What is that?


Kyle:  I don’t know.  Let’s check it out.  (The two walk over to the hole and look inside.  They find glowing lights from some sort of computer screen with buttons and levers and dials everywhere.  The two back out of the alcove and casually yell off towards the group).  Hey Jack…?  I think we fooooound something.


To Be Continued…


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