Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Fifteen

December 18, 2008 at 1:38 pm (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star:  Chapter 15

“Anyone for Desert?”


Recap:  Last time, after an unexpected turn of events, Derek managed to somehow pull off a victory against Syrus by means of a makeshift energy blast that knocked both of them senseless and Syrus out of the ring.  But before the match, the group was informed by the Legion Commander that they were scheduled for their first real mission directly following the tournament.


Kyle:  (From up in the stands).  So…did anyone else see a flashy lightshow just now or is it the altitude getting to me?


Leena:  No, no I definitely saw it, too.  (Slumps deeper and deeper).  And that makes Derek the winner and somehow the strongest person in our group now.  We’re never going to hear the end of this.


Danny:  That was pretty sweet though, you can’t deny it.  Who’s gonna deny it?  Willy, was that not sweet?


Willy:  That was sweet Danny.


Danny:  That was sweet.


Kyle:  Okay kiddos, we’ve wasted enough time up here gawking like dimwits.  It’s about time we check in with the others.


Leena:  (Mocking Kyle).  Ahh, are you worried about Chris as well?


Kyle:  Absolutely.  Also, Jack is more than likely gonna get in a fight with Derek on his way off the stage and I’d like a good seat for it.


Leena:  Sounds good to me.  (The group heads down to ground level).


Syrus:  (Sitting out of bounds still confused as to how he was beaten).  A teenager just beat me…in front of millions of viewers…me…(smiles).  Haha, marvelous.


Octavious:  (Not finding the same humor that Syrus has found).  Marvelous?  What in the hell are you talking about?


Syrus:  Hmh, don’t be so negative.  We all had fun and we don’t appear weak to the world.  I call that a success.


Octavious:  (Furious).  You shut your God damned mouth Syrus.  You know what’s planned for next week and you’re laughing about how a kid knocked you on your ass as if it’s a hilarious anecdote.


Syrus:  (Stands up and taps Octavious on the cheek mockingly).  Smile more, you don’t want the cameras to see your bad side, do you?


Octavious:  You’ve pushed your luck as far as it goes.  (Looks around at all the cameras pointed at him.  He forces a smile and talks hushed to Syrus).  I’ll deal with you when these cameras are gone.


Syrus:  Sorry, but I’ve more important business to attend to.  Next week you know.  (Walks off).


Octavious:  (Lividly pissed).  Damnit…I hate that man…


Syrus:  (To himself as he’s walking away).  If that’s what this one could do…imagine if he hadn’t broken the other’s shoulders?  (Smiles and tilts his head back, laughing, again).


Derek:  (Derek is still slumped down in the ring while a few medical technicians look him over as reporters try and interview him.  He is talking very weak and tiredly).  Please, as much as I love the attention normally, I’m in a lot of pain right now…


Jack:  (Storms into the ring).  YOU!!


Derek:  Me…


Jack:  (Freaked).  Energy blasts?  You just, hah, you just felt like firing off a highly dangerous explosion huh?


Derek:  (Dry, with a slight smile).  It worked didn’t it?


Jack:  Get these cameras out of here.  (Looks around as none of the reporters or camera people move.  Jack flips out and punches a camera in).  NOW DAMNIT!  (This time they leave).


Derek:  Jack, just calm down, you’ll have your chance to yell at me later…


Jack:  No, we do this now.  (Reaches into his pocket and pulls out what looks like a PEZ dispenser.  He pulls out one of the “candies” and forcibly gives it to Derek).  Eat this, now.


Derek:  I’m not really hungry for candy actually…


Jack:  Here.  (Makes Derek take it and eat it.  Derek gets noticeably better after taking it).  Get up.


Derek:  What was that?


Jack:  One of those prototype pills I told you about.  Up, now.


Derek:  (Stands up and brushes himself off).  Jack, I’m sorry.  I did what I thought was necessary to win.


Jack:  I told you, no energy…no I didn’t, I just didn’t train you…c’mon man!  What were you thinking?!


Derek:  You need to make more sense Jack.


-Jack socks Derek in the face and the two wrestle around for a few seconds before the Commander comes and breaks them apart.


Commander:  Enough you two, don’t make fools of us so soon, you’ll have a chance to do that another day.  Now follow me, you need to be briefed on the mission.  (Drags them into the hospital wing where the others are all gathered).


Chris:  (Chris has now woken up and is walking around, although his arms are in braces).  So, Derek, the champion eh?


Derek:  It would appear so my friend.


Chris:  Hah, not bad.


Derek:  C’mere.  (Walks over and hugs Chris).


Chris:  (Winces as Derek hugs him).  Guh, the arms, remember?


Derek:  Man, sorry about that.  How they feelin’?


Chris:  Just peachy of course.  How else should they feel after they’ve been forcefully torn from their sockets?


Derek:  (Smiles and waggles a finger at Chris).  Come now, I did no tearing.  If I remember correctly they were shattered.


Kyle:  (Hurries in with the rest of the gang).  Hey hey, they’re all alright.  (Tips an invisible hat to Derek).  Derek, congrats of course.


Derek:  Of course.


Leena:  Lindsey!  You’re alright!  (Runs up and hugs her).


Lindsey:  I’ve been fine for a while.  Where’ve you been?


Leena:  Up in the stands-hey what’s this I hear about a mission?


Commander:  (Somewhat disconnected, a bit bored-looking).  Hm?  Oh, you’re all done babbling on.  Good, we’re all here then for this announcement.  As some of you know I am obligated to send worthy soldiers on real missions when they are ready and I am happy to exclaim that you are all more than ready for this mission.  Get some rest, tomorrow morning is the briefing, followed by a rather long helicopter ride.  Dismissed, all of you.  Oh, and Jack, a word please?


Jack:  (Walks off to the side with the Commander).  What’s up chief?


Commander:  Energy combat?


Jack:  (Just about frantic in explaining himself).  Sir, I had no idea that any of them had learned it.  I certainly didn’t-


Commander:  I’m beyond impressed that you were able to teach them energy combat so quickly.


Jack:  (Acting as if he really planned it that way).  It was difficult but they learn quickly.


Commander:  (Totally serious).  Teach them as much more as you can.  You’ll need real energy combat for this mission, none of that imitation stuff like we saw out there.


Jack:  I’ll do what I can.


Commander:  Good, go back in there and start training.  (Jack casually salutes and heads back into the room with the others.  The man in the suit walks up to the Commander again).


Subordinate:  I thought you were going to give them a few days to rest and prepare?


Commander:  I need them gone now.  They’re too dangerous for us anymore; it’s about time we let someone else deal with them.


*          *            *            *            *


(After a pitiful nights’ sleep the group is assembled in a small meeting room ridiculously early in the morning, awaiting the arrival of the Legion Commander so that they can find out the extent of what they’re expected to embark upon).


Chris:  (Barely awake at this time).  Why…so…EARLY!


Austin:  (Totally awake).  No worries Chris, an early start never hurt anyone.


Lindsey:  (Slightly tired).  I’m a barrel full of energy and even I’m too tired to care right now.


Chris:  Why do we have to meet in the a.m.?  Who invented the a.m.?  Do you know what a.m. stands for?  It stands for “Ah Man…”


Kyle:  Where did you hear that joke from?


Chris:  I made it up…with m’ mind.  (Taps his head).


Kyle:  I’m a little surprised you can piece together a tangible pun at this hour, but then again it was terrible so I just don’t know what to think anymore.


Commander:  (Walks into the room looking extremely hung-over, massaging his head, clearly being ravaged by a headache).  Good morning everyone.


All:  Good morning sir!


Commander:  (Winces at this, covering his ears).  Damnit, shhhhhh.  Not so damned loud.  (Looking around, his eyes hardly open).  Jack?  Where’s Jack?


Jack:  (Runs into the room in a jogging suit.  He looks like he’s been up for a lot longer than the rest of the group).  Sorry, just getting in a morning workout.


Commander:  Good, great, okay.  Si’down and shush.  (Pulls down a map).  Does anyone know what it is we’re looking at?


Kyle:  That would be a map, sir.


Commander:  (Annoyed smirk).  Smart… a map of what?


Kyle:  A map of geography.


Commander:  (Rolls his eyes).  This is a map of Trillium City and its surrounding areas.  Here is the city.  (Points to the middle of the map).  As you can see, it is big and looks like a city.


Derek:  (Dry).  Astonishing.


Commander:  (Getting more annoyed as time progresses).  Quiiiiiet…  (Points to the area below the city).  Beyond city limits are smaller farming communities and plains in general.  Those stretch on for a good while.  (Moves down progressively).  Travel south of that and you come to less and less hospitable farmland until you’ve arrived at basically a desert.  Anyone been to this particular desert?  Anyone even know what this desert is called?


Kevin:  (Raises his hand and begins talking eloquently compared to everyone else).  The desert’s official name is the Kantirian Wastelands, although many have just referred to it as the Forever Desert due to the expanse of land it covers.


Commander:  Ut….(Looks towards the map and back, somewhat dumbfounded).  Yes that’s correct.  (Shakes his head).  Well towards the southern part of the wastelands are a series of ridges and huge plateaus.  Located somewhere in there is a military base.  I want you to find that base.


Derek:  We just need to meet up with another Legion base?


Commander:  This isn’t one of our bases.  This base belongs to the Demon Regime.


Jack:  (Trying to understand).  How did they manage to build a military base on Zanrethian soil without us knowing?


Commander:  Obviously they didn’t do it without us knowing; we just don’t know where the hell it is.


Chris:  Why hasn’t the Legion been able to locate it?


Commander:  That is part of what you need to find out.  Your mission is to locate this base, infiltrate it, discover as much as you can about the enemy’s current plans, then get out of there.  If you are captured then do as much damage as you can before getting killed.


Chris:  We’re expected to get killed?


Commander:  No, in the unlikely event that you are captured though just blow shit up before you’re taken down.  Any questions?  (Everyone’s hands shoot into the air).  Good, let’s suit up then.


*          *            *            *            *


(After getting their gear together, everyone finds themselves sitting in a nice helicopter flying over the Zanrethian countryside).


Jack:  (Pondering to himself and anyone else willing to listen).  This is extremely suspicious.  Why wouldn’t the Legion know where this base was, but yet they do know that it exists?


Clinton:  They should have just sent air reconnaissance to investigate the area.


Derek:  (Looking over the briefing papers).  Apparently they did, and they didn’t find anything.


Clinton:  Could it be possible that it’s camouflaged from the air?


Derek:  How should I know?  Am I a military expert?


Austin:  (Not getting caught up in the situation at hand, he instead talks with Chris in the tail end of the aircraft.  Chris’ eyes are closed tightly).  Heights?


Chris:  (His eyes still closed).  Heights.


Austin:  They really should make these helicopters fly lower, huh?  (Chris slightly nods).  How’re your shoulders doing?  Can you move ‘em at all?


Chris:  They’re much better actually.  I’ve almost got full mobility on them again.  I don’t know how I can recover from shattered bones within a day but whatever, as long as I’m better.


Austin:  True true.  Sounds like a miracle though, huh?


Chris:  Miracle, sure.  I don’t like to question miracles; not as long as they keep happening.


Austin:  (Laughs and smacks Chris on the shoulder).  Hahaha, I hear ya!


Chris:  (His eyes pop open, clearly in pain).  GAH!  The shoulders!


Austin:  Whoop, sorry.


Derek:  How long is this flight anyways?


Jack:  It’s gonna be a while.  The Kantirian Wastelands are pretty damned big; get a nap in if you can before they drop us off.


Kyle:  No in-flight movie?


Chris:  Depends.  Do you consider anything by Tarantino a movie?


Kyle:  He’s a classic movie director, right?


Chris:  I don’t remember; I don’t watch anything older than a few years ago.  Still weird all the old flicks they found a while back.  Makes you wonder what they considered good back then, huh?


Lindsey:  (Coming over to Chris).  Hey Chris, you excited about this?  Huh?


Chris:  Well I’ve never even heard of Pulp Fiction so I guess the movie’ll be interesting to watch.


Lindsey:  (Smiles).  No, are you excited about the mission?


Chris:  Oh, the sandy goose-chase.  I suppose we could have a bit of fun.  Don’t know how likely we’ll be to find anything, but heck, it’s better than anything else we’ve been doing.


Lindsey:  (Runs her hands through his hair).  Don’t be so negative; of course we’ll find something out there.


Kyle:  Yeah man, we’re definitely gonna find it.


Chris:  What makes you so sure?


Kyle:  Because it’s…us, dude.


Lindsey:  (Turns to Leena and pushes on her a bit).  Leena!  Aren’t you excited?


Leena:  (She’s trying to sleep and is beyond bored).  Leave…me…alone.


Lindsey:  Ah don’t be that way.


Leena:  Lindsey, shut up and let me sleep.  Go bug your boy-toy over there.  I’m sure he’s just wishing you’d make awkward conversation with him.


Lindsey:  Who?


Leena:  Any of them; they’re basically all the same person with different names and levels of angst.


Kyle:  She makes a valid point, sadly.


Leena:  See?  The red-headed, level 2 angst gets it, now let me sleep or else I’ll bitch more later.


Lindsey:  You’ll bitch no matter what I do.


Leena:  (Feels she’s made her point).  Aha.  So then let me sleep.


Lindsey:  But Leena…


Leena:  Shshsh.  Chris, Lindsey says you’re cute.


Lindsey:  I didn’t say…


Chris:  (Comes over and sits down next to Lindsey).  You said what now?


Lindsey:  (Looks a bit flustered).  Well I, um…


Leena:  Mwahaha…  (Turns over and goes back to sleep.  Chris and Lindsey engage in an extremely awkward conversation that ends with Chris being forced to change the subject after a non-answer).


Chris:  So do you think we’ll all be able to master energy blasts within a few days?


Lindsey:  Hopefully so.  I bet you can at least.


Chris:  Why do you say that?


Lindsey:  Because, you’re really strong.  You just don’t have any confidence in yourself.  If you did you’d be able to do all sorts of things.


Chris:  Jack, what do you think?


Jack:  Master?  No.  Fire off things resembling energy blasts?  Sure.  If Derek can do it you all can.


Derek:  What do you mean “if Derek can do it”?


Jack:  Energy combat isn’t based solely on power.  It takes skill, too.  I’ll teach you more when we get out of there though.


Lindsey:  (Super excited, about leaping from her seat).  Awesome!  Teach me first!


Leena:  (Still annoyed).  Awesome.  Teach her first.


(A few hours pass).


Pilot:  We’ll be landing soon.  Please get your stuff together and be prepared to evacuate the chopper as soon as we land.


Chris:  (Shrugs).  Hey, could be fun.


Austin:  (Smiles).  That’s the spirit buddy.


Scott:  (Not excited).  Woo, heatstroke, can’t wait…  (Lights up a cigarette).


Pilot:  Sir, there is no smoking on my aircraft.


Scott:  How ‘bout I punch a bloody hole in the side of your head?


Pilot:  Carry on.


(The helicopter lands and everyone gets out.  They look around and basically see nothing for miles other than desert and the ridge off in the distance.  The copter then takes off again and flies out of sight rather quickly).


Kyle:  Huh, it’s just like the beach; except no water and less cleavage.


Leena:  (Angrily walks by him).  Men…


Kyle:  Women are still as bitchy though.  Well, where do we go from here?


Chris:  How ‘bout…that way?  (Points off towards the ridge).


Kyle:  Sounds as good as any.


To Be Continued…


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